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040206 - Divided we fall...

Well - it MAY be good news that there is going to be an inquiry into the Arar situation (many stories around, I don't think I have to provide a link, if you're not aware of that you probably ought to be somewhere else besides here anyway) - as long as it does not turn into some sort of whitewash like the recent Hutton "inquiry" in Britain, or the one the Bush people are setting up to explain the "intelligence" failure concerning WMD in Iraq (the only intelligence failure I can see here is the failure of 60-70-80-whatever % of Americans (and a lot of Canadians) who believed the total bullshit coming out of Washington concerning Hussein and his alleged WMD and other stuff (such as this idiot Gee in the Globe - The onus was on Saddam to show he had no WMD - WOW!! - listen up folks!! it's really Saddam's fault we bombed the fuck out of him and his country and killed all those innocent people and all that shit (you ever heard a schoolyard bully talking exactly the same way???), because when we accused him of something, he didn't prove he was innocent!!!! (this being a lie anyway, i.e. just for example the US removing 8,000 pages of the 12,000-page report Iraq, on demand, provided the UN concerning his compliance - but that's the NWO "journalists"'s bread and butter these days - Lies'R'US HAHAHAHAAA) - fuck - I'd advise anybody reading this stuff who isn't clued in yet (if there are any of ya!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - if you aren't clued in already how's yer brain now HAHAHAHAA) to think about the implications of this a bit - this is the NWO "legal process" - when the Terraist Massas come calling, we're working with a New Legal System as well - no longer is the prosecution required to prove you are guilty - they merely accuse, and YOU must prove you are innocent!!! - and that is if you even get a chance!!! - they'd shipped Arar off to Syria with no chance to even find out what he was being accused of, and they've kept Ernst Zundel in jail for a year now, and his lawyer STILL can't find out exactly what he is being charged with because it's all TOP SECRET!!! - Fuck, it took centuries to establish even the beginnings of a decent legal system (much better in theory than practice) where, at least in theory, you were innocent until the prosecution proved you guilty - but that was real onerous for them sometimes (story last week too somewhere about how cops in Canada want to be able to keep full criminal-type records on citizens they charge with something but prove themselves innocent!!! - and will that come up when they run the check at the airport?!!?? you fucking know it!!! you fucking Code Red Terraist HAHAHAHAHAA), and now, in the name of this War on Terrorism, we'll just get rid of all that inconvenient shit - fuck any totalitarian ruler in history would be proud of this Gee guy - the state accuses, the citizen cowers - but HEY!!! - we are the Best Democracy in the World!!!! - the Media tells me so HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - I just KNOW that one of these days soon these real brainwaves running things are going to rename Canada the People's Democratic Republic of Canada, just to be sure everyone KNOWS what a fine, fine democracy we are HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - ah, indeed, ol Charles would have had a lot of good stuff for a third book in the Alice series had he lived today HAHAHAHAHAHAA. (in passing - a rather excellent article on the Lie of Canadian Democracy here and how the brainwashing has given us a rather untrue picture of the place we live - Canada's 135 Years of Quasi Nationhood by a guy called Hans Krampe - great stuff Hans - I looked around a bit, but couldn't find more by him - but we'll be watching...)

Anyway, where was I?? - right - this O'Connor guy they have named to head the inquiry MAY do some good - he is the same guy that jumped the Harris government prety good over the Walkerton stuff - although there were no rolling heads, thanks to the media choosing to mostly let bygones be bygones, as it were, for their good bud Mikey and his pals and letting the story fade as quickly as possible (remember the media blitz on Radwanski or whatever his name was a few months back, no letup until he was fired and charged with something or other, his "crime" (read ‘the excuse’) officially being higher-than-the media-gods-liked expense accounts but really they (or their Bay St Masters) were all much more concerned with the fact he was speaking out loud and long against this citizen “biometric ID card” shit which the media were on board with - but no such outcry or demand for heads or even jobs followed Walkerton for some odd reason - killing a bunch of people out of carelessness and intentionally gutting the system set up to protect we the people didn't seem to bother them that much....) - but that wasn't O'Conner's fault - nor the media, entirely, for that matter - this is, after all, supposed to be OUR country, We The People - and if WE let shit like this go by with no consequences for the perpetrators, as we do so often, you can make a damn good case that we have noone but ourselves to thank for it - I expect this Walkerton thing was one of a number of reasons that Eves-Harris got a pretty good boot the last election in Ontario, so obviously the people are still sort of awake, sometimes, which is a little bit encouraging.

Anyway, in the nature of things, I write letters to people I think need a bit of guidance, and so when I saw this inquiry being called, thought that there were a couple of things that Justice O'Conner might benefit from being told - as with Kofi last week, things the government would not be likely to advise him on, but that would be important to his work, were he to do it conscientiously. Damned if I could find any sort of email address for the guy, though, so sent it to Ann McLellan, the Deputy PM who set this up (her website for this is - get this!!! - the new office of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada!!!! - now think about that too - I remember reading some small thing about this in the paper, but they snuck it in pretty quick - we gotta check this out some more one of these days soon - tied in with her meeting with Deputy ReichsFuhrers Ridge and Cheney and Ashcroft I mentioned last time, no doubt... - it sure sounds a lot like “Department of Homeland Security” anyway...) - anyway, I sent it off to a few papers as well, and no doubt the message will get through one way or another HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA fuck into the looking glass early this week HAHAHAHAH who popped that shroom into the beer HAHAHAHAHAHA

Dear Justice O'Connor,
I was somewhat heartened today to read (Ottawa gives O'Connor wide discretion, deep access in Arar inquiry) that you have been selected to oversee an inquiry into the Arar matter - somewhat heartened because you did such a good job on the Walkerton case, and I do believe you will probably search for the truth of the matter, and not engage in some shameless whitewash such as we have recently seen in Britain with the Hutton inquiry, or many others one could think of from recent history.

