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031115-Deficit or Delusion?!?!?!

Now - Paul Martin has been anointed King - HAHAHAHAHAAAA sorry!!!! new-almost-PM of Canada by the Libs and the Bay St Puppetmasters (and the help of a hatful of $100,000 cheques, for which of course there will be no obligations whatsofuckingever HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!), and this anointment, according to pretty much all the people who are allowed space in the nation's media to comment on such things, is going to be ringingly endorsed by a huge majority of Canadians whenever King Paul decides to call an election sometime next year.

So - maybe, if you personally aren't sure about this new King (I don't know - I just sort of figure anyone who finds their way to RM - well - there's a good chance you're not a supporter of either of the current Canadian parties supported by the mainstream media as the Bay St Puppetheads - could be wrong, of course - it's happened before HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!) - but anyway, if you know some people who actually think King Paul might well be the greatest thing to happen to Canada since we beat the Russians in 72 or whatever - maybe you could devise a little check list like the following, and get them to have a boo, and say out loud - "Sure!! All that's fine by me!" or whatever.....

When Paul Martin becomes King of Canada, these things will happen:

** we will adopt more and more policies desired by the US government - i.e. Star Wars Missile "Defence" (the fucking Pentagon has no fucking idea what "defence" means (anyone recall a few planes flying around for a couple of hours before one of them ran into their own fucking HQ a couple of years ago?!?!?! a bit of "defence" - such as from the huge air force base 10 miles away - would have been nice HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!) - it should be called the WE'LL BOMB THE FUCK OUT OF WHOEVER THE FUCK WE WANT!!! HAHAHAHAAA sorry War Department like it used to be) - check it off - "Fine by Me!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! (our own valiant "Defence Minister" (soon to be officially designated as Canadian Pentagon Envoy in Canada (Canadian PEE if you're keeping score HAHAHAHAHAHA!!) - sorry, that wasn't a joke - CSIS will probably be emailing me now to harrass me, asking where in the fuck I am accessing TOP SECRET INFORMATION HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! - anyway) - McCallum is undertaking secret negotiations as we fucking speak or whatever we are doing to join Canada up to this plan - and as we all well know, once treaties are signed that fuck Canadians they are pretty much regarded as inviolable and NEVER to be changed (NAFTA) - although that principle doesn't seem to apply to treaties or laws that Canadians as a group support (UN treaties about non-aggressive war (Yugoslavia, Afghanistan), the Kyoto treaty (so watered down as to be irrelevant - think Titanic & duct tape or something), ending child poverty, etc) HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - anyway - check out a place called Ceasefire.ca for more on this if you like - or don't like, I guess, the idea of Canada being a part of this insanity - I don't think writing letters is going to make much difference, myself - but maybe they'll organize a demo on Parliament Hill or something - it's been awhile since the RCMP et al. had a chance to practice with their pepper spray and rubber bullets and anarchist-eating horses (oh fuck there I go again revealing official secrets HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!) on real live people, and I'm sure their agents provocateur would encourage such a protest HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! oh you cynical fucker!!!!! (Lily Tomlin: No matter how cynical you get, you can't keep up! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! such a beautiful girl she was....)

** We will have a National ID card - only to stop TERRORISM IN CANADA of course!!! - well-behaved citizens have NOTHING to worry about as long as they have their ID card and are sufficiently docile when questioned - remember - only guilty people don't cooperate with their friendly Stormtroopers Whoops did it again sorrrrrryyyy!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP THAT RCMP officers (What?!?! - he has said he is not sure about National ID cards?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - and Big Brian was not sure about "free trade" in 1983 (quite against it, actually, he said...) - and Big Jean was completely AGAINST NAFTA in 1992!!!! - could you explain to me why we ought to believe Big Paul?!?!?! HAHAHAHAAAA) - anyway, check it off - "Fine by Me!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! (actually I just read this bit by a Canadian writer named Murray Dobbin - Paul Martin will be just one step away from the prime minister's job later today. Where will Prime Minister Martin take us? (RM Archive Copy) - a wrinkle I hadn't thought of, but makes sense - we've just been softened up with this crap about a National CANADIAN ID card the last few months - what about a North American ID card?!?!?!?! - which would not, of course, be controlled by our still-sort-of-sane (although fading rapidly into the later stages of sycophantic insanity (we writers can identify new diseases like that, and thus name them - it's part of what we do as a public service HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! - although messengers and prophets are not often welcome HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!) Canadian government - but by the Nazis in Washington?!?!?! - man, if that doesn't get your lunch or whatever turning to a smelly brown liquid and heading for the exit then you ought to get off the fucking meds and wake the fuck up - we are getting closer and closer to nightmares that Orwell didn't even imagine. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

** there will for SURE be more tax breaks for the rich - meaning, of course, less money for health care, education, and so on - the so-called "wealth gap" is sure to grow wider - check it off - "Fine by Me!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! (and of course - by policy - no money available to get those kids selling their bodies on the streets of every major Canadian city and many smaller ones into caring homes and schools where they belong - FINE BY ME!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!)

Oh well - anybody can make a little list - doesn't prove much. But Martin has been doing a lot of talking about something he calls a "democratic deficit" in Canada - there's a rundown in brief on his website - Paul Martin takes on 'democratic deficit' - it says things like "...In his first major policy statement of the leadership campaign, Martin vowed to take on the 'democratic deficit' just as vigorously as he took on the fiscal deficit a decade ago..." - HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - well, after he got done wrestling with that ol "fiscal deficit", he was heard to brag, as he handed out a ONE FUCKING HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR TAXBREAK to the wealthy that "His" government was now spending less on social programs for ALL Canadians (as a percent of GDP) than any Canadian government since 19-fucking-51!!!" (yes I added a word there) - so - let's see - if he were to follow the same pattern concerning "democracy" - HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! - I'll leave the blanks for you to fill in!!! This ain't fucking tv!!! Ya gotta think a bit for yourself here!!!!

