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031206 - Ask George....

Wayne Easter - who would be the Solicitor General of Canada - our highest official in the realm of Justice, that is to say - is thinking that a Canadian version of the US Homeland Security Office might be in order. I disagree. Here is the letter to Wayne Easter about this matter:

Dear Wayne,
I just read the story about your proposing a Canadian version of the US "Office of Homeland Security" Time to consider need for national security agency, says solicitor general and I have a number of concerns about this undertaking.

First, I do not have any serious objections to maintaining necessary security in Canada, and your general proposal of a review of the situation seems reasonable - but it seems to me that you are putting the cart before the horse, to use an old farming expression I am sure you are familiar with, in a couple of important ways - and indeed, the Canadian government has been doing so for the last couple of years, since SOMEBODY drove some planes into the World Trade Center in New York, and something else blew a hole in the Pentagon. I would urge you to recall, Wayne, that there has as yet been NO official investigation of any sort into the tragedies of that day, only a huge amount of, if you look past the hysterical presentation, almost wholly unsubstantiated innuendo about certain Muslim terrorist groups - and until such an investigation is conducted - and I mean in a fully open and transparent manner, not some farcical coverup such as, for instance, the infamous Warren Report into the Kennedy assassination or, closer to home, the mysteriously truncated Somalia inquiry a few years back here in Canada - then we have no business at all implementing policy on the basis of these unsubstantiated conspiracy theories concerning the very serious matter of terrorism as propagated by the American government and media (and certain segments of the Canadian government and media as well, unfortunately) - a government which, I might add, has just had its willingness to lie egregiously and shamelessly in pursuit of its goals undeniably demonstrated concerning their invasion of Iraq - EVERY major justification they gave for that invasion, starting over a year ago, has turned out to be a lie, as you well know. So why then should we believe their rather fantastical conspiracy theories about fanatical Arabs in caves in Afghanistan hijacking planes to cause terrorist acts in the US because they "hate freedom and democracy"?!?!? It is, quite frankly, a highly unlikely fantasy, and I am more than a little disappointed and saddened that the Canadian government is not being a little more skeptical about those stories. And very, very concerned that we are setting government policy for Canada based on such unsubstantiated bogeyman stories - we can do much better than that, Wayne, and should be.

So first, I would strongly recommend that before you jump the gun with your rather Stalinesque-sounding "Homeland Security" plan, you first conduct a full and OPEN inquiry into just what danger Canada and Canadians are in from so-called "terrorists" and "terrorism" (I use the quotation marks because the words are greatly overused these days, and very subjectively so - it seems that anybody who does anything against the US government or that it does not like these days is liable to have the term attached to them, but in reality the US government itself is currently, in the opinion of many, the greatest terrorist organisation in the world).

Such an inquiry ought to address such questions as:

First) exactly what are we going to define as a "terrorist" act - that is, a suicide bomber blowing him or herself up in an Israeli bus would undoubtedly qualify - but what about the Israeli army firing missiles into civilian areas in Palestine, and blowing up an equal or greater number of civilians? Is "terrorism" to be defined by the weapons or methods used, or the current relationship our government has with the people doing the killing (that is, "good" killing vs "bad" killing), or what? We really should have a clear and unambiguous answer to such a question, to help us deal with the situation - and a clear and unambiguous answer decided by the people of Canada rather than the government of George Bush, I might add.

Second) I also think it is absolutely necessary to clarify as much as possible, with actual evidence rather than rumor and innuendo and hysteria, what exactly happened that most notorious day we now call 911 two years ago - there are more holes than in Swiss cheese in the official story, yet nobody in official circles seems interested in getting at the truth here - and that is bordering on international criminality itself, since the US has now bombed two mideast countries in the name of this act, without ever legally or officially establishing any guilt of anyone, anytime! And the Canadian government has participated fully in one of these actions, and even now has troops on the ground in harm's way in the name of this act - that has never been officially investigated or official guilt levied on anyone!! It is quite unbelievable, really, and I do not see how you can possibly justify all of the measures the Canadian government has taken since that day without such an investigation. The time for striking blindly at suspected perpetrators, and equally blindly following the endless shrill demands of the hysterical US government on the heels of that day for more bombing and violence against named-without-proof "enemies", is long, long past, as is the time for an official investigation, and I would suggest that the Canadian government do NOTHING else in the name of this "war" on terrorism (a ludicrous notion in itself, when you stop to look at it rather than running along blindly behind the Americans, since to whatever extent it exists or is a threat to Canada, the military is not the proper response, but a criminal investigation - calling it a "war" just adds to the hysteria and unclearness of the whole situation) until such an investigation has been undertaken and satisfactorily completed (which may be problematical, given the obvious intention of the US government to allow no such investigation to proceed - which is to many a rather obvious indication of some kind of complicity - I mean Wayne, WHO exactly has the greatest interest, in general, in preventing an investigation into any criminal situation - innocent people or guilty people?!?!?!).

