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911 - as important as the debt scam - ask yourself why you are so afraid to admit the truth here, even when it's been kicking you in the face almost since it happened? When the world you live in is operating under a lie this big and obvious and monstrous, you have no security whatsoever.

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040110 - Happy WHAT?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAA

Well I don't know what's so fucking new or happy about it - George Bush is still lying - so are all the rest for that matter, he just happens to be the current leader of the liars pack - the media, who do a lot of spreading of lies themselves by printing the lies of Bush et al as if they were "news" stories (funny - I'm not a big Clinton fan either, but noone was shy about calling HIM a liar for some reason..... - and there seems to be a rather important degree of difference in lying about a personal, consensual casual sexual encounter, and lying to drag your whole country and possibly the world into an expensive war that will kill a whole lot of people and cause billions of dollars in destruction....), are still doing their best to make everyone terrified of bogeymen, and the Bay St boys are still after lower taxes and fewer services for everyone in the country - but being Christmas and Happy New Year, of course, they want us all to smile and be happy and pretend things are just great while they stick it in a bit deeper HOHOHOHO!!!! - THEY certainly have good reason to smile and grin and giggle a lot - I don't know why the rest of us ought to be joining them though, at least insofar as what is happening in our country and the world overall. And the media in Canada, in lockstep with the Bay St Boys, have made it pretty clear by what we read in their pages what THEIR priorities are for the next few months at least - terrorism, drugs, and "don't get any ideas about new programs or even bringing the old ones up to speed because all the governments are strapped for cash isn't that just a darn surprise and shame" (fuck it seems I've heard this story before!!! - I mean to say, all the cutbacks of the last 20 years and we're in deeper shit than ever???? woooowwww man.... is it only me that smells something mighty strange here???? HAHAHAHAHAAA - but they don't teach that kind of stuff in school for some reason, or bring it up (HAHAHAHAHAAA what an apt expression HAHAHAHAAA on the nightly propaganda feed hahahasorry "news", for some odd reason HAHAHAHAHAAA - seems to me I read last year that history was being cancelled in some schools.....) - so I might as well join em HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - from a slightly different perspective, of course - start the new year doing one of the things I've always excelled at - giving unsolicited (but free!!!!) advice to people who want nothing to do with what I have to say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - fuck em if they can't take a joke HAHAHAHAHAA

man I gotta get them paragraphs under control - I wonder if Hunter Thompson or maybe James Joyce are free for a quick lesson HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

- but it isn't really that funny, I guess - the people I try to give advice to don't want it or need it, because they are acting exactly as they want to act, running the country for the benefit of the wealthy few at the expense of everyone else - they know they are doing that, but they don't want everyone else to know they are doing that - so correspondence such as mine cannot be acknowledged - what does a liar say, after all, when caught in the lie? There's not much that can be said, the main strategy being to simply keep a lid on things, so that unwanted ideas don't start spreading out of control - or the bully way, the US way - why we'll just bomb the fuck out of ya!! - that'll prove we're right!!! The only thing of importance is the relative positions of liar and accuser - if I steal some money or something from a neighbour and someone sees me and the cops come a-visiting, my lies and denials will be of little avail, as they march me off to court, undertake a "trial", and punish me as they will (modern society isn't much different than a Mafia clique - the guy with the biggest goons takes the day - and we've all seen the pics of the modern cops in their Darth Vader suits - I sure as fuck can't match that HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA) - and it is within the scope of the law to punish me for the lie, as well as the theft. If, however, it is I who feels (or knows) the cops have lied, or the politicians or whoever somewhere high up in the system, the procedure is considerably different, and MUCH less likely to result in any sort of sanctions for the cops or politicians or CEOs (sure some of them take a fall now and then - but that is because they ran afoul of someone even bigger, not because there is any inherent likelihood of justice around here) - any more than the dog will punish the man who beats it (except for the odd lucky bite - but even that is short-lived satisfaction as - ), but the man whose dog dares bite him will be quick enough to get out the old shotgun. Democracy, as Gandhi said, is a great theory .......

But we gotta let em know we're watchin, and they haven't got all of us yet - although that might be a poor strategy at some point in the future the way things seem to be going - when the NWO SS guys come out in public (you do know that most of those guys after WW2 did NOT get tried at Nuremburg, right?? - no, most of them got hired by the US government to run their secret spy schools, and they and their trainees proceeded to devastate many places around the world - true story HAHAHAHAAAAAA - ask the relatives of the tens of thousands of disappeareds in South and Central America, for starters.....) and officially declare "democracy" dead (somewhat after the fact, considering the totally farcical "electoral" process here, but we aren't supposed to talk about that just yet I guess) and start rounding people up, all this will, in retrospect, turn out to have been the equivalent of standing in the street with a big sign saying "COME GET ME COME GET ME HAHAHAHAHAAA" or something. Oh well, if it actually does come to that, I suppose I'll get in at least one good kick in the shin, or a bit higher if I'm lucky HAHAHAHAAAA. Fuck you Big Brother, as they say. Once, anyway HAHAHAHAHAAAA.

