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031031 - Ghouls & Ganja, Candy & Corruption

It's Hallowe'en - and how fucking appropriate is the expression "Trick or Treat!!" when talking about Democracy and Government in Canada. (HMMMM???? - well, like this, you know - Treats for the Corps, Tricks for the people!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

(Small compensatory treat for the people this week - couple of new Kaminskis to balance the shit from MainstreamMediaLand.... first, a Letter from Ernst Zundel - John has been in touch with Zundel, and offers this letter he got in return; and, The real axis of evil: Monsters in our midst - the U.S., Britain, and Israel. )

But back home in USA North sorry hahahahaaa!!! Canada hahahahaaa!!! - Tricky stuff all over the "news" too - as usual - the Tricks never fucking end in barbiedollvampland....

For instance -

- the new, improved CanadianTerror Police are in the news again - seems to be a lot more of it lately, for some odd reason (hinthint!!HAHAHAHAHAHAA - actually, I agree with them in principle - that is to say, we all ought to be rather afraid - but they want you to be afraid of bogeymen (all year long, not just Oct. 31!!), and I think we should be somewhat more afraid of **them** - the fearmongers) - here, for instance, a sort of summary story - Organised crime 'widespread' - Exclusive: RCMP report reveals criminal gains from streets to markets from the Pispot, where else, that bastion of good government and stopping the bad guys in Canada (geez into the heavy sarcasm early this time...HAHAHAHA!!!) - in which they report on the great ravages of Organised Crime (shudder shudder) in Canada, a rundown of all the terrible criminal gangs and their activities. Actually it is pretty enlightening reading, if you think for yourself and don't let the Great Brains of the Pispot or RCMP tell you what to think, which is evidently what they are assuming you are going to do. But we're onto their little game here HAHAHA!!

Anyway, we won't go into too much exposition of the Pispot story which is, actually, pretty much a rehash of a few they and others have done this year and upon which we have commented previously somewhere - they want everyone to be afraid of all the GANGS out there - Russian Mobsters OHMYGOD!!!, Asian TONGS OHMYGOD!!! BIKER GANGS HOLYFUCKBATMAN!!! - lock yer doors and keep the kids home!!! - same old scaremongering shit - I mean to say, when was the last time you or someone you knew was terrorized by any of these people?!?!?! Few and far between, at least in my experience - as opposed, for instance, to the last time you were terrorized by some OFFICIAL TERRORIST - you know, the ones in the blue or black uniforms, with "To Serve and Protect" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - that is to say, WHO exactly are they serving and protecting?!?!?!?! - think about it!!!) on the sides of the new cars, and the dark sunglasses (good guys don't wear dark fucking sunglasses - only gangsters and people who think they're hot shit but are really just shitheads!!! check it out!!! yeayea Neo does - but try to remember, Neo flies too - we're talking about people you are apt to see in your REAL life, not the movies!!), guns, big boots, clubs, pepper spray, that stuff, checking your id (hahahahaaa - that is to say, your ID - actually checking to see you don't have enough "id" left to tell them to fuck off HAHAHAHA!!!), making sure you've got your seat belt on, and aren't undertaking any activities like drinking beer or smoking dope that might give you thoughts about FREEDOM!!! which they just fucking HATE - me, for instance, NEVER been terrorized by a biker, or a Russian, or an Asian - but them Official Terrorists have plagued me since I was old enough to utter (or even think) those fateful words FUCK YOU!! - man, the Neocon Thought Control Police HATE that!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - dozens and dozens of times in my short life have I had to defend myself against these people (no, I don't win often - they're a LOT bigger than I am, and I don't really believe in carrying weapons of personal destruction to terrorize other people with, as they do, and so on - but by fuck I let em know they've been dealing with someone who's on to them and their stupid little control games HAHAHAHAHAAAAA) (yea, they REALLY hate that too!)) (butbutbut says my good citizen inlaw type, oh RUde PErson, if you're not doing anything wrong they won't bother you, and you don't have to worry about them, they're just protecting ALL of us (all said with wide innocent (read cow-like) eyes - remember Barbie Doll!!!) - but I think, somewhere, isn't that what I read about the Nazi Stormtroopers and Brown Shirts and the terrible communist Secret Police and people like that?!?!?! - if you're not doing anything wrong, citizen, nothing to fear hahahahah!!! ???? Isn't it??? are you sensing a discontinuity in your world?!?!?! GOOD!!!!) - anyways - we really ought to be asking these folks to identify somewhat more specifically just WHO indeed the "terrorists" are in Canada, and WHO actually rather than theoretically they are terrorising, and given some FACTS like that, rather than scary bogeyman stories, perhaps we could THEN discuss what to do about it - if, that is, it turned out there was ANY fucking problem that needed something doing about. Personally, I think they're avoiding that kind of discussion, because it just might turn out that it is indeed the OFFICIAL TERRORISTS, the ones with RCMP and OPP and like that on their shoulder patches, that need some investigation. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - THAT'S THE FUCKING TRUTH AIN'T IT!?!?!?!?!?!!!

