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040314 - You know - the Golden Rule!!!

HAHAHAHAHAA - nonononononosillyboy - the REAL golden rule!!! - He who has the gold, rules!!! HAHAHAAA - that's an oldie but goldie hahahaha - you knew that, right?????

It's all about rules these days - who makes them, who follows them, who they benefit, who they hurt - and how we, as a supposedly intelligent race or society, allow our lives to be governed by so many of these artificial rules, even when the outcomes are so detrimental to so many people, and often so obviously beneficial to only a few. Of course, like ALL of the really important issues or things going on in our society, we are NOT supposed to be thinking about such things at all, that's outside-the-box stuff where "good citizens" do not stray, too busy paying attention to the endless diversions around them - that is to say, just for instance, with a federal election rapidly approaching, we are all supposed to be sort of in semi-breathless anticipation about when Martin is going to call the election and who will be the Fearless Leader of the New Great Republican hahahaha excuse me!!!! Conservative Party of Canada!!! - but nohow noway notime are we going to be encouraged to think about (at this most appropriate time!) whether or not the election is going to have anything to do with democracy or democratic decision making or the real involvement of the people of Canada in the way Canada is governed, and whether or not the things the government does in ANY fucking realistic way at all reflects the desires or feelings of Canadians - which it does not, as far as I can see, at ALL - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. man that is SO fucking funny - sometimes I think the whole fucking country (those who get T-4 slips every year anyway HAHAHAHAAA) is on acid or Diazepam or something and little ol beer-drinkin me is the only sane one around HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - but then, in the land of the insane, the sane one is definitely the outsider HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - DON'T SHOOT ME DON'T SHOOT ME LOWER TAXES FOR ALL CONRAD ROCKS FUCK THE POOR HAHAHAHAHAHAA - man I lost it already today HAHAHAHAA may I have another beer now please dear HAHAHAHAHAHAA - ah, where was I?!?!?!,,,.......

In the nature of questioning "everything" as "somebody" recommends up top there, it is even useful to ask why we have 80 million rules and laws in the first place (HUHNHNUHN!!!! - WHO LET THAT SUBVERSIVE SONOFABITCH IN HERE!!!!????) - that is to say, we are the ONLY species on the planet which has such things - bacterias and Douglas Firs and oceans and pretty much everything else on this quite beautiful green and blue planet (and off for that matter as near as I can figure, ET and/or the Klingons notwithstanding) that some people appear to be doing their level best to render black and filthy and very unbeautiful has survived and generally even thrived for many billions of years without having someone write down a bunch of laws and hire a bunch of people who are willing to carry out violence on others to enforce those laws ("laws" of physics or nature excepted - gravity or death by stupidity (that is to say evolution) or black holes and stuff like that don't need cops or politicians HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA) - interestingly enough, our planet has never been so close to destruction during all those billions of years as it is now, over the last couple of thousand years, when the written-rule-cop-enforcer-makers are pretty much dominant everywhere. hmmmmmmm as they say..... dots and dots and more dots - can we connect them anyhow?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAA - let's see, Homeland security, "terrorism", Biometric ID cards, more money for jails and prisons, media concentration, pepper spray, lower taxes, health care in trouble, more poor people, more foodbanks, IMF hmmmmmmmmmmmm ....... our wildlife has NEVER been so close to extinction as when "we" started "managing" it all - stupidity and hubris are pretty closely related.....

Actually, this isn't a blanket screed agin rules, much as it might be - we probably do have to have rules of some sort, I think, at least at this stage of our either stalled or wrong-turn evolution as a society and wanna-be, or perhaps I should say should-be, civilisation (David, you're 18 years old now, isn't it about time you grew up???HAHAHAHAA - fuck, if you missed that, I know I do rapid turns at times, human beings have been "developing" for somewhere between 10,000 and 2,000,000 years depending on your info (no it fucking AIN'T 4,287 years as the Ashcroft idiots think - sorry I shouldn't use that word ("think") in the same sentence as a religious fanatic HAHAHAHAAA) - isn't it about fucking time WE grew up?!?!?!?!! - growing up, of course, involving some kind of "maturity", meaning we don't go around killing everything in sight, for starters, or stealing from whoever we can, or - to connect to this day's words, pretending life is a board game with "rules" that we must obey, no matter how stupid they are....) - however, since we haven't grown up, certain individuals excepted (Albert, Mohandas, Confucius, a few like that), and since we are, apparently, metaphorically speaking, at some adolescent stage of development (that ain't a fucking compliment by the way, the entire idiotic American advertising industry notwithstanding HAHAHAHAHAHAAA), we probably need some kind of rules the same as children have to have some rules to protect them when they are young, before they are able to really think and judge for themselves - don't play on the street, for example, is a pretty reasonable rule to get your kids to follow, since young kids, when playing, tend to lose themselves in the moment and not think about other things, and running onto the street in a moment of excitement is a fairly dangerous thing to do - we don't have such laws for "adults" because most adults are pretty much aware that streets are places where big metal objects are often found moving at fairly high rates of speed, often "controlled" by people not paying a lot of attention (the adolescent reptile brain in the adult human body phenomenon, quite common on this 3rd planet from the sun), and a close encounter between a human body and one of these things can have serious consequences. One even has to wonder about that though - other baby mammals don't know EVERYTHING they need to know to survive, yet they usually manage to grow up ok by observing their parents or others in the herd or pack - I kind of suspect that our own young might be able to do the same, if we didn't brainwash them to be docile slaves rather than training them to be functioning adults in an adult community (hahahahaha - right jack, and exactly where are you planning on locating one of THOSE on this sorry planet?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - please please please PLEASE tell me if you know of one - I REALLY wanna get away from this playground before I die.....) at the very earliest ages of their lives - people trained to be docile and do as they are told rather than behave as active, free-thinking members of their species and society are more apt to get themselves into trouble for all kinds of reasons related to general stupidity - docile slaves are, by definition, not too bright - bright people don't generally put up with having others tell them what to do for long, just for starters. Anyway, as a yet immature species, with a lot of our members prone to pretty stupid stuff, we do need some rules, like don't drop bombs on other people, or steal their stuff, or shower when you start to smell bad - I know I know, civilised people don't behave like that, but, if you look around, you will see that there seem to be quite a few shall we say uncivilized people running around out there. We have a big bit of responsibility to accept for that situation, yes yes yes tis true, as a society which has been brainwashing our young rather than educating them for about 100 years now (okay probably longer than that, but 100 years in a more organised way....), but that's not part of this chapter. Later Lex later.