The TERRORISM TERRORISM TERRORISM BE AFRAID AAAAAHHHH shit continues unabated - some thoughts I offered to the Editorial Collective at the Star (isn't that just so sweet - a Republican Collective HAHAHAHAAAA), on a certain aspect of it all .......


To The Editor, Toronto Star:
RE: Guns in the skies (Jan 2 2003), wherein you say at one point - "...Al Qaeda terrorists seized four U.S. passenger planes and flew them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field, killing thousands..."

I wonder if I might inquire how it is you can say this with such apparent certainty - has it somehow escaped your attention that well over two years now since that tragic day, no official investigation has ever been held to confirm this idea, this "conspiracy theory" that a bunch of Arabs led by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan (rich family or not!) managed to circumvent the entire US security system, cause such confusion in the American FAA and military defence command that that great modern American war machine could not respond to an overt attack on its soil for over 2 hours - could not, indeed, get a defensive plane in the air for that time!!!!!!!, and using pilots who were basically drummed out of flight school because they could not handle a Cessna managing to drive huge modern aircraft around like fighter pilots (hahahahah - you just want to laugh at the comic book nature of a plot like that - wow!!! - teen fantasies indeed!) - no indeed, in reality, rather than instigate any sort of investigation into what went wrong that day, and who actually did what to whom, we have seen the American Government, or at least George Bush's part of it, doing everything within its power to prevent or seriously hinder such an investigation, for some odd reason. There have, however, in the intervening period, been many, many questions raised about virtually all parts of this US Government "conspiracy theory", and anyone who looks at these things with an independent eye is quickly struck at how very, very shaky (to be polite) the whole bin Laden-Al Quaeda-cave in Afghanistan story actually is when subjected to such questions (if for some reason you are unaware of such things, drop me a note and I will steer you to a few of the more well done of the hundreds of websites (apparently the only independent journalism being done in the world these days) which explore these issues in detail - doing the job that you ought to be doing but are not).

Given this glaring lack of any kind of investigation into the events surrounding that day, it gets even stranger when we see not only the American media but most of you media people in Canada promoting this fantastical conspiracy theory as gospel, as historical fact and record, when actually all there is concerning the official "record" is a bunch of wild, often hysterical stories issued by the American government in the hours and days following the incident, most of which have subsequently proven either untrue or highly suspect (i.e. of the 19 named "hijackers", at least 6 have been proven to be still alive - but this has never been explained; or the essential impossibility of the Pentagon chapter of the conspiracy theory has never been questioned in the mainstream media (many many questions here alone - for instance, how can an explosion powerful and hot enough to "vaporise" (the "official" explanation for the lack of debris) an airplane the size of the supposed 757 or whatever it was have left traces of the DNA of almost 100 passengers for identification (again the "official" story of passenger ID), even though human flesh and DNA is much, much, MUCH more vaporisable than metal??? - or a HUGE plane leaving such a small hole, or no debris, or there has yet to be a serious attempt at explaining why the American air defence, including a full squadron at Andrews Air Force some 10 miles from the Pentagon itself, was unable to get fighters into the air to protect the American capital for over two hours (for good enough reason - there is no credible explanation outside of a standdown order, which noone, understandably, wants to acknowledge or explain - odd that, for instance, Bill Clinton's disinclination to explain certain embarrassing things didn't stop the news vultures from descending on him....) - I could go on at length) - and yet we have papers like the Star carrying on as if the entire story handed out to the media by the American government - full of holes and with no investigation as it is, and increasingly so as the weeks and months go by - is some kind of historical factual record.

Orwell would have been proud of you all, and probably himself to some extent - the Ministry of Truth is apparently alive and well, creating and rewriting history as we watch.

Looking at things in the broader picture, all of the terrorism stuff we have been subjected to the last couple of years - unfounded stories, hysteria, "orange alerts", security searches, etc and etc - seem designed with only one end in mind - to make people completely terrified of their own shadows - such people are, it is quite well known in psychological circles, very much less able to think rationally - and in the name of this fear give increasingly totalitarian powers to their governments. A government that was truly concerned about violent criminal activities perhaps being directed against their country would, however, be acting VERY much differently than all of this fear-mongering we are seeing.

