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040221- Somebody needs a nose job HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Well as always bumbling along trying to provide some alternative sorts of commentary to what is available in the mainstream so-called media - this has been a ripe week for pickings. hahahahahaa - they all are. What a fucking place. I hope I wake up some day HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Take for instance Weeding out roots of corruption by one James Travers of the Star (Travers is one of the feet-on-the-ground sort of good guy columnists at the Star - heart in the right place (that would be the non-right if you see what I mean hahahaa - but nonetheless sort of mired in the PC (not Prog Cons) sand, which tends to color a lot of things in ways that make one react with caution to everything they say, sort of like your religious people - fuck I better not get off on that stream right now) - the kind who may last a bit longer than some of the others in the purge I predict will be enveloping the Star this year under their new investor-conscious management - but maybe not. Anyway, he opens this column with - ".... All scandals are not created equal. Regardless of substance and for obscure reasons, some bumble along barely pricking public consciousness while others instantly seize the nation's imagination...." tadadadadada - a lot of others are saying the same kind of thing about this Quebec sponsorship stuff, but when I read it all, I think wait wait wait a minute - something not quite right here - this is "analysis" based on faulty, but unspoken, premises - like kids sitting around the living room table one morning wondering why Santa didn't come or something, or not digging deep enough to ask questions that NEED to be asked. For instance, it seems to me that there are all kinds of things that Canadians might well get seriously upset about - if given a chance - but most of the time the media prefers to keep quiet about such things, while THIS time the media is DRIVING the "scandal" - look at the headlines every day - nothing but story after story about this, with columnists adding their voices to the fray. Their answer to any such accusation of course will simply be that they only report what the people are doing or thinking or feeling etc - but that is a statement that is VERY open to argument, and I think I have done so before - if the papers just reflect what people are thinking, for instance, why is there not a whole lot more on the front pages and elsewhere, day after day, about how Canadians, as poll after poll after poll has been showing for years, want better health care and don't really care that much about ever lower taxes for the wealthy? If the papers REALLY reflected what Canadians were doing, there would be a LOT more on that sort of thing, with stories featuring interviews with people who wanted improved health care and an end to the lower taxes lower taxes shit that has consumed the government for years, stories telling about how Canadians were sick of this NWO shit and wanted their health care etc etc back, and on and on - but instead we get small stories about this sporadically, but we get story after story after story about how the Bay St Boys want lower taxes, how wonderful it is for Canadian corps to be "competitive" with lower taxes, reduced regulations, etc, how WONDERFUL "free trade" is, how fantastic it is that "investors" are making huge profits, etc and etc - and the government goes along in the name of "competition" etc etc - very obviously stories designed to try to brainwash Canadians into accepting what the government is doing, whether they like it or not.

So to suddenly see the headlines full of this latest "scandal", with the excuse that "Canadians" are mad as hell about it all, is a bit thin, if held up to the light and examined a bit with a sceptical eye (ya know ya just GOTTA be skeptical about anything you read in the papers anyway).

That is to say - I do not know ANY "real" Canadians who are saying things like "Holy Fuck!! (Holy cow!! whatever) - that sponsorship stuff is really outrageous!!" - now, maybe I move in different circles, but maybe not too - but most Canadians I know are more likely to be saying things like - "Yea? hahahaha (cynical laugh) Big deal - what's new here??? The gov has been lying and stealing from us for many years now. What's special about this time?" - ask yourself if that is true or not? It is in my experience. So why the big outrage on the MEDIA'S part right now, and pretending it is actually Canadians??? I don't really know, and I'll leave y'all to do your own speculating - but I do strongly suspect this "scandal" has a lot more to do with them than us.

And add that to the headline story in the Star today that Belinda is all ready to be PM, by golly (and if THAT don't scare the shit outta ya ya better start thinking about it!), and the ongoing complete blackout of Jack Layton's NDP, who are talking about things that Canadians REALLY want!!! - and it gets even harder to believe that all this stuff is just sort of "coincidentally" happening, and the Great Free Democratic Canadian Media just "reporting" it all as it happens HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA right.

