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040214 - Heads I win tails you lose HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

Pits in cherries hahahahaha - don't you just love it when the world sneaks up and boots you in the ass? hahahahaa - after last week saying how NOBODY ever replied to my letters (snifsnifhahaha) - within hours this is in my inbox:

"...Dear !!!!: Thank you for your Economic Revival Plan. It contains many good ideas . . . several already being implemented in various degrees. ... I note that you have sent your letter to Island media outlets; hopefully some feedback will be generated... I appreciate the time you have taken to forward your thoughts, and will keep your ideas in mind as we implement new initiatives.

Sincerely, Pat Binns Premier of Prince Edward Island

HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - There ya go. No further comment - Binns seems like a nice enough man (I did think that before - I don’t hate EVERYbody!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA) - but PEI is still run by the money for the money and to hell with the average people, who, as everywhere else, are allowed nothing more than the crumbs after the Bankers’ Feast - and the bankers lately are getting more and more and more and more psychotic and want people to fucking PAY for the crumbs.... after they’ve already paid for the feast.... As is Canada. As is most everywhere else. They say a number of top-ranking Nazis were quite pleasant individuals too - fuck, ol Adolf even did a Better Homes and Gardens spread HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - ah what a fucking life.... (huhh?? you didn't see that one yet?!?!? - well, you can google it, or start here - now be honest, does he look like such a bad chap???? Nice little doggie and everything HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - I mean, fuck, there's pics out there that make George Bush look sort of harmless, if you didn't know who he was - I gotta get into this some day. But not now!!! HAHAHAHAAA)

And while we're on letters - a couple more to add to the "We sure ain't printing THIS shit!!!!" file hahahahahaha don't we just fucking LOVE the Great Free Representative Canadian Democratic Media HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - in the Star letter I get a bit ironic, but the examples are coming quickly now of the changed editorial stance - and they sure as fuck ain't gonna print a letter that rips apart one of their sad little editorials so well (it's a good letter!!! really!! HAHAHAHAAA). The FPTP system is nothing more than an electoral system that almost guarantees the elite will win any and all elections, although they sure ain't gonna tell us that! - but defending the idea of "majority" governments representing a minority of citizens and implementing policies in favor of the ruling class against the interests of most citizens can be called little else, and that is what we have been seeing since Mulroney, in spades - the Bay St Boys running both the Mulroney PCs and the Chretien-Martin Libs. Anyway enough with the intro -

Editor, The Star:
RE: Voting initiatives alluring, but bad Feb. 8 2004 RM archive copy

Upon first reading of this article, I was somewhat disappointed and surprised to see the Star, which is supposed to be the flagship media event for "left-leaning" people in Canada, and thus supportive of things progressive, speaking out against one of the major progressive reforms we need in this country, the switch from our ancient, highly disfunctional First Past The Post (FPTP) electoral system to the newer, much fairer Proportional Representation (PR) - true Luddites indeed, in all the worst senses of the often misused appellation, those who resist this long-overdue modern democratic innovation. However, upon rereading it a couple of times, my eyes magically became opened and I realised you have quite cleverly made the case for PR considerably stronger.

Let me show you quickly how I have parsed out your article, which, in a somewhat Swiftian way, while pretending to advocate a certain position but making an extremely poor case for it thus actually bolsters the case for the other side - or, as a more recent political pundit declared, in a modern sort of "we-don't-want-to-use-too-many-big-words-or-complicated-ideas-like-them-darned-old-English-writers-like-Swift" sound-bite said - "With friends like this, who needs enemies?" hahaha - Well done, Star!

Well - the article is one long example of this clever technique, but let me just point out a few of the more obvious areas:

1. "...The underlying premise of proportional representation is that the interests of, say, Alberta farmers, Ontario factory workers and Maritime fishermen overlap to the degree that none of them needs to choose their own federal representatives to champion their specific concerns. ..."

- this statement is, as they say, to put it politely, backasswards, or even "arrant nonsense" as me dear ol da used to say in those days gone by at some of my I thought quite clever excuses for not attending school some days when I felt other calls - indeed, so contrary to the actual situation that one can only assume the writer included it intentionally, even began their article thusly, to indicate their true intention to those clever enough to see it, and underline the absurdity of using this FPTP system (which was, of course, originally designed to determine a winner in a two-party contest) in a multi-cultural, multi-party, indeed, multi-almost-everything country. I have been involved with promoting PR for some time, and have NEVER heard anyone say that the interests of western farmers and Maritime fishermen are the same (although they do share common interests with all Canadians in things such as decent healthcare, education and infrastructure support, and so on), and that therefore they don't need any special person or persons to represent them in the national assembly, or parliament, in our case - what nonsense, truly! What PR actually does is quite the opposite - it acknowledges and attempts to deal with the fact that in the FPTP system, while a certain group of people may form a fairly large constituency (i.e western farmers or Maritime fishermen), the fact that they are spread out over many electoral ridings means that their votes get lost in the general flow, or in the accumulated votes of larger constituencies, and thus they actually have NO-ONE representing them, or are very under-represented in terms of their actual numbers - a perfect example being, for example, the former PC party in the 1997 federal election, who got almost an identical number of votes as the separatist Bloc party of Quebec (PC 18.9% BQ 19.4%) - yet the Bloc, a regional based party not even running candidates in most of the country, got 60 seats in the National Parliament, while the PCs, with support across the entire country rather than gathered in a small area, wound up with only 20 seats - thus leaving all of the PC supporters woefully under-represented in the House of Commons. In 2000 it was even worse - the BQ got 10.7% of the vote and 38 seats, the PCs 12.2% and 12 seats!!!! The PR system would go a long ways towards addressing this central problem with the FPTP system. With the use of some type of party list, in addition to people elected directly to represent certain areas, it is also possible to include people to represent non-area-based constituencies, such as someone to speak specifically for farmers, or fishermen, or native Canadians, women, or any other interest group you care to name, which the FPTP system cannot do. And it is, of course, hardly adequate - quite misleading, really - to say that the people elected by FPTP systems represent everyone fairly to the best of their ability - no-one can do a good job of serving two or more masters - we have been seeing all too well the last few years what happens when our MPs, heavily lobbied and funded by Bay St interests, are forced to choose which master they will serve - for instance deciding between tax cuts for the wealthy or healthcare funding for average Canadians. We average Canadians haven't been faring too well under FPTP "representatives" lately.