As I have felt for many, many years now (ask several principals to whom my mid-schoolyears were as much or more of an ordeal to them as to me (actually more, I fucking hope HAHAHAHAHAHAAA) - but that was natural enough under the circumstances (another plug for the bio sometime this century I hope) - because I felt then as I feel today - and the more I get thinking about what is going on around here, the more I feel quite strongly that I am NOT bound by any of these laws that surround me because I have NOT agreed to them in ANY way at all beyond meek acceptance (hahahahahaaaa - no I KNOW I don't appear to be accepting much at all these days hahahahaa - I mean when I was younger!!!! of course) of edicts from those who deem themselves to be the overlords in the place I find myself living - I have NOT participated in any process to see if I agree with the rules I am expected to live under in my society and community - I have never even been asked - I am nonetheless firmly bound to follow them - as are most people - because if I do not follow the edicts of the masters, they are going to bash me around, one way or another - take big chunks of my money or freedom at the very least, pepper spray and beat me with batons and shoot me with rubber bullets and other violent stuff if I get too vocal about being a slave in Naziland hahaha excuse me the Great and Free Democratic People's Republik of Kanada (hahahaha - they aren't the cleverest bunch, these people - I recall one time when they "punished" me for breaking one of their stupid "attendance" rules (that is really, as far as I can figure, the primary purpose of 12 years of "schooling" - to get everyone used to the idea of showing up somewhere all day all your fucking life and be told by someone what to do - which is why "attendance" is so important, even if you know everything they're trying to "teach" you or don't care or whatever - man I hated that!! - still do) by skipping class - by SUSPENDING me for a week HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - no wonder nothing works right with brains like that running things - man - there is a lot of humour out there).

Actually, I expect a lot of the laws and rules that we have here I would agree with, if I ever was asked (a lot of them were made in better times, by better people, with We The People and our good and safety in mind, truly - and that history of good intent is used by the current rulers who have anything BUT good intent for We The People as part of the scam by which they control us, and convince to agree to many things we should NOT be agreeing to....) - I think people who commit violence on other people, or wantonly steal from others, for instance, should be stopped (and that most assuredly includes the politicians and Bay St Boys who have been ripping us off for billions as well as the sneak thief stealing your wallet or whatever), and punished both for what they have done and as a deterrent to others, with the punishment geared to the crime (i.e. unlike the system we have now, the Bay St Bankers who steal billions would get a LOT more (and more serious) jail time than the sneak thief who took a hundred bucks from a MacDonald's cash register or whatever - think about that all you buds of Mike and Jean and the rest HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - DEMOCRACY IS COMING AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN A FUCK OF A LOT OF TROUBLE WHEN REAL JUDGES GET YOU IN FRONT OF THEM HAHAHAHAHAAA), and to whatever extent that requires "written laws" or other wise formalised, and some equally formal "catch and punish" system, we are ok to do that, in our community, to protect ourselves from the real bad people - but it's like a package deal - I don't feel it is ethically consistent to say I agree with some of the present laws that have been enacted in spite of me, and not others, it's too easy to dismiss that kind of thing by saying stuff like gosh darn that's too bad, not everyone agrees but most do and that's how wonderful Democracy in Canada works, etc, without challenging the validity of the process - so what I have to do is take a stand, and then say it is ALL invalid because the process itself is and was invalid, is, essentially, a big lie, which must be exposed. THEN we can have a chance to get together and work together and make laws that ALL of us can support, and create a society and community that is good for ALL of us, not just the few rulers - and some of those NEW rules, that we all can agree on, will indeed mirror those old rules - but the new ones will have the all-important aspect of We The People validation, not things that are imposed upon us from outside. (man this is going to get long again, but I am NOT suggesting we dump the whole system and start from scratch - people who have been trained to obey their superiors by and large with NO QUESTIONS!!! cannot be trusted to act responsibly during the transition period, so we have to start from where we are, and modify and change until we get where we want to be, keeping the current controls (cops and courts) in place until we have figured out a better system and can initiate it - that requires a LOT more explaining. Someday. hahahaha - but don't get too many wrong ideas here...... I have dreams I would like to see happen some day in my country, but I understand they aren't going to happen quickly without a lot of fighting back by the people who have a lot to lose....)

The thing is, being indoctrinated into following rules as children rather than being encouraged to think for ourselves and participate in decision-making processes at early ages, as "young human beings", shall we say (which almost ALL younger humans really WANT to be, rather than the doll-like "children" most parents are now trained and encouraged to turn them into), gets us into the habit of following laws when we are older (dots and dots and more dots - where are they leading now?!?!? HAHAHAHAA) - laws that may not actually be for our own good - generally speaking, in fact, are NOT for our own good - but those in power have a pretty vested interest in making us follow them. They invariably claim, of course, that such laws are "for our own good" - but are they really - I have always suspected that ME following YOUR laws is probably going to be a LOT better for YOU than for ME HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA - yes or no? And more to the point - how can we justify some of the horrendous things going on in this world by simply saying "we have to follow the law"? - that is to say, the "rules" of our society - the people at the Nuremburg trials sure as fuck weren't buying that shit from the German soldiers and officers - "We were just following orders!!!!" - and we can't get away with it either. If something is wrong - we have to change it. Period.