Imagine now, a real issue - let's just pick one at random from the last couple of years - say Martin's ONE HUNDRED FUCKING BILLION DOLLAR TAX CUT FOR THE WEALTHY!!! - imagine, now, if the Canadian people were speaking - "Hold on there a second, Mr. Martin sir please sir (HAHAHAHAAA) - we really think that we would rather some of that money was spent on repairing our country - our health care system with its long lineups, our education system with tuition fees increasing to a level where more and more poor people can't even think about attending university, our crumbling transportation system, etc and etc" - now me, I think that if the media were at all interested in the views of average Canadians, this might have created an even bigger "scandal" - what if, when Martin had made this big announcement last year, we had of been faced with outraged editorials and opinion pieces in newspapers and tv shows across the country, and special sections set up in the paper for people to comment on it, and special tv shows set up demanding the PM and/or finance minster appear to explain just exactly why in the fuck they were giving all this money to the wealthy when the infrastructure for ordinary people (whose money it was, after all, being used for these tax breaks) was in such bad shape. Imagine this "outrage" going on and on and on until the government was forced to do something about it!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - but then I do get a lot of weird ideas from the freedom-enhancing diet I indulge in HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA (picture little emoticon dancing bottle opener HAHAHAHAHAHA IFUCKINGLOVEIT!!!!)

You know the expression "being led by the nose"???? now would be a good time to think about that, and where it leads....... Think about what actually gets YOU riled about what any of the governments are doing - and your friends and neighbours - and is THAT stuff being trumpeted in the paper day after day as a scandal??? HMmmmmmmm ............

And why would that be, you damned old CT (Conspiracy Theorist), I hear someone in the cheap seats asking??? Well - one can only surmise - but think about stuff like this - Canada still has a relatively reliable voting system - paper ballots, scrutineers, exit polls, a few holdout honest journalists and politicians still in the system - I expect Martin and his close ties to the Bushites, which he is looking to improve, will be bringing in Diebold (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - in Canada it will be renamed Dieapathetic HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA YOUREFUCKING CRAZYBUTILOVEIT) before the next time we get to "vote", at which time things will be considerably more secure for them - but anyways, for now, and maybe for the last time, Canadians actually have the opportunity to vote in a possibly decent government (yes, that would be the NDP) - a government which could be damned awkward (fuck what book was I reading last night...???) for the Bay St Boys, who might have to expose their fascist takeover sooner than they actually wanted to, before the Biometric ID cards are in place for instance - so Canadians HAVE to be led to vote for ANYONE but the NDP - I don't know if Martin has made the Bay St Boys mad or what (hard to figure that one, given the 12 million he got for his leadership "race" from them, but you never know - he might have had a Christmas Carol experience or something, with a visit from his ol dad, who was MUCH more honourable.....), but if they are going to dump him, they aren't going to do it without a solid plan B in mind - and that plan B will sure as fuck not be the NDP.

I don't know - but I DO know - NEVER believe what you read in the fucking papers HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - like it says up above somewhere - QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!!.

Very, very very very true.