I would like to encourage you - beg you, really, if that would help - to include in this inquiry something that the government did not include in your formal terms of reference, but that Canadians have desperately needed for the last 30 months or so - a public look at the entire matter of "terrorism" and the so-called "war on terror". I do believe this would be well within your remit, should you choose to do this, as the RCMP, CSIS, the Canadian Government, or whoever else is involved in this rather disgraceful matter, has been justifying a great deal of behaviour such as was shown in the Arar case by claiming "national security issues", using new laws which were directly enacted in the name of this "terrorism", with somewhere between minimal and no consultation with we ordinary people.

However, if one looks beyond the hysteria of both government and press the last couple of years (you will undoubtedly recall yourself nonsensical stories in the newspapers equating everything from cigarette smuggling through questionable visas to "terrorist activities" - when unidentified bogeymen are running loose in the minds of even journalists who ought to know better, this is what happens....), one rather quickly is struck by the fact that there has NEVER been any examination by a competent Canadian body of this whole "terrorism" situation as it applies to Canada - that is to say, what exactly IS terrorism (as opposed to, for instance, simple if highly deplorable criminal activity that the police ought to be dealing with rather than "secret agents"), exactly what danger are we justified in feeling here in Canada from such 'terrorism", and why we should feel that apprehension, and to whatever extent we determine that to be, what measures then would it appropriate to take to address such danger? Is it appropriate for Canada to follow the American path, which is essentially to say "bring 'em on!" - by golly they are bigger and stronger than anybody who dares attack them, and they will kill and destroy magnitudes more than the "terrorists" ever have or can all around the world, in any country they please, that'll teach ya! - or might it be more appropriate for Canada to say wait - many if not most of these people who are engaging in the violent activities the US is calling 'terrorism" have legitimate grievances, and although we do not condone their violence in the past and will assist in efforts to bring the perpetrators of this violence, whoever they might turn out to be, to justice, after a fair trial, we do recognize that the way to reduce the violence we call "terrorist activity" is not to engage in yet more violence, but to address these grievances? These questions have never been seriously debated here, at least in public, nor has the government of Canada made any effort to find out what Canadians think of it all - all we have seen is a basically mindless acceptance by our Canadian government and media of the hysteria of the American government (which, very notably, has not only not yet undertaken such an inquiry itself, but is indeed, most suspiciously, doing all it possibly can to prevent any such public investigation), promoted greatly through both government and press, and the much too hasty enactment of ill-conceived laws and regulations following the American model which would, in a rather less hysterical time, be greeted with great scepticism and resistance by most citizens, I think.

I believe that the encouragement of this state of affairs is quite intentional by the government, as it is much easier to get people all afraid of some bogeyman, and pass ever more restrictive laws through that strategy, than to shine a great bright light on the whole situation and find out exactly what danger there is here and what an appropriate, carefully formulated response would be - as we all know, when the flashlight is shone under the bed of the terrified 8-year old who has watched the scary show on tv - there is never any bogeyman to be seen, was indeed of course never any bogeyman there to begin with, although the child was mortified with terror, all originating in the terrible things he conjured up in his own imagination. I think, Justice O'Connor, if you are bold enough to shine a bright light equally on this whole "terrorism" thing in Canada (again, interestingly enough, spread primarily by scary bogeyman stories on tv!), you, and we, will find an equal lack of substance to the whole "terrorist" bogeyman story, at least as it applies to Canada, and we can then start taking some steps to return sanity to our country, and repel those who would turn our country into some clone of the American police state.

It is this situation that we desperately need to address in Canada, to stop any further advance down the road we seem to be on to some sort of totalitarian society, where rather than being free to do what they want within the normal bounds of civilised law enacted by a democratic government, citizens are constantly being stopped by the police and forced to identify themselves and prove they are not doing something wrong - a police state, in other words, which the United States has now, to all intents and purposes, become, and which we are in great danger of becoming also, if we do not put a stop to all this secret police activity, in the name of this as yet wholly undefined (and unproven) bogeyman of "terrorism".

You should probably take a close look, while you're looking into these unpleasant areas, at the whole closely related issue of "national security" as well - what exactly is the government or the spy agencies trying to keep secret here, and who would be damaged if we opened some of those doors? How much is it actually necessary to keep secret for truly justifiable reasons (and what exactly are those parameters and reasons), and how much is being kept secret for no other reason than to protect ethically-challenged individuals from the consequences of ill-judged or actually illegal activities? From what I have seen recently, the main thing damaged that is now being protected would be the reputations of some of these people who are spreading around bogeyman stories that later prove to be nonsense (i.e. the great commotion last summer when the police rounded up 20 or so young men with great allegations of "terrorist connections" that soon proved to be totally unfounded - ALL of the people involved with this farcical investigation, with such damaging results to so many people, ought to have their incompetence and/or atrociously poor judgement for "high spies" exposed not protected, likewise the people who conspired with the Americans to send Arar to Syria in breach of many important laws both nationally and internationally - why would we want to protect them, and allow this kind of activity to go on in the future unchecked, even condoned by our failure to act? No democratic, responsible, accountable government could possibly condone this kind of secret behaviour - by their actions recently, they have shown either gross incompetence or, to speak bluntly, a most unsettling inclination to lie to cover up actions they well know most Canadians would not tolerate, and every aspect of this behaviour needs to be brought into full public examination, and all such highly inappropriate activity put to an end.

So I strongly urge you, Justice O'Connor, to embrace this great opportunity you have, to take up the torch for freedom, and shine a bright illuminating light on those forces who would turn our country into some kind of police state, in the name of this bogeyman "terror" - expose their stories for the wildly exaggerated fantasies they are, demand explanations for their extremely undemocratic behaviour, and force the wannabe-Nazis and Gestapo once again back into the black holes where ever they dwell, ready to spring out at times like this in human history when opportunity presents itself - for Canadians, and all citizens of the world, are at this time in our history in a great deal more danger from these ever-lurking forces of fascism than we are from any bogeyman terrorists.