As an analogy, think of your average horror style move - well, no, let's not sink to Jason or Hallowe'en or Exorcist III depths - but your better class of "fright" flic if you will - something the esteemed Mr. Hitchcock, for instance, excelled at - he would build the suspense through innuendo and loud music, so that noone knew exactly what was going to happen but it was SURELY going to be TERRIBLE!!!! - and then when he said "BOO!!!!" everyone jumped out of their seats, although actually nothing scary had happened at all!!! Great stuff in the movies, or for kids at (the real) Hallowe'en - but in real life, for adult citizens of a democratic society, it is very, very dangerous, and not great at all. Well, I suppose I should quantify that a bit - it's not so great for We The People - it is, of course, pretty great altogether for those who obtained rule by false means, and are intent on maintaining that rule through whatever means necessary and even expanding it, but who understand well that if We The People ever find out what brutal, lying, manipulative criminals they really are, we will surely haul them all off to the gallows posthaste. So the stakes are very high for these people, they have made a huge gamble, and with such high stakes, it is quite understandable that they would feel no compunction about using every measure available to them to win their game.

A mature citizenry, supported and given accurate information by a free popular press, would be saying ENOUGH already with the scare stories and false arrests and childish "color-coded" alerts, and demanding a full and public investigation into all of these allegations, and a full debate upon a rational course of action IF such things turn out to have any factual basis and there actually is some sort of serious, credible, verifiable threat (really, closing down airlines and creating fear and havoc on the Christmas holiday based on bogeyman stories about a little old lady and a schoolboy? A free and rational press would be laughing aloud at such incompetence and fearmongering from elected officials - and then demanding the suspension from their jobs of the people who started this farcical parade, followed by a 3-month psychological evaluation (criminal charges definitely pending), and not forgetting a serious look at the qualifications of the people who hired them in the first place and then got all excited about their "intelligence" - and let us not pretend we are above such dangerous nonsense in Canada - there has been NO fallout that I have heard of concerning the CSIS-RCMP "intelligence" experts who rounded up those 23 Mid-east persons last August with great fanfare about "terrorist" connections, and very shortly thereafter had to let them all go when their complete lack of hard evidence came out - how can a rational country base decisions on ANYTHING these people say in the future???? - that we do and are still, however, would, it seems to me, say a great deal to a rational mind about the actual reasons behind those decisions - much more involved, one might be led to think, with creating an atmosphere of fear in the people of the country rather than actually preventing any "terrorist" attacks - which, you might note, have been noticeably lacking in our country, making one wonder even more at the reasons for the mindless fear and hysteria being promoted.

What one also wonders about is how and why the Canadian media is going along with this - I can understand the "National" Post doing so, as we all know it is nothing more than the "Voice of the NWO Bush government" in Canada, but I must admit I find it a bit difficult to believe an old, honoured paper like the Toronto Star could be complicit in such a plot, given your history of supporting the common people - and yet, on the other hand, the evidence is now quite overwhelming that the US government was at the very least complicit in the 911 terrorist act, with the standdown of the US Air Force the primary smoking gun (heavily smoking at that), and the evidence is now pretty much fully in also that the Bush government lied and lied and lied some more about their reasons for invading Iraq - and yet the Star is seemingly doing its level best to be a propagandist for that Bush government again in this case, doing little or nothing to demand accountability for these international criminals, and, closer to home, demanding that our Canadian government cease its silence on these things, and demand an international investigation into these most serious matters. I am sure you are familiar with the word "accomplice" in matters of criminal law - or the phrase "aid and abet" - if Canada, with this knowledge available, refuses to speak up, then the Court of International Retribution that will surely be established one day to deal with the current criminal regime in Washington may well be looking northward, and using such words. What a sad, sad day for Canadians.

One is reminded of an old schoolboy joke - "Hey! Ya wanna see me run around the world in one second?" "Hahaha you can't do that!" "Sure I can - watch! (kid makes a fast gesture with his head or something) - There I just did it!" - well, Tom Ridge's pronouncements a few days ago about how all the orange and yellow alerts were working because by golly they just know they deterred some awful terrorist attacks are of about the same caliber of credibility, and it just astounds me how supposedly intelligent "journalists" can wander around wide-eyed at this kind of stuff, saying how lucky we are to have such great people protecting us, and passing this great wisdom on to all the people who read their papers. It must be all Ridge and his buds can do to hold in the laughter at the simpletons wearing suits posing as journalists until they get back in a closed room somewhere - you may recall in schooldays again how the bigger and cleverer kids used to love to play jokes that made the smaller weaker kids look a bit foolish, then laugh and laugh at how stupid and credulous they were - same idea here. The problem being, in the schooldays the fooled kids just got a bit red in the face about such things - these days, the Bush people are killing thousands and causing billions in destruction all around the world, and implementing a New World Order that will make Orwell's 1984 look positively benign, whilst the "intrepid media" do nothing about it.