Or this one adding to the nose-leading "THIS-is-what-to-think - we all have to color inside the lines don't you know" stuff by one Richard Gwyn, whom I don't really have a handle on yet, I'll have to get into a bit more psychology one of these days; he really thinks, I think, of himself as an astute commentator, but he is really an establishment writer (remember the story I passed on by Orwell a couple of weeks ago about the REALLY well-trained doggy that turns somersaults in the air without anyone telling it to - great image - Orwell was good at that stuff....) - anyway, Scandal revives dormant democracy is his latest addition to the brainwashing-maintenance matrix, and he brings up the notion that "....It's about democracy. An awareness has taken hold for some time that Canadian democracy is imperilled by the fact that we have become a one-party state...." - which again is a fairly common theme among the right-wingers - neocon people in the press - still trying desperately for whatever reason to maintain the fiction that the Libs are some sort of "lefty-liberal" party in Canada, and thus have to be bashed regularly. Anyway, what they are suggesting, directly or otherwise, is that it's just too darn bad the "conservatives", as in the old PC party, are not viable anymore as an alternative, although they all seem to be desperately hoping for, and pushing for, this new party to become successful - but what NONE of them seem to be clued into, or at least will EVER admit out loud, is that we have BEEN a one-party state for the last 20 years - and it ain't the Libs - it's the Tweedledee-dum Bay St Boys Party, which has two (main) branches - Mulroney's PCs (and the afterbirth that remains - that would be your Backroom Bay St Boys (hey!! good one!!), and NOT, of course, Orchard and the few remaining "pink" Tories, who just got turfed) and the current "Libs" (NOT the same party that Trudeau and even John Turner to some extent were trying to create a "Just Society" with, rather obviously HAHAHAHAHAAA) - and even though Canadians got so thoroughly pissed off at the first appearance of the one-party state they basically destroyed Mulroney's PCs, the Libs carried right on with everything they were doing, and now that Canadians have about had it up to the ears with the Libs doing the same shit, the Bay St Boys are getting just a tad desperate I expect - they will fucking NOT tolerate the Canadians turning to any REAL alternative, which is the NDP at this point in time, so all of this writing is designed at least partly with this in mind - they are telling Canadians NOT to think about the NDP - by not writing about them, or only mentioning them in passing, as Gwyn does - "...Since Jean Chretien's first victory in 1993, there hasn't been an alternative party that Canadians could take seriously as a replacement..." - he won't even mention them by name!!! - but think about it!!!! - the NDP are saying ALL of the things that most Canadians want to hear!!!! - restore the health care system, fuck the lower taxes for the wealthy, NO FUCKING STAR WARS!!!!!, TRUE democratic reform (Layton is now saying that IF the NDP are in a position to be part of a minority government after the next election, the single most important condition will be that Canadians are allowed a referendum on whether or not they want PR - which the Bay St Boys are NEVER going to allow), etc and etc - so it is obvious that the media here, again, are NOT doing the job of a media, and talking about what the people are talking about, but are very intentionally doing a full-court press to DIRECT the Canadian people in a certain direction - AWAY from the party they SHOULD be voting for - the REAL alternative to the one-party tweedledee-dum Bay St Boys Party (maybe we could rename them the ConLiberalCraps?? How's that for off the top of the old head HAHAHAHAA).


Dalton's Ontario version is heading down the same path as well - maybe I'll get a letter for him done yet, in response to his fervent desire to hear from the people HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA STOP IT!!!! - we all KNOW now (if you've been here more than once you will know about the "debt scam" and monetary reform, so you OUGHTTA know) that his "financial problems" are eminently and quite easily solvable, if he but had the political will to take on the banks - but anyways, this story got me - fuck I wish someone would talk to these people the way they need to be talked to sometimes, which is why I once again turn my poor old fucking head to the brick wall and start bashing so often (very good movie with the BBQ last night - Fight Club - THE REVOLUTION IS STARTING HAHAHAHAHAAA - whatever happened to old Brad - must have changed managers or something - still hasn't recovered from that great disappointment about a certain east Asian country (can't even bring myself to say the name - what a letdown) - anyway, not the point - this ain't the movie review section - back to this story from Ontario - Minister outraged by grow house bust - and the minister wasn't outraged at the fact that once again we're wasting huge amounts of money criminalising and policing a relatively harmless recreational chemical that almost all Canadians want legalised (not just this "de-criminalised" shit or whatever Martin is up to) (see above again about why we are NOT going to be allowed to elect the NDP) - no, apparently in this "grow house" (watch the propaganda spinmasters at it again - isn't that a great little phrase that has popped up the last year or so - "grow house"!!!!) there were some kids living in less than hygienic conditions, and opportunistically the minister is screaming that that just proves once again how HORRIBLE all these people who grow marijuana are, and it really is OKAY!!! to talk about how bad they are and demonize them (but don't you ever fucking DARE to say anything bad about the French or the Zionists or George Bush HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA), and what a total fucking blight on our society, and we should REALLY SUPPORT the GREAT cops who spend so much time and money tracking them down and perteckin all us citizens!! YEA BRO!!!! - fuck - anyway - the hypocrisy of this is abso-fucking-lutely stunning, if you are able to step back from the nose-chain and have a boo (although that is something that, for most people anyways apparently, is a GREAT deal fucking easier to say than to do).