And Third) The inquiry ought to then, based on the findings from the first two questions, try to determine exactly what if any danger Canada might face from "terrorists", and why.

Only after such a public inquiry has cleared up such all-important preliminary questions should it then move on to consider exactly what steps it might be appropriate for the Canadian government to take, depending on just what level of threat the public inquiry has found to be realisitic.

My belief is that such an inquiry, truly honestly and openly conducted, would find that the great majority of what we now call "terrorism" in the world might equally be called "freedom fighting" from the other perspective - a response to conditions that virtually anyone would consider unacceptable, and when they can achieve no satisfaction through normal means, then, as revolutions throughout history have shown, violence becomes inevitable. I am not condoning such activity, merely trying to clarify it - when, for instance, some Iraquis bomb some American soldiers, perhaps they are doing so not because they are evil animals who blindly hate democracy and love violence as the American government would prefer to portray them, but because they are angry Iraqi patriots who are very angry at a foreign power who has invaded and occupied their country, and want them gone!!!! (would King George the IV have called the American Patriots "terrorists" during the American Revolution?!?!?!? - or you would never, I am sure, suggest that French patriots during WWII were "terrorists" when they blew up German trains and killed German soldiers, would you?? - although undoubtedly the Germans did!!! - and the dominant German media would echo those sentiments at the time!!!) - I am simply saying that we need to have some perspective on this, and not blindly resort to violence every time something happens we don't like as seems to be the new American way under their PNAC initiative - but perhaps those who are using the violence against Americans have a reason for doing so, and the way to deal with it is not, as the Americans prefer, to take their guns and bombs and create even more violence, but to try to address the root causes of that violence.

I strongly suspect, Wayne, that any truly honest inquiry into the root causes of the current phenomena occurring around the world we are calling "terrorism" would find that the roots of the situation could be traced fairly directly back, in most cases, to western imperialism - primarily American, since WWII, but all western countries must share the blame, through their participation in such IFIs as the World Bank, IMF and, more recently, the WTO, which have enslaved most of the so-called developing world through huge "loans", on which most of these countries are now required to pay substantial portions of their tiny national income in "debt service" charges, and also open their countries to inexcusable exploitation from wealthy and powerful western corporations - we can see the final step of this process in the new American PNAC policies, which state clearly that they will simply destroy any nation in the future that even looks as if it might become a military threat to the US (one might also note that they rather pointedly do NOT exclude "friendly" nations such as Canada!!). The western powers have also been instrumental in propping up military dictatorships with modern armaments in these countries which have been used to terrorize their own people, and looked the other way while such dictators have stolen hundreds of billions of dollars of this "loan" money.

And upon recognizing such things, we might then also be able to understand that to truly combat modern "terrorism", we must look not to Arabs in caves somewhere, or piously condemn "suicide bombers" and their innocent victims, but much, much closer to home, to our own policies of the last century in regard to international "relations", to remove the roots of their anger, and give them back their freedom and let them enjoy and prosper from the wealth of their labour and resources of their countries as they wish, rather than having it all stolen by western imperialist governments. (And yes, if we are to act in a truly humanitarian and progressive way, that will involve helping such countries get rid of brutal dictators - brutal dictators which it must be acnowledged were only able to take power with the help of our "aid" dollars and armaments! - but not through bombing their societies back to the stone age or invading their countries - peaceful change is possible if we truly want to help achieve this - for instance, a major first step would be to simply stopping providing such dicators with western arms, and they would very quickly lose their ability to maintain their brutal control over their citizens! Where there is a will, there is always a way - and we must simply acknolwedge that the western "will" over the last century and more has NOT been freedom and democracy for these countries, but exploitation and repression.

Harsh words, Wayne - but true. Very true.

I would finally suggest, Wayne, that in order to further engage the citizens of Canada in this, and clarify the issues involved, you do not take any precipitate action, but instead you and the Liberal Party make it part of your next election platform, coming up in a few months - the Liberals can thus portray themselves as the "Tough on Terrorism" party, perhaps, proposing closer ties to the US and their "anti-terrorism, for-us-or-against-us" regime, support the missile "defence" plan of George Bush, and so on - while the NDP and their allies could propose a much more moderate (and sane) Canadian policy (I think we are both aware that the new "united right - cum - conservative party" of the far right has pretty much written itself out of the future electoral history of Canada (as anything more than a fringe group, at any rate) with their recent merger - very few Canadians really want much to do with their extremist ideas, and the Liberals have now established themselves over the Chretien-Martin years quite firmly, in the shifting political sands of the current era in Canadian politics, as the party of "the right" in Canada, leaving a vacuum in the "center-left" that they occupied for most of the last half of the 20th century, leaving a void which a new party will sooner or later fill, as most Canadians seem to prefer that area politically), a policy that would see Canada attempting to reduce terrorist-type activity by removing the causes of such activity around the world through recognizing and starting to undo the terrible effects of the last century of western imperialism, and that believed that the path to the future might lie in stronger, more equal alliances with a peaceful rest-of-the-world rather than being a sycophant of the increasingly militaristic United States, and so on.