Another recent one, adding more things to the BE AFRAID TERRORISTS TERRORISTS YELLOW ORANGE RED ALERT ALERT FEAR FEAR TERRORIST shit they keep spreading - Canada warned to expect wave of illegal immigrants - RCMP: Organised crime, terror groups will recruit more new arrivals - all them fucking foreigners SNEAKING in to Canada, many if not most of whom will be for sure fucking TERRORISTS!!!! - DRUGS AND BOMBS AND GUNS FEAR FEAR - fuck fuck - they pass as many laws as they can to CREATE people they can label as terrorists, and then run around screaming TERRORIST TERRORIST - Chicken Little in Canada!!! - actually, to whatever extent there are "illegal" immigrants coming into Canada, they should be dealt with by making the borders a little more accessible to people with problems - there are some dangerous people immigrating, but they usually get welcomed with open arms - the policy of allowing basically anyone in who has a lot of money is the problem - because people who have a lot of money coming from some developing country are almost certain to be criminals, and coming to Canada to carry on their criminal activities - but of course, since most wealthy Canadians are also criminals, they welcome their brethren with open arms!!! - more later......

anyway - sidetracked again - the point being, these horror stories about "organised crime" don't actually hold together very well, if you think about them a bit (I know I know thinking is against the rules - good citizens listen to what the really honest media (HAHAHAHAHAAA) tells them - no need to fucking think for themselves at all - takes too much time away from the GREAT fucking tv shows and time at the malls!!) - anyway, the biggest modern "crime-de-jour" that they are all supposedly involved with is drug dealing, but as we have often said, along with many others, the VERY simple solution to this whole mess is just to legalise the damn drugs - Voila!!!! - 70-80% of organised crime vanishes!!! - not to mention we save huge amounts of money on the Terrorist Police budget (including courts, jails, etc), and MAKE huge amounts of money from the taxes that would undoubtedly be imposed on the drugs themselves when legally sold! - I'm not going over all the arguments for legalising it, they're well known and I expect (hahahaa) I've talked about them before - but realising this takes a HUGE bite out of the credibility of stories like this (that includes the government agencies that report them and the media that propagate them both - not much credibility left in either camp these days, actually), for people who actually think about this shit anyway, rather than hiding under their beds with baseball bats because the Canadian cops and Pispot et al. papers are fearmongering again. Likewise prostitution, the other biggie for "organised" crime - just makes no sense at all to criminalise sex for sale - it's actually kind of ludicrous in a capitalistic society to try to forbid the sale of what is probably the world's most common commodity - two, actually, considering pot as well - although with the capitalistic bent for the big buck, and monopolies - hmmmmmm - well, for another day. (no that isn't an argument in favor of child abuse - it's about sex between consenting adults - keep your thoughts straight!!! - people who abuse children ought to be shot and pissed on just for starters - but that's another discussion altogether)

But to make a big issue out of smoking pot or paying for sex, and pretending Canada has a HUGE organised crime problem because people are doing these things, is ludicrous at best - but yet another example of the Barbie Doll Fantasy land these people want to pretend we live in that we talked about last time.

But - it leads to another train of thought, actually - and maybe, unintentionally of course, these people are playing with fire they never thought of if TOO many people start figuring how ludicrous this is, and start wondering a bit!!! - for there is indeed serious organised crime in Canada, very serious - but for some odd reason you don't read about it in the Pispot, or any other Canadian paper, for that matter - it ain't pot, and it ain't sex - it IS however, involved with the people who pass laws making these things illegal, in order to provide a black market for them - for as we all know, it is laws and the Black Market created by the laws that is the cause of the problem - when pot is illegal, and there are thus great profits to be made from it - why then, the people who want to make a lot of money without a lot of work start competing against one another for that money, and shoot each other at times, and try to get people hooked on addictive drugs so they can supply them, etc and etc. And the cops can talk about a terrible "crime" problem.....

Think of it - no laws forbidding drugs, no black market (and new alert - McGuinty has signalled his intention to make the black market opportunities for the criminal element even bigger in Ontario by jumping cigarette taxes!!!! - more later, probably - but keep it in mind!! - McGuinty is more likely to turn out to be Tweedledee than Robin Hood!!!!). So - WHY then are these laws in existence - especially when poll after poll shows that a great majority of Canadians do NOT feel pot should be illegal, and haven't felt that way for decades (we'll get into the "democracy" hahahahaa aspect of this in a bit...)??? Who benefits from these laws?? Why - the "criminals" of course are the main beneficiaries, with all that black market money - but secondary beneficiaries are the cops who get huge budgets to pretend to chase the "criminals" ( they actually prefer to chase after your meek, otherwise law-abiding potheads who have been labelled criminals because they choose this harmless escape from the otherwise dreary capitalist society, who don't have guns and don't like fighting, thus making for easy arrests, rather than the guys selling the stuff, who DO have guns more often than not and often shoot back oh horrors!!) and all of the "justice" industry, lawyers, courts, judges, jails, "rehab" folks, etc - and also, your politicians who pass these laws benefit - direct bribery is hard to prove, although there is undoubtedly some of it going on behind the scenes with these people - but the politicians get to strut around brainlessly babbling about how they are doing something useful by going after them damn law-breaking potheads, and the organised criminals selling the drugs, and what not - also another junket ticket, as they attend anti-drug meetings here and there around the world - all lost, if drugs are legalised. And last but certainly not least - Big Fucking Brother LOVES all these fucking laws - it is, in the end, all about control.

But that, of course, is just the very tip of the iceberg, as the old saying goes - it's all Bait and Switch. The whole country is literally awash in a sea of corruption - but it AIN'T where they tell you to look!!!! Let's look at a few current examples to help make things a bit more clear.....