But on with Paul's "democratic deficit" - now, his little PR blurb says that his plan is "comprehensive" and "radical" HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA RADICAL !!!!! - but actually it is nothing more than a bit of minor tinkering, and addresses NONE of the major things that those of us concerned about democracy in this country or elsewhere see as the major problems - that is to say, he would have us believe that a few more "free" votes in the House of Commons (man, considering these people have given themselves raises over the last couple of sessions that put them in the top 2% of Canadian income earners, "Commons" seems like a bit of a misnomer - the House of Bay St. would be a FUCK of a lot more appropriate these days!! HAHAHAHAA! again - you heard it here first!!!) will be a significant improvement - right Paul - and somebody is going to go against you right? and kiss goodbye their nomination papers the next time, and that junket to Europe next winter to see if the Europeans have poop-n-scoop laws or some other equally vital task that could not possibly be done by a high school research assistant in a couple of hours on the net for a few weeks? HAHAHAHAHAAA sure. Or committees can select their own chairs WOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! - as if that will make a difference, with your average committee of any importance having a majority of Libs on it - they're going to secretly vote for the NDP guy?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAAAA sure they are!!! And he talks about an "independent ethics commissioner" too - but - wait a minute - didn't we hear that story already?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHHAAAAA sure we did!!!

- the problem is, Paul - like with most of you people - you ALL lie a fucking lot!! - and the closer to the top of the heap, the more and more blatant the lying gets - THIS is one of the most serious problems with Canadian democracy - the amount you people lie, and face no consequences for it!!!!

THIS is the FIRST part of the "democratic deficit" - that electing someone in a Canadian election is just a crap shoot, because the voters never know what's gonna happen afterwards!! - you rarely (maybe never - I'd have to check it out) keep the "promises" you make during election campaigns, and ALWAYS bring in a bunch of new legislation that you NEVER talked about during the election (why do you never talk about how you're going to raise your own fucking salaries within months of getting elected?!?! HAHAHAAAA) - and the way the system works right now, there's not a sweet fucking thing we can do about it for another five fucking years!!!! - and THAT is NOT democratic!!! - when you people PROMISE to do something, and we give you our votes on the basis of that promise, you should HAVE to honour it, by fucking law - or you lose your job, like anyone else would who got hired on false pretenses!!!! - we gave you our votes in good faith (HAHAHAHAH!!!!! - we did at one time in the distant past, anyway!!! - I don't think ANYONE actually trusts you anymore!) - and you should not be able to laugh at us all and say FUCK YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! If I apply for some fucking job, and tell the guy hiring me I can do something - and then after we sign the contract I tell him HAHAHAHAA fooled you I can't do that at all!!! - well - it would be HAHAHAHAA Fuck you you're fired!!! pretty fucking fast, right?!?!? Of course it would - and we should be able to do that to you people, when you lie the way you do.

No wonder most people rate politicians right at the same sort of level as rats and lawyers - most people (lawyers and politicians and crooked "business-con-men" being the main exceptions - hmmmmmmm - is that a light I see going on somewhere?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!) are pretty fucking honest, and do NOT like being lied to like this all the time.

Or another thing he manages not to address in his great concern for the "democratic deficit" - only a few weeks ago, HIS government voted against and thus defeated a simple call to give Canadians a chance to vote for one of the MAIN electoral reforms we need in this country, some sort of PR, so that we stop with this shit of parties getting 40% (or fucking less!) of the popular vote of a 60% (or fucking less!!!) turnout - but because of an electoral system that was designed hundreds of years ago for a two-party system, the "winning" party winds up with a huge majority, meaning that, with the support of 20-30% of the people of the country, they can do what they want for the next five fucking years, no (serious) questions asked. That is NOT fucking democracy, it IS a HUGE "democratic deficit" - and not only does he not address it, he actually helped defeat an attempt to give Canadians a chance to vote on whether or not they would want such a system next year. hmmmmmm..........

Let's hear it for Democracy Paul!!!! right

Or what about the role of Big Money in politics - odd he doesn't mention that, since most Canadians are very well aware that this is a bigtime serious problem - I wonder if the 11+ million bucks he has received in corporate money for his "leadership" campaign would have anything to do with that?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! - just too obvious for words - (yesyes I KNOW the Chretien government, as one of its last acts, passed a bill that will supposedly get rid of corporate donations to political parties - and as I think I said once before, I strongly suspect the reason Martin is keeping so quiet about this is that one of his first acts as PM will be to come up with some excuses as to why this is a bad idea, and get rid of the law - I mean really, this is a guy that has backers coming out of the bung hole from Bay St (HEY!!! A NEW ONE!!! - the Bay St Bunghole Boys!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!~!!!! LOVE IT!!! so appropriate in SO many ways!!!! anyway - ) so it's HIGHLY unlikely, to say the least, that Paul will want to carry on with this nonsense of not letting them spend their money to buy whatever political party they want, after they spent so much buying him HAHAHAHAHAAA. Anyway - time will tell - but the betting lines are open if you want to get rid of some of YOUR hard earned moola somewhere besides tax rebates for the same Bay St boys HAHAHAHAAA!!!)