I would like to carry on a little longer, about the second part of your speech concerning the related area of international crime, but I fear I have gone on too long already, so will leave that for another time.

I do hope you will give these ideas some serious thought Wayne -

(citizen RM -30- -30- -30- etc)

Speaking of letters - The CHIEF REPLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!! That was fat action (HAHAHAHAAAA - another great typo!!! I LOVE it when the powers of the universe sit next to me as I ramble!!!!!!!!!!! "GOD HELPS RM" HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!) - anyway, within days, Chief Fantino (a rather - ummmmm (I expect to be visiting Toronto next year HAHAHA!!!!) shall we say "robust" individual, in case you missed the humour of the typo) replied to my letter of last week - I contemplated briefly the great things that might be happening - perhaps a real job with a real salary for a Rude Person doing something great in TO!!!, the Toronto Police Association demanding the legalisation of marijuana (fuck he must be on something already today HAHAHAHA!!!!!) etc - then opened the email (I quote in full):

Thank you for your email letter.
Wendy Cowie, Corporate Communications"

HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - do not, as they say, hold your breath for enlightened policing in Toronto HAHAHAHAAA...........

Justice in Canada, while we're on the topic - always nice to see SOME paper somewhere putting out another piece of the corporate corruption pie as it leaks its rancid fumes out of the courthouses of the nation (HUHH!?!?! - well - as the government is run by the corps for their benefit, and the justice system is run by the government - I know they eschew logical reasoning in the "education" system, for this very purpose I expect, in favor of memorising lists of things they WANT you to know or "think", but still - that is not a lengthy nor complicated process - well, maybe a bit, and maybe you need the special training you get from leaping out of the see-spot-eat-jane box at an early age to appreciate it - but when the "justice system" is simply a sham to keep people in line while making them believe the Law is Grand and Fair and Impartial (Blind works better for some reason), then it is NOT staffed by people at the upper levels who are actually interested in seeing "justice for all", but only in maintaining the appearance of justice - and it is kind of a given ratio, to use a legal concept, that when more attention is paid to the superficial glitz of something than the actual content, that content is generally going to be pretty useless and unreliable - one could run with that idea a looooong ways, with Christmas advertising already plastered everywhere you look - but let's leave it for later) - anyway - a couple of good examples that hit the papers this week on "justice" in Canada - Edmonton grandmother serves time for not shovelling snow - and here I thought we didn't have debtor's prisons in Canada!!! (actually I didn't think that at all, knowing better - but that is what the common (mis-)perception is) - and a bit more on the current emerging serious injustice case in Manitoba - Denying errors hurts confidence in justice system - typical of the whole pattern we see - it's a given that in any system, even if it was exceedingly well run, which the Canadian justice system is certainly not (well - again - in terms of providing mock trials to provide the appearance of justice and providing a shell game to keep the people in line while letting the elite do as they please, it is quite well run - but in real terms, it is a mess), mistakes would inevitably be made - and a measure of both fairness and integrity in any individual, as well as any system, is how such mistakes are dealt with - honest and well-meaning people have no trouble admitting mistakes, learning a lesson from whatever caused the mistake, and carrying on to the future a better person for it - but people who lie a lot, and never know from one day to the next what horrible things might start to unravel if they admit ANY of the lies, are adamant about NEVER admitting mistakes - we see it also in the whole corporate culture of this sad era in history - corporate leaders demand complete autonomy in making decisions, but NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER admit any mistakes or wrongdoing!!!!!!!!!! nosireebobsyerfuckingunclejack!!!!!!!!!