As we have noted a few times, Paul Martin, about to be annointed as the next PM of Canada, is up to his fucking eyeballs in corporate money, bragging about it incessantly with the approval of most of the corporate press - Paul has been doing bigtime favors for Corporate Canada for years, very much to the detriment of almost all non-elite Canadians, this is part of the payoff, the quid-pro-quo, corporate support for government favors, and this is outright, blatant fucking corruption, and THAT is infuckingdeed organised crime in Canada, at the very highest of levels, ongoing for years and years, Big Business doing the corrupting, Big Politicians (no party favourites here - both Libs and PCs (Mulroney took corruption in Canada from being a small time nuisance to big time 3rd-world levels of sleaze) - only condition for a politician being that they have to be in a position to do something for the people with the money - otherwise there's no point, obviously - although the number of basically unaccounted for and unpublicised junkets floating around out there indicates that there is quite a lot of "keep your mouth shut money" floating around as well). And it has been going on for decades at the very least, and the corporate press are not interested in making an issue out of it, for some odd reason (but they have to keep people occupied with something to stop them getting unwanted thoughts about what them corrupt fuckers are doing in Ottawa and Toronto and elsewhere, so let's get em all worried about bogeymen!! - TERRORISTS!!! ORGANISED CRIME!!! etcetc - also known as the old Bait and Switch con etc and etc).

The daily papers abound with examples of corruption, actually, once your eyes are open to them, and you progress beyond "see spot run" civics and the tv "barbie doll" news - most news stories about what is happening, if they are examined through such a lens, smell rather badly, as corrupt things do when the thin veneer of applied corporate press respectability is scratched - just a couple of examples, from the papers the last couple of days (ANY FUCKING DAY WOULD BE THE SAME - IT NEVER ENDS!!!!) - Big fish - Irving affair shows the need to remind ministers of their duty of prudence - ongoing, god knows how many government ministers have over the years taken luxury vacations with the Irvings, one of the richest and most corrupt families in the country (they basically own the governments of at least PEI and New Brunswick for sure, can't say for sure about others, but if the Irvings want something down east, they get it - and it would be stupid, to say the least, to assume they don't exercise considerable influence federally as well - or that other corporate families do not exert the same influence in other parts of Canada) or others of the Canadian elite - but nobody in the media (okok, odd columnist excepted!) wants to say anything more than "tsktsk" (the "opposition" calls for resignations etc can be overlooked as the blatant hypocrisy they are - when the Libs were in opposition they were making the same calls, and when they are eventually in opposition again will do so again - and to hear McKay and Harper bluster about Lib corruption, after McKay has BLATANTLY broken a PROMISE to his entire party NOT to undertake any talks of joining the CRAPPERS - well, what puzzles me more than anything is how ANY of these lying scum get more than a handful of votes when they enter elections) - and big Jean, small Scrooge-like oddities of recent times notwithstanding, sees nothing wrong with such things at all - this isn't surprising, of course, when you're up to your eyeballs in shit of one sort or another and have spent most of your life there, it probably doesn't seem quite as smelly as it does to the rest of us - you always have to remember too, that the "natural ruling class" in Canada (and the world, of course) really believe that they are better than the rest of us, and such things are pretty natural, and lying to the peasants doesn't really matter. But call it what you will, it is corruption. And even when the media gets a TINY bit upset about such things, for the sake of appearances, it is interesting to note that they ALWAYS suggest that the politicians have been at fault - when in reality it is the wealthy elite who should be nailed to the fucking wall for inciting corruption in the Canadian government - after all, if no bribes are offered, in whatever form, then the politicians have to make do with their paltry (hahahahaaa) salaries, and pay for their own vacations. But then, given that the Irvings own the government and most of the media in the Atlantic Provinces, or the Aspers and others elsewhere, it would be kind of silly for them to accuse themselves of corruption and demand they all be tossed in jail. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

But really, they should be, every fucking one of them (the few who aren't directly on the payroll cannot NOT know what is going on, and the idea of knowing about crimes and not reporting them as being a crime in and of itself is well accepted in legal circles (yea I can quote legal stuff - again, the THEORY of the legal system in Canada is pretty good - it is the PRACTICE by corrupt people that is the problem, magnified greatly by a corrupt media that is itself a central part of the problem, and therefore is incapable of being part of the solution....).

The quid pro quo is, of course, the Canadian government, over the last 30 years, in return for lifetime security and lucrative corporate board positions etc and etc (i.e. perks like invites to posh resorts like the Irving place), passing laws and regulations blatantly in favor of the rich, very much to the detriment of the people of Canada (think degraded health and education systems, Walkerton, whatever - policy decisions, not in any way necessary or valid responses to the financial situation, although of course they lie about that and pretend it was - NO politician is stupid enough to ADMIT their corruption!!! (they get weeded out at lower levels, usually)). I don't really care if there is a paper trail or not - their actions are obvious, their justifications for such behaviour lame at best and demonstrably fraudulent at worst. And it speaks equally to the "justice" system in Canada, the cops and crown attorneys and courts, that NONE of these people are charged, and that this blatant corruption is accepted as the natural way of things. (we hardly need to comment specially on the Canadian media - we have done so often - it is the CORPORATE media, not the "people's" media, which is about all you need to realise, as with the Irvings).