Actually it is much worse than doing nothing - by refusing to call them on it, you in the Star and the others are helping them with their dastardly plan (sorry about the lapse into comic-book jargon - but the whole thing is being conducted on that level - the "dumbing down" of society has evidently reached that stage....)

Wait wait wait I hear you respond - but there ARE real terrorists out there, and they DO have plans to attack - are you just suggesting we sit back and allow them to attack at will??? Not at all - what I am suggesting is that before we get all hysterical, we find out exactly who the "terrorists" are - accusing and convicting the wrong people without even a fair hearing is not the democratic process that I was raised to believe was the proper way of doing things in Canada - and yet with the Star's essentially unquestioning acceptance of the American conspiracy theory that bin Laden and Al Quaeda are "the enemy", attaching the governments of Iraq or North Korea or Syria as desired, with an equal lack of any hearing or presentation of evidence (as noted above, "secret stuff" from their "intelligence" agencies is NOT sufficient!), that is what you are doing. And the world that will come from this, where the "justice system" is composed of such "secret intelligence" and with no need of hearings or trials to prove anything, is not going to be a very safe or democratic place.

I am most disappointed that the Star is apparently unable to understand this, and continues to regale its readers with these unfounded conspiracy theory bogeyman-terrorist tales. Might I suggest a 2004 New Year's Resolution for you all - do the job of a real newspaper and real journalists, and question these stories as they deserve to be questioned - perform the public service that is the mandate of a large modern Canadian daily, and provide your readers and the citizens of Canada with real information, not hysterical "orange alerts" from people whose credibility is very, very shaky indeed, or continuing to refer to unfounded American conspiracy theories as fact.

303030303001303030303030300 (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA - decipher that Ashcroft you fucking Nazi HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA)


well that was a blast - and without further ado Letter #2 of 2004 - on the other main theme that must be paramount in our work if we are to regain control of our governments - getting the fucking banks out of it - a letter inspired by a story about how the newly elected Newfoundland government is facing a serious budgetary deficit - for some odd reason, every other provincial government (except Alberta with their oil revenues) is facing similar "problems", and the feds are also making noises about being short of money -

letter 2 - TO: Premier of Newfoundland (CC St. John's Telegram)

Dear Premier Williams,
I notice from the news headlines a couple of days ago that your province is facing some serious budgetary shortfalls, and is in the position of having to cut back spending - at least according to popular economic theory, and the suggestions from the Canadian business press and like-minded people. Perhaps, however, it is time we all looked at some different economic ideas - the current ones we have been following for many decades now (in the "modern" world, since shall we say WW2 - or perhaps the early 1970s would be more accurate, but this is not a history lesson) seem to be doing nothing more than making banks and their owner-investors rich and governments poor (and thus less able to provide needed services to the citizens) - which is great, of course, for the banks and their investors - but it was never my understanding of modern democratic societies that we should organize our financial system and governments primarily for the benefit of the banks and wealthy investors - the wellbeing of ALL the citizens seems to be the democratic theory, and as good, practical Canadians and the descendants of sturdy pioneers who did what they had to do to make a good life, when something is not working, we fix it, n'est pas? When the cold winter comes from the north, we construct warm houses and store food to feed ourselves, or when our economy based on natural resource extraction proves insufficient to support us we boldly embrace the modern world of computers and IT, etc - so why now, when traditional methods of finance and banking appear unable, even after decades of sacrifice, to solve the economic problems modern governments face, is it not time to say Enough! and explore new ways of financing the government, ways which are less destructive of the lives of the average people for which the government exists primarily to serve?

Indeed so, I should think. There are, fortunately, many modern alternatives to the old, increasingly discredited "borrow from the banks then pay them interest forever" economic ideas available - alternatives which are much, much better for the people of the society, albeit a little less golden-goose-like, if I might coin a phrase, for the banks and their investors - but then, the good of the many must take precedence in a democracy, and the few are occasionally called upon to sacrifice - and we are sure that the banks and their investors will willingly accept the sacrifice of some part of their (rather obscene, it must be admitted anyway) profits, in the name of the greater good for us all.

(HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - no, no I'm not really delirious!!! - although I am sure the business press would consider that last sentence the product of a demented mind - but please read on.....)