-30-29-28-27-howmuchtimedowehaveleftidontknowbutnotlong-x-x-x-xBONG!!! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU WINSTON HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Oh - a point perhaps of interest - of all those letters I wrote last year to MPs and Premiers and various officials and newspapers and columnists etc and etc - not ONE acknowledgement from anyone, let alone an answer, and not ONE printed in any paper. Our great free Canadian democracy and media in action HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. Wait wait wait - I wouldn't want to lie - I do recall early on in the RM game I sent one to Terence Corcoran when I took apart one of his columns, and he did acknowledge it, saying thanks for the headsup but he couldn't figure what I was on about. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - that's not real surprising HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA ain't democracy grand HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

- well them wild and crazy people in BC seem to be at it again - what am I saying they're apparently always at it - I always like the fringe places, all the weird people gather there, one of the things that was so great about PEI, all the freethinkers there (all the natives who thought politics was at the same level as a hockey team - “...my fother and his fother and his fother before him had voted for that party so by golly I am too...” - got a bit frustrating at times, but they were good people nonetheless, just not the kind you’d really want around when the orcs came calling...) - anyway, we have a couple of gems from BC -

Jan. 30, 2004 Liberals May Soften Drunk Driving Law - "...Barely a year after the premier’s DUI arrest, The Tyee has learned B.C.’s government has plans to decriminalize impaired driving offenses. By Barbara McLintock...."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - I don't know if this is true or not, but WAY TO FUCKING GO!!!! - probably some horrible politics behind it, but I doubt even if the BC people would be crazy enough to do this for no other reason than their premier is prone to this behaviour (it was he who got nipped in Hawaii last year, you might recall, for this very offence) and they want to make life easier for him or something - anyway, one small step towards sanity in Canada, and if one of the badguy teams takes it - does that make it any less valid? Tricky questions I know - maybe we'll just leave it for now, but I did want to put my ol Hip Hip Hurrah!!! for them out there in BC - god knows I'm quick enough with the criticisms when they do stuff I don't approve of HAHAHAHAHAHA

(Speaking of - I gotta get a mention of this in somewhere - a GREAT column from Robin Mathews whom I have mentioned before in Vive le Canada - Gordon Campbell, Paul Martin, and Political Corruption RM archive copy - what a fucking sleazy place politically, good people on the fringes or whatever (like America) - but more to the point, as Robin mentions - where in the fuck are our "media" on stuff like this?!?!?! If Canadians could see and read this stuff every day, they might have a chance to start getting pissed off enough to do something about it! But nooooooooooooo HAHAHAHAHAHAAA)

((UPDATE a couple days after the original story - I should have known!! the PC folks weren't going to take this one lying down! - within hours of that story appearing, the "Good Cop Fascists" were at it again - the PC folk that is - the ones who really believe in Dick and Jane's sandbox fairy tale world, and get their ideas about how the world works from Chatelaine Mag or some other fantasy mags - WE KNOW WHAT IS THE VERY BESTEST WAY TO LIVE FOR EVERYONE, AND WE KNOW THAT GOD GAVE US A RIGHT TO MAKE EVERYONE LIVE JUST LIKE WE WANT THEM TO!!!!! - fascists, not unlike the elite, but from the other direction - scary as old fuck really (but Rude Person, we all know smoking is sooo bad for everyone, so why shouldn’t we make them all stop???) - I gotta sit down one of these days and sort things out - most of these so-nice-on-the-surface people would probably NEVER vote for right-wing crazies like Bush or Harper - but nonetheless they want to pretty much control every aspect of your life in just the same way - anyway, more on that later, after it ferments a bit HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA (reminds me of another interesting thing I came across this week Beer beats colon cancer in rats HAHAHAHAHAAAA - no comment HAHAHAHAA!!!) - anyway, about the drinking driving stuff, it now appears that the fascists of whatever stripe (the badguy fascist cops got on it pretty quick too, understandably, even though they say 25% of all their court time is wasted in dealing with this "crime”) got to whatever demon of common sense momentarily emerged in BC and there is no way on god's green earth as the old polite guys used to say that they're going to be passing this law - a couple of items explaining in a bit more detail - let's see where is it - here we go - first from the same people broke the original story at Tyree - Liberals Back Away from Drunk Driving Changes - and then B.C. Liberals try to walk a straight line - the main thing to note in this last Glob (sic HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) story is the perpetuation of the Big Lie, or one of them I guess, surrounding this issue - he keeps saying "impaired drivers" when what he REALLY should be saying is people who have flunked the breathalyser, read over 0.8 that is on that little machine - which is a completely arbitrary number. It's kind of like saying somebody who weighs say 200 pounds is obese, without considering any other factors - a person 5 feet tall would probably be obese if they weighed 200 pounds, but someone 6 feet or more would probably not be. Likewise I know various people who can get pretty smashed on one drink - but they'd read only 0.2 or 3 and PASS the old breathalyser!! - and others who, through years of practice and acclimation and a large body size to distribute the booze through and genetic factors that make them able to drink a lot are barely feeling anything at the fabled 0.8 - yet off to jail they go, with great sanctions and costs to the state - having committed no crime at all, in the REAL sense of the word, which is causing harm to someone else. One of many arguments - but it is indeed a stupid law, the brainless kind of one-size-fits-all crap that is about all the authoritarians can manage - DO VHAT VE SAY!!!! being their final “rationale”- the only way to deal with this kind of stuff effectively in any society that wants to use that “free” word somewhere in its description is simply to punish actual crimes - if someone has an accident through any type of careless behaviour, charge em - drunk or sober!!!. If they were drunk enough to KNOW they should not have been driving (I don't want to even get into just how you propose to prove that in any fair way....), throw the book at em - likewise if they were sober as a judge HAHAHAHAHAHAA - but completely distracted because they were fighting with their wife or kids or getting excited about something while chatting on the cellphone - throw the fucking book at them as well, for KNOWINGLY operating a motor vehicle (a potentially lethal weapon) withOUT due care and attention, or whatever. Let the punishment reflect the crime!!! - if they drove the car into a ditch and hurt nobody or nothing, they get a warning - drunk or sober!!! If they kill somebody through careless driving behaviour of any sort, they get charged with manslaughter - drunk or sober!! Aside from that, leave em the fuck alone - keep out of people's lives - the ONLY time you have anything even approaching a right to interfere with other people is WHEN they do something that hurts you or others - and YOUR belief that they MIGHT do something bad is NOT good enough (who made YOU god that you can read people’s minds - any rational society would have YOU off to the shrink for talking like this to examine what is wrong with you that you feel the need to force other people to conform to your restrictive little ideas about how to live HAHAHAHAA???)!!!! - although if you believe that sort of shit, you probably thought George's "reasons" for invading Iraq made perfect sense. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - I guess the MADD people will be having a competition with the Terraist Police to see who gets to lock me up first HAHAHAHAHAHAH fuck em all. I'm getting a beer HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I hope they're all just frothing at the mouth they're so fucking mad at me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA ahhhh life is sweet sometimes HAHAHAHAHAHA I just love irritating assholes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