A couple more (really, you could tie pretty well every major story and a lot of the lesser ones in to corporate corruption without much effort - try a couple yourself!!) - for instance, this week McGuinty in Ontario realises the province has a $6 billion dollar deficit in its budget!!! Oh shock and surprise whatever shall we do??!! - fuck they have known this for months, at least. Anyway, he's going to raise electricity rates. And we were talking about corruption - the Harris government sold off Ontario Hydro, or significant parts of it, for bargain basement prices to some of his neocon buds - outright fucking corruption, and yet unless things change drastically soon they will never be called on it or brought to justice - the new McGuinty government utters not a fucking word about the past, it is a fait accompli like the budgetary deficit - they have been lying for months about that, but will never be charged with anything. They really do live by different rules in upper political circles - if you were working for some company and were in charge of the books, and started making good deals for your pals, selling off company assets for a fraction of their worth, making up figures to cover it up, and eventually you got caught - what do you suppose would be the reaction of the boss? "Heyy!!! - it all happened in the past, and you got your payoff and whoever you sold the stuff to has taken ownership, so I guess it's a fait accompli, so we'll just let you go, no problem!"???? Yeah right!!! - all the fraud squads and cops would be all over your ass in a minute, and whoever bought the illicit goods would NOT be keeping them. But if you're an elected politician and do this to the provincial assets and books - well, hey - no problem!! for real this time!! - we'll just leave that mess for the next government and the taxpayers to sort out HAHAHAHAHAAAA! - and whichever big corps got the big present - let em keep it!!! - the taxpayers and citizens will pay and pay and do without and suffer - not the fucking crooks!!!!! - and that IS corruption too - big fucking time - which is also big time crime, and VERY well organised. Funny the Pispot, so concerned about corruption and organised crime, hasn't twigged onto this one HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Really, if there was ANY fucking justice in the country, SOMEBODY would be giving Ontario Hydro back to the people from whom it was stolen, and putting the people responsible for such fraud behind fucking bars where they belonged. And whatever money Ontario was short for necessities like hospitals and teachers and roads, they would borrow from the fucking Bank of Canada, at VERY nominal rates, and NOT the commercial loan sharks. But no, no no - Mike Harris, although not really clever enough to do all this, still must bear a lot of responsibility as the Premier while it all happened, is being touted as the leader of the so-called Conservative Party, founded on the lies and broken promises of Peter McKay - I can't imagine the people of Canada would ever be stupid enough to elect this person, but I was amazed they elected him for a second time in 99. The power of the press, combined with a mostly brainwashed populace, can indeed work black miracles in the modern world. (Just can't resist it - the neocons like Harris do not have any great congruence with reality, or maybe are just so used to lying they do it without thinking - here, for instance, is Harris Harris skewers Liberal policies at home and abroad - Former premier impresses crowd at Halifax lunch - well, it's been all over the news for months that the Canadian dollar is at a level it has not been at in years and years - but Mikey the Great Neocon Hope doesn't care much for that kind of fact - it makes the Libs look good, and he wants them to look bad, so he just makes his own stuff up - a quote - "Paul Martin and Jean Chretien have driven down the dollar, destroyed Canada's high standard of living and alienated the country's most important ally, former Ontario premier Mike Harris charged yesterday" - man oh man - and the bit about destroying Canada's standard of living must be bitterly ironic to the many people in Ontario who are forced to use food banks after 8 years of Harris government, to the students who can no longer afford to go to school, to the people dying in hospital waiting rooms after Harris closed so many hospitals, the people in Walkerton, etc etc and etc. If you lied like this in any other fucking line of work, you'd hear from the boss at least and probably the cops as well. But Harris's bosses (now who is that...???) are apparently not going to say a word - or even, as the headline says, are "impressed" by him. Fuck - do you wonder I feel I don't belong here at times?!?!?!?!?!?!?))

But we were on other things - leading on to, of course, the BIGGEST fucking scam in Canadian history, which has been underway for at least 30 years and continues with a vengeance, the so-called National Debt scam, which I talk about at length elsewhere - a fucking TRILLION dollars paid out already in only INTEREST charges!!!!!, and continuing at 30-40 Billion per year (and that's only the Federal Debt - I haven't got time to look up all the provincial debts, but you can add a lot more to those figures above) - it's hard to imagine a greater corruption than the conspiracy that has gone into this over decades - but it's as obvious as the nose on your fucking face, as they say, when you become aware of the facts. I can appreciate that a lot of MPs aren't actively involved, or a lot of low level bureaucrats and bankers - they may well believe what the average citizen believes, that fairy tale about "governments can't print money because it is inflationary. so there. (little smiley sticking tongue out)" - which is absolute horseshit, and stands up to scrutiny about as well as the Santa Claus story - but everyone is trained NOT to ask hard questions about economics, just accept what the "experts" say, and the corporate press sure as fuck aren't going to ask them HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA so the scam continues.

Organised Corruption in Canada - and the world - the politicians the low-level corruptees who also serve as the flack-takers when someone has to take a fall, and the big time banks and corporate corrupters, all of whom ought to be jailed, but who get off Scott free again and again, with a free pass from the corporate media, and an equally free pass from the citizens who apparently don't think to blame them because nobody on the tv tells them to (I don't know - you got a better explanation?!?!?!). Again, we will not rest easy as a country until justice is done, until SOMEBODY deals with these people, cancels the odious so-called National Debt, recovers as much of the people's money as possible, and puts a whole fucking WHACK of people behind bars for a long time for this terrible scam, which has caused and continues to cause unimaginable damage to the people and country of Canada. Just fucking try to imagine what we could have done for our country and the entire fucking world the last 20 years with a TRILLION fucking dollars!!!!

And until enough people start to understand that to stand up and do something about it - we are, as the saying goes, fucked.