And let's not forget - as "citizens", one of the very first and most important "rules" is that only certain people get to make the rules!!! - We the People can sort of participate in the very farcical process to "choose" these people who make the rules "officially" every few years (yes, mr voter, will that be tweedledee or tweedledum this time around sir? ahhh!! excellent choice hahahahahahaa), but then they have carte blanche to make whatever rules they want - and if We the People don't like it - tough shit jack!!! If Brian and Betty don't make rules you like, vote for Jean and Jill next time five years down the road, if you haven't forgotten about it all by then - who will make exactly the same fucking rules except in spades!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA - AND NOBODY QUESTIONS THIS!!!!! - DEMOCRACY!?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

- the bottom line being, of course, that we all are born into a set of rules for living our lives, heavily indoctrinated in those rules in our growing up years, and then let out on a short leash after 12++ years of "schooling" (that would be "indoctrination" in any realistic appraisal of what goes on here) to see if we have absorbed the brainwashing well enough to participate as "adults" in further indoctrinating the next generation (if you choose not to, there are various levels of marginalisation for you, from prisons to cardboard boxes under bridges to "mental institutions" to all sorts of great drugs to keep you calm and functioning in your daily life - no wonder the pharmaceutical industries are thriving these days HAHAHAHAH!!!! - it's not all that funny, billions of wasted lives, actually, so very much LESS than they could and should have been - as is our society.....). Our actual input into the rules is essentially zero, if you think about it, which few people seem to - you don't even realise you aren't thinking about it after so many years of indoctrination as a child, in the first place, and then as an "adult", of "voting age", changing one group of politicians for another is really nothing more than a tweedledee-dum exercise, as the Mulroney-Chretien switch proved so conclusively ten years ago (I actually think it was a bit better during the 30 or so years after the second war, as I wrote last time - still a lot more freedom, and the methods of "democratic indoctrination" were far less sophisticated than they are today, still in development) or, as we are now seeing in Ontario with McGuinty as a Tweedledee replacement for the much despised policies of the Tweedledum Harris neocons, carrying on with the crocodile tears about really wanting to do good stuff but having this horrible debt that he could not possibly have known about controlling his options (horseshit in a word, but I've been over that before - check the debt scam stuff if you haven't before) - we see the same in the US, Bush is hated so much that he might actually get replaced by Kerry (if they don't get enough Diebold machines in the electoral offices before November nudgenudge winkwink) - but Kerry won't change anything except maybe put a better face on things, as Clinton did for a few years - remember Clinton approved ongoing bombings in Iraq for all his years in office, of which his SecState said a million dead children is "regrettable but worth it" - and the Yugoslavia lies and bombings, etc - Kerry will be no different.

As for the rules we live under - well, I could be way off base here, wouldn't be the first time that what I think is good policy or whatever is regarded with astonishment and disbelief by those more in tune with the brainwashing of their upbringing, but still, it seems to me that if we were all given an opportunity to say "Yea" or "Nay" to a lot of the rules we live under, things would be pretty different around here - really, the ONE "rule" I think most importantly needs to be changed is whatever set of rules denies "We the People" the opportunity to actually make the decisions under which all of us live - instituting a ****truly***** democratic government is, for me, the biggie, one where the decisions were REALLY made by We The People, through representatives on the national scene who REALLY consulted in REAL meetings with their constituents and REALLY represented those views in the national parliament (and if they didn't could be tossed), and much more directly between those of us in the communities for more local issues - given that, I would be quite content to let We The People, after due deliberation and consideration of all opinions and options, establish truly just and fair policies for us all to live under and to deal with the rest of the world, which I do think they would - rather than, as we have now, the Elite setting the policies for their benefit, and fuck the rest of us.

A few examples just for instance off the top of my head, just imagine if We The People got to approve or disapprove of the following ideas -

** One of the fundamental rules we live under now is: Canadian "democracy" shall be so interpreted and practiced that a group of people calling themselves a "party" who manage to achieve perhaps 25% support of the Canadian "voters" (so defined by other rules, esp the age shit, that really ought to be questioned as well), which shall then be transformed into a "majority" of seats and thus control of the rule-making body in Canada (or a province) through a process designed to facilitate just such an outcome, can then do ANYTHING they want for the next five years in Canada, and are under no obligation whatsoever to keep any promises they may have made to the Canadian people to obtain their votes, and may indeed bring in all kinds of new (and binding) "rules" that they never bothered to tell Canadians about when they had an opportunity during the election campaign. (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - remember the old days, Dief and Douglas and Trudeau - "We want to give Canadians Medicare, and Free Education, and UI, and the Canada Assistance Plan, etc and etc" - and they fucking DID it HAHAHAHAHAAAA - nowadays we get "Golly, we'd really like to keep the election promises and do really nice stuff for everyone, but you see we have this "debt problem" (you really need to watch for the shifty eyes-body language every fucking time someone starts talking about this - it's quite funny, cartoonish - they really can't believe people are still buying this utter bullshit after twenty fucking years of it (think Lucy, Charlie Brown, football HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA), but they'll stick with it as long as they do), so all we can do is cut your programs and give tax breaks to the rich and PROMISE you EVERYTHING will be WONDERFUL real soon, with more tax breaks for the rich, and more free trade hahahahahahaaa - oh yeah, and we MPs/MLAs deserve a really big salary increase too for all our hard work - oh! did we forget to mention that during the election campaign last month!?!? my my!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" fuck what a place. YEA OR NAY???? CAN WE DO BETTER YEA OR NAY?!?!?!?

** Concerning people who don't much like being dictated to by the results of "elections" held under the above rules, they may write letters to their MPs or newspapers (who are under no obligation whatsoever to listen to them or respond), but if they dare to become more vocal about their dislike, and gather on the street to shout at some of the MPs who have lied to them so egregiously about all kinds of things (which is perfectly acceptable and even court-sanctioned behaviour on the part of our elected 'reps") they will be met with violence and imprisonment by the Canadian authorities. I mean holy fuck martha, I don't ever recall being asked to approve this rule!!!!! - I think people should be ENCOURAGED to protest stuff that is wrong, not get put in jail for doing so!!!! (I think a lot of Canadians agree with me on this - although maybe not - )

** What about Canada for sale? Lower taxes for the rich and closing hospitals to free up that money? What about seatbelts and biometric id cards and no smoking EVERYWHERE and compulsory auto insurance and pepper spraying Canadians when they protest and - ah fuck it's getting late and I gotta get on to the examples from the week's news that led me into this place - you get the idea - think of a few more yourself HAHAHAHAHAHA