This is the same government (provincial Tweedle-dum branch - the Bay St Boys got serious about Ontario too, after the shock of seeing Bob Ray get elected in 1990 - you don't think the Ray NDPs self-destructed do you?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - they had just a WEE bit of help HAHAHAHAHAAAA - but you won't read that kind of stuff in the mainstream media - check it out - practice your research skills - send me a copy - we need more history like that available....) that has spent the last ten years seeing how little money welfare recipients or minimum-wage employees could live on - sorry hahahaha survive on, and cutting back on affordable housing programs and all other gov assistance for them all, and throwing welfare moms in jail and otherwise causing them great and severe poverty - if you want to read stories about pissy beds and badly treated kids, start talking to people in organisations like OCAP or NAPO or places like that, or find Mel Hurtig's look at the disgrace of poverty in Canada Feed the Kids or Pay the Rent - an incredible national disgrace and tragedy - and we're not talking 2 or 3 or 6 kids here in some "grow operation" - we're talking HUNDREDS OF FUCKING THOUSANDS!!!!! HUNDREDS OF FUCKING THOUSANDS!!!! of CHILDREN living in poverty because our fucking governments would rather help the Bay St Boys pay lower taxes than ensure that our children have enough food to eat or a pot to piss in, as the old saying goes. So to hear this sanctimonious lying hypocritical asshole (sorry I don't usually get personally abusive but sometimes it is called for and deserved) preaching about people who should and COULD be living good lives contributing to the economy and providing something the people want but whom his government has intentionally criminalised for nothing more than political reasons, for less than perfect practices regarding childrearing (and let's not forget to be suitably cautious about jumping to conclusions as well concerning just how true these stories actually are, knowing what we do about the way these fuckers lie and lie and lie and fucking LIE when their propaganda requires it to create "evil people" and most of the media reports their lies with few questions), while he and his fucking government intentionally, knowingly, callously and needlessly create FAR FAR FAR FAR FUCKING WORSE conditions for tens of thousands of more people just so they can help a small number of others become wealthier is just a BIT fucking much to be listening to. And I will tell him so - coming soon to a website near you (certainly ain't gonna be printed in the fucking Star!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA)

Fuck. This makes me really mad. The children - all of them - are our future, and our future is going to be no better than today as long as we treat them like this - what a dismal and stupid bunch we are to pretend that it is somehow ok to let children live in poverty because the parents don't have a good job for whatever reason - why do we punish the innocent for the actions of others? That is as barbaric as it gets - and we are all guilty of it, as long as we do nothing about it. Whenever we meet the justice in the universe - and we will someday, somehow, I believe that, even if I do not believe in any "gods" - it is NOT going to be any sort of excuse to say we didn't know, or they were just lazy damned welfare bums or stupid Indians or anything else. Believe me. We will pay for this shit.

Chill out time - what else is happening here Mr Jones?

- well, this related sort-of story - Raising taxes for all would erase Ontario deficit, a piece from the Ontario Public Service Employees Union - well worth a read, not perfect at all, but a lot of good ideas, and I will take any and all bets right now that the Ontario government is not going to act on any of them (seriously, I mean - a bit of lip service (hahahahahahaa what an appropriate image!!! maybe, but no substantive changes along these lines), because they are basically a set of ideas that would say right up front that Ontario is being governed of, by and for the PEOPLE of Ontario, and not Tom d'Aquino's BCNI - and that just ain't gonna be allowed by the Bay St. Boys. Watch and see if ya don't believe me.

She does have one idea that I don't actually agree with - involving going after one of the big PC targets the last bunch of years - men who leave their wives and stop the child-support payments - she has the idea that these guys could support a lot of the women now getting welfare or something - I think she considerably overestimates the possible take from such men by a lot, since most of these guys are NOT your middle-class execs but factory level, minimum wage sorts who just don't have the money - note the "most" up there - I know some are better off, but NOT most of them - and I expect the cost of rounding them up and constantly chasing and harassing them and the people involved in getting them to court and whatnot would eat up FAR more money that you would get from them and just add huge amounts of bad vibes to the ether because there is NOBODY going to win out of this (okok - the odd woman who has married the rich guy who has skipped out and winds up with $20,000 a month and a big house or whatever - but she'll be a lot less happy than she thinks but I'll leave all that for another time), and we don't fucking need any more of that - but just more practically, I think this is just the wrong approach, and I think this whole issue needs a serious re-looking at, for many reasons.

