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The Star the Star - it is getting a bit scary out there when the Star is getting involved in pushing neocon propaganda, yet that seems to be its direction more and more lately. We shouldn't write them off yet, as long as they allow people like their great ladies Linda and Antonia and Michelle and a few of the others, Ian Urquart and Harroon (mentioned later, actually) come to mind, to continue writing some true stuff from a decidedly non-neocon perspective - but once they start letting them go, it will be time to.....? what - I don't know - we'll have to see what suggests itself at the time, I guess. But as we say - don't believe everything you read, even from the Star - question EVERYTHING!!!!

The latest from the Star to raise some serious concern - Speaking the `D' word RM archive copy- first sentence - "For two decades, governments across this country ran sustained deficits, causing damage that all Canadians will be paying to repair for years to come. The lesson was learned...." - the Glob couldn't have put it better, the Pispot probably would have been a little more stressful with the guilt, and the greedy ways of we careless, stupid citizens in the first place daring to want our tax money spent on stuff for us all like healthcare and whatnot, and likely some selfserving shit like how we got into this HORRIBLE mess against the advice of our betters or something - but regardless, the Star editorial board indicates it is firmly in the neocon "fiscal" camp, if you wanna call it something polite (signing on to the selling of the big scam might be a more accurate way to say it) - gotta get and keep that spending under control, accepting the debt as fact and the huge interest payments as the number one priority of the government budget, watch them taxes!!!!!, etc and etc.

Yes, indeed, there ARE other paths a paper truly concerned with the CITIZENS rather than the Bay St Boys and the Banks might try, however tentatively - that is to say, for instance, a REAL citizen's paper would, rather than just accepting that debt and the demands of the neocon bankers for their endless vigorish (check it out! - it's a mob term for the crazy "interest" loansharks charge their 'clients", with rather serious penalties for failing to put out - the old broken legs with baseball bats stuff, like that - now the banks do more civilised stuff, like kicking people and their families out of their houses, stuff like that - a real humane society we surely are HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA), undoubtedly speak a bit about how that debt was completely artificially created in the first place - as is explained in a bit more detail elsewhere somewhere around here, the Canadian government made some VERRRRRRYYYYYYYYY questionable choices (that's being REALLY polite - criminal conspiracy would be a better way to phrase it all) a bunch of years ago, resulting in the huge national debt we now have and the still ongoing (and on and on and fucking ON) commitment to banks and other "investors" to pay them "service charges" (beautiful, if you have any idea of what that word means to a farmer!!) for - well, effectively, forever, since there is basically no way that debt will ever get paid (something else they don't seem very anxious to say out loud, for some odd reason - just keep them interest payments flowing, baby!! - we gotcha now!!!! - we know the conmen and Bay St Bankers are happy with it all - what is puzzling is how the Star seems to be going along with the scam - the Star, as noted, being SUPPOSEDLY the voice of the non-neocons in Canada, but here accepting and parroting one of the central neocon lies....). The point being, of course, as always, concerning the "debt", what in the fuck is the government doing letting the banks create money and then borrowing it from them at commercial rates of interest, rather than simply creating it themselves?!?!? (in a responsible way, of course!!! NOBODY is suggesting the government starts printing trillions of dollars and passing it out - but if the government has, through some fiscally responsible process, determined that it is going to be short a billion this year, what exactly is the rationale behind saying - "OK! We'll get our good friends at the commercial banks to print that money up for us, and then borrow it from them at commercial rates heeheehee isn't that clever!!!" - rather than just calling the Bank of Canada and having IT credit the government account with that same billion??? There is, actually, no fucking valid reason at all - the only reason is to transfer huge amounts of Canadian taxpayer's money to the private banks and investors - who might, in the light of that, be all labelled crooks (including, of course, the politicians and other government employees who decided to do this in the first place, and lie BIG time to everyone to convince them it was the ok thing to do at the time.) Think about it - this is one of those things you gotta enlighten yourselves on - it is one of the BIG unmentionables in the mainstream media - the rot here is very, very, very, very, very deep - I suspect if we ever sort this one out, we will have found some sort of true democracy in the country, not to mention a lot of other good stuff.