How would you like it if your province could be essentially free of debt within 5 years, the period of your mandate, and the billions you now spend on "debt-service" was freed up to be used for useful things for your people like education or health care? Such a thing is eminently possible, with tools readily available to you - and every government in Canada. All it requires is some courage, a quality Newfoundlanders are well known for, and some political will.

To achieve this, there are two steps you must take: First, you must approach the government of Canada and insist that your provincial government be allowed to use the Bank of Canada to help with your problem - which is, in reality, its legal obligation and one of the main purposes for which it was originally created 70 or so years ago (a 'stable money supply in Canada" - having the country and provinces drained of 20-40% of their yearly income in the form of "debt-service", and due to this constant drainage be denied many necessary services, might be great for the banks, but it is not very good or stable for the people). And Second, to help your citizens through the period of adjustment occasioned by the inevitable capital strike and related retaliations the banks and their investors will engage in while you tear the power that rightfully belongs to the people through you their representatives away from them, you will need to institute a form of local currency for Newfoundland - a public government currency whose most important characteristic will be that it will be created "debt-free" for the people and their use, rather than "debt-based", as almost all circulating currency currently is, which is of benefit to the banks alone.

First, the Bank of Canada. The BofC is legally mandated to supply essentially interest-free loans to the governments of Canada - federal, provincial, and municipal - to deal with financial problems. The loans are repayable of course (although forgiveness is also an option, since it is essentially little more than a book-keeping entry) - so would it not be a much better idea for the Government of Newfoundland to be repaying only a loan, rather than a loan plus commercial debt service charges to a private lender? Of course it would! Getting such loans from the Bank of Canada as your current debts fall due, and thus paying them off rather than refinancing them through the same private interests, will quickly reduce the huge drain of "debt service" on your province's finances. Fear not the bogeyman tales the banks and their paid acolytes in the business press will immediately deluge you with concerning how "irresponsible" such an act would be - remember who they are working for!!! - there is some obligation on both the borrower and the bank to ensure than frivolous borrowing does not take place, but I do not see this as a problem, with an intelligent and responsible government - the only effect would be to free up for more useful purposes a substantial amount of money that was formerly collected in taxes and paid to private investors. In truth, the old system of borrowing from private banks then turning over huge amounts of taxpayer's money into the foreseeable future under the excuse of "debt service" was and is the irresponsible act (at the very least - many might be inclined to label such highly-questionable-at-best fiduciary behaviour as criminal conspiracy, but getting into all that is not the purpose of this particular letter, so I'll leave it for another day).

Secondly, to regain control of your provincial finances while substantially improving the lot of the citizens of that province, both those who voted for your government and the rest, insofar as there is any kind of shortage of "legal tender" with which to pay people their entitlements and undertake necessary government business such as infrastructure maintenance and development, and you are not empowered to print "Canadian" legal currency to relieve this, and borrowing from the banks and increasing your legally obligated "service charges" is not a good move, the establishment of a "local currency" of some sort is an available and forward-thinking way out of your dilemma. The only puzzle to me, really, is that more governments have not been doing this over the last couple of decades - but I suppose the banks are very much opposed to this, and such banks have been quite influential in establishing national financial policies. As I would note again, it is long overdue that such power in private hands was reduced - the local currencies would go a long ways to achieving this, and return power over the national or provincial finances to the people and their elected representatives, where it rightfully belongs. You could truly be a leader of note (haha - no pun intended - but a good one!) both in Canada and the world were you to take the truly bold step of doing this.

The establishment of a local currency does not mean printing a bunch of money and handing it out like Monopoly money, as many scornfully suggest - we all understand that money must be be earned or it has no true value, and must also be related to the amount of goods and services available in an area so that the old horror story of "too much money chasing too few goods" does not materialize. But local currencies were never established to compete with existing currency, thus denigrating both, but have only been established to deal with situations where a community has lots of willing workers, lots of resources to be utilised, and lots of demand for such products and services - but insufficient "legal tender" to pay for the labour or goods involved, to "grease the wheels of commerce" shall we say. Bartering is primitive and limited - a convertible currency is needed (I don't mean convertible into other currencies, but in its original meaning, that is to remove the many limitations of direct bartering among a large group of people - person A's labour can be "converted" to a loaf of bread or rent on their house or a piece of fish through an accepted common means of exchange such as a widely accepted banknote of some sort without direct bartering - which is what any currency ought to be doing)