man I hate fucking fascists - but then I would wouldn't I HAHAHAHAHA - and that includes basically anyone who tries to control or arrange MY life for THEIR fucking convenience or benefit - just LIVE with it, people - I mean fuck, I gotta live with YOUR crazy (to me!!) ideas!! - it takes a lot of my time and effort to avoid becoming one of the thoughtless, colourless slaves you all seem to want to be, tied down to your timeclocks and fucking mortgages for all the best years of your sad lives!!! - you don't see me running around trying to force everyone to smoke or NOT wear seatbelts or anything, do you? geez!!! get a fucking life as they say!!!! - but get outta mine!!!!))))

whooooo - calm down there lad.... deep breath......

And from BC also - another good column by Murray Dobbin in his ongoing observation of the Paul Martin situation, single-handedly doing the job of the Canadian so-called media which they seem to have dropped the ball over the last few years, in case you missed it this week in that new BC rag The Tyee - Martin’s Slippery Speech RM archive copy - pointing out the rather distinct distance between Martin's words and his actions in the past, and questioning why indeed we ought to be believing a lot of what he says in this throne speech - but it's the old political strategy - make people feel good before the election, and get them to vote for you, then you can spend five years breaking all the promises and doing as you please - and then in 5 years a bunch new promises, and on and on and on we go - every ten years or so the people sort of open their eyes a bit and boot one guy, and elect another with the same promises, never seeming to catch on to the Tweedledee-dum game - although I suppose the fact that only 60% or so of eligible voters voted the last federal election, and even fewer than that in the last Ontario election, MIGHT mean some of them are wising up to the situation. But then why not vote for the NDP or Greens or someone like that? I think they don't trust ANYONE anymore who claims to want to do some good stuff in government - they've been lied to so much, and that is but ONE of the many problems these lying scumbags in Ottawa and Toronto and Bay St will have to answer for someday - it is a sad and bad thing to destroy people's faith in other people and their own government. Anyway it's sort of a bad joke at best to hear Martin once again so self-righteously pontificating about the great tragedy of child poverty in Canada, when he was part of the very parliament in 1989 that promised to end it within a decade, and at the end of that decade it was worse, and Martin's own Liberal government for the last 10 of those 14 years has made everyone, not just children, very much worse off in Canada over that period of time - but we're to believe that NOW, with this speech just before an election, he is going to change?? hahahahahaa - well, as Big George apparently can't say but I can - fool me once shame on you - fool me twice shame on me. I suppose, if history is anything to go by, with Joe-Jane Average Canadian citizen, it's more like fool me again and again and again and again I love it HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - what's on tv tonight dear????

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Isn't that just obscene????HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Now where in the fuck was I? I hate it when I get so excited I forget that - must be the beer right HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - oh right BC - another good column by Paul Harris here - Jack the Yankee Hater - and here once again - a bunch calling themselves the Coalition for BC - "...Our concern is that under our 'first past the post' electoral system, if the existing political parties – the NDP and the Greens – split the vote in the next election, even if a majority of British Columbians reject the Liberal agenda, they can still get back in..." - well, that's a local version of what *some* of us have been trying to do for a few years now on the national scene, with next to no luck - actually also this week, in a sad - no sad doesn't fucking cut it - in a tragic - fuck that doesn't fit either, it's only tragic if something good dies, and something good was never born to die - fuck in a move reflecting the pathetic apathy of the Canadian electorate (yeah that's ok) Paul Hellyer resigned as leader of the CAP, due to I suppose (he doesn't make it exactly clear) the refusal of Jack Layton's NDP to accept CAP's offer of a merger, with the goal of forming a new political party of the center-left that would get rid of the worst of the NDP baggage and bring together under a common banner the various center-left people in Canada (that would include almost anyone who is not a far-right wacko these days, since those people are running everything else - but look at the NDP, the CAP, the Greens, and the major NGOs such as the CAW, CUPE, the Council of Canadians, etc etc and etc) - if these people could get their act together, they could form a party of, by and for the people of Canada that could govern this country for years - most Canadians do NOT support the policies of people like Bush (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A FUCKING TYPO!!!!!!) that is to say Martin or Harper or any of the current far-right so-called "Conservative" party or the editorial people of the Pispot or Globe, and if they had a credible alternative to vote for in the elections, these people would face the same fate as Mulroney did in 93 - there is something very, very suspicious going on, in my mind, that the "people of the left" if you will refuse to get together, even with people like Hellyer and (apparently) Mel Hurtig and others actively pushing for it - something happening behind closed doors, and I know that sounds like the worst sort of Conspiracy Theory - but fuck these things do happen. I recall in the runup to the 93 election in PEI I was working for the National Party, and we by fuck had a ringer there, pretending to be a central part of it all so he was privy to everything that was going on, but working behind the scenes - successfully as it turned out - to sow some serious seeds of dissension, that eventually stopped us from doing anything effective (not that we would ever have won or anything - but it is telling that they felt the need to destroy any semblance of a party talking about real democracy). It was an eye-opener to this fucking grasshopper I tell you - and I later found out it had been happening elsewhere as well. The whole story will be in the bio some day HAHAHAHAHAAA.