A lot of rules are obviously designed for nothing more than to keep us from finding out what they are doing to continually fuck us around - a biggie that actually started this whole train of thought some time ago (man, you don't even wanna THINK about my "todo" list HAHAHAHAHAHAAA), that has been around for some time - prior to the 911 incident of the US government at the very least allowing some planes to be hijacked (this is pretty much beyond dispute, check out Kaminski's new book above if you haven't read any of this stuff yet, or write me a small note explaining how the mightiest military force ever known in the history of the world, paranoid beyond belief for the last 50 years about "communist threats" and other bogeymen, spending literally hundreds of billions per year on bombs and guns and spying, could not scramble fighter planes from one of a dozen air force bases within 10-20 minutes of Washington to intercept a defenceless commercial airliner for over two hours when their country was supposedly under attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, if there was not some kind of intentional standdown order in effect - the reason so many Americans are not asking these questions is maybe proof of something (i.e the advanced level of American brainwashing techniques and the US-PRAVDA "media", but NOT that their government is not complicit....) and somehow piloted into the World Trade Center, there was a considerable amount of insider trading, wherein SOME-body or -people sold an unusually large number of airline stocks "short" - that is, they "gambled" that in the near future from that time, the stocks would lose value, and they would make a profit - in this case, a substantial profit (the deal is, they sell the stocks for the going price on Day A, but PAY for the stocks at the "new" price on Day B - stock price goes up, they lose, stock price goes down, they win - in itself, actually, an example of one of many "rules" in the shell game we call a modern economy all designed to benefit a few and fuck a lot (all their rules come down to this in the end HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH good one......) - about which more sometime later). Now - quite obviously, the people running the stock exchanges where ALL transactions are recorded and ALL participants positively ID-ed (or they don't get to play -a holdover rule from better days) would be able to provide some names to any authorities seriously trying to find out who actually plotted all this 911 stuff, who in turn would in all probability have some VERY interesting info about exactly WHY they made all these gambles at that time - but the US government and stock exchange people are saying "well, golly, we have real serious "rules", you know, about "confidentiality", and couldn't possibly release the names of those people - and anyway, we have asked them, and they all say they certainly knew nothing about no airplane hijackings or anything like that..." etc and etc - so even though the US government has, on the basis of NO fucking REAL evidence whatsoever or any kind of trial ever accused all kinds of people (all Muslims from the mid-east, for some odd reason) of perpetrating this terrible crime, they are pretending that they can't "legally" question some HIGHLY suspicious people because of some "regulations" - a perverted use of "rules" if ever there was one - "terrorism" is really serious shit, you know, so we're going to bomb the fuck out of Afghanistan and gut the constitution - but we couldn't possibly ask stock traders to reveal their confidential information!!!!! - fuck, and people say I live in dreamland!!!! - Cloud cuckooland is more like it. Imagine if the cops carried out investigations like this - "Well, yes, Mr, Jones, we KNOW you said that you're quite sure Bob shot your wife and stole your car, but Bob assures us he didn't do it, so even though he has blood all over him and all your marked bills and car, we really can't carry this any further, since he says he didn't do it!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - fucking right, jack. But actually, that points out the way these "rules" work - one set for us, and one set for them - they deny this, of course, but it's pretty obvious to those of us paying attention to what is going on around here. (I already did the "small field" observation about that, I think HAHAHAHAHAHAAA) - anyway, an example of how "rules" are used to benefit some and fuck a lot of others.

And they will continue to be so used until we stand up and say ENOUGH!!!!

I mean holy fuck really - insofar as we actually require rules as a society, they ought to be there to protect ALL of us and make our lives MORE free and secure not less, not as some sort of "legal framework" supposedly, by some fiction such as "elections" and "democracy", sanctioned by us all, through which one small group of people manipulate and control the rest of us, and pretend they are "legitimately" doing so - and as soon as we see ANY of the laws and rules being so used, we ought to be changing them quickly, and if our MPs and other "representatives" won't do it after being told We the People desire such changes, we ought to be in the streets DEMANDING it - this is, after all, at least in theory, OUR society, and WE are supposed to MAKE the rules, not be turned into slaves simply following the rules somebody else makes!!! Why doesn't that seem to make anyone else as mad as it does me?!?!?!?!

It's ALL through the newspapers and stuff EVERY fucking day, if you manage to get this particular prism up in front of your face and look at things through it - "rules" made to keep the workers working and quiet while the rich run around plundering freely - rules to hide what is really going on from us, rules to stop us from even thinking about it, rules rules rules rules - rules for kids not adults - but as long as we allow them to treat us like children, we will receive the lot of children - dependency and lack of freedom and a crap shoot whether those in control are decent enough to look after us a little bit, as they did 30-40 years ago, or are selfish and greedy masters who don't really care what becomes of us, as the masters in the early days of the Industrial Revolution for instance, or the ones we have today, in the early days of modern "globalisation" and the NWO, most certainly appear to be, more and more as the years go by.

Rules that fuck us all big time - Here, for instance - Facing money crunch, Quebec asks Ottawa for a cash advance - nothing special about the story at all (except there is a VERY interesting picture of Jean Charest with the story - he used to be such a nice, honest sort of person, now he is looking very shifty, the eyes and demeanour of a conman trying to sell a bill of goods to the people - he sold the soul long ago.... anyway) - but it is representative of the kind of stories we see virtually every day in the papers - government leaders crying about lack of money for things the people need, for things the people have paid their taxes to obtain. But this whole, fucking entire shell game is based on a set of artificial rules, rules that benefit a certain small segment of our society (bankers, wealthy investors, their political and other flackies), at the expense of ALL of the rest of us, the great majority. But you NEVER hear these rules talked about or questioned - that is to say, just for instance, you NEVER hear a politician moaning that their government may have to cut back on the usury hahahaha excuse me "debt service" they are paying on the so-called "national/provincial debt" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAASTOPITYOURE MAKINGME LAUGH TOO HARD!!!! - nononono - that is sort of unthinkable - but WHY is it unthinkable?!?!?! Why should the profits of the banks be put ahead of the hospitals and schools of the PEOPLE of the country?!?!?! Of course, you're NEVER going to see this rule talked about in the media - but maybe it's time WE THE PEOPLE started making some rules - rules like the Canadian money supply will be provided by the Bank of WE THE PEOPLE OF CANADA - and provided DEBT-FREE rather than being "borrowed" into existence, which does nothing more than guarantee that We the People will work forever and forever, and our children and their children, for the banks. By Law. By a fundamental Rule of Society.