Think about your poor late-teens-ager male, full of hormones saying FUCKFUCKFUCK HAHAHAHAHAAA - so he says anything he has to to some girl, and she winds up pregnant - and all of a sudden he is in the position of having to support that girl and the resulting offspring for the next 20 (give or take) years - seems a bit unfair, for giving in to a next-to-uncontrollable biological urge - seems like another one of the big scams of modern society, to me - sort of like the US army selling recruitment by big advertisements of college programs, and then the poor fuckers find themselves in Iraq or someplace dead. And everyone says for those few seconds of bliss he has to take responsibility for the next 20 years (one of those motherhood-applepie things that most people don't even think about, and would NEVER dare disagree with out loud - except for we few rude fuckers hahahahaa) - but what about, for instance, in these days female emancipation - doesn't the woman have to take at least SOME of the responsibility?!?!?! - they want to be entirely equal - except for child support!!! - bit hypocritical there, eh what?? Couldn't SHE have said NO!!! (I am not talking about rape stuff here - different ball game altogether - but why would you want to force a woman to live with a person that violent for the next 20 years? Or how is he going to cover her expense on the $2 bucks a day he gets in jail?) - and SHE has a lot of those same hormones in her developing body saying the same FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!! HAHAHAHAHA - so why doesn't society say SHE made a mistake and has to pay for it too??? (okok I know actually it does, by condemning her to a hopeless life of welfare - I am NOT unsympathetic to the women involved here at all - just looking at the other side first, since that was what got me started here I think...)

But the whole thing goes a LOT deeper than that - there'll be a big chapter in The Book someday if I ever get the time to write it, but what about societal responsibility? Where does that come in to it? Nowhere, if you listen to the PC people - but to me, it should be a major consideration, from many aspects. We have created a society that has a large underclass of poor people, and it is mostly these poor people who are getting in this situation - poverty is directly related to most crime, for that matter. We have created a society of stupid and ignorant people (try to imagine I am using those words in the dictionary sense, not just the insulting sense of schoolchildren - people who have had no help from home concerning getting better educated, and who bring their children up the same way) - again, who are the ones who mostly who get into this situation. And after we have led them to this situation, we blame them for it, and slap chains on them to punish them. That is controlling and neurotic behaviour - on the part of the people who RUN the society, not the victims of that controlling behaviour.

And a lot of this irresponsible sort of behaviour happens (across class lines as well) because we try to keep young people dependant and childlike as long as possible, controlling their lives all through school until they are 18 or so, and then tell them they have no option but to go to higher education if they are smart enough and can afford it, or to get a fucking job!! - from dependant child to "independent" citizen-worker more or less overnight - a ridiculous thing altogether, really - during the last years of this enforced childhood dependency, those hormones are going crazy, in both guys and girls, and fucking happens. And given that we have a sacred RULE in society that YE SHALL NOT FUCK UNTIL YE ARE MARRIED - well - hahaha - what do you expect??? Pregnant girls, forced marriages, no decent-paying job, no societal support system, no money - slums - problems. It ain't fucking rocket science. But that we are so woefully stupid as a society that the best thing we can think of is to chase the men who are part of this situation and try to get them to pay for what society has caused is pathetic, to say the least. But then a great deal of what we get up to as a society is pretty pathetic.

We'll never stop this sort of thing from happening, given that it IS biology - but we could certainly improve things a fuck of a lot for everyone, if we started letting the young people grow up a bit rather than trying to keep them as children long past the time they want to be children, and made some effort to actually help them become responsible adults and deal intelligently with their raging hormones rather than telling them to just ignore them until they can become worker-consumers in the capitalist machine.