Likewise the courts - the people running these things KNOW that most decisions that are made have little to do with anything a real, intelligent person would call meaningful law, so the path of choice is to make whatever decisions they make for whatever reason (i.e. slapping down a nuisance to the system, helping an elite member, sheer incompetence, laziness and/or stupidity, which crop up frequently in these small exposes that make the papers, etc and etc - and yes, every now and then a decision gets made that could actually be described as half-decent - which means nothing more than the old story about sitting a million monkeys at a million typewriters for a period of time, and eventually one of them will write something that appears meaningful - which should not actually be construed to mean that all monkeys are great writers - likewise the odd decent legal decision should not be misinterpreted to mean that most of the judges actually know what they are doing, or have any intention whatsofuckingever of dispensing actual "justice" to Canadians being railroaded by the cops or others in government), and then close the books firmly and get on to the next decision - when such decisions have been made for the wrong reasons, then we are only fooling ourselves if we look at them and pretend that the system is working well - for YOU may be the next Driskoll or Truscott or Morin coming down the pipes. (HAHAHAAA - I've always admired the implementation of this system - even evil stuff can have a certain beauty or symmetry to it - but think about it - Mr High Judge up in his little chair gets the lawyers to do all the work while he snoozes away - they go through the law books and drag up all the old case law and pertinent statutes and what not for BOTH sides - and no matter what the judge is going to do, which he already knows!!!! - they provide him with the legal justification for it!!! - beautiful!! - and, as I have seen more than once, he is perfectly free to simply IGNORE anything in the other brief he doesn't care for, or that goes even directly against what he is saying. Yes, appeals are available - for some (I have been involved in at least one case where the judge agreed with the opposing lawyer's request that I not be allowed to file any appeal until I had paid all of HIS fees (awarded as part of the decision) plus legal costs - I, who had fought my own case because I could not afford a lawyer, was going to have to pay for the lawyer for the opposing side in a case in which I was being very obviously railroaded before I could appeal!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA - beautiful for them - but evil for most of us) - but the higher up you get in the "justice system" the less likely you are to run into anybody who is going to find against corporate government in any meaningful sense. And that may sound cynical - but it is also true. (I think I quoted the great Lily a few weeks back - "No matter how cynical you get, you can't keep up!!")

Justice related stuff, on a slightly larger scale - PM to Africans: Clean up corruption (RM archive copy) - man, one hardly knows where to start, the lies here are so deep they would require a systematic look into our entire social structure in the west to untangle - oh well, that's the job, Diogenes, quityer fucking whining and get at it! The stunning hypocrisy strikes one first - the Canadian government is so corrupt with corporate money that for ANYONE in that government, let alone its head, to speak of the corruption of others is rather brazen, to say the least - of course, he is simply parroting the official propaganda and brainwashing of the government in Canada, and could hardly do otherwise, so he may be speaking with some feeling of justification, however misplaced - or probably some of the modern way of doing things that when WE do something it is ok - but YOU do what we SAY and not what we DO HAHAHAHAAAAAA - that is, OUR corruption is ok!! - but when YOUR corruption starts to interfere with OUR corruption, and the bank accounts of our corrupting corporations are making less than they could if YOUR people weren't so corrupt, then you better do something about it HAHAHAHAHAAA! - sort of like terrorism in the US - it's fucking GREAT for the US to be able to run around the world bombing the fuck out of anyone we want anywhere anytime - but should anybody dare to bomb US - why that's HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! You know it.

But even worse is continual spreading of the idea that the "governments" are corrupt and this is the main problem, no need to look further - as frequently pointed out previously, corruption, like pregnancy, is a 2-way street - it doesn't happen by itself - without a serious financial "corrupter", you can have, by definition, no "corruptee" anymore than you can have that scourge of "family-values" politicians, the "unwed mother" without some equally guilty "unwed father" who gets remarkably little attention compared to the woman - yet almost EVERYBODY who talks about corruption, either "3rd world" or anywhere else, just ignores this central facet of the situation. You hear little about Canadian corruption in a realistic sense, for instance - sure there's the odd column or story floating around about particular "scandals" where one MP or another may be caught with his/her hand in the pie a bit too obviously for even our corrupt press themselves to overlook, or one or another of them roots so strongly for "their" team-party that they are always talking about shit someone from "the other team" (the bad guys) are getting up to - but really NOTHING on the entire underlying corporate corruption of our entire governmental system, becoming ever more and more open, as with the recent "donations" of over 10 million bucks to King Paul's "warchest", of which not a fucking word of criticism was to be found in the great Canadian Democratic Media (HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ah that is SOOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). And in Africa equally, it is ludicrous and, worse, pointless, to talk of "government corruption" without naming some names about where all the corrupting influence and money came from - but once you are even aware of this question (again, you will have to be outside of the box to even think of it, for it is apparent the mainstream media aren't going anywhere near it - and probably a lot of the younger "reporters" aren't even aware of it themselves! - so I guess we're just supposed to think it is a personal choice or something), it's lack becomes pretty obvious. But it is equally obvious why Chretien or any other leader will not and, indeed, cannot talk about this - because they are, or directly support, the major corrupters themselves, of course - international financial institutions (IFIs) are the main culprit (World Bank, IMF, etc), national governments like Canada or the US or Britain the second worst, and MNCs the 3rd major group of corrupters - esp things like oil companies - Africa is a rich source of oil and other precious resources.