Well - I sent Pat Binns of PEI that letter I mentioned last week, but I didn't write much new for it - but I did stick in a little dig HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH fuck it just wouldn't be me!!!! not to HAHAHAHA - anyway, -

Dear Premier Binns,
I was most interested to read last week on the CBC (P.E.I. agriculture industry in crisis: politicians) of your efforts to find innovative new ways to deal with some of the problems facing the agricultural sector of PEI these days, and your comment that you were interested in "out of the box" ideas addressing the larger economic and social picture. I thus send you an excerpt from a slightly longer document I wrote a few years ago, called the PEI Revival Plan - the Island was facing similar "big-picture" problems at that time (they never seem to stop!), but my ideas did not get much attention. I do, however, believe they are at least equally, and probably moreso, applicable to the current situation, if you are really interested in doing something constructive to help the Island (rather than, as so many have before, wish only to appear to be doing something constructive to deal with troubled voters, while carefully doing nothing to upset the traditional balance of power - and, of course, nothing useful is possible if this old way of doing things is not to be challenged and changed - an economy that allows and even encourages most of the money to flow to a few powerful people can never work well for most of its citizens - I am sure you are well aware of this, and whether or not you actually try for serious change along the lines of some of the things I write about will indicate whether or not you care to challenge this old way of doing things and be one of the leaders we need into a better future.... or not).

If you read the following and wish to see the whole document, I have it online at PEI Revival Plan

Good luck in your work -


- and there you go - I won't make any repetetive entries here, in the interests of conserving space HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA I still got a gazillion fucking bits and bytes on this computer HAHAHAHA - but what I sent Mr. Binns was the last part of the PEI Revival Plan, the document referred to above. I copied this one to all the Island papers - when there's only four of them you can do that HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - so all you Islanders can see how much the Guardian (We covers the Island like the very fucking DEW boys!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - that's sort of their motto - they've sure as fuck always managed to coverup anything important there HAHAHAHAHAHA) and the rest believe in instigating debate about "out of the box" thinking on PEI HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - this is the place, remember, where a High School Principal once said "These students will DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD while they are in this school!!! When they go to university, THEN they can think for themselves!" (we’ll have to get around to the Rick Morin story sometime - Justice In Canada!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - too bad it doesn't seem to be on the web anywhere, Rick if you're reading get in touch and we'll put it here) - man, of course, if you can't think for yourself by the time you're 18 or 20 and going into university, you ain't about to start there in any fucking hurry HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - so fucking true, I attended that esteemed institution, and it was good in some ways, but I remember one course in particular (Ian's ecology course, if you must know HAHAHAHAA) where he demanded the students do a bit of creative thinking (ecology in Wonderland or something - Ian was a cool guy) - and most of them Island students just fucking panicked!! - really, no idea - they all DEMANDED lists of stuff to memorise, like they had gotten in High School - fuck that thinking for yerself stuff man!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - another prof there, more in tune with the principal (I had the disadvantage of not being an Islander HAHAHAHA) told me, when I questioned some of what he was doing, that I was NOT there to ask questions, but do what I was fucking told!!!!! - man, it'll all be in the bio someday HAHAHAHAHAHAAA)

An interesting comparison of perspectives this week, concerning the Hutton "report" (I am, as you might surmise, of the group who would use the term Whitewash rather than "report") - first off the Great Canadian Linda McQ (you know who I mean HAHAHAHAHAAA) - BBC takes bullet meant for Blair, speaking with her always truthful voice, as she has done so well for so long, a GREAT Canadian - I'll just put in one quote, you ought to read the whole thing yourself if you haven't yet - "....It's interesting to imagine what Hutton would have thought of Watergate..... Certainly, if we applied his standards, we'd remember Watergate as the scandal that finally exposed the treacherous editorial practices of the Washington Post..." - and that pretty much sums it up.

And then we have the Editor of Canada's once great national paper (here the word tragedy is appropriate, to see the depths to which it has now fallen) in complete disagreement with Linda, and deploring the state of the art of journalism, and journalists, as only a complete fucking sellout could sanctimoniously criticize one of his "peers" (hard to compare a real journalist to an elite puppet) who is actually still trying to do a real job - Breakdown at the BBC enough to make this editor lie awake By Edward Greenspon, Editor-in-Chief - as did "Lord" Hutton, Greenspon has no interest in even mentioning the proven lies of the British government concerning the "case" they were making for joining the American invasion of Iraq, concentrating rather on one relatively small mistake made by the journalist who first broke the story, and using that to damn the entire media process that was searching for the Truth in this case. I really don't want to get into it here - Linda covers the points well enough in her article - but it is a sad, sad, sad thing for Canada when our once-best national paper takes this kind of stand in favor of tyranny and against democratic honesty, which should be its raison d’etre. A sad sad time indeed.

And given the new publisher of the Star that I noted last time, it is pretty much up in the air how much longer we are going to have Linda to read as well - I would imagine she would be high on the hit list of these people..

- and another example, just because one is so good and one is such an exemplar of the neocon-sycophant mentality (that would be your basic stupidity) - Gwyn and Margolis - Margolis first, a very good writer - A scandal greater than Watergate RM Archive Copy - "....Too few Americans seem troubled their president either lied or blundered into a horrible mess in Iraq, so far costing 520 American dead, nearly 10,000 casualties and $200 billion US for 2003-04.... This is an historic malfeasance far exceeding in gravity Nixon's Watergate scandal or Bill Clinton's prevarications about sex....." - and then Gwyn, as with some other Sun writer last week “writing” for the Shallow Right Saddam given too much credit RM Archive Copy - read it and weep - this is all just too ridiculous, yet coming from one of the country's "senior" correspondents people are supposed to look up to - he says as if it is some great revelation that Saddam's scientists lied to him, telling him they were creating wonderful WMD, while actually taking the billions of dollars he was spending on this program and salting it away in foreign bank accounts!!! And this horrible, evil butcher was too stupid to figure it out!! - because he was insane, of course!!! - and then Gwyn carries on somberly about how the US is sure going to have to have an investigation into their "intelligence" program to see what went wrong, because there is just no fucking way HE is EVER going to acknowledge that these bastards were intentionally lying from day one. Man oh man - Gwyn actually sounds like he believes this stuff - it's hard for me to credit anyone with that kind of stupidity, but there appears to be a lot of them out there.