Why don't we change THAT rule for starters?????

So we gotta think about this a bit or even a lot - WHO makes the rules, and for what purpose?!?!?!?! And it that purpose is NOT good for us - what are we going to do about it?????

That is to say, they try to tell us all that the "laws" and regulations and what not we operate under, including those financial and economic ones, are "for the good of us all" - but if you think about it even a bit, it becomes VERY obvious that such laws are of FAR more benefit for a FEW people than they are for "most" of us.

It's not unlike a schoolyard game that the big kids have established, and the rules ensure that the little kids will lose every time. The thing is, the "real adult" world ain't a schoolyard sandbox with pretend toys and pretend consequences and run home to mommy when the big kids kick sand and she'll give us ice cream and bandaids and smack little George and Brian and the others in the Bay St Gang for being bullies and assholes in general - nononono not like that at all - in the real world we face very, very serious consequences here in our society and world, when the big kids get out of control, running everything under these childish and artificial rules that the people who run the place have imposed on us all, and it is HIGH fucking time, as me ol da used to say without the ("expletive deleted") embellishment, that something was done about it. According to the rules WE THE PEOPLE make to live under and together, we can have a good society and life for all of us - or we can allow We the Elite to make the rules, and they will have a really fucking great life, while the rest of us live lives of drudgery. Our choice - We the People.

- oh well, there's no shortage of ideas - once again, coincidentally (HAHAHAHAHAHAA you KNOW what I think of "coincidence theories" HAHAHAHAAA) a piece comes along mirroring what I write - an excellent new piece on Vive le Canada talking about how we have allowed a bunch of "rules" to be passed that basically screw us, and some ideas for some better rules that would go a LONG way towards making Canada once again FOR We the People rather than another puppet regime of the Bay St Boys and their worldwide masters and co-conspirators - U.S. Inciting Terrorism? by V.S. Bretin (don't let the title fool you - doesn't really relate to the body of the article - someone slipped up somewhere - happens!) - this is FAR too good for We The People to ever be considered in Ottawa by Paul Martin, current puppet-lord of the Bay St Boys - but it's worth reading and knowing, thinking about and passing around - add to it, whatever - get involved.


other shit other shit never stops -

The Madrid bombings - more on the "terrorism" file - I enclose that in quotes because I rather suspect the popular definition of the term is not appropriate for what's been going on the last few years - that is to say, "terrorism", as the dictionary has it, more or less, is non-governmental agents of some sort or another performing violent acts on government and/or civilians in a country in order to achieve political ends. Well - that is understandable, as a definition - but I've been trying to get a grip on exactly WHAT political ends are being sought, and by who, the last couple of years - and there don't seem to be any answers out there. (Let's just not even bother with the "They hate us because of our freedom and democracy" stuff - that is so idiotic as to be nonsensical to sentient beings, and to even say it is to get off on the wrong track, as it is to say "My my!!! Look at this!!! Al Quaeda left a big white van with Korans and letters and explosives and other incriminating stuff RIGHT HERE near the crime scene!! So they must be guilty!!! And they sent this really neat VCR tape admitting it too!!! - fuck, GRADE school kids where I grew up could plant a more convincing frameup than that shit.... (no they weren't especially bright - it's just that the current NWO people based in Washington are SO fucking STUPID - it's an embarrassing time to be an earthling - not to mention dangerous, of course....).

I see sort of two main possibilities here - first, they are just crazy people who like performing violence on other people (there's quite a few of them out there, any society as dysfunctional as this one has been for a long time quite inevitably turns out a lot of people violence prone - the rulers do NOT object to this, violence is a good excuse for cops and jails and general belligerence and repression of everyone, not to mention an ever present recruitment stock for their OWN gestapo-like organisations....) - and to those to whom such a definition applies, it is very misleading to label them "terrorists", with its political connotations - they should just be labelled common violent criminals, and, given the severity of their crimes, there should be some pretty serious efforts made to track them down by competent police forces, including INTERPOL and associated bodies, and bring them to justice (this being of course INTERPOL and what not acting for We The People rather than We The Elite - fuck, I can dream can't I????? HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - anyway, talking about what OUGHT to be, not what IS).

The other possibility is somewhat more interesting, though - if these people really do have political objectives and demands, the way to deal with them is first through talk, not increasing levels of violence at the street-gang "bring 'em on" my dick's bigger than yours swagger swagger" level (this stuff is cute in 5-year olds, but scary and dangerous in middle-aged adolescent-brained males whose dicks might not be all that big but who DO have guns and bombs and few inhibitions about using them, civilian casualties be damned, who seem to be running the fucking planet these days) - if their demands are in any way legitimate, then they will NOT be stopped by violence - justice is like a weed in that respect, you cut some parts of it down, and it springs back up again somewhere else. And it is often that kind of thing that sparks violent acts which might be labelled "terrorism". I don't myself think that setting up violent acts that kills a lot of civilians is an appropriate approach to negotiation, it gets too many people pissed off at you, and I sort of believe that you can't achieve good ends through bad means, that is, the ends do NOT justify the means - and I don't think any truly legitimate groups use this approach - but you can see the argument, as well, if they really believe their country has been taken over by bad or illegitimate forces. For instance, the French Resistance under German occupation during the early 1940s - lots of violent acts, lots of people killed - yet nowadays noone labels them "terrorists". Or from the other side of the equation - How many tens of thousands of innocent civilians have the Americans killed the last few years, from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan to Iraq (or ratchet that figure up a lot if you want to go back to say the Spanish-American "war" of the late 1800s)? Huge levels of violence - and yet outside of a few alternative sorts of websites, NOBODY is calling the Americans "terrorists" even in the face of this constant violence they have perpetrated on others all over the world (personally I think the label very appropriate for them). It's all perspective - and we must NEVER forget that we get only a very one-sided "perspective" from the American-dominated media these days. Question EVERYTHING!!!!