- and, as part of the money show, the Media Show - it's kind of the ol one-two knockout combination in modern politics - money plus media - and it is the third key principle that needs to be addressed if anyone was REALLY interested in doing something about the all too real democratic deficit we face in Canada (other countries as well - but again, it is Canada we deal with here, primarily) - just think about the political "news coverage" of the last few months in Canada - outside of all the provincial elections (something a tad unsettling about having so many of those in one year - what in the fuck is in the works that all of these people want a "mandate" (HAHAHAHAH!!!!!) for another 4-5 years starting now?!?!?! - I have no idea at the moment, but with Martin set to renew the Libs' paper legitimacy sometime in the first half of next year, I suspect we're going to see something pretty major going on - but lots of time to speculate on that later....) - the ONLY "political" news we've been hearing - over and over and over and over and fucking OVER again is "Unite the Right!!!!" and "Here comes King Paul!" - but what about other stuff politically? That is to say - MOST Canadians, just a for instance, want some commitments from their governments concerning the viability of health care in Canada - why aren't we hearing stories in the news just a BIT more about this, and why the politicians are NOT implementing the Romanow Report recommendations from over a year ago now?!?!?! Hmmmmm!!! - or, in a related sense - we know that Martin has been cutting funding for health care as part of his "beat that goshdarn deficit" program of his for the last 10 years, which has created problems all through the health care system in the country, and the Mulroneyite PCs and Alliance are promoting less not more health care protection for Canadians through various privatisation schemes, which obviously most Canadians do not want - but various parties in Canada (NDP, CAP, Greens), and various NGO type groups (Council of Canadians, for instance, or the major unions) are ALL promoting implementing the Romanow Report more or less completely - these groups again obviously speaking for most Canadians (polls of all sorts indicate that something like 80-90% of Canadians agree with the Romanow report) - and there are various groups and people pushing for a joining of these groups into one unified party to speak for Canadians on this and many other issues that the neocon rightwing governments are leaving behind in pursuit of their one overriding goal of GREED GREED GREED!!!! - but where is the news coverage on these people who are trying to speak for Canadians?!?!?!? - not to be found anywhere whatsofuckingever!!! (okok - maybe one obscure story every few weeks somewhere vaguely touching on this stuff - actually came across ONE decent column this week on the flip side (that'd be yer sane side) of the Unite the Right shit - An alternative for David Orchard if the PCs disappear by one Kathleen O'Hara of someplace called The Issues Network RM archive copy- good read - and FAR too practical and in support of Canadians rather than the elite to appear in any mainstream media) - and this is the third major area of "democratic deficit" we have to deal with - the Big Business Bay St-Mainstream Media nexus - where the major mainstream media speak no more for average Canadians (nor have for many years), but are pushing the corporate agenda, regardless of how out of sync with what most Canadians want for their country that agenda is.

And what does Wannabe King Paul have to say about this?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA you guessed it - not a fucking word.

- and the flip side of that Bigmoney coin is, of course, poverty - democracy does not, CAN not function when a substantial number of its people live in poverty - the child poverty rate in Canada is something like 20%, which is bigtime disgraceful (just fucking imagine if our great Canadian media "of the people" HAHAHAHAH!!!! had been screaming about poverty and its endless resultant evils, COMPLETELY unnecessary in a country like Canada, for the last few years instead of LOWER TAXES LOWER TAXES!!!!!! - but then, the Bay St Boys who own the media don't give a sweet fuck about poor people, but DO have their own greed firmly in mind at all times - scumbags the fucking lot of them) - poor people do not get well educated (and their opportunities are even less after 10 years of government cutbacks to all kinds of social support programs for just such people), don't read many newspapers, don't know a fuck of a lot about what is going on outside of their own immediate concerns of getting food and shelter each day, and avoiding the violence in the poor parts of town where they are forced to live, mothers more concerned with just keeping their kids alive than educating them in the finer points of "democracy" - and this is NOT a criticism of poor people!! - but it is surely a criticism of a government that not only allows, but CHOOSES AS POLICY that these poor people shall remain poor - it is completely despicable (to use a polite sort of word) that Martin brags about giving ANOTHER FUCKING HUNDRED BILLION!!!! to the RICH - and has not a single fucking word to say about the 20% of Canadian children living in fear and poverty, doomed to at best 2nd or 3rd rate lives, a fraction of what they could and should be - government policy. (A substantial group of poor people are not only good for, but pretty much an absolute requirement for, laissez-faire capitalism, to allow a small group of people to exploit the labour of a population to amass great wealth for themselves - who, after all, is going to work in their sweat shops if they have any fucking alternatives at all? Not too fucking many - decently educated and intelligent people, aware of what is happening in the world and desiring a decent life and good opportunities for their families, are not going to staff their sweatshops for subsistence level "wages" except under the most dire of circumstances - circumstances that would not be found in a decent democracy - but are increasingly being found in Canada. This is not accidental. This is globalisation (read recently of somebody calling it "gobble-ization" - good one!). And it is bigtime in the "democratic deficit" department - but of no consequence to our incoming PM, according to his lack of concern, at any rate. Which ought to be sending out some pretty strong signals to Canadians - signals which they are going to have to pick up themselves, because they sure as fuck aren't going to be alerted to them by the mainstream media or the nightly "news" on the big black brainwashing machine.

Poverty is not on Big Paul's radar screen - which is pretty exclusively centered around the needs and wants of his funders - the Bay St Boys. And it is not much on the screens of the mainstream media, either, for some odd reason - odd, that is, if it was really a media "of the people" - which it quite obviously is not. Government of by and for Bay St - supported by media of, by and for Bay St. Government and media of by and for the people of Canada??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!! - no, really, but listen, I have this amazingly beautiful piece of beachfront property on the beautiful shores of Baffin Island I have to sell, and am willing to let you have it for an absolute steal..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we the people, as I may have noted once or twice earlier HAHAHAHAHAAAAA are, in a word, fucked. And you won't find that in Hansard or the Bay St Bulletin - but it is true. Hmmmmmm - a connection there????

Given this kind of stuff (and I gotta say that the above only scratches the surface - one could write books, if there were but a few more hours in the week to write with), I gotta say that it seems to me that saying we have a "democratic deficit" is sort of like saying the Titanic had a small leak - but not to worry! We have lots of duct tape and are on the job!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!! What we have, actually, is a democratic disaster, or even better, a democratic delusion - we are brainwashed from the day we are born, basically, to believe that we live in a "democracy" - that is to say, government "of, by and for" the people - but it is all a lie - a delusion, one which we are carefully and intentionally indoctrinated in by the real rulers of the place. (I have for awhile now thought that the 20th century was a great experiment by someone in controlling large groups (hundreds of millions) of people - in one box we have the totalitarian societies, where people are controlled from birth by brute force - do as you're told or we shoot you! - think Stalin's Soviet Union or China, perhaps - and in the other corner we have the great so-called "western democracies" - control by sophisticated propaganda from birth - brainwash people sufficiently, and they maintain their own chains - and fucking love it!! - it seems brainwashing is more effective in pretty much every way - although more dangerous too, in that to be effective, there has to be some actual appearance of going through the motions of "democracy", and there may come to pass times when 'the people" actually start to expect something decent, some real say in things.... anyways - a book for another day!)