What your writer does not bother to get into, for some odd reason, is how he/she considers this sort of result, which really is the norm in every FPTP election, to be fair to those many voters who wind up so under-represented - preferable, indeed, one must assume your writer believes, to the much fairer fit of representatives with voters and votes cast which is a central feature of every PR system. Of course, if we consider your writer is actually making the case FOR PR while only pretending to speak against it, it is somewhat more understandable - any fair-minded person, which most Canadians are, would surely be happier with a system that apportioned their votes to their representatives in the same kind of proportion that the voters wished for, rather than the wildly skewed numbers which are regularly the outcome of FPTP contests - we all, I am sure, have heard of the last few elections in PEI, for instance, where the winning party, with somewhere around 55% of the vote, gets 95% of the seats, leaving almost half of the Islanders to be represented by 1 or 2 MLAs, while the slightly larger half has 29 or 30!!!! It's hard to think offhand of a stronger argument for junking this very outdated system which constantly leads to such ludicrous - and democratically speaking, most unfair - results.

2. "... a la carte menus (of PR governments composed of many parties working out deals) typically exceed what taxpayers can afford, and that the most important government initiatives might not see the light of day in the orgy of payoffs to special interests posing as new political parties. That's what happens in Italy, a fiscal basket case, where proportional representation has brought endless political instability...."

Well, I suppose your writer was forgetting about the orgy of payoffs to Big Business in Canada over the last few years (not to mention Harris's Ontario), who so generously funded the mainstream Tweedledee-dum political parties - FTA, NAFTA, WTO, FTAA, GATS, $100 billion tax breaks, etc and etc (and will continue to do so if the FPTP system is not changed, even after the very weak controls the Libs supposedly placed on them last year). But this is a common straw dog argument constantly brought up by those who do not want to see the privileges they gain through their relatively easy control of the FPTP system lost, with about the same strength as the little piggies' straw house when held up to reality - I guess it was about here that it came to me that your writer was actually cleverly championing PR, by presenting such sadly poor arguments against it. Your writer points to PR as, apparently they believe, the direct cause of fiscal mismanagement in one country - would it not be equally valid, then, to point to PR as the underlying cause of the strength of all of the other western European countries (exception FPTP GB) which also use PR? Or the financial powerhouse Japan, which also uses PR? Is the 5 trillion dollar debt the Bush government is in the process of imposing on that country during the short time they have been in office due to nothing more than the electoral system? What then about Canada's $500 billion national debt that everyone has been so concerned about the last 20 years or so, accumulated under governments elected through FPTP - would your writer be agreeable if some PR promoter were to say CANADA'S NATIONAL DEBT DUE TO OUTDATED FPTP ELECTORAL SYSTEM!!??? Probably not (although a rather strong case could be made for the latter statement, actually, but that would be a digression for another day...) - any rational analyst would know that there are many, many other factors involved with a nation's fiscal policies besides the electoral system - although, as the world's more stable financial powerhouses in Europe and Japan clearly indicate, the much larger and more representative mix of members and ideas resulting from a PR system will generally result in a very strong and stable system, with a government not trying to make payoffs to everyone (rather insulting statement, really, to the great majority of elected people in Europe and elsewhere under PR), but in reality having a broad diversity of ideas and opinions and expertise to draw on to make solid financial and social policies, and balance the interests of many competing groups - much more so than we have seen in the Big Business-dominated "majority" governments elected under FPTP in Canada, the last few years, for instance, which have been much more concerned with pleasing a certain smallish special interest group through such things as lower taxes and de-regulation while abandoning the majority of its citizens, and allowing ideological policies to take precedence over common sense policies - that is to say, tax breaks over social support systems, for instance, which benefit the few at the expense of the many. The considerably more balanced parliaments of the EU have prevented such imbalances from occurring, and it shows in their much, much stronger social support systems and economies.

3. "...Whatever its deficiencies, our current system forces voters to make choices...."