It's been an eye-opener, and I'm not sure where it's going - my original assumption was that everyone in the neocon fairyland media was lying about all this, as the central figures were - the Bush cabal, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, the rest - but it's a bit harder believing ALL of these "journalists" were lying in the same way - so you have to consider - maybe they actually believed this shit???? And then the doors you open start getting really, really scary - how fucking stupid ARE the people running our world - or, alternatively, just how many fucking people are active members of this conspiracy that will lie for it? Geezuz fucking H christ, as we used to say. This is getting very bad indeed, maybe worse than I thought. Either way - bigtime lying or bigtime stupidity - leads bad places. Real bad.

Of course, we have the people like Margolis and Linda as well - but they're fringe - the center seems to be - sorry - stupid. No other word. Just stupid. What would you call a 15-year old kid, or 20 years old, whatever, who believed in Santa Claus, and was about to convene a meeting of his/her high school debating club to discuss the shocking new idea that - holy presents Batman - we have to talk about this increasingly probable story that - ohmygod!!! THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS!!! OUR INTELLIGENCE PEOPLE - THAT’D BE OUR PARENTS!!!! - HAVE BEEN LYING TO US ALL THESE YEARS OHMYGOD!!!!!

- same level of intelligence there as with the news people pretending that Bush and the buds were telling the whole unvarnished about why they were invading Iraq. I can accept that 8-year old kids believe in Santa, and uneducated people believe some political lies - but I cannot accept that so many better educated people, particularly in the higher levels of both politics and the media - believed any of this shit at all. But then we have Canada as well, where a lot of people apparently refuse to even consider the FACT that our political system is being run NOT by the people they “elect” every few years, but by a small clique of bankers and businessmen from the High Towers of Bay St. And, like it or not, in general, Canadians are smarter than Americans. And lapdogs are probably smarter than house flies, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily want them electing the people who run my country.

Scary scary scary.

????? Can I accept that I just MIGHT be wrong in this? No actually I can't, any more than I "might" be wrong about shall we say the Santa Claus story or the "god" stuff - sane, rational, THINKING people KNOW better than to believe in tales contrived for children or the simple-minded, and all the repetition and excuses and rationales and brainwashing and beating just does not change the facts. I guess the bottom line will eventually have to come to something like the old scopolamine challenge - I would have no qualms whatsoever about going to a hospital, getting a shot of this stuff, and having questions asked - but I will fucking guarantee that NONE of these people talking about Santa haha excuse me Saddam and WMD and what not will come with me - because they lie, and they lie intentionally. For whatever reasons I can only surmise, not being one of those members of this race who can and will do so in the interests of power - but that they do lie, and do so intentionally, is pretty much beyond dispute. I can not believe they are that fucking stupid as to actually believe this stuff any more than I can believe in Santa Claus anymore. That a lot of "average" tv-trained citizens believe it, I can believe - the same as I know a lot of children believe in Santa. The belief, again, of children or simple-minded individuals does not a fact make.

- if you're not on to a guy called Kim Petersen yet, a Canadian living in Nova Scotia, you oughtta be!! - his latest is here - The Awesome Destructive Power of the Corporate Power Media

- another great read from the same place (I know I know - but for those who do not yet have DV on their daily "Check this site out" list, and may have missed it - The End of Freedom, a writer called John Stanton - great stuff. Now if only we could get the soap and sitcom people reading some of it..... HAHAHAHAHAH TOO MANY BEERS MAN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

YEAAA CANADA!!! our home and native land, freedom and democracy for all - HAHAHAHAHAHAH - Faces death at home, North Korean can't stay - "....IRB member Bonnie Milliner ruled that Mr. Ri will likely be executed for treason if returned home, but said he was not "deserving of Canada's protection" because he was complicit in crimes against humanity merely for being a member of Kim Jong-il's government. ...She made that ruling despite written assurances from Canada's War Crimes Unit that Ri was "not a person of interest to them" and there was no evidence he had committed crimes against humanity." - there you go - “due process” for those who come to our Free Democracy looking for our help - an APPOINTED "judge" at the immigration review board, judge, jury and probably executioner. Isn't it just so fucking nice to live in a kinder, gentler society than the US? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - I can just imagine the supper table conversation at Bonnie's place - "Yea, goddam fuckin spics and pakis - get em all out of the country and things will be fine ..." etc and etc. We've been goin downhill bigtime since Brian put the country up for sale and started taking decent people out of the civil service and loading it up with neocon elitist puppets, who really don’t much like people not of their own ilk.

Here's something very much worth a read - Michael Rupert of From the Wilderness talking about IN YOUR FACE - being 1) Connections between Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force, 9/11 and Peak Oil “On the Table”, 2) July '04 Supreme Court Ruling on Secrecy, Task Force Documents Obtained through FOIA Suit on Collision Course as Cheney “Duck Hunts” with Scalia, and 3) The Reason Why Activists of All Stripes are Ineffective. The last part is the kicker, and is very, very true, at least from my experience - it involves people who have been recently "wronged" by the system for some reason, and think they are somehow unique, and feel that if THEIR personal problem is looked after, then everything will be fine - it's been, they seem to figure, sort of a small glitch in the system that needs fixing - part of the thing is, they have previously denied there is anything serious wrong with "the system", and don't want to admit that they were wrong, and I suppose partly they don't really give a fuck about serious change, just about looking out for themselves. Anyway, until we can get a LOT of people who realise that the problems we face are, truly, systemic, and it is the fucking system itself that needs fixing, and we have to put aside whatever our own personal problems have been and work together to clean up the central problems - well, nothing much is going to change. This is one of the things that disappoints me so much about so much Canadian activism, so much of it is so self-centered, so short-sighted, seemingly believing that if they can get some small regulation passed, or some small law made, or take one small action that fixes one small problem, then everything will just be rosy - but as long as the rot and snot from Bay St fostering corruption throughout the political system is there in the background, completely dominating everything of importance, then nothing is going to improve, regardless of what small cosmetic changes any particular group might appear to achieve.