But to get back to the situation - IF there are some groups out there with legitimate demands, in terms of wanting to form their own little country or something (and there surely are), and the military and police and "legal" authority of the country wherein they happen to find themselves is saying something like "NO!! You will remain OUR property!!!" - then just maybe they have a legitimate complaint. What I would like to see, what would be really useful for We The People in figuring out what is going on and what we can do about it, is the media taking some time to find out exactly WHAT some of these people want, so that the rest of us could get a handle on whether or not they have a legitimate demand, or whether they are just a bunch of thugs going around killing people - a REAL media would do this.

That approach, of course, would immediately cut back on a lot of the violence as the people with legitimate grievances get a chance to air their problems and talk about them, and thus create an atmosphere of talking and cooperation, completely unsuitable to the Rule By Darthvader Cops that the NWO is in the midst of imposing on the world, so I can sort of understand why it is not happening, too. It would probably also reveal that a lot of these people have legitimate requests, or grievances, and they really OUGHT to be allowed to separate into some sort of small country, and govern themselves. And, as I said, if they really are just a small group of people who like to go around hurting other people, then get the cops on the case (yes I know I rail about cops a lot - but there are good ones out there, and as with our democratic institutions the IDEA is good enough, it's just being run by some bad guys at the moment, and there are legitimate times to employ them in the service of We the People, rather than in the service of We the NWO. It's something that requires some thought, about what is happening at any given time, but hell, as fucking ADULTS, that is what we are supposed to do!!!)

And terrorism and violence kind of lead into one of the main "rule" idiocies we have let ourselves get bound up in over the last few generations - the so-called "Rules of War" - I am not entirely sure how this nonsense - too mild a word, complete fucking insanity - came about, not having had a lot of time or inclination to parse it out, but just think about it - we - watch yourself!!! - SOME of "us" (I am going to check the genetics of this some day, but I really think that the lizard brains who think killing other humans is fine are NOT of the same general species - it is only some terribly misfortunate anomaly that even allows us to interbreed... - perhaps a test of some sort for we "real" humans - if so, I think we're failing....) are going to go around committing the ultimate crime on huge numbers of our fellow human beings (hahahaha - watch yer definitions here!!!) - killing and maiming them as if they were nothing more than cockroaches or weeds - and there are going to be "rules" about doing it???? C'MON!!!!! - about the only truly legitimate "rule" that I can see entering this type of discussion is that ANYONE who takes another human life intentionally or through knowing negligent carelessness - including or perhaps most especially governments and the identifiable individuals making choices to drop bombs and supply arms and whatnot in any aggressive situation - ought to forfeit their own, or at the very least be segregated in some out of the way place where they won't get another such opportunity (I have natural inhibitions about capital punishment, but on the other hand I sure as fuck don't want people running around in MY community who have proved they are so stunted in humanity they are willing to take other lives - I have often thought the best thing to do with such people would be to send them all away to someplace like Baffin Island, perimeter suitably guarded so they don't get out, where they can live with and interact with other people who also believe that taking human lives is ok - let them make their own laws and do what they want to each other, but keep them out of MY living area - elsewise treat them like a rabid dog - we don't have much problem with taking the lives of wild and dangerous animals to protect ourselves, and such "humans" are in the same category, as far as I am concerned) - anyway, back to "war" - it just doesn't seem feasible to me that joe deadguy is going to jump up shouting "You killed me illegally!! Take it back!!" or some such shit - or his family members or anyone else.

Anyway, they're like most rules - they don't evidently apply to those who MAKE them, only those they impose them on. Listen to the US, with the largest stockpile of nuclear hahahaexcuse me nukuler weapons in the world, sanctimoniously and just awesomely hypocritically declaring that other countries shouldn't have them - the US which now has admitted to considering first-strike with such weapons, pretending they have a right to demand others disarm because "they" might use them. Fuck it beggars the imagination - although that isn't really true as after the last few years you can believe these fuckers are capable of anything. Which is why everyone loves them so much HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

Anyway - Rules of War - kind of a classical oxymoron, when you think of it - so why have them? Well, I expect it has something to do with making it vaguely palatable to the great mass of citizens who would NEVER sanction such mass murder under any conceivable normal circumstances - tied into the great propaganda always required to get them to accept their government's desire to go to war in the first place - most people KNOW that going to war isn't about medals and democracy and freedom, it's about large numbers of young men going onto battlefields and getting gruesomely killed, and equally large or larger numbers of civilians of all stripes meeting the same fate. More and more people are also realising that wars are NOT for "you and me and apple pie" or whatever the latest slogan is, but simply turf wars between people powerful enough to command national armies, or lesser versions thereof - and surely good business for the American based but world-wide Military-Industrial Complex - the modern goose that lays the golden eggs nonstop - wars here, wars there, wars everywhere - all needing arms and bombs and ships and planes and politicians lapping up the military goo at the public trough.

"Rules of War" fuck - and as you sit there thinking, well, sure, but normally it's "them" who do the worst atrocities, and "we" really do try to fight in a civilised way as the "rules" tell us to - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - WHO'S BEEN INTO THE PIPE NOW HAHAHAHAHAAAA - think about, oh places like Dresden or Hiroshima, or napalm, or the Field of Jars, or more recently East Timor (impossible without US approval - and check the records Canada didn't have much to say about it either) or what about DU in Iraq, or various assassination attempts on Casto, Chavez, other Latin America leaders (most assuredly against the "rules of war" haahahahaa) - it's just a joke, a farce - no Americans were ever punished for any of the above stuff beyond a slap on the wrist - although, as always, of course, the winners use the "rules of war" to justify themselves by charging and trying the losers, witness one Milosevic.

Rules. Rules of War. What I really want to figure out is the rule that says everyone is so fucking brainwashed they follow the "rules" the wolves write for them like sheep follow the shepherd - problem being that "our" shepherds are leading us all to the slaughterhouse rather than sheep heaven. HAHAHAHA. Ha Ha.