- well, a fine finale to really make the case for PR pretty airtight, given with the flourish of true Swiftian irony. Our system forces voters to make choices? I think your writer forgot (possibly intentionally - no point in being too obvious!) the last part of the sentence here - the FPTP system forces voters to make choices - and then ignores those choices!! - which one cannot say about PR, which also forces voters to make choices (I mean really - isn't that the very definition of "election" - making a "choice" between competing visions?) - and then gives them what they have chosen!!! And which do you suppose most people who "make a choice" would prefer - to receive what a majority of them have chosen, or to have the electoral system laugh mockingly in their faces and give them what they have NOT chosen (i.e. when 55% of voters voted against Mulroney's "free trade" in 1988 - and the FPTP system gave Mulroney a big majority and all Canadians - including that 55% who said NO!! - the FTA...)!!?? Why, most people would prefer what they have chosen of course!! Well done for pointing out the one feature that most summarises with undeniable clarity why the FPTP electoral system has been cast aside for the relic it is in almost all modern democracies. For of course, to put it bluntly, in an Orwellian reversal of the meaning of words, one must acknowledge that the FPTP system in reality DENIES voters the right to make choices, which the PR system would change so they actually HAD real choices!! For instance, in 2000 approximately 25% of eligible voters voted for the Liberals (60% turnout, 40% of the vote) - meaning, of course, 75% of eligible Canadian voters did not apparently want them running the country. And what was the result of that election, the FPTP "choice"? Well, as we all know, a solid Liberal majority government!! So - a strong majority of those voters given (or forced to make) a "choice" chose NOT LIBERAL - and got ... Liberal!!! Quod est demonstratum!! as my old Latin teacher once said about something he did or I didn't or something.

Well done Star! - no-one reading this article could possibly go away feeling that FPTP was a preferable system to PR. You have advanced our cause greatly, and I salute you comrades!

I remain -

J. Swift
(haha - just joking!!!! - (c'est moi c'est moi hahahahahahaaaa))


- and then without further ado a few thoughts on the so-called "gag law" case the people who really, really love Free Speech are fighting in the Supreme Court this week - that'd be yer National Citizen's Coalition, Stephen Harper's old gang - quite outraged that the gov is trying to limit their ability to spend as much money as they want to influence elections. The whole thing is a mess - obviously one such as I could hardly dispute that right, and I don't really - but it has to be balanced with the fucking RIGHT of those of us without 6 or 8-figure bank accounts to be given the SAME fucking opportunity to speak during those elections - something these people don't seem too concerned about - nor have I seen it in ANY of the fucking national media who are covering this case - and if they print THIS letter I will be very, very surprised - "rights" to these people are pretty much confined to the "rights" of money, and those with lots of it.

Editor, Globe and Mail -
RE: Let the people speak RM archive copy By GERRY NICHOLLS Monday, February 9, 2004

Mr. Nicholls' piece would have a great deal more credibility if he was actually speaking for the democratic rights of ALL Canadians.

It's kind of an ironic twist, actually, on the old story of the harsh law which will jail the rich man as well as the beggar, should either steal a loaf of bread - obviously, the wealthy person is somewhat less likely to be jailed, having no need to be stealing food to survive.

Likewise the "gag" law concerning election spending - treating all citizens equally, the person making the average Cdn income of $50,000 per year is forbidden to spend a few million on a national advertising campaign for some candidate or party, as is the wealthy Bay St Banker-corporation. Mr. Nicholls and his NCC would have us believe they are self-righteously and vigorously defending the right of ALL of us - $50,000 employee and $50,000,000 Bay St CEO - to spend as much as we please during an election campaign. I should hardly need to go further in explicating the basic hypocricy of such a position - corporations making hundreds of millions or billions of dollars per year face no difficulty in budgeting a few hundred thousand or million to put together a solid advertising campaign, and pay for the space to run it in the media of their choice, to support the candidate promoting policies they favor during an election campaign - but NO average citizen making a 5-figure income will ever be able to do so. Thus the "fairness" argument that Mr. Nicholls et al. pretend to base their court battle on is misleading in the worst sort of way - a very political type of dissembling and spin, though! We can assume he has been well-schooled in the trade of election talk from those who back him.

Personally, I would be a great deal more impressed with Mr. Nicholls and the NCC if they promoted participation in the election campaign for ALL citizens, not just the wealthy. The wealthy, with all of their newspapers promoting their position on the editorial pages day after day, backed by the "think-tanks" they fund such as the Fraser and Howe institutes, hardly need any more nelp.

The rest of us working slobs now - it would sure be nice if there was some way WE could run a national advertising campaign during the election, or if reports from (real) think-tanks that support the common people (Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, for instance) could be given some space in their newspapers.

Any thoughts, Mr. Nicholls, on how to make the Canadian media available for political advertising for the non-wealthy?

(yea yea me again..... FREE SPEECH FOR POOR PEOPLE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

= = = = = = = = = = =
For some reason all that got my brain moving in a certain direction - not a new one, by any means - (that is to say - HEAVY DUTY CONSPIRACY THEORY SHIT COMING HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA - if this is stuff you shouldn't be reading, you better go somewhere else now......)