"Democracy" means, supposedly, that WE THE FUCKING PEOPLE, through elected representatives (and think of the meaning of that word - theoretically, it means that the people we elect "represent" us, the people who elected them - in other words, faithfully representing our views, and voting in ways we have indicated we desire, in the national parliament) make the decisions about how OUR country is going to be governed, and the policies it will follow. But that is in no way what happens, in reality. Just a couple of examples off the top of my head, of hundreds or thousands that could be made - how many Canadians voted for the idea of Paul Martin giving the corps etc a fucking ONE HUNDRED BILLION dollar tax break, in the face of crises in the health care system, education system, infrastructure, etc?!?!?! How many Canadians voted to go bombing Yugoslavia a few years ago, or to send Canadian soldiers to take care of the American mess they left in Afghanistan? How many Canadians voted to make smoking pot illegal, or to make people wear seatbelts, or to tax the fuck out of people who smoke? How many Canadians told their representatives a few weeks ago to get rid of that crazy idea to give us all a vote on whether or not we wanted a chance to vote on PR next year?? (I actually sent my MP a note on this one - he didn't even bother to acknowledge it, let alone offer a word of explanation for his refusal to support the referendum - typical "democracy" in Canada - he "represents" me about as much as I represent the Martian Empire - bad example - probably less than that...) - etc etc etc etc etc etc et-fucking-cetera.

Yeah - that's right - we were never even fucking asked about stuff like that. And I would guarantee that NONE of those things, and any number of others, would EVER have happened had we ever been given a FAIR vote on that stuff (that is to say, a vote not preceded by massive government propaganda, lies and spin, with no money at all available for an equal effort by those who opposed the idea, whatever it happened to be), or had our MPs done as they might be expected to do, as true "representatives" of their constituents, and had some meetings in their ridings to suss out the popular feelings on these things. Hell, THAT would be sort of democratic - but they never do it. Never.

It escapes me how we could call any of that stuff "democratic". In the "real" world, at any rate - I guess the thing is, in barbiedollland it ain't a problem - if the media don't talk about it, why it never happened!!!

Democracy in Barbiedolland - and when we come downstairs in the morning - Santa will have left ALL of those beautiful gifts under the tree JUST for us!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

And even insofar as we do get to vote on some things sometimes, what if, for instance, our "votes" are less than free or well-informed? That is to say, all of the world's dictators including George Bush HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA sorry sorry just couldn't resist HAHAHAHA!!!!! claim to have been "democratically elected" - but it is our habit, or training, or at least what we commonly read in the "free" western press, to mock such claims with great derision, claiming that the "elections" were rigged in one way or another, or that the voters only "voted" for the dictator because they feared serious repercussions if they did not, thus rendering the idea of "democratic election" a farce.

But is "Democracy" in Canada that much different than these 3rd world countries (electorally-speaking in the 2000s that includes the US HAHAHAH!!!!) - are there other things at play - things in our own society, for instance - that might equally render our own "democratic elections", paper ballots fairly counted notwithstanding, somewhat less than the ideal it is represented to be? What about the Green Party, running candidates in pretty much every riding in Ontario in that election, being denied a chair in the tv debate, where anyone who wanted to find out what they were up to could have done so - was the vote of Ontarians in any way influenced by this? Democracy?!?!?!? sure. How many average working people can get a few months off to go politicing during an election campaign, compared to incumbents who have all the time they need - plus media exposure, an organisation, money, etc and etc - how fair or democratic is that? What about the endless piles of money and media support the government has to propagandise anything it wants - while those who oppose such things have next to none of either?? Just how THAT is democratic debate kind of escapes me too - not to mention going beyond that one step, to ask - just what in the fuck is the government doing "selling" the citizens something anyway?!?!?! - is it not the role of the government in a DEMOCRACY to be doing things the citizens want to do, and express those desires through elected reps?!?!?! Somehow that doesn't quite seem to be what is happening these days HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Ah Democracy - as Gandhi so famously said (I know I've said this before - but it does bear repeating!) - Yes, yes, Western Democracy is a great idea - we really ought to try it some time! HAHAHAHA!!! like we really ought to try stopping killing everything on the fucking planet!! Now THERE is a radical idea HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! (ah - another story this week that shows how the mainstream media deals with stuff like this - have a boo here - Why fishing disputes are turning ugly for a small story in the Star about the fishermen's protests in PEI, and notice how very little the collapse of the fisheries due to large commercial corporations is mentioned (and think of the Big Money-Big Media nexus while doing so!!!) - and then read a FAR more intelligent assessment of the situation here - Reining in the seiners by an Island writer called Jack MacAndrew RM archive copy, who points out the terrible devastation caused by corporate fishing - again, far, far, far too true to be allowed anywhere NEAR the mainstream media, where people might see it and start asking some pretty hard questions - much, much easier just to bury it with one story that seriously underplays the environmental destruction underway, which is, of course, supported by both the big corps and the government they have bought.

It seems to me that the whole fundamental problem of our society is that it is based on a lie (or a bunch of them, really), and that makes everything complicated and dysfunctional, and, quite naturally, everything gets worse and less stable over time - lies told to back up other lies, etc and etc - Oh what a tangled web etc.