Oh well, one could go on at length about this piece - Chretien self-righteously telling the Nigerians they should quit asking for debt relief because "everyone has to pay back debt" - completely disregarding any acknowledgement of the fact that their debt has been repaid many times over, and it is just usurious interest payments that make up the debt chains they wear, or more importantly the fact that quite obviously none of the money "borrowed" by the dictators was used for the good of the nation as a whole, therefore relegating it all to "odious debt" as we talked about before, and only corrupt bankers and their puppets still demand repayment of such debts (yes, you can make the 2+2 connection there in terms of what Chretien really is) - and he even goes on to talk about how HIS government reduced Canadian debt with "popular support" - but I guess 25-30% of the support of Canadians is big numbers for these people, as we see time after time, the rigged system giving people like Chretien, Harris or now McGuinty big majorities with those kinds of figures. Some of us don't really accept that 25% of the population ought to be telling the other 75% what to do - but that's modern Democracy!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

For some more reading if you're a tad skeptical, particularly on Nigeria from where Chretien is laying down the law for international corps (probably over his little tantrums of the last year, trying to do things for the people, but now more aware of his future board positions and what not that were getting jeopardised - this little "straight from the heart" talk about how wonderful Capitalistic Democracy is is hopefully opening a few of the right doors - although as this little story shows, the corruption in our government is such that he certainly won't be worrying about his retirement income, thanks to you and I and past generations and future taxpayers - Long faces and long green - on the MP pension scam hahahahaaa sorry scheme) (good enough to save for later!! (in case it's off the main site when you go looking too - it's worth a read) - RM archive copy) - Global Issues: Nigeria and Oil is one good place to start, or a special New Internationalist issue on Pipeline Cowboys (NI #361 - you'll have to check around a bit, one of them old frames sites that you can't make a direct link to - you'd think these progressives would know better....) also the New Internationalist has a LOT of interesting reading about all kinds of stuff, for anyone who believes ANY of the official shit our government feed us about how they "really really really want to help them poor Africans" etc - fuck it is to make one puke seriously - how can people lie like this over and over and over again? And, I suppose, more to the point - how can so many citizens in a county like Canada be simple-minded enough to believe them? I can't actually get a good grip on this - most people I know back home don't appear to be all that stupid - but also most of them believe that our governments are really, really well-intentioned, and are quite offended when I try to talk about what a corrupt pile of stinking shit most of that pretty facade is built on.

Anyways - WAY off base with tangents - everything is SO interrelated you can't help it really - we do not live in a straight-line black-and-white see-spot-fuck-jane HAHAHAHAHAAAAA sorry-run world as so many at the top want us to simplistically believe, but a very complex one, with threads of corruption writhing all over the place (the threads of goodness do as well, of course, but are rather less evident in general .....)

Still they're carrying on with the ongoing bogeyman-terrorist shit this week - I really gotta figure there is something coming up next year that they're softening us up for. "Terrorism" - the great boon for governments with totalitarian instincts (and who doesn't, in government, wish at all times they could do what they fucking wanted without constantly being badgered by citizens demanding all sorts of accountability and democracy and shit like that!) of being able to do almost anything to anyone and justify it by calling that person a " security threat" - no proof needed!!!