We all know the great fun of playing some kind of game, and executing a really clever strategy that the opponent doesn't even see coming until the penultimate move (or later for the dim ones HAHAHAHAAA), whatever it is, the moving of the last pawn to expose the bishop and the inescapable trap, the drawing of the last ace to accomplish a gin! (okok that's a lot of luck as well as great planning, but ya gotta be good to be lucky, as we used to say HAHAHAHAA and I wasn't talking about booze hahahahaa), like that. The same things apply in business, or politics, or running for president of the PTA or almost any other damn thing you can think of - grand plans to accomplish some end, sometimes resulting in great glory, sometimes in ignominious defeat, sometimes, as with for instance Hitler's 3rd Reich, causing huge tragedy all over the world before being stopped - but all only possible if a great deal of the original planning is done in secret, so the people you are trying to defeat do not or cannot react until your supremacy is established, and, as the old saying has it, resistance is futile. Street fighters do the same thing - most real street fights don't take place like in West Side Story, with a bunch of thugs bashing each other with chains in a High Noon showdown, or with great kungfu-whatever battles as in modern movies - the very best street fight, any survivor (that is victor) will tell you, is the street fight where you bash the opponent from behind with a 2x4 and he's out of the fight before he even knew one was going on - the "sneak attack" is actually an honoured military tradition!! But real "honour", the chivalrous kind, in the modern world is for idiots - in the modern world victory is the only standard of judgement (one could run with that ball a bit too, but maybe later). Our modern lying honourless winning-is-all capitalistic businesspeople understand this principle very well - it don't matter where you got the money - once you got it, you're clear and free, the people you need to protect you in modern society are ALL for sale, for the right price - only rarely will the peasants get riled enough about something or other to demand a head or two, and there are always lower-downs to be offered as scapegoats (the current "scandal" unfolding in the Canadian parliament is going to provide some great examples of this particular sport HAHAHAHAAAAAA - if we had a "real" media we might look for some blood, but given that the same guys who own the senior politicians own the media, we can expect a lot more coverup than exposure here.... - if these senior politicos were to start going down, they would not go alone - and the Bay St Bucks won't have that shit unfolding nosireebobsyerfuckinuncle HAHAHAHAHAA). Or another example - "modern" American "war" (words like slaughter might be more appropriate in most cases) is somewhat different from the face-to-face combat of the chivalrous knights, for instance, which took some guts at least, having someone swinging a sword right in your face with the intention of grave physical harm, hacking your arm or head off before you did the same to them, no place for your Washington chickenhawks there hahahaa - now Americans drop bombs from 30,000 feet and fly back to their aircon quarters with hot showers and steak, real courageous shit that. Times change, and the danger increases. Moral-less Og the Cave Guy, with his club, might aspire to control 15-20 people, and that would be a fulltime job. Genghis Khan managed quite a lot more, with little more than bows and horses and ferocity - and both Og and Genghis probably had some justification for what they did, in terms of actual survival of the tribe stuff, strong warlike leaders needed in primitive times to drive back the beasts of the night, that sort of thing. But now we have the NWO people able to militarily control the world - few people really want to be bombed back to the stone age or worse, and we are watching a government make it clear that it will do just that to anybody it wants to, anytime it wants to, if we don't soon do something to stop it.

But I digress. Isn't that unusual HAHAHAHAHAAA.

Machiavellian plotting and sneaking, wrapping the chains around our lives in secret, planting spies and sneaks and traitors in high places, so when the innocent victims (yea that'd be us) look around for help, it's sort of "Et tu, Brute...?" time - we shut the curtains and sat back down in front of the tvs when they came for the commies, cause by golly WE weren't commies and they deserve what they get, likewise the gypsies, and the damn anarchists and protesters, and the godless Muslims, and the damn drunk drivers, and the goddamn hippies, and the spreaders of hatespeech, and all the rest..... And that is what I think is happening to us, right now - we're being suckered big time, for the last time, and it may even as I write be too late to do anything about it, the last pawn may as we share thoughts be being pushed forward to reveal the inescapable trap. But maybe not - we are (a lot of us, at least) still on our feet, able to think and speak together, which means, to my way of thinking, we DO have a chance. It has never been a great chance, since the Fields of Runymede or any time you want to name, as the berserkers have always had a great advantage over those of us common folk who simply want to live some sort of decent life in a decent community, and are not particularly anxious to base our lives on lies and cheating and deception and be willing to kill a lot of people to obtain power over others, nor do we suffer from the almost complete lack of morality of such people, which makes such behaviour more or less out of the question for most of us, thus leaving the field pretty open for those who have no such scruples - but as old Casey (or was that Yogi???) used to say - it ain't over til it's over or the fat lady sings or something like that.

But if we're going to stop this Mordorian scenario from completion, the first step without which NOTHING else happens is the recognition by a whole lot more people than do so at the moment that this battle has once again been engaged, going back at least to the 1970s in its current offensive - and if we let them win without even fighting back, it ain't gonna look very good, at least for us - future writers who compare the current campaign to the writings of people like Sun Tzu or Machiavelli would have some praise and admiration for those who are conducting this offensive, no doubt (although I expect not a whole lot, for reasons I ought to get into but won't right now - but there is less to do with cleverness here by the enemy and a whole lot more to do with simple brainwashing and apathy on the part of the used - that is to say, "we the people" of the time are putting up such pathetic resistance to what is happening that any idiot could be doing the same - look at their puppet leader (Bush) - and think about it!!) - but nothing much but pity at best or more likely scorn for those great multitudes of us who were so stupid we couldn't even see the enemy coming, even with the greatest communications systems in the history of the world available to us, and a vast number of people trying to warn us of the enemy at our very gates - they will laugh in disbelief as they recount the tales of how our societies turned their backs in scorn on the messengers, and sat dumbly in front of the television sets like hypnotised children as their individual lives then their communities then their countries and then their very planet was taken away from them. Kind of like most people who manage to think about such things comment sooner or later on the German people in the 1930s - by all accounts most of them quite decent folk, like most of we Canadians today - but how then do you explain the rise of Hitler - why didn't they stop him at some point in time? Why are so many of us so susceptible to the lies of the politicians and brainwashers, so trusting of people who have lied so often and egregiously about everything important? It gets a bit hard to understand or believe at times, it really does.