What about sort of unwritten rules, how do they affect things? - you know, in school if you said "Man, I'd like to KILL that darn George!" you wouldn't get more than a mild look over the glasses from the teacher, and an admonishment to go play somewhere else or something - but (I never tried this, so it's only conjecture, but I think accurate) - just imagine if you said (in the teacher's hearing) "Man, I'd really like to fuck Suzy at recess!" - HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - man I wish I'd thought of that!!!! - off to the principal's office we go, and probably the child shrink and other stuff - and at least in my home, a trip to the kitchen sink with the bar of soap - man that was foul - a mistake not to be repeated, I assure you. Think of the messages we send to our young people - killing's fine, fucking's "dirty" and awful. What kind of fucking world is THAT we're developing?!?!?! (hahahaha stupid question - just look around!!!)

Rules to keep the sheep sheeplike, out of the loop, always obeying, never questioning - here's a good example - Law forces 6,000 Canadians to take security secrets to grave - secrets secrets secrets!!!!! sounds like a bunch of teenage girls giggling over their boyfriends or something (You mustn't EVER tell ANYONE Suzy!!!) - except this is a WHOLE fuck of a lot more serious. Really, I cannot think of anything about any government I was involved in that I would not fully expect to be public knowledge - exactly what is going on in MY government that I cannot know about?!?!?!? and why?!?!?! - something really smelly here. National security my fucking ass - all we got here are a bunch of government officials who have been doing stuff they KNOW that most people would not think very highly of (how about conspiring with the American Homeland Security department to send a Canadian citizen to Syria to be tortured? Or rip us off for, shall we say, 160 million bucks?!?!?! How about those first-class trips checking out Bangkok Bar Girls HAHAHAHAHAAA - TOP SECRET BABY HAHAHAHAH!!!!), and are covering their asses 99+% of the time. Plain and simple. Ties in with all this shit here - Ontario appeal court approves Zundel hearing and the other Zundel stories - I mean geezus h fucking christ on a fucking crutch, as some uncouth types used to say - "...The only unclassified portion of the security certificate against Mr. Zundel accuses him of being a dangerous preacher of anti-Semitic, white-supremacist hatred. Even if he doesn't advocate violence, it reads, he is dangerous because he's seen as a guru by those who do..." - this is EXACTLY the kind of shit we see in totalitarian fascist type societies, and if We the People don't stand up and say THIS KIND OF SHIT WILL NOT NOT NOT BE TOLERATED IN CANADA - well - catch up on the Rev Neimuller story.

rules rules rules rules -

I don't recall EVER being asked about any of these rules that the cops and governments and about 18 fucking million "regulatory agencies" say I have to follow every day, every minute of my life - not EVER. Elections hardly count, don't make me laugh as they say, especially when the politicians lie all the time, never doing what they say during the campaign but ALWAYS doing a lot of stuff they never talked about during the election campaign, and especially considering that very, very few of our governments of the last many years have been anything approaching majorities, so their "democratic mandate" is nothing but a farce anyway - 25% of the people making rules that govern the other 75%? fuck - I ain't the one with a problem when I say this is crazy behaviour and everyone tells me to shut up and do what I'm told HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA getting too serious there - but that is one of my main childhood-adolescent (and even fucking "adult" to a large extent, now that I think of it) - memories - DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD AND DON'T ASK SO MANY FUCKING QUESTIONS!!!! HHAHAHAHAHAA - BUT WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH EITHER FREEDOM OR DEMOCRACY MA?!?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

It should all be part of growing up, of becoming adult members in society - part of that process should be learning about the rules of your society in a direct way, and then, at a certain age (I would think starting at probably somewhere around 6-8 years of age, maybe younger for some kids), being involved in the regular (as often as needed - weekly, monthly, yearly, whenever things had to be talked about) largish sorts of meetings with others in your community and being asked what you think of those rules or new situations that required dealing with - citizens from every generation would naturally be participating in such a meeting, so it would not be a situation of 5-year olds deciding that everyone would eat chocolate for dinner every day, or 15 year-old males deciding that all teenage girls had to spend a year giving everyone free sex, or 75-year olds deciding that rap music could never be played on radio stations, but ALL the people would talk about the way things were going to be run in their communities - and representatives from these communities - representatives who were BOUND to actually represent the people they were representing and faithfully present their collective desires - would meet in larger fora to decide larger issues, and so on - and through such a process, with ALL of the members of the community participating, things in the communities and country would reach a balanced, consensus position, agreeable to pretty much everyone - reptilian-brained "I AM THE FUCKING KING" types excepted. As noted above, we can find a place to send them (like Baffin Island) where they can do as they please with others who feel the same way about dealing with others.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - and I dream and I dream and I dream - like Martin and others before me.....


Quite a few good reads the last few days - there usually are, actually - good stuff increases all the time on the net, where thinking and caring people get to express their thoughts and ideas - it's really wonderful these days, so much good stuff out there - I get concerned that a great deal of it is "preaching to the converted" sort of thing, but there are still good ideas and plans being shared, and wake-uppers, and stuff, and I think there are a lot of new readers as well, as the net grows and grows, and the beauty of most of "our" stuff out there is that I think it resonates with a lot of people who are not that happy with what has been happening in "our" society, but have had NO fucking leadership at all in terms of changing things (hahaha sorry - changing things for the better - there has been no fucking shortage of "leadership" at all the last few years devoted to making things a whole lot fucking WORSE for us all hahahahahaa), with all of the politicians and media involved in a sort of "conspiracy of the status quo" - sure, a few "real" people are allowed to speak now and then to demonstrate what a great and free democratic media we have here, but not prominently, and if they say anything too dangerous they are answered by reams of fucking commentary explaining to the readers why the "outsider" was wrong, and "good citizens" should pay no attention. (Examples? Everywhere you look - when was the last time you read something in the paper about how we need lower taxes? Count the time in minutes hahahahahaaa - but when was the last time you read something about how the Canadian parliament undertook a solemn pledge in 1989 to eradicate child poverty in this country by the end of the last century - and yet today's child poverty rates are HIGHER than at that time, when that "solemn promise" was made? Count the time since you saw THAT story in months, years if you don't read the papers much. etc etc etc and etc. When was the last time you read some heart-warming story about Canadians solemnly doing their duty and sending troops off to deal with some American-caused problem in the world such as Afghanistan or recently Haiti? And when the last time you read a story about COAT - the Canadians Opposed to the Arms Trade group? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - and so it goes ....)