The Big Lie, the Basic Lie underneath all others, though, is quite a simple one, but one that we need to understand, for when we do, pretty much everything else starts to fall into place - the lie tells us falsely that we live in a democracy, wherein the people, through their elected representatives, make the decisions that run our country etc. - wherein the truth is that this is not such a people-controlled "democracy" at all, but the REAL control is exercised in a small but powerful elite centered in a much smaller collective in corporate offices in Bay St. and Calgary and Vancouver and Washington and elsewhere, who exercise sufficient control over the levers of power in the "democratic" institutions to ensure that decisions are made in general to their specifications (again, it is a Las Vegas odds-type situation - they do not require to have everything their own way, or to micromanage everything - as long as the general direction is under their control (tax cuts rather than social programs, etc), the "house edge" will guarantee their continued dominance at the end of the day). Kind of like young kids believe that Santa puts all those lovely presents under the tree!! - older kids believe that THEY actually get to choose the government of their country!!! Santa's GREAT MAN!!!! Democracy's GREAT MAN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's it, in a nutshell - they allow a fair degree of flexibility in the running of the country, in order to maintain the facade of democracy, but the general course of events is FIRMLY under their control.

And once you are awake enough to understand that - you and a LOT of other people - THEN we will have a chance to start to work towards something approaching true democracy in Canada - and after THAT we can think about the world HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA I'LL OWN IT ALL!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! - fuck - how did that slip out?!?!?!

Odds 'N' Ends (otherwise known as the "Ya never could keep yer fucking mouth shut" department)

"Support our 'boys'" - as in "troops" - as in people hired by the government to kill and terrorize other people as directed by the government - I have read a lot of this last week, for obvious reasons, but why don't we just think about this for a second?!?!?

It's really interesting, almost every time you venture into strange territory, open doors that have either been hidden to you during your "education" HAHAHAHAHA or simply forbidden to you, and you "think the unthinkable" (just because somebody has told you to QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!!) you start running into things that make a lot of sense - often a FUCK of a lot more sense than the shit they've been feeding you.

This support the troops stuff, for instance - basic motherhoodapplepie stuff - WAY beyond questioning - automatic "kicktheshitouttathatfucker" territory for even daring to question it - which is one of those things that gets me suspicious from the get go although even I - EVEN I!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! have been reluctant to peel back a layer or two of the onion on this one - it's DEEEEEPPPPP training here!!!! - and, like the best sort of propaganda, based on something that might be described as true at one time or another, which serves to get people confused about the lies presently being told.

But think about it!!!! - Why, actually, should I (or you or almost anyone) be supporting people who go around killing other people? For a living at that!!!! Does that include, for instance, support for the Canadian soldiers who were caught torturing prisoners in Somalia a few years back (remember how Big Jean cut that "hearing" off right fucking quick when some of this stuff started coming out?!?! Let's hear it again for Democracy!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!)??? Yes? No? What about joining the Americans in bombing Yugoslavia or Afghanistan? Where do you draw lines? Unconditional support? Or not???? Is it acceptable, as the people who like wars and bombing and killing want you to accept, that ok - maybe you had objections to getting into whatever the current situation is - but now that "our boys" are "over there" somewhere killing and bombing, it would be tantamount to treason to NOT support them?

The whole question is pretty intricately tied in with the question of "democracy" - that is to say, if you consider "your" government to be democratically elected and thus representative of the people of the country, then there is some justification for "supporting OUR troops" - BUT BUT BUT - if you are starting to understand that the government is NOT a democratic government, that it is, indeed, a government of, by and for the Elite of the country - why then, that makes the military of the country equally of, by and for the elite - and you HAVE to realise that if, or when, push comes to shove, as the saying goes - "our boys" will be right there in the streets - supporting who?!?!?! the government of the elite!!! - and shooting who?!?!?! - why - YOU the citizens daring to oppose that government!!!! (think, if you can, of ONE instance in history where a military has fought on the side of the citizens in a citizen insurrection against a government that the citizens wanted to get rid of - and then tell me why you believe things would be different in Canada???) It is, of course, a central plank of the propaganda matrix that we the people believe the military is "our" military - but I fear it ain't really so. The problem being, of course, when your average citizen clues in to this, it is a bit late, with the bullets flying and he or she in no position to protest that somebody lied to them about something.

The whole war thing is a big lie, and always has been - it is NOT Canadians against Germans or Americans against Russians (in the "big we HAD to fight!!!!" wars, or even now, Canadians against the evil forces of Yugoslavia or the Taliban or Saddam or anyone else, in the "lesser" ones of today), as they want you to believe (and get very upset at anything that dares question this Major Big Lie) - it is various factions of the Elite having turf wars, and using the citizens of the world as fodder, hammered into accepting the unacceptable, thinking the unthinkable for any intelligent, civilised person, through endless barrages of media propaganda - truly, we normal people are nothing more than game pieces on a monopoly board to the elite - causing nothing more than a minor ripple perhaps of feigned despair when a few dozen or thousand or even millions of us get killed - he who has the most cannon fodder probably wins the war. Do the "people" benefit from these wars? Tell me how. The Elite benefit, through maintaining and increasing power, through their capitalist arms-producing industries (think of the current "war" on Iraq - the US arms industry gets billions for arms sales to destroy the place - and now more US corps get more billions to rebuild the place!!! what a beautiful scam!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!) - the people pay the price with blood, and misery, and ever less freedom and ever more chains.

And it is the most terrible of all ironies in our "modern civilised world" that most people are so brainwashed they support it all. DEEEEEPPPPPP brainwashing - how many of you even now feel your guts tying in knots, bile rising in your throat, wanting to smash me for daring to speak like this about "our boys"???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(What SHOULD we be doing?!?!?! - well - we mourn for those innocent lives who were sacrificed on the altars of capitalist wars, and continue to be - the actual innocent conned through lies and propaganda into "joining the Great Cause", but not the subhumans you can always find in armies who enjoy killing and causing pain and destruction - and begin taking steps to see that such horrors end, through a government truly of, by and for the PEOPLE rather than the Elite - a truly Democratic government which may indeed, from time to time, be forced to use a military (again, of, by and for the PEOPLE!!!) to DEFEND themselves against some aggressor - and such would indeed be a situation where "support" would be appropriate - but WE THE PEOPLE must make such decisions, must man such forces OURSELVES rather than the coward's way of the elite, who are all too happy and willing to start wars of all sorts anywhere they see something they want to steal - and then send the innocent sons and daughters of the people to die for their adventures. Despicable cowards all of them. When "our boys" indeed die - mourn - when the oppressors die - well, I won't say celebrate, I don't much care for any killing - but why mourn?)