The word "Democracy" keeps popping up - it occurs to me that it probably ought to be defined somewhere, so everyone is clear what we are talking about - they won't do it in the national media - it's one of those words that is a lot more useful when it is just some vague fuzzy feelgood stuff, rather than being pinned down to specifics, which just MIGHT inconvenience some of them HAHAHAHAHAHAH just "might" he said HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

anyway -

A little survey around us, using our own eyes and senses rather than depending on government "information" (which USED to be pretty good, maybe 20-30 years ago (before Mulroney, anyway, got his paws on everything in the Canadian government and totally sleazified it), but now, like information from any corporation (and we DO have a corporate government, although since that wouldn't make people happy to actually have to acknowledge that right out loud, it is part of the concealed info), tells you what they WANT you to believe about them, rather than the way things really are (no, it isn't necessary that the two things be different - but they usually are in the "modern" age - often rather dramatically, often to the point of qualifying as outright lies)), leads pretty inescapably to the conclusion that what we are living under at this time in our history, in terms of government, is some brand of oligarchy - rule of the few. Generally speaking, the current oligarchy is comprised of individuals with a lot of money, and their senior mandarins. The "elected, democratic" politicians are totally corrupt in every meaningful way (which, to be specific, means they do NOT do what they were supposedly elected for, which is to represent the people of Canada and make decisions in THEIR best interests, but represent and make decisions in the best interests of the Canadian corporate sector - and of course lie continually about what they are doing - in return they get the corporate PM to sign their nomination papers for some of the best jobs in Canada in terms of low demand for anything that could remotely be called work, high salaries, lots of perks, great pension scheme that kicks in after about 6 years (MAN!!! - IT'S ABOUT 20 or 30 FOR EVERYONE ELSE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE ONE (and never of course for a LOT of workers!!!!), big ego-boost for those who require that sort of thing, etc etc) and get serious about only policies the elite desire, and the "public debate" is shaped by the oligarchy around their desires through the media they own. The average citizens have next to no say in what happens in their country, the only small, cosmetic and meaningless relationship to "democracy" being the "elections" that are held every few years, at which time the people get to decide which puppet of the oligarch will sit in the Prime Minister's office for the next few years and be the spokesperson of the corporate government (falsely pretending to speak in the name of the people of Canada, of course) at international venues, and which Tweedledum-Tweedledee oligarch spokesperson will visit your riding every now and then during the life of the government and tell you what the government will be expecting of you, or what it is planning, and to which oligarch representative you can address your earnest letters concerning your views, to which you will receive the appropriate form letter setting out the government position on what you have written of.

Now - the corporate people who benefit from this kind of shit naturally run around saying what a GREAT democracy we have in Canada (and it IS!!, for THEM!!!!! HAHAHAHAAAAA) - but, for most of us, this is not democracy - not even fucking close, in reality, if democracy actually means government of, by and for the PEOPLE rather than of, by and for the elite.

Here, just for the hell of it, is a bit on what a true democracy would be like.

If we want to talk about something truly democratic, with the PEOPLE in charge of their country and government, and the decisions made by that government, we should consider something like The Canadian Agora - which means Meeting Place - the original Greek Democracy - people meet and share ideas, and talk about issues that are important to THEM, until they come up with a good policy they all agree on (contrast that with what happens today - the National Pispot or the Frasers or the Business Council creates an issue (LOWER TAXES LOWER TAXES WE WANT LOWER TAXES (or "Free Trade" whatever) - the people currently in Parliament meet and pretend to debate stuff while the Business Council lawyers draw up the desired legislation in private, the spin guys devise a marketing plan to convince the citizens that smaller hospitals with fewer doctors and nurses and less money and longer lineups means BETTER HEALTH CARE (HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!), the PM, after getting his marching orders from the Business Council, tells the government what they are going to do, and the government MPs rubber stamp the PMs decision - nobody gives a sweet fuck about what the people of Canada think about it all, although the Pispot and the government will proceed upon a big propaganda campaign to convince everyone that what was done was what was best for everyone - violent revolutions are such bloody and unpleasant affairs, especially for the people the peasants are pissed off at....)

So - in our REAL Democracy:

Principle 1. ALL the people of the country run the show - not some elite, under any name. (I suppose we could add a small qualification - all the people who are interested or care enough about what is going on - as the old saying goes, you can lead the horse to water but you cannot make it drink - likewise, there are sure to be a certain number of citizens who do not wish to participate in any decision making process for various reasons - in a democratic situation where freedom is a paramount value, they should be free to not participate as well, I guess (a completely different situation from today where many people do not vote because the system is so fucking rigged that votes are by and large pointless and not voting is something of a protest about this - in our REAL democracy, votes DO count, through PR and HONEST government, rather than the corps controlling things no matter WHO gets elected - also being sure to have something like "None of the above" on EVERY ballot - any number of ways to make it work honestly, actually, as long as the will is there to do so - which it assuredly is NOT under the present voting system)

Also, the old "party system" is NOT an appropriate vehicle for democracy (not a truly democratic vehicle at all, actually, see-spot-run civics courses notwithstanding), wherein 2-3-whatever parties lay out a plan of some sort that they propose to carry out over the next few years, and the people choose between them - rather obviously, this is rule by the parties, not the people!! and it has been a substantial accomplishment of the Oligarchy that they have convinced the people that such "Party Rule" is indeed democratic, when it is nothing of the sort (and we hardly need get into the fact that most of these parties lie a great deal during the process wherein they are convincing the people to vote for them, and also manage to find a whole bunch of things to do during their time in power that they "forgot" or whatever to tell the people about during that election process (hahasucker!!! - great salary raise!!! hahahah!!!!) - leaving open the question of where exactly broken promises or new initiatives fit into the civics-class "democracy" model as practiced in Canada... - it sure don't sound like fucking Democracy to me, when this shit happens all the time). The Oligarchs, of course, say it may not be perfect, but it DOES express the "democratic will" through a "democratic choice" as well as can be expected, and after centuries of refinement it is the best system on the planet! - and to the extent that is true (that is, we have NOT progressed beyond this shit to something more truly democratic), it just shows what a great tool it has been for democratic containment rather than democratic expression!!!