What if, Mr. Williams, you were to mandate that say 20-30% (or be bold and say 50%!!) of all government expenditures in Newfoundland were in the future going to be paid in "Newfoundland Dollars", and every business operating in Newfoundland was obligated to accept the same 20-30-50-% of such currency for any transaction as legal tender in your province? Government employees and citizens receiving government money, and businesses providing government services or goods, would be the initial receivers of the currency, from which it would spread throughout the province. Immediately you reduce your reliance on the Canadian mint and private banks and their intentionally-in-short-supply "debt-based" money by the same 20-30-50%!!!! Sure the banks will scream bloody murder, but there is no legal reason this cannot be done. The Bay-St-indebted federal government will quite probably originally side with the banks in trying to protect their turf and profits, but if you were strong and committed, you could provide a great service to all of the people of not only Newfoundland, but Canada, by challenging their interest-bearing monopoly on the Canadian money supply. I can also assure you that you would find a great many people who would support you in this endeavour, as well.

Yes, certainly there would be problems - but nothing that could not be dealt with, and nothing as large as the ongoing problem of having to turn over huge amounts of taxpayers' hard-earned money to private banks, forever and ever until death do you part.

Well - I needn't go on at length - all of these things are very well documented elsewhere (for instance, you might start here - Community Currencies for some informative reading) - the bottom line is, as always, the political will, and in whose interests that will is going to be exercised. Unfortunately, for a long, long time now, the political will has been subjected to the will of the bankers and their cronies and their desire for great profit, thus the system of debt-based money has prevailed. Should you wish to have the good of the people of your province prevail (a most radical notion, I will admit!) - I have showed you the path you can choose to take. The choice is yours - please the people - or please the banks.


(PS - although I write from ????? where I currently work, my mother was from Placentia and I have had several memorable visits there, and have lots of family around the ol Rock still, thus I feel connected, and will always be proud to call it almost home)


HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - ah well, that's the way it COULD be! - but it ain't likely to happen any time soon. But we keep trying. We Newfies are a stubborn sort. Not to mention a tad outspoken at times HAHAHAHAAAA. Thanks for that, Mom!! Hope you got a good piano, wherever you are.

If you follow the link above to the Community Currency stuff for some further reading yourself, I also stumbled across the full version of General Smedley's War is a Racket there too - good place for some browsing in general, some good reading about stuff that you won't find in the Pispot for some reason HAHAHAHAHAAAA.

This is great - Brazil to fingerprint US citizens - A Brazilian judge has announced US travellers will face tough immigration checks in Brazil that US citizens will be fingerprinted and photographed on entering the country..... Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva was reacting to US plans to do the same to Brazilians entering the United States.....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - I just fucking LOVE it!!!!!! - ah, how nice it would be to live in a country where the government had this kind of guts...... Pierre did, and Dief did (oddly enough the Americans (sorry I ought to watch that - not all Americans obviously, just the government) hated both of them - unlike, shall we say, that exemplaric traitor Mulroney sucking around Reagan, and now Martin whose secret wish and plan, I still believe, is to be the first Governor of the State of Canada) - they really were the "good ol days" ......

- speaking of all this terrorism shit, it's just getting too unbelievable, to comicbookish. The US is behaving like the very worst sort of psychopathic neurotic, and instead of helping them with their sickness, the rest of the world is acting like nothing more than their enabler - sort of a co-dependency thing, with the US the aggressive wacko partner, and the ROU (rest of us) the fawning victim (I ought to go easy with the ROU I guess - I sure as fuck don't do much enabling, and I know there are a lot of others) - which is, of course, the problem - as long as enough people keep their heads buried in the sand (i.e. in front of the tv) and refuse to ask hard questions no matter how much hard evidence of lying is there to be seen for those with eyes to see and guts to acknowledge it (see line at bottom by one Upton Sinclair), it doesn't much matter what the few of us who understand and dare to speak up say or do...

- in psycho babble theory, the underlying major false premise is the structure for everything else - if that premise can be pushed to a status of unquestionable or at least acceptance, then everything else becomes possible, in the name of that basic enabling lie, and a complete false structure erected thereupon - many dictators have used this tactic - the biggest most recent example (prior to this NWO -terrorism shit) was Hitler, and his Reichstag Fire, which he used to take over Germany (well, I suppose we could mention the US again and their allowing the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbour with no American defence to manipulate the American public into joining their little war - sayyyyyyy - does that sound familiar?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) - we know the results of that little escapade - and now the American NWO-ers are heading in the same direction. This story in the Star last week above is a prime example - the premise that bin Laden and a gang of crazed Islamic fanatics hate America and their great "freedom" (fuck I don't understand how people can get that phrase out of their mouth without first undergoing a full frontal lobotomy!!! - it's hard to think of a less free country in the world these days, outside of true backwaters like Burma or some African places) - has NEVER been put to ANY kind of investigation - but the brainwashing is complete - nobody questions it anymore! One would think that more people would understand that the very, very worst possible thing you can do in response to a psychotic neurotic like this is to go along with them and reinforce their psychotic behaviour. Hahahaha - but then one would think that a whole fucking lot of what is going on in this society would get people asking questions, and one might be a tad disappointed.