I think there is such a grand plan underway right at this moment. To some extent it is and has been out in the open, as evidenced by such documents as Zbigniew Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard or the PNAC plan for American world domination - but these things are not exactly in the public eye, as you will find if you ask a few people about them. Not unlike Hitler's Mein Kampf, which was published long before he achieved any kind of power, but which very few people cared to read. But they are available, and ignorance is no real excuse, when the consequences are so serious. "There was a really good show on tv that night (and every fucking night!!!)" or "Well, there was a really good sale on at the mall..." or "Well - the PM and the newspapers all said that things were great and there was no need for me to worry!" are not going to impress the judges, whoever and whenever they are, when they ask you why in the fuck you let your society and planet be destroyed. Believe me, they aren't.

There is, I think, a considerable amount of evidence around that indicates there is another Grand Plan going on all around us, a plan indeed that may be nearing completion - and a plan like Hitler's in that it calls for world dominion, but unlike Hitler's in that it is taking place more in the nature of a hidden chess strategy, that will not be fully revealed until that last pawn or bishop perhaps is set on its catalystic movement which reveals the plan in all its evil grandeur - and all its completeness. And, much more worryingly, a plan that will probably succeed, if we don't stop it before the last ball drops and the game is over.

Let us do a mind game, something one of our brightest humans was fond of.

What if, just for instance, some shadowy group of people in our world, people with huge amounts of money and thus able to do pretty much anything they wanted, had some nefarious plan to take over our planet - what sort of things would they be doing in preparation for the day they cast aside the shadowy intrigues and declared their ascendency?

Well - not being completely stupid people, they would be well aware that most western populations have come to expect certain standards of democracy and freedom since WW2, and are not going to give these things up easily. There will have to be some sort of pretty solid justification(s) for taking these things away from the people, if they don't want to face open revolt too early in the game, when they might well be driven back. (If you are not familiar with the frog-in-boiling-water story, you might check it out - the frog dropped in boiling water will naturally hop right out, if he can - but if put in cooler water, and the heat gradually increased to the boiling point, he will not try to escape, but will let himself be boiled alive - great little example for this kind of thing - we all appear to be being boiled alive, but the heat is being increased so gradually, we are not aware of the danger - sort of a slippery slope story as well - I'll let you figure that one out for yourselves if you're not quite with me HAHAHAHAHAAAA)

Well hahahahaa - how are these New Nazis preparing us for their 4th Reich then? Well - they gotta get us all away from the notions of some sort of right to a decent life that we have all, or most of us anyway, had since the 1950s - ideas about things constantly getting better, and stuff like that. Can we all say "National Debt"!!! - gosh darn it all, look at how that big debt just snuck up on us all!!! - really, really sorry citizens, but that just means we're all going to have to cut back on all sorts of things you citizens were getting used to - healthcare, education, any other government service, decent infrastructure, etc and etc - get used to doing with less, and paying for what you do get - and if you can't afford it - sorry! Is it just a coincidence, do you suppose, that poor, uneducated, hungry masses are easier for stormtroopers to control than well-educated, fairly secure citizens who are damned well aware of their rights in a democratic society? Who is going to scream louder when the knock comes on the door - secure, wellfed citizens aware of their rights, or poor frightened people who don't want to upset the authorities? Is it just a coincidence that we are seeing less of the former and more of the latter as a result of dealing with the horrible national debt??? Is it just a coincidence that until the 1970s, most governments had smallish sorts of debts that posed no particular problem - but all of a sudden through reduced corporate taxes, increased borrowing, the removal of the gold standard and "inflation" and high interest rates those debts, over 10 years or so (1980-1990), achieved monstrous size - big enough to eat up 30-40-50% or even more of the national income simply to pay the "service charges" on that debt???mmm-hmmmm - SURE IT IS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - and then all through the 1990s the government has cut back on social programs to 1950s levels (and don't forget - ALL of that money they are allocating here and there is OUR money!!!!! - but they are giving huge amounts of it straight to banks and other "investors", while cutting back on the things that we as taxpayers were expecting that money to be used for. As I said - can we all say FUCKING SCAM!!!!! right out loud?!?!?!?! - and if not - WHY NOT!!!????? think about it!)