Out out out!!! Out of the fucking box!!! Let's get radical!! HAHAHAHAAAA

Catch this for Radical Democratic Idea Number One (oooo darling I just LOVE it when you do that!!!!): For starters, we do NOT need some "permanent government" in place, as we have now, more-or-less permanently sitting in a Parliament, scouting around for new laws and regulations to pass or whatever - in reality, what they are doing, is looking for new mischief to get up to while pretending to be doing enough stuff to justify their cushy lifestyles and big junket sorry "travel" hahaha budgets on the public purse. About a 99% complete waste of money - worse actually, as these people get up to a lot of stuff that creates a lot of problems, and we'd all be better off without them. Democratically speaking, too - they are, after all, if you care to examine things closely as they really work in Canada, part of an elite oligarchy, not part of a democratic government at all.

What we NEED is a group of public employees, public servants if you will, who, like employees in any company, take their instructions from the Board of Directors, and carry out their duties as instructed by those employers. In such a system there would be a CEO of sorts, call him/her the Prime Bureaucrat or something if you need a title, whose job it is to see that our orders or instructions are properly carried out, but neither he/she or the rest of the employees would make any decisions of importance - again, like any employee, they carry out the wishes of the people who hire them - yea, that'd be "We, the people....".

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - what a crazy fucking idea eh?!?!?!? - politicians doing what they're fucking told to do!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! - but just hop out of the old box for a minute and think about it - it's one of those epiphanous experiences, like the day you wake up thinking "What a fucking idiot I've been all these years believing in Santa Claus hahahahaha!!!", or the day you wake up realising that girls are actually sort of luscious (or boys if you're a girl, I guess), not yucky at all - you know, those kinds of things - once you've seen the light, there's no going back.

The idea being, once you have a decent government up and running, it doesn't need constant tinkering!!! Isn't that a radical notion!!??? But think about it!! - there is NOTHING urgent going on most of the time - we just need somebody to keep things running smoothly, like good secretaries and administrators are paid to do!!! Emergencies happen, sure - and we have plans in place to deal with them, generally speaking - the big ice storm a few years ago, the blackout this summer past, stuff like that - procedures are in place, and the administrators oversee and coordinate the emergency personnel who are in place to do the work that needs to be done - like hospital ER people are there to take care of whatever comes through the door. If people start running around in a panic, then we have hired the wrong people for the job, and we better find some new ones - but that shouldn't happen here - we have a lot of good people in this country who can do such work. Otherwise it's straightforward administration - like the people buying supplies and issuing paychecks in the hospital. Get the right people, and the place runs smoothly - no reason at all our government should be different.

Think about it - in WHOSE interest exactly is it to keep us in a state of unease about our country, to keep manufacturing bogeymen and scary situations, to have us keep electing RULERS every few years, rather than taking on the responsibility OURSELVES of making the decisions?!?!?!?

Anyway - all this democratic stuff isn't really that hard to set up, once you have a group of MATURE, INTELLIGENT people who want to do so (that is to say, people who understand the middle road and compromise and looking out for EVERYONE, rather than demanding everything be done exactly as they want it for themselves) and who no longer believe the fairy tale see-spot-run-barbiedoll world they try to tell us about - actually, a lot easier than the nonsense we go through now, but the chains of deception are a great deal harder to maintain than truthful things, which everyone knows, right?!?!? - I mean, it's the same as the national debt fairy tale about which HUGE webs of deceit have been erected, or the entire economic system which is nothing more than a huge Goldbergian construct designed to funnel as much as possible of the actual wealth of our society to the top stratum - likewise this democracy stuff - if we actually want to do it, it's pretty easy - and also, like the truth, once it's known, it's almost impossible to "unlearn" or go back (which is why the need by the elite to STOP us all from learning the truth is so great - it takes many, many years of forced 'education' to shut those marvelous brains down, or make them too psychotic to think coherently) - it's all sort of like the difference between the MS proprietary system and the Linux Open system - one is designed to maximize power and influence and ease of a small group of people, the other is designed to democratically maximize the power and influence and ease of a maximum number of people. One is Democracy the other is Oligarchy. You can figure what system you are living in by figuring exactly how much control YOU have over decisions that are made about new laws and regulations in the country, about how much decision YOU have over whether the government will lower taxes for corporations and close hospitals and jack up university tuitions to compensate, or vice versa - how much your voice REALLY gets to contribute to the Canadian Agora.

Democracy also has to mean more than just how we are governed - it also means the degree of personal freedom one has, which, if you want to call you country a democracy, must be maximised - there cannot be little tiny rules governing every fucking aspect of your life - that is NOT "free and democratic", any more than being allowed to "elect" a dictator for the next 5 years is.

Perhaps we need to go back a step further - can we justify "society" at all?? why not just live like the animals, everyone for themselves in caves or whatever? I think I am quite happy in a collective civilisation, where we continue to build on the accomplishments of the past, and work together to make things better for all of us through a division of labour and a sharing of wealth, which allows us to do things like build computers and electrical grids and 747s, that noone would be able to do on their own.