Another word or two on the Democratic Delusion -

- democratic government is, supposedly, instituted by AGREEMENT among the people - but the thing is, I at least for one was NEVER asked about this (I did skip the odd day of school when I was younger HAHAHAHAHAAAA - perhaps I missed something) - nobody EVER had any kind of meeting wherein they asked if I and my fellow young people "agreed" with the so-called "democracy" in Canada, explaining what it was, and how it worked, and asking if we might have any suggestions for improving it, changes to fit new people and new times, any of that - it was simply always assumed as some kind of fact, and nobody EVER discussed this "given" situation - the bottom line being, I was stuck here and was told time and time again only that - "This is the system and these are your choices! (But don't worry !! It is absolutely for sure the GREATEST system in the world!!" HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!) - I recall early forays into questioning the way things were being run around me, and recall very well being told to SHUT UP AND DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!!!! WHY?!?!?! BECAUSE WE ARE TELLING YOU TO!!!! - such was and is the way young people who dare to question things are dealt with - again raising the question of just how would you call THAT democracy, or democratic participation, or "government through consent of the governed"????

Anyhoo, as they say in places - after considerable thought, I have decided that I do NOT agree with a great deal of what is happening here - and since I was NEVER, as I said, consulted about anything whatsoever, nor my agreement on the way things are run ever even asked for, let alone obtained, then this government, as far as I am concerned, is operating illegitimately - and although they can impose their will on me through brute force, they can NOT pretend it is the legitimate exercise of some kind of consensual authority, any more than a farmer can (or would!) pretend he is operating with the approval of his animals, or the slave who goes to the fields every morning because he has never done anything else in his whole life and thus does not know anything else to do can be said to do so willingly. Giving me a "vote" every few years on which branch of the Elite I want making decisions for me, and then having someone like Brian Mulroney or Jean Chretien or Paul Martin of any of the lesser figures in government broadcasting those decisions all around the world in my fucking name, for crissake, does NOT constitute my willing agreement nor my validation of this government, nor the system they most dissemblingly call "democratic".

To me, this is the greatest "democratic deficit" of all - right back to first principles, the government of Canada has been operating WITHOUT actual citizen validation for most, if not all, of its life - coerced votes, where we are given an "opportunity" to choose our next ruler between a couple of choices sanctioned by the Elite, hardly constitutes true approval, any more than it would constitute approval in a cow were she allowed to choose her milker. Or abatoir. Allowing the condemned man to choose his mode of execution may be considered a great democratic boon by some - but will likely appear less so to the prisoners - and what if the prisoner is innocent?

But but but!!!! I hear someone out there saying - MOST people don't have this kind of problem you talk about, and doesn't that make all this system at least arguably PRETTY legitimate?!?! No, not in the least - for me. Being milked every day is probably legitimate enough for a cow - I've certainly never heard one complaining, either - but the cow's acceptance of her ordained place (from birth again!!!) in the scheme of things would NOT justify Farmer Jones grabbing me or anyone else off the street and sticking them in the stall and saying don't complain because everyone else accepts it.

But but but!!!! - we ARE SO free!!! Anyone can start a political party or run for parliament!! - well, sure they can - but with what odds of success, with no support from the media, which we are all trained from birth to look to for guidance? Remember the Greens the last Ontario election? It's kind of instructive to think back over a few elections, and see what happened - just for instance, Bob Rae got elected in a fluke that took the Elite by surprise in 1990 - and think back to the press coverage of his time in office - he was completely demonized - and by the last year of his time, Mike Harris had showed up, and his "Common Sense Revolution" (HAHAHAHAH!!!) presented as the very saviour of Ontarians - and, with little surprise, he got his FPTP "majority" government. And in 1999, when Liberal Dalton McGuinty was presented as a hopeless sort of case in the media, once again, with little surprise, Harris won. The next time, for whatever reason, the elite had had enough of the PCs (probably realising the people were so disgusted with them that there was no way they were going to be elected without some help from Diebold or the US Supreme Court, which things have not yet been set up here - but help's a-comin'!! - big Paul is on the way!!!) so all of a sudden Eves is made to appear like a clueless buffoon in all the media, and McGuinty is the man of the hour - and surprise surprise he wins (and immediately starts cancelling election promises!!!) - you can do the same progress with Mulroney and Chretien, and look at how the media is treating Paul Martin like the beloved prince (not a fucking WORD of criticism in the mainstream about his Great Plan to Renew Democracy - even though it is, as I briefly pointed out above, all glitz and no substance - but all they want the citizens to think about is "Paul Martin Renewed Demcoracy!! GREAT!!!"). These things are NOT accidental, nor are the media "reflecting" the public view, as they like to pretend (a central part of the Big Lie of our times), but instead creating the perceptions of these politicians they want a majority of the citizens to share.

But think about it - and Question Everything!!!!

Interesting, I note once again!! - how things pop into one's life or reading at a certain time - I seem to recall some old saying that when you are ready to learn something, the teacher you need will appear (I might add - IF you are willing and able to see him/her/it! - I'm sure we all recall the old "joke" about the guy who answered the door, and the person there said something like "Hi! I'm Truth - I understand you wanted to see me?" - and the guy slams the door, saying "Go away! I don't have time now - I'm too busy looking for the Truth!" - whatever). In light of the above, an interview with Gore Vidal (RM archive copy), one of the FEW fucking Americans who have some access to media who DARE to speak out about the criminals currently running that country - anyway, a great student of American history, and the GOOD things that the country once at least sort of stood for - and speaking of the birthing days of the American Revolution, he quotes Thomas Jefferson - "....Jefferson said that once a generation we must have another Constitutional Convention and revise all that isn’t working. Like taking a car in to get the carburetor checked. He said you cannot expect a man to wear a boy’s jacket. It must be revised, because the Earth belongs to the living. He was the first that I know who ever said that. And to each generation is the right to change every law they wish..."