There has been for some years now a movement growing internationally concerning something called Odious Debts, which is very interesting - it says, basically, that if 3rd-world dictatorship governments "borrow" money from IFIs (International Financial Institutions), and then proceed to use that money NOT for the good of the people, but for their own private wealth or even to subjugate the people further by buying arms and whatnot, that once that dictator dies or is overthrown, it is not just for the IFIs to be able to hold the people of that country responsible for those debts - now this might seem obvious to you or I, but international bankers have been playing by different rules for most of their existence, certainly since all this began back in the 1950s, and have been getting their way - that is, the tens or hundreds of billions stolen by dictators like Marcos or Amin or any number of others and stored away in numbered accounts around the world are expected to be paid back by the peasants of those countries - you really ought to read up on this if you're not aware of it, because it is one of the major human crimes ongoing in the world - courtesy of places like the World Bank, the IMF, etc. All supported by the big governments like Canada, as well, of course. The dictator "borrows" (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!) billions, and the IMF etc force the next government (especially if there has been some sort of peasant revolution to install a "socialist" government to help the people) to keep the peasants in poverty while "servicing" the outstanding debt, for which the peasants got nothing except grief (guns and bullets used against them, courtesy of the IMF etc) - and now they are expected to work for peanuts, and all of their money goes to "service" that debt - simply unbelievable. But one of the major things happening in the world. (A place to start - 'Vulture Funds' Descend On Dying Third World Economies - if this stuff doesn't just get you pissed right off about a whole lot of stuff, there's probably not much hope for you - it really IS about ALL of us together, and they WILL be coming for you some day if you don't start working with others to stop them NOW - the guys keeping the peasants in poverty in these third world countries are no different at all, in spirit, from the guys who will be kicking you and your family out onto the street if you lose your job and miss a mortgage payment or two. Your "security" is very, very thin - drive past your local foodbank someday and check the lineups - there weren't any of those at ALL a few years ago - now there's hundreds of them.)

Anyway - there is a movement on to have these debts declared as "odious debts", meaning that the person who received the money, due to the fact he (never a she, I don't think, although Imelda Marcos was pretty close...) was never elected, and did NOT have authority to speak for the people, and NEVER spent a fucking PENNY of the money doing anything good for the people - thus the people, once the dictator is gone, have no obligation to pay back the debts. You can imagine the screaming the IFIs are doing about this - and you might note that you virtually NEVER read any of this in the mainstream media - reason being pretty obvious - a large majority of the citizens of countries like Canada would probably agree that, in the circumstances, the 3rd world country should NOT be obligated to pay back such debts, and if you got enough citizens riled, the banks would probably wind up losing all that money, which they reallyreallyreally don't want to do. Obviously, banks and bankers being banks and bankers.

And - it occurs to me that a very similar rationale should apply to the National Debt of a country like Canada - that debt was completely unnecessary, if one understands about the role of the Bank of Canada and the money-creating authority of the Federal Government - and even in the absence of written evidence (no fucking way you're going to find anybody admitting anything like this, in a million fucking years!!!!!!), the circumstantial case is pretty tight - the money that was "borrowed" from which the National Debt resulted did not need to be borrowed - thus the entire debt is artificial, and the banks etc have already cleaned up to the tune of over a TRILLION dollars (yea, that's a "TR" not a "B") in so-called service charges - and we still owe over $500 Billion!!!! - and we're still paying 20-30+ billion a year in "service" charges as well - fucked royally baby, is about all you can say - something like 25% of ALL taxes collected in Canada over the last 20 years - straight to the "investors" who were granted the great boon of this totally unnecessary "debt". But if the Government had of simply requested (ordered, actually) the Bank of Canada, over a period of several years, to credit the money it needed (altogether about $100 billion) - NONE of that debt would ever have happened!!!! None of that interest! None of the huge cutbacks in social programs and infrastructure that the Mulroney and Chretien governments made the country suffer through!

Just think about that - the debt need never have happened at all!!!!

It is just astounding - just unbelievable - sort of like walking into someone's house and finding out that the "adults" believed in Santa Claus as well as the kids!!! - what would you do, except laugh in disbelief and head for the door, not knowing what other problems these people might have, I guess.

The last line of the Star piece merits quoting too - "We need political leaders in Queen's Park and Ottawa who are fiscally responsible, not doctrinaire...." - the Post couldn't have said it better - spin and lies in the same breath, posing as serious advice on a serious subject - what we need in Ottawa is indeed fiscally responsible leaders rather than the scam artists we have had for the last generation or so - leaders who would stand up for Canadians rather than standing on their fucking necks with the iron boot of odious, unnecessary debt, and tell the banks and bankers and investors to take a hike. (Man he's polite today - what the fuck happened?) - no no, I really meant that the banks, bankers, investors, etc need to be told to fuck off HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - but my Aunt Alice doesn't like bad language (I don't think she knows about this yet) - and it is HER we have to convince that bad things are happening - that is a tough sell, believe me.