Hmmm - now that we have that one well under way, and the citizens are getting used to doing without but a lot of them are getting a bit ornery and it's time we brought in the bigger guns to make sure we can keep them corralled physically - well - can we all say

911 hahahahaha!!! - Oh FUCK - goddam terraists all over the fucking place!!! We're really, really sorry citizens - but FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION you're all going to have to get fingerprinted and carry Citizen Biometric ID Cards, and let the police stop you randomly on the streets and anywhere else they feel like and demand you show them that card, and be prepared at all times to prove you are not doing something illegal - and the standards for that will be pretty flexible, and if the Terraist Police don't care for your looks or your words or anything else, you can and will be charged or at least hauled off and tossed incommunicado in a secret jail somewhere - and in the interests of National Security, you will understand that we can't tell you what the charges are!!! - so you may well be in the slammer for awhile, trying to figure out what exactly you are supposed to be defending yourself against! - but it's all ok, to protect us all from them damned Terraists!! And of course ALL of the records we have will be shared with the great god US, because they're really worried about we Canadians too!!! And isn't it ODD that there has NEVER been any sort of official, open inquiry into the 911 stuff, and terrorists and terrorism and how it affects us here in Canada, that would establish with some kind of evidence that all this stuff really happened - that would ask some interesting questions in a public sort of way - HAHAHAHAHAHAAA OF COURSE IT IS!!!!

Hmmmm - free and well-informed people would hardly be inclined to fall for this kind of shit - can we all say Right Wing Neocon Media!! HAHAHAHAAAA - media which has been ragging about the National Debt for 20 years, and Terrorism Terrorism Terrorism since 911!!! - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!! since these things first became "problems".... As I've been noting, they've now evidently got the Star as well - another sign that the last push is probably underway, or imminent. I commented awhile ago on the oddity of almost all of the provincial governments having an election last year, and the feds up shortly - so that for the next 4-5 years, most of us will have NO "legitimate" democratic channels to express our opinion (those of us who have one anyway HAHAHAHAH!!!!!) about what is happening (MPs "don't have time to respond to EVERY letter surely"!! and are justified in ignoring "nonsensical" correspondence (as defined by them) - and the media REALLY DO print a fair selection of the letters they receive, REALLY HAHAHAHAHAAAA), or change any governments...... and Canada sure as heck is one of the very very very best democracies in the world we ALL know that for sure HAHAHAHAHAAAA

I don't know - can we say SCAM!!!!! - both the "national debt" and "911" were and are just that - not to mention Canadian "democracy" and the "free" media.

The Americans are the Central HQ for the 4th Reich - they have now demonstrated a number of times how they plan to deal with small weak countries who DARE stand up to them in any way (bomb the fuck out of them) - now, with Canada, they're demonstrating how they are going to deal with more advanced and supposedly progressive western nations - the great chessgame, the behind the scenes takeover here, like a corporate takeover, first buying the Board of Directors and installing your puppet (Mulroney, Chretien, Martin, Harris, Klein, Campbell in the more important provinces), who then proceeds to take the "tough" initiatives that need to be taken to harmonize the country's programs with the HQ programs - NAFTA, WTO, etc - and the implementation of new laws justified by this terrorist shit to keep the citizens under control - this is the terrorism game - just enough credibility through the stories the media carries to keep the citizens thinking "Well gee, I really do trust our government, so I trust that these new laws are necessary and will ONLY be used, as they promise, to corral terrorists and keep all of us safe!! - I know they appeared a bit brutal in Vancouver and Quebec and Toronto and some other times, but heck, those darn protesters ought to go through accepted democratic channels if they want things changed - we do live in a great democracy, after all, and if a majority of people agree with the protesters, then we will have change...." etc and etc.

This is what the NWO wants - compliant citizens who do not question the legitimacy of the measures being imposed on them - the kind we find in Orwell's 1984 (HAHAHAHAHAAAA - who got elected in Canada in 1984 HAHAHAHAAA - maybe what Orwell was presciently pointing out was that the horror starts in that year....). Who will not think to question how "legitimate" it is for governments elected with 25-30% of the support of voters to be passing laws that lead us ever closer to a classic sort of police state.

Well - that is the future, if we allow it - as it says off to the side there somewhere, the boot stamping on the human face. Forever. That is what the NWO masters foresee, and what they have been working for. And it is what will happen if we allow it to. If we allow them to set the rules, and then we follow those rules, like sheep go where the farmer tells them to go, with no protest or questions asked. To the comfortable little pasture while they're useful to the farmer, to the slaughterhouse when they're not. That's the NWO - farmers and sheeps - and you can be good and fucking sure of who YOU are, whether you want to admit it or not, in this new world.

But the thing is - whose fucking society is it? Theirs or ours?

When we play by THEIR rules, we lose - why would they set up rules that allowed us to win, and them to be defeated????

When we undertake our civic duty by the rules - we write letters to MPs, or local newspapers - and we are TOLD that that is all we can do to participate in the "debate" of the day - and if the MP or newspapers refuse to print our letters for whatever reason - well, tough baby, that's the way the system works, and that is all you are allowed to do between elections.

You can, if you get real excited, go to the next level, and try to use the court system - many barriers to this, of course, starting with money, complex legal procedures that, if you manage not to follow to the T, the judge can just throw you out of court on a technicality, start again Jack HAHAHAHAA - but if you even ever DO manage to get to court, the judge is free to do what he/she wants - the gov of course has limitless amounts of money and hired expertise to fight you with, and can provide the judges with volumes of good reasons that you should lose whatever case it is you are fighting. The VERY odd time someone beats the gov at a lower level, the stakes get ratcheted up once again, when the gov appeals - much more complex and strict rules at appeals court for you to figure out, next to impossible if you can't afford a lawyer - and they don't come cheap, starting at around a couple hundred bucks per hour, a bit above the ability of most people who are lucky to gross in a month what a lawyer expects to be paid for a morning's "work", plus expenses of course, and they don't travel economy class HAHAHAHAA.