Imagine, just for instance (there are many, many good ideas out there - if we but had the political will to engage them) that instead of the big ritual many people go through now when they join a church - which fucks them up completely for years if not their whole lives, pretending to believe in the adult version of Santa Claus - we did some sort of ceremony acknowledging their entry into adulthood, in the sense that they are now capable of the still very mysterious but wonderfully beautiful act of creation themselves, and should regard that ability with the honour it should have - our intelligent human brains (HAHAHAHAHAAAAA - well, they CAN be) place both us and our creative abilities on a somewhat higher plane than "rutting animals" - and we should consider that in our sexual lives - that we make something so beautiful so dirty in our society is really one of the ultimate obscenities of our "culture", and is one of the central reasons so many people are so fucked up - how can other parts of a person's brain act and think normally when we are trained to believe that one of the most fundamental driving forces of our lives is "bad"??? - a very large and very inevitable disconnect happens - and that leads to all manner of other disconnects, most of which are NOT going to result in good behaviours. Something like that - the sexuality is a great thing - not just the fucking, but the creating - and it is something that should not be taken too lightly. And it is one of the great perversities of our "modern" society that we have tried to bury and make "dirty" everything to do with this glory and creativity of sex and life - while we glorify guns and killing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA FUCK!!!!! how did I wind up here?!?!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

We will still have to deal with young pregnant women - but what idiocy to take these young lives (and the young men the PCers want to hunt down like animals) and tie them into poverty and meaningless jobs, for no other reason than to create wealth for the robber-barons to live lives of luxury (getting the young men into these slave-labour jobs to provide the money for the young women, who can then be taken off the government-support lists).

Imagine small communities where people know one another, where there is a child center of some sort, where the babies are raised more or less communally - where they have the love and support of many caregivers - not the resentment and beatings and lack of food or attention that the get in the homes of so many of our poor - not because the parents are necessarily bad people, but because they have too many pressures, and have NEVER been taught how to deal with them - these young parents who do not know how to raise children are OUR responsibility as a society - WE have failed THEM - and then when they turn around and fail their children - WE are again to blame - think about it - if a young child burns his or her hand on a stove, or runs out into traffic - we don't blame the child!!! - we blame the caregiver for insufficient attention - likewise with these young people - they have NEVER been taught how to behave responsibly, or raise children - so they are often bound to fail - yes, young parents from well-to-do families often do ok, but they have HAD some good training from their parents, and they have a lot of support - poor people often if not mostly do NOT have these advantages, and the cycle perpetuates itself. And it all comes down to lack of money, and lack of decent education. So LET the young people fuck (with proper reverence!! HAHAHAHA - but seriously) - but then they can leave the children that result "accidentally" (when whatever birth control they are using fails or whatever) in these common cradles or whatever - where there are ALWAYS middle-aged and older people who are more settled, more calm in dealing with crying babies, have more love and time to give, to bring them up with free and healthy minds and bodies - most young mothers and fathers will also participate in this, but all young people also have "roaming" genes as well, want to get out and see some of the world, experience things, before settling down - let em!!!!! - they'll be better adults for it, when they do settle down somewhere, and more able to contribute the few hours of work a week that our communities will require to survive and live well (we'll get into all that another day, but if we take away the portion of our labour that goes for no other reason than to create the vast fortunes of the truly obscenely wealthy of the world, and all the needless things, and all the makework jobs we have to provide people in this society that worships money, we will all be able to survive on 5-10 hours work per week - and be much, much happier about things - but that is AFTER the revolution, and we ain't there yet!).

But they are tied in - we will raise our children properly when we have a decent society. We will have a decent society when we raise our children properly. The journey IS the goal IS the journey.

Getting from this barbarian land we live in now, where the humans are enslaved and ruled by the lizard-brains, to the land of Humans and Civilisation, is the challenge we face.

As always the tide in the affairs of me and men (and other stuff hahahaaa) rolls on - as I was contemplating where to go this time around along the lines of what follows, this came up in the CBC - TD's Ed Clark earns $7.9 million in 2003 "...In his first year at the top of TD Bank, CEO Ed Clark was given a $2 million performance bonus late last year as part of a $7.9 million compensation package, securities filings show...." - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - fuck ya gotta love it - this is the same bank that pays me something like one-third of one percent interest on my bank account each year!!!!! - and dings me for fifty cents or two bucks or whatever whenever I use the ATM - and according to a report I looked up last year somewhere when reflecting upon this (not in a good mood) they pay the TD bank "investors" something like seventeen percent ROI (return on investment). Well I could go on at length on this but I expect you know it all.

The question to be addressed, is why in the fuck do we continue to put up with this shit?

Imagine if you will - one of Albert's mind games - those things that cut through the complexity of some situations and illuminate them in ways that are easy to understand.