There has always been a problem, of course, a battle between those who were content to work at their own work, and reap the modest rewards thereof, contributing to their communities and raising their families (the decent people! - and the majority!), and another smaller group, who have always aspired to steal the wealth of others rather than work for themselves, a trend which naturally escalated and the competition for the spoils got greater as the accumulated wealth increased, so they aspire to control ever and ever more - it has been a disease which has caused great destruction in our society and in the world, and not only do we not yet have it under control, it has escalated to a point where greed for its own sake rules the world, and we are on the verge of self-destruction. If our society, our world, our democracy, are to survive, it is imperative we very soon now figure out a way to control these people - who have, of course, gotten a great deal more sophisticated and sneaky with their control mechanisms and lies to justify their elitism - as this democracy charade so fully shows, if we can work through the lies and parse it out properly.


No political parties?!?!? How does THAT work smart guy HAHAHAHA!!!???? Well, since in a big country in both population and area like Canada the people cannot all meet together every day to talk about stuff, they run the show through elected representatives - which does NOT mean elected dictators, free to do whatever they want for the period of time between elections as we have been brought up to accept in our political "party representatives" - it SHOULD mean that they do what the people who elected them to do TELL them to do - no more, no less, except perhaps in situations requiring immediate action for some reason - note the radical divergence here - "party" reps, by definition, do what the Party wants - but REAL PEOPLE'S reps would do what the People wanted!!!. Such representatives, in order to do their REPRESENTATIVE job properly, MUST meet regularly (several times a year at least) with as many of their constituents as wish to meet with them to find out what they are thinking, and take instructions from them on any issue currently in the public debate, or new issues to be raised, and answer any questions the constituents may have concerning their conduct. Such representatives should be, of course, subject to lose their status at anytime if their performance is unsuitable, as is any employee, or envoy who decides that his/her words and wishes shall be substituted in place of the words and wishes of those whose words and wishes he/she had undertaken to faithfully represent.

The party people will scream about parliamentary chaos of course if such reps were ever elected rather than the parties - but mature, intelligent people whose goal was to represent the people of the country in order to make the country as prosperous for EVERYONE as possible, rather than playing a big smoke and mirrors game that PRETENDED to have this objective but in reality was trying to make the ELITE as rich as possible while stopping everyone from understanding that and, in fact, believing the opposite!!!! - well, such people could indeed do so - we are, after all, intelligent enough to put people on the fucking moon, to do heart operations, and build microscopes that can see inside the very cells of your fucking body - devising an economic and political system that functioned effectively and FAIRLY is not really that difficult - what IS difficult is constructing a system that pretends to be democratic, but actually keeps the mass of the people working like slaves to support luxurious lifestyles for a few chosen. THAT takes a lot of effort, and a lot of lies, and a lot of cops and courts and jails.

Citizens, of course, can only make good decisions about how to run their country based on good information - meaning the media of the country is, after the basic representative system itself, the most important democratic institution in the country. The media must be completely open, and completely free. Although some segments of society can afford to purchase a national media outlet and put forward their points of view in any way they wish, those segments of society without the wealth to create or purchase such a national media must not be denied a voice in the public debate, if democracy is to have any real meaning. This means, of course, a publicly supported media of some sort, wherein ALL voices are allowed their say in the national debate - the CBC is a good start, but a start only - and the Internet is certainly making a lot more voices available - but we must do more yet, to ensure that never again is the national debate dominated for selfish interests to the extent it has been by the minority, wealthy right-wing neocon elite as it has been for the last couple of decades in Canada.

It is readily apparent why the elite do not want anything to do with a fully free and open media, even the CBC - because the spin they apply to everything of importance would quickly be shown for the lies it usually is, their telling only of very selected bits of a story that justifies their argument, while leaving out great amounts of facts that make their position look shaky at best, and completely deny it in most cases. Noone (at least here) is trying to deny the wealthy the right to state their opinions in the public debate, or make their arguments for having the country operate a certain way - ALL voices should be welcome in the Agora - what is offensive, and extremely NOT democratic, is when they buy up all the media and essentially freeze out any opinions that oppose theirs (remember how compelling the Green Party rep was at the Ontario Election debate?!?!?!? - EXACTLY!!!!) - when they allow only one side of the story to be aired, and that side is full of falseness and spin, it becomes little better than a lie, and the concept of media responsibility has gone right down the drain. A valid and true debate would involve anyone who wanted to speak to a matter having an opportunity to do so, with all voices being given equal space, rather than allowing voices with a lot of money to get a lot more attention than voices with no money, regardless of now many people they actually spoke for - lies and spin would quickly become evident through such a process, and those who tried to influence a debate through such tactics would quickly be revealed as the less-than-honest people they are. Which is, of course, exactly why the elite will not allow such open debate in the corporate-controlled media. The influence of wealth MUST be removed from the public policy decision making process - the wealthy are an interest group no different than any other, and, as individuals, are allowed ONE vote in the electoral process. The corruption talked about earlier is the inevitable outcome of such a process - and it is deadly to democracy, as we are seeing.

Actually, a 2-tier process would be an additional "check and balance", which we must always have as many of as necessary to reduce all opportunities for subverting the democratic process, which some individuals will always try to do - the citizens can communicate openly through the internet, receiving information and sharing opinions - and, eventually, making decisions through an open, consultative, voting process, whose purpose is reaching consensus rather than stitching together some artificial "majority" - and the elected representatives will be the democratic check on the process, meeting in person with the voters and then with other representatives from across the country to confirm that the things they have been hearing from their constituents reflect the Internet Agora consensus.