Anyways, all that being to make the point - they have set the rules so that as long as we play by them, we have NO fucking chance whatsoever of beating them.

- and this ain't a fucking monopoly game where we hand in our cards and fake money at the end and go home and forget about it - we are in very, very high consequence territory here - our lives, our society, probably the very future of our planet is at stake - and if we allow the fixed game to continue, we lose. Period. It is as simple as that - we have no chance whatsoever playing under the completely fixed rules of the enemy - and I use the word advisedly - they ARE our enemy. They have set out to destroy our lives, steal our lives from us, quite literally enslave us all, to provide the wealth and comfort they all desire to live the lives of luxury and power they do enjoy - while we slave away our lives in debt to banks and mortgages and credit card companies, under penalty of debtor's prison and poverty if we dare to disobey.

Which is one of the great myths they spread to enable them to continue - the "well-meaning politician" who, even if we think he is acting a bit wrongly at times, we are TRAINED to let him (or somewhat less frequently her) carry on - they have, after all, been "legitimately" elected, and thus act in the name of a "majority" of the people - and even if we might disagree with their methods, we have been carefully TRAINED over the years to think that they are probably doing their best, doing what they believe is for the good of us all.

Such doubt is part of the house edge that allows them to keep operating. It does not require a big edge - and for those of us who see through it, or do not buy it for whatever reason - well, there's always the darthvader cops and pepper spray and courts and jails - and the media to thoroughly damn such people for daring to step outside of the allowed rules.

(I'm gonna have to start a Serendipity File or something - maybe a Tide in the Affairs of Me(n) File - it seems like every week as I write on some idea that has seemed like it is time to talk about, there are others talking about the same stuff, in their own way for their own reasons - something that might itself be worth talking about some day, if I ever get some ideas on it! HAHAHAHAHA - a holism, an interconnectedness of the mind and spirit for those who are awake enough, open enough, to seek it, or to be open to it when it comes knocking - bad metaphor, this stuff does not come knocking, it just is, like the birdsongs or insect music in the evening some days that so entrances me but, when I mention it, others look around in surprise, having never heard a thing.... anyway, from Rivero on his What Really Happened site - A Nation Damned - "...We are damned by our silence. We are damned by our inaction. We are damned by our fear to speak out. We are damned by our weakness. We are damned by being sheep under a government of wolves..."))

We need new rules - and we need to make them ourselves.

I should note immediately - I am NOT proposing violent revolution, or chaos (please note I do not use the word "anarchy", which the powers-that-be want everyone to equate with "chaos" but is actually the reverse - anarchy is, to those who understand it, the very HIGHEST form of human government, suitable for mature, intelligent, independent citizens, who do NOT require governments and cops and courts to tell them all what to do, but know how to behave and get along with one another because the are just that - adults, not irresponsible children. Children need parents or some one to train them in earlier life about not running out in traffic, or why it is not good to hit their friends on the head with 2x4s - adults do NOT need police telling them not to drive too fast because they KNOW what speed is appropriate and drive accordingly. Adult citizens, indeed, are rather insulted that some other group of people feels they have some right to pass a bunch of childish laws to force other people to behave in whatever restricted way makes them feel safe. (This actually leads some interesting places if one has time to wander - people over 12-15-20 whatever should not normally be acting like irresponsible children who need supervision and rules - but they are trained that way!!! - trained by an entire society and school system that keeps them immature, prevents them from thinking, trains them to go somewhere all day and be told what to do - a great deal of the violence and whatnot we see in society is a very natural reaction to this training, a protest by people who do not want their lives to be as robots dominated by others, but who have not been educated to be adults, so protest with the weapons of youth and anger. The whole cops-crime story is like a chicken-egg question, which came first - crime requiring cops to control it - or cops created to control citizens resulting in protest against the control - a self-fulfilling prophecy, as it were?

Why do we encourage the young people in the society to remain children as long as possible - and then almost overnight leave school and enter the factory!!!! Why do we offer a constant barrage of tv shows and media that encourage them all to remain in adolescence - main preoccupations violence and sex - rather than moving on to adulthood and a way of life that moves towards peace rather than conflict? It is no fucking accident, in my opinion - immature, unintelligent people who have NOT been taught to think or grow up are a whole fuck of a lot easier to control than intelligent adults, it seems to me - they understand violence, and that is what society controls them with - violence. Who do totalitarian governments always go for first when they take over? The people who think, who cannot be controlled by violence - the artists, the academics, the writers, and so on - sure they can be killed and imprisoned - but once they have passed that certain threshold of awareness, they can't be shut up!!! - every totalitarian society we have ever known has had its share of writers who spread the word of what is happening in that society to the rest of the world.

Our danger now is that if these NWO people win - there will be no "rest of the world" for the people who would be free to flee to, or look to for help. This was the biggest thing of Orwell's dystopian vision - there was no place to go, noone to trust, basically no hope - you will recall, this was not a book with a happy ending. Nor is this drama we are engaged in going to have a happy ending, unless we change the course of things very soon.

And here in Canada, what is our government planning - some kind of resistance to the American Fascist State? HAHAHAHAHAAA - NO FUCKING WAY!!!! MARTIN PLANS TO JOIN THEM!!!!