Imagine, if you will, a small community - let's say 100 people, or 100 families who, among them, manage to provide most of the goods and services a small community like this needs. Let us postulate that we are well on the way to being an intelligent, mature society wherein a means of exchange will no longer be required, but we are not quite there yet, so we do require a means of exchange to ease the trade among us all, for our goods and services, balancing out the labour of those who prefer to take life easy and be bar musicians or mow lawns with those who take the time to learn to be our healthcare providers or build houses, and so on - barter is possible, but full of difficulties that could be alleviated by a common means of exchange - that is to say, a currency of some sort, wherein I can exchange the goods I produce for the services you offer, even though I don't need a house or heart operation today but you want to come to the bar and hear my music, and things like that. Let us also postulate that we have gotten past the use of "cheap" labour one way or another - Dirty Dan thinks he can use his three 5-year old children to work for him, thus he can offer his product at a cheaper price than Diligent Dave - but we have all grown to be adults, and will not support Dirty Dan merely for the sake of cheaper prices that we understand to be exploitive of someone, so Dirty Dan is not welcome in our community. I know these are unrealistic things, but we can leave them aside in order to get to the heart of the mind game, and get to the heart of things clearly.

Which is the provision of the currency we are going to use to facilitate the exchange of our work, whatever it happens to be.

Now - we have basically two choices regarding this currency. Choice A - We can provide it ourselves - that is to say, as a community, we naturally have a council of some sort, and we can authorize, as a group, the council to contact the local printer and print up whatever amount we want of a currency that we can use among ourselves (again, in the mind game, we can leave aside confounding issues such as counterfeiting, which could be dealt with) - this currency will be limited in the amount that is issued to the amount we need, based on the actual amount of goods and services our community produces, issued upon the provision of those services in a suitable credit-debit form, a zero-sum sort of game where the supply and need more or less balances, expanding by some small amount yearly to deal with new people and businesses in town, but will be an amount that is stable - that is, non-inflationary, which is a banker's trick to increase their share of the pie and control of the system. Or choice B - we can follow the path of Banker Bob, the king of nearby Country XYZ, who has a proposition - he will take responsibility for issuing our currency - if we decide we need say a thousand dollars, why Banker Bob will go to our local printer and have the money printed instead of us doing the same thing - and then LOAN it to us at some rate of interest - and then next year we will have to pay back all the money he loans us, plus some additional amount on top of that for "interest" - Banker Bob's "profit" as it were, so he says.

Pause here for thought. Wait a second.......

Now first we have no money at all - but Bob is generously going to make available for us a thousand bucks. We could print that money up ourselves to use - or engage in this new idea of letting someone else print it up exactly the same way, and "borrowing" it from them, and then paying it back.

With interest.

Mmmmhmmm .................... Wait a second. First, why in the fuck would we as a society let some private individual like Banker Bob create money out of thin air and borrow it from him, when we could just create the money ourselves??? And second, even if we don't think about the first part, just where exactly is this "interest" going to come from, if we are allowing Bob to control our money supply - that is, he "loans" us this first thousand bucks, but we have to pay back, say, eleven hundred? Where is that other hundred going to come from???? Oh hahahahaa - no problem - next year Bob will print up some more money, which we will "borrow" from him again - and use part of that money to pay the "interest" on the first money we borrowed.

And the year after that?????? Why - the same thing, of course!!! And on and on and on we go - each year Bob prints up money instead of we printing it up ourselves.


- hmmmmmmmm - but our government didn't say that, did it?!?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

OUR great "democratic" government said - GREAT IDEA BOB!!!!! (I think, actually, Bob and the appropriate government officials had a little secret meeting prior to this decision being made (back around 1935 in Canada), and Bob gave them all some sort of incentive bonus for doing this - but that would be CT stuff that we CERTAINLY wouldn't engage in in this kind of serious debate HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.....)

- except - now they are telling us that they have to close our hospitals, and charge money for education, and cut back on the services we were paying our taxes for - because WE WE WE WE have been WAAAAAYYYY too greedy, we darned old citizens with our health care and publicly subsidised universities and stuff like that, and "borrowed" too much money - and NOW a HUGE part of all our money (that would be taxes) has to be paid to "Bob" in interest.