Who did the "terrorist" acts that have been perpetrated during the last couple of years - starting shall we say with 911 - actually benefit? Bali? Riyadh? Turkey? - when you look at these things from a perspective outside of the box, a perspective you are steered RIGHT away from in the mainstream media, not to be thought even in the darkest hours of the night, something becomes rather strikingly clear - the main beneficiary of EVERYTHING that has happened since (and including) that date has been the US corporate government (aka Eisenhower's MIC - Military Industrial Complex - think especially weapon supplying corps like Boeing and Raytheon, etc) - and, related, other western governments who have been leaning ever rightwards (that is to say, towards fascism, which is, after all, corporate government, as defined first by Mussolini, in the face of increasing citizen protests, who do NOT want the governments going this way) - ALL of whom now have a basically iron-clad excuse to arrest anyone they want anytime they want for any reason they want, take any measures they want in terms of crowd (i.e citizen) control - all in the name of "security threat" etc - the supposed beneficiaries of these "terrorist" attacks - that is, the "terrorists" (well - why would they do it if they did not expect SOME benefit?!?!?! ) - are actually now considerably worse off than they were back before 911 - think about it!! - so why oh why would they be doing these things??? That is to say, if terrorism is to have a political goal, which it surely does when carried out by "real" "terrorists" (who are usually "real freedom fighters" from another perspective) - then what actually was served by any of these bombings??? What political demands were made by any of them? It remains one of the strongest points AGAINST the official US government conspiracy theory of Osama Bin Laden directing the whole thing from some cave in Afghanistan that not only did he disclaim any responsibility for what happened - there was NEVER any demand made - that is, something like - "OK you guys - this is what we can do when we want - and if you don't want us doing something like this again, then this is what we demand that you do...." - basic. Terrorism 101 if you will. Unless you want to go with the official story that these guys just run around bombing and killing because they hate freedom and democracy - and if you believe that, then buddy, you are on the wrong fucking page!!!!!!!!!!! - what happened, did Momma take your See Spot Run book or what>!>! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA - anyways - the most recent one in Istanbul, just as Bush was visiting Britain - no messages from anyone telling the British government that they had better do "this" or else there would be more of the same or anything - so what was the fucking point of it all?? It did of course give Bush something to talk about, blustering about how he and his good bud Tommy (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!) will keep fighting those darn freedom-hating terrorists and what not, quite convenient for that actually, considering that about 90% of the Brits think Blair is really not doing anything good for their country by sucking up to Bush like he has been (probably good for Tony personally, as he considers retirement, however - a spot on the Carlyle Board is apparently being tossed around HAHAHAHAH!!!!! - were we just talking about corruption!!!! HAHAHAHAAAA - now that's real terrorism - international criminalism - corruption in action, the good ol quid-pro-quo right up front - I as PM will drag my very unwilling country into war - and what then will you do for me??? or Chretien sucking up to the Bay St Puppeteers - I'll continue cutting the fucking heart out of healthcare and other social spending in Canada for 10 years and give you tax cuts you never fucking dreamed of - and then what do I get at the end??? well, we'll see - we know Lyin Brian is doing pretty good for himself on the international vast chicken- HAHAHAHAA!!! right-wing conspiracy circuit around the world these days HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Scary shit - "terrorism links" - well - I have a copy of Mein Kampf on my bookshelf, works by Marx, an internet bookmark list chock-fucking FULL of conspiracy links, etc - perfect fodder for a line to the press as they take me away - "We found definite signs of links to terrorist activities in the dwelling of this nasty person." - OHMYGOD says the average citizen - a terrorist!!!! fuck. Oh well, I guess the freedom I fight for every day includes the right to be abysmally stupid - certainly seems to be the one most people in certain parts of the world would claim as their own special right, anyway. But that's contradictory - they wouldn't know about it because they didn't hear it on tv HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA! What it seems to me is that this "anti-terrorism" shit is increasingly, even in Canada, nothing more than a cover to go after anybody who expresses any kind of dissatisfaction with what the government is up to - and this is not all that new, it certainly predates 911 (Seattle, Vancouver, OCAP in Toronto, etc) - but now they have a much more "sellable" if you will justification to the public - which is what we are seeing and reading ever more and more - witness, for instance, a few weeks ago the story about cigarette smugglers in Quebec, for fuck's sake!!!! - where's it going to end?!? - You WHAT?!?! You didn't have your seatbelt on?!?! Holy fuck - that's really showing disresepect to our lawmakers and lawenforcers - and that's pretty much terrorism, isn't it?!?!?! - fuckfuckfuck - but it makes suppression of dissent so much easier - people just MIGHT be a little upset at stormtrooper tactics to grab citizens on suspicion of cigarette smuggling - but terrorism, now - well, that's a LOT more serious, right?!?!?! fuck man - them terrorists could be sneaking around planting bombs in your kid's school right now, or the CN tower or something -

- the thing is, this is more and more becoming divided along the lines of government against citizens, although they are determinedly selling it all as "we innocent wonderful freedom loving people against damned fucking freedom-hating terrorists!!!" - a much easier sell, for sure!!! - but they're rounding up and harassing a lot of innocent people and precious few terrorists!!! - and when they do make the big bust after a year's investigation - why none of them turn out to be terrorists after all!!

And what do we call some country where a citizen can be picked up on a 'security warrant" and held in jail for months, not allowed to see the evidence against him, and so on? Damn fucking commies and totalitarian governments, right?!?!?! Well - not actually - Canada actually - Zundel last week - and now we have another story (and how many AREN'T we hearing about - disappeared people in Canada - ain't that a grand fucking thought!!!!!!) - Judge rejects request for secret evidence by accused terrorist Charkaoui "...MONTREAL (CP) - A Federal Court judge has rejected a request by accused al-Qaida terrorist Adil Charkaoui to have access to secret evidence, including statements by a top al-Qaida recruiter, that could lead to Charkaoui's deportation.... In a second ruling also issued Friday, Justice Simon Noel struck down Charkaoui's assertion the federal government is violating international law and the Constitution by holding him without charges under the secret evidence...." - this is setting the precedents for when they come for you. Ask George. HAHAHAHAHAAA

- and more - this was a CNEWS story for which the link is no longer working and I couldn't find it again and didn't make a copy fuck!!!! - but just a quick comment anyway - the headline read - Police head: Cops need anti-terrorist training - HAHAHAHAHAAAAA - actually, the CITIZENS need some fucking training in defending themselves against terrorist government stormtroopers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think about it!!! - the whole idea is to basically criminalise dissent - did you know it is illegal for citizens now to have anything to defend themselves against these stormtroopers?!?!?! It is, for instance, illegal to carry fucking vinegar and a handkerchief to any kind of citizen gathering, protest or no, since these things might be used to offset a TINY TINY bit the effects of the teargas and pepper spray the cops want to subdue you with!!!! - man, Hitler had NO fucking idea how to deal with this stuff - our modern governments are SO much better - HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! - you're supposed to purse your lips and kiss that fucking police baton as it breaks your teeth I guess - well sure - a "good citizen" would, wouldn't he????? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Ask George. He knew.