"Government representative" does not need to be a full time job for anyone once a decent administrative system is functioning - this is only necessary in hierarchical systems, systems with rulers and subjects - democracy does not function like this. We need administrators to carry out the wishes of the people, much as secretaries carry out the desires of the boss - but the secretaries do not pass the laws!! Being a "representative" for a period of time will be akin to a voluntary position, doing something good for the community, although also a good opportunity for an individual to participate directly in the government process, meet other good people, travel a bit as a representative of the country, and suchlike - an honourary sort of position, for people who have proven their integrity in their community over a period of time before being popularly selected in an open meeting, not for sleaze and corruption careerists as is the present system!!! There should be NO room for "career politicians" in a true democracy - people who are, almost by definition, much more interested in their own personal careers than in the good of the country - it is such people who are most open to the corrupting influences of Big Money, as we see throughout our current governments. And who are responsible for so very much damage to our country, and all of us. We are all set back, and kept back, by such people - again, just fucking IMAGINE what GOOD things could have been done with that One TRILLION fucking dollars these people have stolen from the people of Canada!!!!!!! It would probably be a useful idea that ANYONE who in any way "campaigns" for the representative position in their local group is automatically disqualified - the local people select the person they want in a consensus procedure, the person they think will best represent their desires on all things they have been talking about

Yes, we will need a Prime Minister, or some other figure, who embodies the sovereignty of the country, when meeting with other heads of state, for instance - since, at least at this time, we can see around the world that no other countries have the even slightly advanced degree of democracy discussed herein, and will not know how to deal with us, so a traditional figurehead of some sort will be appropriate - as long as it is fully understood by ALL concerned that he/she will be a completely powerless figurehead, with no decision making powers whatsoever - an emissary of the people of Canada, if you will.

((HAHAHAHAHAAAAA - just imagine King Brian or King Jean agreeing to something like this!!!!!!)))

Call me fucking crazy indeed, but in my dreams I hope and imagine that most people in Canada would be more than happy to see a discussion about implementing a REAL democracy in Canada, probably along the lines of the above in many ways, after years of corporate sleaze and diminishing public services and infrastructure so the corps could prosper and fuck everyone else - you could hardly ask for a more obvious sign of the pervasive corruption involving the big corps and the media and the current "elected" MPs that NO such discussion is being talked about in any real terms - Martin's "big deal" about the "democratic deficit" is a classic case of acknowledging something a lot of people are unhappy about, while proposing a completely meaningless "solution" that he will then be able to point at to say he has actually done something that people wanted - to allegorize, it would have been as effective as the Captain giving the cabin boy a sand bucket on the Titanic and telling him to start bailing - and then going back inside and telling everyone the problem had been dealt with.

As Ghandi said so famously - Western democracy??? Great idea - we really should try it some time!!!

You all knew that, right?!?!?


GOTCHA!!!!!! of the week award - I dunno - a new category, I guess - but anyways, the Pispot fooled me bigtime this week, with Losing our doctors, risking our health - you gotta read it!!! - they go on for a bit about the dismal shape of health care in Canada, with long waiting lists and what not - really, several paras that WE all have been saying for years - but then they do the old flipspin trick - the reason, according to the Pispot, for the problems in the Canadian health care system is (TA DA!!!! drum roll etc!!!) them goddamn fucking UNIONS!!!!! (paraphrasing!) - that's it - them damn health care workers' unions, in collusion with the fucking socialist big spending government (I kid you not - these people have NO fucking connection to reality, are quoting from the see-dick-run-damn-that-socialistfuckingTrudeau!! civics book they and we were brought up on, years ago, and still apparently believe - or want us to - or Martin's brag that HIS government is spending less on social programs for Canadians per capita than any government since 1951 or his $100 fucking BILLION tax break apparently didn't get noticed by these people!!!), are all getting too much money!!!! - they're all doing great work of course!!! - but because the government is hopeless at allocating money responsibly, we HAVE to allow (guess guess!!!!) privatised medicine in Canada, which will reduce expenses (by getting rid of them FUCKING unions (man they HATE unions!!! - and ANYBODY not a CEO getting a decent wage!!!) and let the smart taxpayers allocate the health care money effectively. That's it!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - they don't, in their "analysis" of health care costs, for some ODD reason have a single fucking WORD to say about drug costs, which EVERY reputable study of the last few years has blamed for skyrocketing health costs - nosireebobsyerfuckingpispotunclehahahahaaaa - it's them damned fucking unions, and that damned fucking socialist lib'rul gommint. See Jane run. See Spot jump. Librul socialist no good no good!! Republican conservative go go go!!! fuckfuckfuckfuck

You heard it here first HAHAHAHAHAAAA

Fuck - actually I have to agree with them - and FUCK I HATE agreeing with the Pispot!!! - but it IS the government who is responsible for this mess!!!!! - but the REAL story, as talked about above and elsewhere, is government corruption, lowering taxes and to compensate for the reduced income slashing budgets for necessary services such as health care, that is to blame, NOT overspending on fucking nurses!!!

This is a big thing, how neither the Pispot or the Macedon (nor many others) much care for what is happening in government these days - one of us is either really misinformed about what is happening here - or doing some big-time lying. Sleep on it - we'll definitely be talking more about it soon son. HAHAHAHAAA!!!!! (an early guess - the decision will be that the Pispot et al. are LYING HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!) - and they would not be convicted by a jury of their peers - but the rest of us would toss em all in jail for years!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

Ah, so much so much - but the night grows late once again - how quickly passes the fucking time when the days roll into years, the years roll into tears, and there's tears in the beer.....

Gotta go.....

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want.

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

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