Wow!!! - right there in black and fucking white, an idea over 200 years old!! - and yet that is the first time I remember reading anything about it at all, in any form of media or "educational" material from school days or otherwise - I mean, Jefferson isn't exactly regarded by anyone that I know of as some Commie crank or anarchist or anything - he's even on Mount Rushmore where Bush was anxious to get himself photographed awhile back to identify with some of the great American heroes (which never never never never fucking NEVER will he be regarded as - much more likely to be found in future history books, IF the good guys prevail over the next few years and save the world, which is far from a good bet, in the company of such American notables as Benedict Arnold....).

It's not really that surprising, of course, that young people or anyone else aren't asked to "reconfirm" their "democracy" every 10 years or so - because NO FUCKING WAY would they be putting up with the kind of shit we put up with today if given a FAIR choice, through some open and informed debate process!! All kinds of reasons - young people are known to be sort of idealistic, more or less - and they'd probably start asking a lot of fairly difficult questions about things like why some people are born wealthy and never have to work a day in their lives, and other people are born into poor families and never have a fucking chance in their lives - and exactly how is THAT democratic or fair to those poor children (of whom, we might also note, there are a FUCK of a lot more than there are rich ones - raising issues such as are we really run on a "one person one vote" system - or a "one dollar one vote" system HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! YAY DEMOCRACY!!!!)? And young people haven't yet been sufficiently brainwashed to put up with the kind of horseshit the politicians and modern media feed already-domiciled citizens. No siree, it takes at least those full 12 years of "education" to get people sufficiently trained to vote the way they're told, and wander around believing because they get to vote for Tweedledum-Tweedledee every few years they live in the greatest democracy in the world. (another little PEI story, one of the great bastions of democracy - a bunch of years ago a teacher there tried to get the students thinking about the influence of fundamentalist religion in politics - a can of worms the fundamentalists want to keep tightly closed and out of public view - and the principal (one of the fundamentalists!!) quickly put a stop to it, saying it was too controversial or whatever. In one interview, he said something like - "These students are in high school and will do what they are told to do!! When they get to university, then they can think for themselves!!" - true quote - and, of course, anyone vaguely aware will understand that if you have not found the ability to think for yourself by the time you get to university, you're not going to learn how there - which was confirmed in any number of ways - most university students want nothing to do with thinking, but just want a list of stuff to memorise; I was told by one prof myself, when I dared to question his course, that I was there to do as I was told, and not question anything! - believe it, the Elite who are running things want nothing to do with any sort of REAL democracy, where the people get to decide anything at all of importance)

The media is central to the process, in maintaining the boundaries of "debate" that have been established through 12 or more years of brainwashing in the school system, with stories like this piece of crap here that George Orwell would have undoubtedly seen fit to include in 1984 as a prime example of historical revisionism were he writing today - and in the fucking Star again too!! - Slaying Canada's deficit dragon - if you have a boo, be sure to note - this is NOT in the opinion pages, nor is it identified as such - just in the regular news section - which we all know (hahahah!!!!!!) is ONLY factual stuff, in a "journal of record" such as the Star purports to be (with, as I have been noting the last few months, increasing problems with credibility - this piece adds considerably to that....) - anyway - as you might gather from the title, this is the short history of the Canadian National Debt, the tool that was used over the last 15+ years to roll back Canada's spending on social programs and infrastructure to levels not seen since 1950, of which our incoming PM is just fucking ecstatic. But it is just a little exemplaric masterpiece of spin and lies and opinion masquerading as fact (hmmmm - why does the word "propaganda" spring to mind?!?!?!?!!) - an example or two will suffice - for instance, they start off with - "...After years of doing little about deficit- financing that was driving Canadian taxpayers into debt, Pierre Trudeau returned from a meeting with German chancellor Helmut Schmidt one day in the summer of 1978 with a surprising new creed: fiscal rectitude..." - as with so many historical revisionists, they pick a certain point in history to start from, that gives their story the best spin - here, for instance, they might have gone back about 6 years further and talked about the Alan McCachearn (that doesn't look quite like the right spelling! - but the story is real enough - check it out!) budget which tried to get corporations in Canada to pay a slightly more fair share of tax (by taxing dividends fairly, for instance), and were immediately hit with a HUGE corporate tax revolt - the upshot of which was that corporation taxes were LOWERED - thus, of course, reducing government income, leading to deficit financing and the increasing debt - nor do they care to talk about how the government shortly after this time in the early 1980s allowed the Bank of Canada to impose truly usuric interest rates on Canadians (around 20%) - which had a rather serious effect on government debt, as everyone else who owed bank money - nor do they mention that the government at this time chose to allow private banks to create the money to lend to the government at those prime usurious rates rather than having the Bank of Canada create the money for the government, which would have resulted in NO huge fucking deficit another 10 years down the road - etc etc et-fucking-cetera. All of those VERY relevant things NOT included in the "news" story. Have a boo folks - you have heard of Historical Revisionism - here is a shining example in the Toronto Star. Propaganda 'R' US!!!

One more - the whole story is full of it - "Despite Trudeau's rhetoric and a concerted attempt by Tory prime minister Brian Mulroney, the federal government's long habit of living beyond its means was still very much in evidence when Chretien took over the government in 1993..." - note the "living beyond its means" line - pure neocon spin they have been DRILLING into the poor wee heads of Canadians for nigh on 15 years now! - and complete bullshit!!!! - in a news story. The same stuff is undoubtedly in most new history books, and most good little Canadians, at least those of them who learn any history at all, will grow up firmly believing the LIE that the governments of Trudeau and Mulroney were "living beyond their means" - like your ne'er-do-well inlaws, or other irresponsible people we all know. They won't EVER be told about the corporate tax revolt of the early 1970s, or how the government CHOSE to initiate a policy of turning huge amounts of taxpayer's money over to private banks rather than use the Bank of Canada for its intended purpose (stabilising the money supply in Canada - which creating a huge fucking national debt surely was NOT doing!!) etc and etc and etc it goes on in this vein - if you choose to read it, pick out some more lies and spin for practice - I do not propose to deconstruct it all here - that would indeed take a book, which hopefully we will get at someday HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!.