And that ties right in with another one from BC this week - The Gitxsan: Betrayal of a Nation by one Arthur Topham (this guy does a site called Radical Press which is well worth a look around too) - a story about how a bunch of original inhabitants of Canada, specifically parts of BC, have filed a document with the Canadian Judicial Council, claiming to have been fucked around by every level of government in BC, including some of their own people. I don't really want to comment much on this - with what I know of what goes on in our great Democracy and its great "justice" system, as I've written about frequently, I suspect most if not all of what they say is true - but it comes rather serendipitously enough, as so many things do like the Rupert piece above, at a time I have been wrestling around with another bunch of ideas, or they have worked their way to the top of the pile, whatever. Sure the natives are being fucked around - but the thing is, if they insist and persist in carrying on like THEIR fight is the only one worth fighting - while dozens if not fucking hundreds of other groups around Canada are doing the same - then the net result is going to be a whole bunch more years exactly the same as the last bunch of years - a lot of time and money and effort expended by a whole lot of people - and resulting in essentially zero degrees of change.

Think about this if you haven't before - it's pretty central to our struggle, same as the Americans Rupert talks about and everyone else for that matter in the world. The natives want something (rightfully so, of course - most of our struggles are based on real issues - there are a lot of them) - and are fighting like hell, mostly by themselves, to get it. From the top story - Arar got fucked around big time, and is fighting to get some justice. Think of countless other recent stories - Zundel is being fucked around, as I have noted, and at least a few are fighting for him. Some people are demanding investigations into the corrupt cops in Toronto. Some groups are fighting the FTAA and other aspects of corporate crime and corruption. Some are fighting for water rights. Some are fighting for some help for AIDS victims in Africa. Some are obsessed with giant dams in developing countries or other developing countries issues. Some are fighting for welfare rights, for better health care policies, for improved democratic processes, to bring the people who killed Dudley George to justice, better funding for the CBC, for monetary reform, more fairness in the legal system, more help for the poor, this and that and dozens of other things.

And the government - and the elite who are controlling them - just fucking love it.

HUHHH???? We're all fighting them and they love it!?!?!?!!

Believe it. Why? Because, to paraphrase a great Canadian writer (not to mention ignoring his excellent advice), we're all running off madly in all different directions at once!! - and we do not have the kind of resources that make that kind of thing effective - as opposed to the elite and their government and their controlled media, who naturally have limitless resources to engage us on EVERY front, and stonewall and delay for - effectively - ever (and it is no small irony that it is you and I providing those limitless resources!!! - they fight us to the fucking wall, in style at that! - government lawyers eating at fancy expense-account restaurants while they fight us in their legal system, while OUR people, if they eat at all, do so at the local diner (I am not even going to acknowledge that other place HAHAHAHAA), with our own money, while denying us the things that money should be providing!!!!). If we do gain the odd victory in a lower court somewhere (there are still honest people in the system - just not in positions of real power) - no problem!!!! - even good for the elite, as they can say LOOK!! The system DOES work fairly!!! get over it!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA - but it is only a few days of "feel good", but no real victory ever in anything important (go on!! - think of ONE real victory any of us has ever won in anything important - anything, that is, that increased the power of We The People and lessened theirs - go on!!!!) - they'll just spend another 5-10 years appealing to higher courts!! - THEY can afford the bucks, although in many cases "we" will be forced to concede the game due to our money running out (which "theirs" never does of course) - but even if we do carry on, of course, all the legal games mean that NO change is happening! And then they have the smokescreen effect as well - look at all the publicity and time spent over stuff like "same sex marriages" for instance - nothing the government should EVER be involved in, but pushed to the top of the agenda because it can waste all that time and resources, and make it appear the government is doing something important....

Anyway - the point I'm trying to get at, is that ALL of these people mentioned above, and a whole lot of others, have got to start realising that this is a systemic problem, and we are NOT going to fix it by running around expending huge amounts of energy trying to deal with whichever aspects of it happen to engage our attention at any particular time - metaphorically speaking, it is as if we have a virus in our blood that causes outbreaks of blisters on our skin - and we are so primitive in our understanding (or so simple-minded that we refuse to consider that the witch doctors leading our tribe might be lying to us for their own good HAHAHAHAAA) that the best we can do is to offer symptomatic treatment, putting some ointment or something on the blisters (ointments blessed and sanctioned by the witch doctors of course HAHAHAHAHAAA) - when what we really need to be doing is developing a vaccine or some drug to kill the virus - a drug we will have to develop by ourselves, since the witch docs sure ain't gonna be helping - indeed, they refuse to acknowledge the presence of any virus, and tell everyone that anyone who talks about some "virus" is nothing more than a deranged "conspiracy theorist" of some sort HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - and the natives believe their much-beloved good ol witch docs HAHAHAHAA. But our current virus is very real, it is behind-the-scenes corporate government, causing ALL of the other problems in Canada, and we are ONLY going to make things better by acknowledging that we are all fighting different aspects of ONE underlying problem, and join our efforts together to defeat the real enemy - which is, of course, elite government in Canada, call it what you will. A government of, by and for Tom d'Aquino's BCNI-CCCE (Canada's Bad Guys) is NEVER going to act in the best interests of the people of Canada. We need to dig this rot out right at the root (fuck I love switching metaphors in the middle HAHAHAHAHAAA - I NEVER got along with English teachers in school HAHAHAHAHAHAA) if we are EVER going to take back our society from the Bay St Boys and their spawn all around the world.

I can't figure what part of that is hard to understand - divide and conquer is one of the oldest military strategies in the book (and yes, unlike the elite "wars" on drugs or terrorism or welfare moms, this is indeed a real war we are engaged in here - a war for our society, our very civilisation, our planet - the LOTR metaphor is very appropriate here, much more banal, but just as real, with the trolls and orcs not having ugly faces (well, I know some thought they were quite cute) or huge fangs, but dressed in expensive suits and using economic violence rather than physical to control the masses (the physical is always available of course for those who refuse to be their own slavemasters....)) - but I suppose even many or most of those engaged in these allowed protests against the elite are still suffering the effects of too much tv, and since NOBODY on the tv or major media is EVER going to point out what I just have here (one of the major no-nos, like the debt-scam - this stuff is kind of like the first time you hear that there might be no Santa - you just can’t get it out of your head, and you are on the Road to Truth!! - which just CANNOT be allowed here), it just doesn't attain the kind of veracity that we have been trained since infancy to bestow upon any idea from the tv talkingheads. That in itself ought to be a big time BONGBONG wakeup call for a lot of people - but I suppose, like the highschool kids trained not to think, if they haven't woken up yet a few words such as this aren't going to make much difference - "Hmmmm - isn't that an interesting thought! Now, tomorrow I must write that letter to the MP about (insert favorite issue).... but right now I think the "news" is on.... and then we must prepare supper ...."