- re the entire propaganda of the western press, as very exemplified in this terrorism shit - they lie, I know they lie (and many others as well know), they KNOW we know they lie - so why do they keep doing it? The letter I wrote to Coyne a couple of weeks ago, pointing out a few of these lies he was repeating once again is a good example - he'll never answer it, the paper will never print it. There is really only one sort of conclusion that one can come to about this stuff - it's kind of the same story as that famous old quote saying something like "You can't fool all of the people all of the time - but as long as you fool enough of them every four years, mission accomplished..." (HAHAHAHAHA great pun!!!) - something like that. Same story with the lies about the invasion of Iraq, the "national debt", the invasion of Yugoslavia a few years ago, the NAFTA-FTA-MIA-WTO-etc scams to "legally" put the corporations in charge of our countries and rob us all blind, all of the shit the modern governments are getting up to to enable the corps in their Great Vision and fuck the rest of us, etc and etc and etc - as long as enough people in the country believe them and the lies they read in the paper, and support them (or do not protest - support by saying nothing - just as valuable to them... the old story that all evil needs to triumph is that good people do nothing is very very true in our current society), they can retain their power without resorting to the violence and obvious repression of more overt totalitarian governments - and also their maintenance of power is much less stressful, more secure, than in countries whose government is based on overt violence - and which are, therefore, more open to overthrow by someone who's a little more violent.

- propaganda stuff - it's interesting how we label things, and how that affects perception - for instance, it has always bothered me that almost all of the media refer to the US-Iraq "war" - when it was no such thing - it was a US INVASION of a pretty much defenceless country. Think of parallels - in the same region, do we refer to the Iraq-Kuwait "war" of 1991? Not that I've ever seen - it's always the Iraq invasion of Kuwait - that damned monster invading a poor little helpless sort of neighbour - likewise the start of the second world war - Hitler "invaded" Poland, getting everybody pissed off, and then "invaded" France, which got things rolling big time - but we NEVER read of a German-Polish "war" in 1939, or a German-French "war" a few months later - always that damned bad guy "invading" some innocent country - for that's the underlying theme, of course, the deeper message we are supposed to get from the vocab used, much more powerful if accepted unquestioningly, subconsciously - bad guys "invade" others, whereas "wars" are fought between equal sort of opponents to establish pecking order or whatever - thus the continuous spin of the American media and their worldwide sycophants - America fighting a more-or-less "just war" with an opponent, say what you will about everything else, rather than a big strong power invading a lesser foe who didn't really want any sort of "war" - didn't indeed, want the schoolyard bully kicking the shit out of him at all and (as with the case of Yugoslavia a few years ago) doing all he could behind the scenes to pacify the monster while still retaining some minimal amount of credibility in his own country - but again, the bully wanted to kick the shit out of someone (the guys supplying the weapons and planes and ammo needed the money HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - and they wanted the oil and other stuff as well), and there was no stopping him, anymore than there is any stopping of the strutting low-IQ asshole bully in the schoolyard - at least by begging - you need someone to stand up to the bully and kick him a good one right in the nuts, and few, very few, are willing to do that, such courage and appropriate response to bullying being trained out of most of us at an early age (understandably HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - think about it!!!!). And as long as we let them get away with this sort of shit, it adds to the percentages above - maintaining the support or at least willing compliance of enough of the people enough of the time to legitimise the power games of the rulers.