But just think - after a whole bunch of years (as in your whole fucking life!) of being exposed to this kind of brainwashing, in every aspect of their lives, HOW are young people supposed to be able to think for themselves anyway?!?!? They're brainwashed through 12 years of schooling, and then immediately either go into a job and get married, at which time they have no time or interest in thinking about the state of the country, or go into "higher education", to see if they have absorbed the desired history well enough to be entrusted with lesser or greater aspects of the state bureaucracy, and can be trusted to pass the desired message on to young people in the next generation behind them.

- and what, then, is the purpose of all of this brainwashing? Well - you have CONTROL of course! - rather than thinking for themselves, people are more likely to read the papers and get upset over things the Elite WANT them to get upset over - TERRORISM TERRORISM - here, for instance, another in the ongoing series of stories in the Canadian media promoting TERRORISM THE BOGEYMAN IS COMING TO GET YOUUU!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!! UNDER YOUR FUCKING BEDS CITIZENS!!!! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT PROTESTING NEXT YEAR WHEN PAUL MARTIN "RELUCTANTLY" HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! DEMANDS YOUR FINGERPRINT ON THE NATIONAL ID CARD!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA - shit - got carried away there with the caps!! HAHAHA! - anyway - Canada warned of toxic attacks (this one was especially cute, on Remembrance Day!!) and then in the trusty ol Pispot Canada terrorist haven: global risk consultant - Lax immigration, security policies can be exploited - now note the headlines - TOXIC ATTACKS OH FUCK MA!!!! FEAR AND TERROR!!! (aided and abetted to considerable extent by the fact that most Canadians, thanks to their wonderful Barbie Doll School system, couldn't tell you the difference between a toxin and a bacteria, but are taught to be afraid of it all and let their betters (that'd be yer elite!!!) tell em all what to do) and even worse!!! - Canada a TERRORIST HAVEN!!!! - now whether the 5th columnist got in to the newsroom or what I don't know, but way down in the small print in both of these stories it admits that the danger of these things for Canada is very low - but that ain't what they're telling us in the headlines.

- and it is a truth, although not often said in our "democracy", that money IS power - and the efforts of our governments over the last 20-odd years to redistribute wealth in Canada from the poor to the rich (it is not even arguable that the wealth gap in Canada has increased over the last 20 years - just fact - check it anywhere you like) is thus quite intentionally also redistributing power - less to the poor and more to the rich. Cutting welfare payments in Ontario - less money less power. A 100 Billion dollar tax break, primarily for upper - income people - more power at the top.

And THAT is fucking indeed an increase in the democratic deficit as well - all thanks to Paul. One must indeed wonder if Paul has recently read the Trilateral Commission report of the 1970s, in which they were getting quite worried about democracy in America and elsewhere - not that there was too little of it - but too much!!! - and it had to be reined in. (notice the dates as well - in the 1970s the Trilateral Commission decided that there was too much democracy - and in the 1970s in Canada (elsewhere too obviously, but we try to concentrate on Canada here) the corporate tax revolt began the process of reducing the amount of power of ordinary Canadians - the amount they actually influenced what happened in Canada (they have NEVER controlled what happened in Canada, all democratic theory aside) - by reducing the income available to anyone in government who might actually want to help the average people - increased social programs, such as medicare, unemployment insurance, decent pensions, any programs designed to lift people out of abject poverty - ALL contributed to REDUCING the democratic deficit - and therefore all had to be pared back to a level acceptable to the real rulers of the country, so the people would not interfere too much in their grand designs.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! laugh or you go and kill something!!!! (which is a bad thing to do) - Air Canada's high flyer - the fuckers running around saying government should be run like business take note of this one - we all know, I suspect, of the great problems Air Canada has been having the last few years, under the "leadership" (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!) of one Robert Milton - well, this is how modern Big Business operates - the bigger the mess, the bigger the reward - for all those problems Milton has been creating - well - think now, as an employee, if you continually fucked up, what do you think would happen to you? Big Xmas bonus? HAHAHAHA!!! right jack - but as BOSS - well, as a sign of gratitude for running Air Canada into the ground the last few years - Milton has gotten a TWENTY MILLION dollar bonus!!! for a job well done.

And this is how they think we ought to run government!!! - well, actually, we can see it - that is how they DO run government - can anyone say "Fucking Junkets YEAAA!!!!" ?????? or "The first order of business of the New Government will be to raise our salaries and pensions!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

(another FREE cartoon idea for anyone who can draw - remember the old Get Smart tv series from the 60s? (hey!! - I watched a bit when I was young - before I got a red pill from someone and escaped from the Matrix - I admit it!! - but it was better back then too - this particular program NOT included) - a favorite line of the hero, named Smart, after being caught doing something stupid and casting around desperately for an excuse, was starting with "Would you believe...." - well - do the same for Bush, trotting out the latest lie in justification of the Iraq invasion - with a bunch of discarded dialogue circles on the floor behind him with some of the failed ones.... "Would you believe...WMD!!!! - nooo???? mmmmm - would you believe..... Al Quaeda connections!!!!!!??? uranium tubes from Niger!!! missiles that can reach the UK in 45 minutes?!?!? airplanes full of horrible poison gas flying all over America?!?!? - no????? hmmmm - well - would you believe .... Democracy!!!! HYAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - sorry - can't keep a straight face when Bush or anyone in the American government talks about Democracy!!!! - anyway - you get the idea, you who dances with a pencil. Free from one who would like it to be said of someday that he danced a Quixote-ish waltz with words, on a near hopeless quest for freedom and truth and beauty in the abattoir of modern civilisation.....)

- right. (HAHAHAHAHA!!! no pun intended!! - LEFT!!!! - oh fuck I don't know it's late! HONEY!!! GET ME ANOTHER BEER!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA)

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want.

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Chretien's still PM and George Bush is talking to GOD on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why?