We're fucked boys and girls. Our only chance is to rise up together and demand justice - then if we fall, we will fall together. For, as someone once said about some great battle, if we do not do this, we will surely fall alone.

Oh man there's just so much I could be writing 5,000 words a fucking DAY if I had the time!!! - but I can't let this one go by - Delay election, Tories plead - the brazen hypocrisy of these assholes just goes beyond anything - listen to this - "....We're building, we're scrambling and we're doing quite well but we're not ready to fight an election," Conservative Senator Noel Kinsella said. "Therefore Canadians don't have a choice.".... - well, where the fuck was I I'm wondering to myself when the NDP broke up?? HAHAHAHAHAAA - these halfwits probably really think this way though (not that I'm especially enamoured of the NDP after Layton's refusal to even consider approaching the other non-rightwing-whackos in the country and trying to form a broad-based coalition to defeat the Bay St Boys, but I expect he would nonetheless be far, far better than Martin if enough people ever did vote for the NDP to give them a say (it is not out of the question that the Libs will be reduced to minority status with Layton's NDP potentially holding the balance of power as they did during some of the most progressive governments we have ever had, back in the 60s and 70s - although come to think of it, the Bay St Boys would probably rather Martin's Libs formed the coalition with the rightwing whackos of Harper-Stromach whoever the fuck - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA what a fucking country)).

- or even better - "....It's tremendously important for the Conservative Party of Canada to complete the work we're doing. I think it's a question of fair play," he said in an interview yesterday..." - FAIR PLAY!!!!! he says!!!!! - I wonder if anybody would want to run the phrase "fair play" past David Orchard, just for instance in regard to these people HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - fuck they lie and they lie and they lie and they lie - and the great fucking Canadian Democratic media NEVER fucking call them on it. I don't believe this world I am stuck in. How many votes these "fair players" get in the next election will be a good indication of what Canadians think of declared liars and very recently demonstrated major oath breakers as well - I expect they'll get their 20% of the vote as before - too many ethic-less morally bankrupt people running around here altogether these days for my personal liking.

It just never stops - this is Canada in action - CBC puts Cherry on 7-second delay - and this apparently is the HORRIBLE thing he said - "...Cherry spoke out about players wearing visors on their helmets. In full flight he said, "most of the guys that wear them are Europeans or French guys ..." - and this is deemed to be "...reprehensible..." and "...A spokesperson said the commissioner feels it's an "important enough issue that she's going to investigate" whether Cherry's remarks violate the Official Languages Act....". The Official Languages Act!!!!!!!!! Fuck words just fail me this is so ridiculous - it's like the Jewish people screaming whenever anyone DARES to say anything even remotely critical - I guess I better get to work on a letter to somebody in the gov, telling them I expect TRUTH from my fucking government (HAHAHAHAHAHAAYOUFUCKING IDIOTHAHAHAHAA) and that they better change any part of the Bill of Rights or whatever they call it that talks about "free speech" to be properly qualified - you know, "Canadians enjoy great free speech, except you shall NOT say anything bad about French people or Jewish people or???? I don't know - what ARE the limits, guys? women, cute little dogs, our WONDERFUL politicians - I mean, it’s obviously ok to dis Muslims these days, or people who dare to protest things they don’t like about the government, etc - but what are the rules? Fuck, Cherry didn't even say anything outrageous - do we have any studies to prove that his allegation is untrue, for instance? Is the man not entitled to a personal opinion these days? Fuck why don't you just propose giving everyone a lobotomy at birth to stop this kind of stuff?!?!?!

HAHAHAHAA fuck I better not give em ideas.

Fuck, I wish some day some of these PCers would explain exactly what part of the phrase "free speech" it is that they don't understand. Let me tell you something guys - you don't stop people with ideas you don't like by laws - you stop em by educating EVERYONE to be intelligent adults, and then they themselves can weed out the shit from the shine. Of course, maybe you DOWN WITH FREE SPEECH people understand that all too well - and the shit that would getting flushed would be YOUR fascistic shit HAHAHAHAHAHAHA gotcha. Again. Fish in a barrel. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - but really, the whole idea of Free Speech is that SOME people are going to have opinions and say things that OTHER people don’t like - and the whole idea of civilisation (as opposed to barbarism) is that we accept that, and talk about such things openly, and stuff like that - truly Free Societies don’t run around trying to dictate what other people are allowed to say!!! FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!! GET OUTTA THE FUCKING SANDBOX AND GROW THE FUCK UP YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out Don - they've had another guy in jail for a year now, won't even tell him the charges, but we all know it's because HE dared too to say things that the powerful didn't care for.

And on and on and on and on it goes - fuck I wish the shuttle with my name on the passenger list would hurry up and get here - this is getting tedious and there are things I would MUCH rather be doing. But ya gotta fight the fuckers, or they win by default - as one of those earlier smart guys said, All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. And there are too many - far far far far too many - of those nothing-doers out there.

Not me.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA - ah, one more beer ........


"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." - Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr Seuss - man he was smart....... I gotta read some of that stuff again ..... that's almost as good a play on words as the great old line about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.....

George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people - how fucking stupid can you be?? If you were the last fucking product on earth I wouldn't buy anything from you!! Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada besides deleting spam? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know (remove the xx - see above HAHAHAA) would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Paul Martin's our new PM and owes the Bay St. Boys 12 million worth of favors and George Bush is talking to ALLAH on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why? Do you know where Frodo and Gandalf went on that boat? Can we call them? Maybe the really nice elf lady too HAHAHA!!! And Smith - don't forget Smith ....