Anyway - just a potpourri of a few of the good reads I've come across lately - speaking of Haiti and Canada - Haiti: A View from Canada - Does Our New Prime Minister Support Democracy in the Americas or US Orchestrated Coups? by Yves Engler, a young emerging Canadian writer who, if we had a REAL media in this country, would be being published there - it's okay, I guess, in the longer term view, for by refusing to print these new voices, and stubbornly trying to maintain their position as propagandists for the NWO and brainwashing everyone, they are de-legitimising themselves as people slowly catch on to what has been happening the last few decades, and the NEW media of the Net is taking over- which is a real People's Media. There is Hope to be found in all of this.

- Martin's implausible deniability - more Martin watching by he who does it best, MURRAY DOBBIN

- Let's Have a Conversation By BEN TRIPP - humorous writer, serious message - good read and good advice - Counterpunch is worth a couple of looks a week on your daily browse.

- Rot in Press, Rot in Politics - another GREAT piece by Robin Mathews - when you think about things, stuff like this indicates so very clearly how much Canadian "journalism" is NOT dedicated to being a free press in a free country, but is almost entirely a brainwashing organ - Robin is one of the best writers in the country at this time (evidently has been for quite a few years) - but you won't find him in the mainstream media ANYwhere. They don't want Canadians reading or exposed to the truth.

Another great read from Vive - STEPHEN LEACOCK:HIGH TORY by Ron Dart - this is only his second or third piece in Vive, but he is looking like a very good writer too - I find it very interesting that through the school years we are taught of Leacock as a great Canadian humorist, but NEVER do we hear that he also believed in a socialistic sort of vision for Canada, as opposed to the dog-eat-dog capitalism that we were all being taught was modern economics. Propaganda and brainwashing rules HAHAHAHAHAHAAA no pun intended!!!!!!!

- and don't forget this!!! - Will Canada be a Colony or a Country? It's Up to Us - cross Canada tour by Maude and the Council of Canadians - whom I would be a LOT happier with if they would align themselves with the movement for a united left in Canada, or even Jack Layton's NDP - but they are still on the good side, and try to do good stuff - and if a lot more people supported them, a lot more good stuff would be happening here, I think, somehow- they got pretty much all the right ideas anyway HAHAHAHAHAHAAA A sorry sorry - that should be all the LEFT ideas HAHAHAHAHAHAA

- hell, obviously you just ought to check out Vive a couple of times a week - Susan Thompson seems to be doing a real good job there, lot of good writers turning up there - let's hope they survive.

Latest from a guy called Ran Prieur, very good observer of what is going on - The System Works! - ".... The system doesn't care if airplanes crash and buildings collapse — in fact it wants airplanes to crash and buildings to collapse if that will get it what it really wants: for people to consent to degrading searches, to go along with ridiculous rules, to deny their inner strength and vision so they can respect and obey people with titles or uniforms, which mark them as the channels of still "higher" powers...."

Bits and Pieces - It's a bit early to start shouting QUOTE OF THE YEAR!!!! - but this one's going to be in the funning hahaha great typo running all the way - Botched deal could cost millions - "..."It begs the troubling question as to whether this premier is in the habit of making announcements in a state of learned cluelessness about what he's actually announcing," Lamrock said. ..." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA way to go big guy!!! - how many of our fucking politicians and other "personalities" are doing just that - pretending to be knowledgeable about everything while reading from the teleprompter, but really spend their lives in a state of "learned cluelessness"!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA love it. If it wasn't so tragic - it isn't a great way to run a country.

AND - coming soon to a country like yours!!!! - great neocon ideas like this move from one neocon country to another pretty quick - you can bet Paulie and the guys won't say a WORD about it during the election - but you know how tough times are, and here's another little plan to get some money from the poor and defenceless - you might note we have quite a lengthy list of wrongfully convicted people in Canada to go after (that we KNOW about - god knows how many are languishing in jail for things they didn't do, but are too afraid of the system, or unaware of how to fight the injustice, to do anything about it) - anyway - Justice in Neoconland!!! - We locked you up in jail for 25 years and you were innocent all along? That’ll be ?80,000 please HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Our Fucking World!!!!


Wellllllll - roll the dice or not? I've spent a lot of time talking about the problems I see in our country and world (we ain't talking 10 months of RM here, but closer to 40 years of general bitching) - maybe it's time I started talking a bit more about the world I would like to see, what "rules" we would live under if I were GOD!!!!! and handing down a few general commandments. I've been spitting out a lot of words every week for the last 10 months or so (a lot longer than that, really, but most of it just sitting on computer or in binders somewhere) - so let's see if I can control that a bit..... I've been working on ideas for a book on and off for quite awhile now, and in many many ways it encompasses all of my dreams, both real and imaginary - let's see if I can pressure myself into getting off my ass (figuratively speaking of course hahahahahaa - I seem to spend way too many hours ON that once somewhat sexy part of the anatomy (they did they did!!! lots of sweeties said so!!! hahahahahaa), in front of this computer, which is where I will have to spend more to get at this - no, that's not quite correct, just spend the time a little more productively!!! Man the caps would love that - Productivity Rules HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - but maybe, just maybe, this time it would do something useful.......

Starting next time - Greenways. Me and Mr. Charles (Dickens that is HAHAHAHAHAAAA) - serials!!!!!

Alright dear I did it. NOW can I have another fucking beer?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - I think I'm gonna need it. You fucking idiot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed..." -Steven Biko

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth."
- Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr Seuss - man he was smart....... I gotta read some of that stuff again ..... that's almost as good a play on words as the great old line about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.....

George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people - how fucking stupid can you be?? If you were the last fucking product on earth I wouldn't buy anything from you!! Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada besides deleting spam? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know (remove the xx - see above HAHAHAA) would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Paul Martin's our new PM and owes the Bay St. Boys 12 million worth of favors and George Bush is talking to ALLAH on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why? Do you know where Frodo and Gandalf went on that boat? Can we call them? Maybe the really nice elf lady too HAHAHA!!! And Smith - don't forget Smith ....