- Speaking of "terrorism" - it really does depend on the way we look at things - or, one might say, the way we are TRAINED to look at things - this, for instance - 25 million die of hunger a year: UN " ROME - The war on hunger has suffered a setback as the number of malnourished people has risen after having fallen steadily during the first half of the 1990s, according to a UN report.....The number of chronically hungry people around the world rose to 842 million in 2000, an increase of 18 million...." - now to me, THAT is REAL "terrorism". By any definition of the word - hmmmm???? I see the puzzled looks - well, think about it - "terrorism" is commonly defined as acts of violence undertaken against a civilian population to achieve a political end - and keeping these people poor and starving is very definitely political in nature - realpolitik, fore sure, rather than the see-spot-eat-jane politics taught in school, but politics nonetheless, the political objective remaining control of the governments and resources of those countries, and keeping the citizens who are being so badly fucked around by the west too poor and powerless to do anything about it. And starving slowly to death, and watching your kids or other family members die the same lingering death, is extremely violent and brutal - and says a great deal about the "morals" or "ethics" of those who condone such policies in western governments. Not to mention the citizens - ignorance as an excuse for not protesting what your government is doing is an excuse that is not going to carry a whole lot of weight, I fear, when your turn comes in front of whoever does the judging.

- the irony just gets too much sometimes - both Martin and another MP named Goodale were talking this week about how there just needs to be a bit more emphasis on ethics in the government (Goodale here - Ethics crackdown promised, Martin stories all over the place, if you haven't seen any you wouldn't be awake enough to be here either HAHAHAHAAA), as there is a sort of perception among Canadians that things are a bit screwy at times (ya gotta notice the way they word things - generally they won't admit to anything at all they might have done wrong themselves - the fault, if you notice, is actually OURS - WE have a perception that things are amiss!!! - a perception, mind you, indicating that things are actually pretty good, but they will try to deal with this "perception") - anyway, they are vowing that things will improve under King Paul - what I don't understand is how almost nobody in the mainstream media is picking up on the obvious question - that is to say - HEY!!!! You guys have been the fucking government for the last ten years - how come you haven't done something about this already?!?!?! - rather than actually creating the "perception" that maybe you're all fucking crooked in them secret meetings etc and etc - anyway, there is the ODD piece that asks this kind of question - here, for instance, we once again turn to Murray Dobbin of BC - All Hail the Alienator! Paul Martin says he wants to deal with B.C. alienation. Unfortunately, he’s been a significant cause of it (RM archive copy) (and note the new website - a new Canadian indy site in BC - The Tyree - appears to be ready to do some good stuff - you don't get Dobbin in many papers in Canada at all (Rabble being the only other place I know of you can find him regularly) - he's a very good writer, and well knows that King Paul is actually Bay St. Paul, which few other Great Canadian Democratic Media HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA care to acknowledge - I wonder why he doesn't get more space - hmmmmmm HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA) - anyway - the more commentary we get from REAL journalists like Dobbin rather than the embarrassing corporate hacks staffing most of the major media, the more chance we have to start collectively waking the fuck up and asking the predators and usurpers of our government just what in the FUCK they think they're up to (as me ol da used to say when particularly riled, albeit without the F*** word - a good man that, he NEVER got that riled, although pushed at times - raising 5 boys in the 60s and 70s, led by a particularly rudish sort of one (much less smart than he thought he was at the time too), must have been a very, very trying experience by times - now how did I get off on that?) - anyway -

17,000 Canadians don't know they have AIDS/ HIV "OTTAWA - The incidence of HIV infection in Canada has increased by more than 12 per cent since 1999, a federal government report shows.... A 'lack of information and misinformation about HIV/AIDS in Canada' — report. - There were 56,000 people living with HIV (including AIDS) at the end of 2002, up 6,200 from 1999. And one third of those affected, or about 17,000 people, don't know they have the life-threatening disease...". Me, I'd like to know how in the fuck they think they know that - note, it says nothing about how the figure is arrived at, or if any doubt attaches to it at all - just a statement as of fact. Are these people identified? I mean - can they walk up to some guy on the street and say - "Hey you! - YOU got AIDS and don't know it - you and 16,999 other losers! HAHAHA!!!" - well, maybe I shouldn't be unfair - they seem to be concerned sorts - but then so am I, concerned with the truth, and how a lot of people seem more concerned with getting everybody all upset about things - hysteria sells shit better than calmness - ask any dictator - ask George - he knows it well HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!. Sure HIV/AIDS is a serious problem - but like a lot of things, less serious than a lot of other problems they aren't talking about so much - for instance the 25 million people dying of hunger each year that get about one story a year in the media whenever the UN releases their most recent report (or Mel Hurtig puts a new book out that gets a few reviews). But that's sort of off the point - I really want to know how they know that 17,000 people have AIDS but don't know it. Man I got a whole lot of stuff to say about the health care system that ought to go here - but it's just too late!!!!!!!