It's all a racket, a scam, to keep people controlled. Think about this - one of the big problems we have in this modern NWO world is a lack of communication among ourselves, isolation, the inability to get together to talk about what is wrong here, and start talking about how to fix it (the Neo analogy in the Matrix was so beautifully envisaged - not only isolated, but a huge sham erected around us to make us THINK we are doing fine.... - anyone who thinks about things will know that you have no chance of solving a problem if you do not recognize that a problem exists in the first place!!!). The dictators know that, they know how important control of communication is. They know how important it is to isolate people, stop them from talking among themselves about anything important. Many things are directed towards this end, some intentionally, some more opportunistically. A thought experiment: we all know how FUCKING HORRIBLE it is that people DARE to drink and drive, sometimes, right?? HAHAHAHAHAAA sure we do - the government has been telling us for 20-odd years now, with HUGE propaganda campaigns (don't you ever get just a bit suspicious of huge propaganda campaigns?!?!?!? - if things are so obviously thus and so, why do we need that kind of campaign to tell us?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAA - thought experiment within a thought experiment - and I haven't even had a beer yet today HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!) so it MUST be true!! Just through one of those amazing coincidences, though, it was during the 70s when the government decided that this was such a horrible, horrible fucking thing that they had to undertake a HUGE fucking program to demonize all of those people who DARED to do such a terrible thing, and get them off the fucking road (not to mention strapping everyone in against their will - but I won't get into that just here) - and, I suppose, back into their houses, to drink alone or not drink at all or whatever. But no more meeting at bars with like minded people, and just talking about stuff. "Boy, Barbie, did you hear that Doug got caught driving home from the bar last night and read 0.08 on the breathalyser??!!?? What a horrible criminal he is!!! He's sure gonna pay the price too - six months in jail, licence suspension, insurance through the roof - and by fuck (HAHAHAHAHAAAA - Gina would NEVER say FUCK HAHAHAHAAA - sorry) by gosh, he sure ain't gonna be invited HERE any more for dinner! Probably lose his job too! We just can't possibly allow that kind of behaviour here!!" (if you're shaking your head in puzzlement at what in the fuck I am talking about - write me a note some day and explain to me exactly what CRIME this guy - these guys - committed - remembering that any realistic definition of crime will involve actual damage to someone - loss of property, personal injury, something like that (anything else is just "DO WHAT YOU'RE FUCKING TOLD AND DON'T ASK QUESTIONS!!!") - I don't personally understand how we can punish people for "thought-crimes" or "MAYBE-crimes" - fuck, we'd all be in jail pretty soon if that was the way things worked - the awesome power of years of propaganda, to a population used to receiving their POVs from the idiot tube every night...)

Now - can anyone imagine a similar government program spending huge amounts of money and propaganda on demonizing a certain group, but with a slightly different goal - for instance, if I was setting social policy through harsh laws in this way, I might think of something like demonizing the watching of television, at least as far as what is currently available on that machine goes - and anyone who spent more than say maybe two hours a week in front of that brainwashing box would be subject to both criminal and social sanctions - imagine sitting on the front porch with some of your neighbours, chatting intelligently about the world and country and whatnot - "Boy, you know, Barb and Ken spend 4-5 hours a day watching that television thing - isn't that awful?!?! I don't think we should invite them to any more parties, Jim - they'd be a really bad influence on everyone, the kids especially - who knows what kind of idiotic ideas they must be picking up - they're certainly hardly likely to be having any sort of intelligent conversation, listening to that shit all day...!" - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - etc etc and etc!!! -



Well - these are the important things we need to be talking and thinking about this year and next year and the year after until we get things sorted out, and doing something about. Same as last year - won't change as long as the inmates are running the asylum, or however you want to phrase it. While taking some time away from constantly wading through this shit pile and getting our heads in some sweeter smelling stuff - wildflowers in the woods in the patchy sunlight, hands in the sweet earth of the vegetable gardens, full moons or half moons or dark dark nights with lots of stars and the sweet sound of rain or waves making peace in the brain, or good books or movies sometimes, or a few hours walking or just sitting peacefully and talking with a good friend or having a beer or some together at the end of the day - we can't lose sight of what it is we're fighting for, the kind of world we want to have WHEN we eventually prevail over the barbarians and berserkers, and begin the long-interrupted task of becoming the society and civilisation and world we could and should be, something fit for and welcome in the universal confederation of intelligent races. Doing this stuff also rejuvenates the soul after battling the Isengard orcs and their sick spawn, tops up the ol energy chambers, gives some more strength to get up the next day and tell some of these berserkers and their spawn to FUCK OFFF!!!! when they get in your face (politely or otherwise - there is a time when non-violence or an attempt to communicate civilly is appropriate, and a time when, if you want to survive, you have no choice but to push back or die, literally or figuratively...)

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - ah, time for one more cold one before the BBQ hits the table ......

Welcome to 2004 - the future, as always, calls........

George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." - Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people - how fucking stupid can you be?? If you were the last fucking product on earth I wouldn't buy anything from you!! Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada besides deleting spam? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know (remove the xx - see above HAHAHAA) would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Paul Martin's our new PM and owes the Bay St. Boys 12 million worth of favors and George Bush is talking to ALLAH on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why? Do you know where Frodo and Gandalf went on that boat> Can we call them? Maybe the really nice elf lady too HAHAHA!!! And Smith - don't forget Smith ....