- and if that don't scare the fuck out of ya - well, there's Saturday morning cartoons. All day every day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

Good little intro to neoconism, if anyone still is curious about what they are up to - Spheres of influence - neoconservative think tanks, periodicals, and key documents


Canada's ports 'still terror risk'

Terrorists trying to make dirty bomb: U.S. official

Ottawa targeted in S.A. plot: report

etc etc etc etc and fucking etc

This is why people are so cynical about ALL politicians - Editorial: Stop Durham pay hike - within weeks AFTER an election where they said not a fucking word about wanting or needing a pay raise, these people are giving themselves a 50% pay hike (and not based on a previously small honorarium or something, like $10,000 to $15,000 which MIGHT be understandable, nooooooo - the top guy is going from $100,000 to $150,000 - plus backdating to Jan 1 and associated pension stuff etc), while telling everyone around them to tighten their belts money is short. How fucking stupid can you get? Real barf stuff. If Durham has any sense it will call a special meeting of the taxpayers and turf the greedy fucking lot of em, and tell em not to come back again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - I kind of doubt they will though.

And the Fuck Free Speech people are back at it again - as often noted, a CENTRAL facet of fascism - Conan O'Brien show's anti-Quebec barbs anger Ottawa politicians.

And one from the other side, sort of - good read - Your right to know, their duty to tell about the way the feds have been doing all they can the last few years to LIMIT access to information under the "Access to Info Act" - hardly surprising news - but upon reading this, one wonders why there hasn't been somewhat more of an outcry the last few years - it's really odd, to think amidst all of the outrage by all the media about the Lib "scandal" - where in the fuck have these people been the last few years while all this was happening????? Sure - now we have one of the few honest remaining bureaucrats, after years of digging all by herself (well, her staff too of course) blows the lid off a HUGE story - but isn't that the job of the fucking media?!?!?!?! - I haven't read ONE article or opinion piece along the "mea culpa" lines in the last week!!! - and that is to say - what the fuck else is going on that they aren't bothering to dig into or tell us?!?!?!

HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - quite a lot, I expect HAHAHAHAHAAA. National debt scam. 911 scam. terrorism scam. fascism in Canada. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - wait for it!!!!

This shit is their more usual line - Harper hopes for boost from scandal - every day - every fucking day on and on and on and on and on - the Canadian "media" is pushing the farright wackos - everything they do or say gets coverage over and over, even though their entire program is very disliked by most Canadians. And what about the NDP (yea I am not that happy with them because they are still trying the old "let's go it alone" trick one more time - but they would still, I think, be immensely preferable to either of the Tweedledee-dum parties of the Bay St Boys - and who knows, maybe Jack will attract some of the good people and his plan will work out....) - well - usually a line or two at the end of one of the stories like the Harper one, or once every couple of weeks something about Layton's latest press release - but by and large, ignore them as much as possible. We live in a culture where "brand name recognition" has been trained into us from birth, and that is the whole deal here - get people to recognize the brand names of the Harpers and Belinda (just think now and try to make a count of the number of times you have seen Belinda's name and smiling face the last month!!! - a political nobody with, it would seem from what we have seen so far, few ideas but a lot of bucks but who is a direct puppet of the Bay St Boys - and then how many times you have seen Layton's pic or read a comment from him - the leader of a major Canadian party doing all sorts of new initiatives during this run up to the election that would in ANY decent impartial press be getting quite a lot of coverage?) - and then when it comes time to put an X in a box somewhere - more people are going to go for brand name recognition - more of those people who really don't pay much attention to politics, would rather watch the latest sitcom or survivor show than think or talk about what is happening in our country, but by golly go and vote when they have to do their civic duty - and the people running the show KNOW that this is all the "house edge" they need to keep things going their way. Go Go Go Belinda Belinda Belinda Stephen Stephen Stephen. Jack Who???

And on and on and on and on we fucking go.

Fuck I'm sick of it sick of it sick of it - I don't want to die without living for awhile in a society of intelligent adults trying to do something good with this amazing place we have been lucky enough to be born in and all the potential we have for doing great and interesting and wonderful stuff rather than one led by psychotics and peopled by sheep where the main preoccupation seems to be seeing how much misery and death we can cause to one another - fuck I can hardly imagine.....

Maybe it's time to try something different here......

Maybe that even includes fewer beers..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA oh alice .....

I'll put the fucking bottle opener away when they put the fucking guns away and close the fucking banks....... wait now that looks wrong and will probably be taken the wrong way by anyone used to the language of oppression that is the mainstay of our “great free democracy” (“can I see your driver’s licence sir” is NOT the language of freedom HAHAHAHAHAAA) - the bottle opener is not a symbol of escaping to cope, it is a symbol of a weapon of freedom, in many ways - and I’ll leave that for anyone at all to make of what you will, cause I gotta go now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." - Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr Seuss - man he was smart....... I gotta read some of that stuff again ..... that's almost as good a play on words as the great old line about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.....

George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people - how fucking stupid can you be?? If you were the last fucking product on earth I wouldn't buy anything from you!! Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada besides deleting spam? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know (remove the xx - see above HAHAHAA) would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Paul Martin's our new PM and owes the Bay St. Boys 12 million worth of favors and George Bush is talking to ALLAH on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why? Do you know where Frodo and Gandalf went on that boat? Can we call them? Maybe the really nice elf lady too HAHAHA!!! And Smith - don't forget Smith ....