As I said - "How fucking stupid......" etc

Apparently, in the broader allegorical sense of the Canadian populace, pretty. Why people put up with this scam is way beyond me. But then why they believe in Santa Claus (for the kids)-cum-God/Allah/??? (for the big kids) is pretty much beyond me too. Why I got stuck here is pretty much beyond me too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - laugh or pull the fucking trigger.

But I am - so I try to deal with it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - where's that fucking bottle opener HAHAHAHAHAA

Here's a piece from a guy called Hans Krampe I ran across last week on this very subject - he does a pretty good job of laying out a lot of the things you need to know if you are to get a handle on changing things around here - $BANKS$ THE FOX IN CHARGE OF THE PERFECT GOLDEN GOOSE OR THE DEBT BASED BANKING SYSTEM - if you like his style - he's pretty blunt, which I think is great - follow the link back to 3 others he has done - great stuff.

Or another from Progressive Review, that I have mentioned before, great site - The other way to deal with the national debt.

Man they just never stop......

One for the "WOW!!! WHAT A GREAT FUCKING JUSTICE SYSTEM WE HAVE IN CANADA!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA file - Judge chided for guilty verdict - about a judge who rubber-stamped a breathalyser case, even though the guy put up a very good defence - the appeal court judge found that the judge had apparently used a "form-letter" sort of judgement, and called the guy on it - but the point is, it is very hard to figure this was some isolated case - although I suppose the supporters of the status quo would say this is the exception that proves the rule, I rather strongly suspect the opposite - this is the norm, with people being railroaded every day in every court - but most of them don't have the money or determination to carry on with appeals and such things (I speak from experience here as well - the Beer Story of a few weeks ago being only one example) - the only point being, I guess, is that if people really understood what went on in the courts, which is VERY different from what you read about in the See Dick Fuck Everyone school books, more people might start to realise that the so-called "justice" system is just a big scam, the purpose being to legitimise the activities of the ruling class - if we all believe we have a great justice system (which most people do - that is a STRONG component of the brainwashing) - then we believe that we live in a just society, and when things go wrong we have a means of redress. BULLSHIT in big letters.

911 REALITY page - 911-Review - What's Next and to follow back to their index and look over the whole thing, if you want a bit more convincing that the bullshit we are being fed about that day is one of THE big scams of the current neocon-we-wanna-be-fascists era..

Last thought - - again while reading a fiction book (title author not important - 99% of them are the same) I am struck by how effective they are as propaganda - brainwashing - no I need a better word - because this is the world we WANT to live in - a world, or country at least, that is run mostly by good and decent people, people who may not be perfect, but generally try their best, and are ethically sound people trying to make a good country and act fairly for everyone - there are only a few really bad guys, but the good guys are always going to win in the end, after a little shoot out of some sort (during which time we innocent civilians ought to just stay in our homes until the goodguy cops tell us they have the situation under control HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA). It truly is a grade-school, civics-textbook COMPLETELY unrealistic view of society - and it is one that most citizens still believe in, never having graduated from See Dick Fuck Everyone books. Santa for adults - I suppose it's time for an "adult" version of "Yes Virginia - there IS a good man in the White House" or something HAHAHAHAHAAA - STOPIT MY SIDES ARE HURTING YOU FUCKERHAHAHAHAHAAAA

Ah me ah my what did we do with the crying-in-despair bottle opener emoticon HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - let's see - I believe I have a nice French Chablis for the fish tonight - perhaps that will ease the pain a bit HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA IT WILL SO!!!! - HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GUPPY AFTER A GLASS OF WINE?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." - Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr Seuss - man he was smart....... I gotta read some of that stuff again ..... that's almost as good a play on words as the great old line about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.....

George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people - how fucking stupid can you be?? If you were the last fucking product on earth I wouldn't buy anything from you!! Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada besides deleting spam? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know (remove the xx - see above HAHAHAA) would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Paul Martin's our new PM and owes the Bay St. Boys 12 million worth of favors and George Bush is talking to ALLAH on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why? Do you know where Frodo and Gandalf went on that boat? Can we call them? Maybe the really nice elf lady too HAHAHA!!! And Smith - don't forget Smith ....