Man what a crazy fucking world - MacKay promises to 'lead' in new party - fuck, words fail at the behaviour of some of these people - no wonder most normal citizens don't vote anymore. "....HALIFAX (CP) - Tory Leader Peter MacKay promised to take a "leadership role" in a new, united conservative party Wednesday, but continued to stop short of promising a run for the would-be party's top job....." - I mean really, Peter, would you want to take a minute or two and explain how anybody anywhere could ever do anything but laugh at a "promise" of yours in the future???? Fuck, these people have no shame whatsoever, hand in hand with no morals or ethics. I am ashamed to live in the same country, let alone be on the same planet. And not ONE fucking "journalist" or columnist asking him this question ...... maybe having something to do with -

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! - You ALWAYS got to watch the spin!!! - catch this, for instance, even in the fucking Star - Pro-merger Tories fear `filibuster' - "...OTTAWA—Tory organisers fear opponents of the proposed merger with the Canadian Alliance will use theatrics and even intimidation to disrupt Saturday's historic vote on the deal...." - and explain to me exactly why that couldn't have read the exact opposite, from someone who opposed the merger idea - that is to say - "...OTTAWA—Tory organisers fear PROponents of the proposed merger with the Canadian Alliance will use theatrics and even intimidation to ensure Saturday's historic vote on the deal passes...." - HUNHNH?!?!?! - think about it - think about spin. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! - think about what them people in the media are telling you........... - and ask what in the FUCK ever became of "REAL journalism in Canada??? (that is of course a rhetorical question HAHAHAAAA - what became of "real" journalism is the same thing that became of "democracy" - we allowed the rich to turn everything into a commodity - and since all commodities have prices, they just bought everything up. It's an old saying, but nonetheless, like so many of them, pretty true - people get the governments they deserve, and if they are too fucking lazy to think for themselves, and allow their minds to be turned into mush by tv and other things that just absorb any lies told to them uncritically - then this is the result. Politics is not some fucking "commodity" any more than "health care" or "education" is - we have to get away from the fucking televisions and brainwashers and take back our society while we still got a chance - it's going to be fucking near impossible in a few years, once we all got the National ID cards (here's a good piece on that, about the uses they will undoubtedly be put to by future governments - What's Our National Identity? - a quote - "A National ID card is *not* really about identity. It is about authorization. A modern National ID System will:
  • Require Americans to obtain federal government authorization to travel, work, rent or buy housing, obtain medical care, use financial services, and make many purchases.

  • This federal authorization could be denied for many reasons including database errors, a suspicious transaction profile, being a deadbeat parent, failure to pay taxes or fines, and any other social control measures Congress wishes to hang on the system.

  • The system will almost certainly create an outlaw class - as large as 10 to 20% of the population - cut off from "normal" life in America. This class will include political refuseniks as well as those whose behaviour has caused the system's software to deny their transactions. This outlaw class will sustain the underground economy for the use of future terrorists (and ordinary criminals)."

- yea yea I know you say ohmygod that could NEVER happen in Canada!!! Sure. That's what the Jews in Germany undoubtedly said in 1937-8-9 whatever too (else why were they still there when Adolf decided to round them up?) - think about Guantanamo Bay and Paul Martin saying we need to be closer to the Americans and Wayne Easter wanting our very own Homeland Security department - and ask yourself if this Homeland Security office is going to be staffed by people who like freedom for you and I, or who are going to figure they better justify (and maintain!) their jobs and padded expense accounts and secret missions to study bar girls in Thailand (man all kind of terrorists hanging out in places like that making EVILLLLL bogeyman plans for Canada!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA) by looking busy - by creating criminals and rounding them up, whether or not they really exist - and figure how you're going to check anything they ever say when everything is secret due to "national security" classifications - and it is all supported by "judges" who let them get away with this shit. Go figure a whole lot of a fucking lot, if you care about your freedom and your kid's freedom and the freedom of people all over the world. It doesn't HAVE to happen in Canada - but it will if YOU don't stop it. Not me, not somebody else, not your "elected representative MP" HAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! - YOU. That's what Democracy really means - YOU do stuff that you think is important. Not somebody else (you leave this up to other people, and you'll find that they would rather be giving orders and locking people up than doing things YOU want done.....)

Oh well - as usual, one could go on - and on - and on and on and on and on and fucking on - and one does do that at times indeed HAHAHAHAHAAAA. But que sera sera as someone once said. I do what I can, I do NOT support the fucking berserkers or their lies wherever they rear their ugly fucking out-from-under-the-rock mentalities. And I also try to keep a life going on the side. Beef and shrimp on the ol BBQ tonight, fresh bottle of wine - enjoy it while you can, me old son. Enjoy it while you can.


George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." - Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people. Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

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