This whole debt scam has to be recognised as the central problem in our fucked up 'democracy" that it is by a lot more people before we are going to effect change, a major problem here in "developed" countries as well as "developing" - it has, after all, for the last 20+ years, been the primary weapon in driving back the social progress that had been made over the last century or two - and the whole thing is a big, fat, fucking lie. To paraphrase something from somewhere. Sorry if I stepped on someone's copyright. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

(Okokok - let's be fair - just as I write these very fucking words, a bit of sanity comes from the Star - but from one of the columnists, not the Editorial, which is currently acting very suspiciously - but here we have HAROON SIDDIQUI, one of the better writers I think I have mentioned before, commenting a little more calmly on the situation of the "terrorists" that the RCMP etc got all worked up about a few weeks ago, dragging them all in with big headlines about "TERRORISTS APPREHENDED IN OUR FAIR AND SWEET FUCKING CANADA etc etc" - and then quite a fucking BIT less publicly have let them all go, or else dropped the "terrorist" charges - Treading an ugly path on security - a very good piece, asking some hard questions about how we can call ourselves fair or free or democratic if this is the way our cops (secret and otherwise, with the approval of the politicians) are going to behave. The kind of journalism we need a FUCK of a lot more of in this country. While I'm plugging others, a couple of good reads from good writers that don't get much mainstream attention (an excellent commendation in and of itself, in these sad days) - a guy called Lance Broughton from New Zealand has a good style, some serious sort of topics with a bit of NZ humour, I guess (perhaps we are kindred spirits in a way - he says of himself (among other amusing (perhaps even truthful!) things - "... (he) drinks wine for a hobby as he believes 100 percent of sober people die in pain...." - I can relate to shit like that - heck, I've even been known to savor the odd glass of Chardonay with the BBQ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA... (oh that is sooooo fucking good, the BBQ fish steak, fresh spinach, white wine - man.... - and then you gotta wake up the next day and read about lower taxes lower taxes destroying my country and King George the Stupid doing some other idiotic thing and the small minds at the National Pispot saying how fucking GREAT George is - man.)) - anyway, his latest is good - Survival of the Internet; and another guy I've mentioned before, I think, called Ran Prieur - doesn't write often, but thoughtful and well-written stuff (more reasons you won't find HIM in the mainstream, who much prefer shallow spin and lies, with the odd notable exception in Canada or other places) - anyway, his latest can be found at Arno-geddon - I don't wanna talk about Arnie and California much - but the main reason he seems to have been elected is to cancel the $8 billion or so in debt that Enron owed the state - even the rich right can get a BIT worked up over that kind of money, I guess (one report Arnold to Settle Lawsuits for Pennies on the Dollar? - you can find the Palast article it refers to on his website or other places if you want.)

If we ever want to change things around here, we have to quit letting other people set the agenda of what we talk about and how we talk about it. If we let the media TELL us what we are going to talk about, then we have no hope - for we will forever (as long as we have left anyway) be talking about things THEY have under control, in ways that they control - the debt issue is one of the central examples - the whole "war or terror" we looked at the last time is another. Actually, when anybody tries to start a REAL media talking about important stuff using the TRUTH a bit more frequently than the mainstream is inclined to , here is what happens - Georgia Straight Publisher Warns Public to Be Wary of B.C. Liberal Government's Spin - RM archive copy - rather than shooting the unwanted editor as happened in days gone by, the government utilises the great modern weapon - money - to go about shutting them down. Which, in the normal order of things these days, the bad guys have lots of and the good guys not very much of. Bangbang you're dead - or bankrupt, which in modern society is considerably less pleasant HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.

- again, the great military strategist SunTzu knew this well - you do NOT fight a battle on ground of the enemy's choosing, at least if you hope to prevail - on that ground the enemy has all of the advantages, and an able commander will prevail - and, much as I despise these people, and call them names, I do not underestimate their ability - they have, after all, been running the place for a long time, and doing so in such a way that most people aren't even aware they are being manipulated - the human race has produced a rather large group of people who are quite intelligent, and willing and anxious even to use that intelligence in the service of the rulers, who pay them reasonably well - a lot fucking better than they pay the serfs, for sure. And they get value for their money - the newspapers and tv are well done, and if you never actually get a kick in the backside from somebody that makes you ask some hard questions yourself about how things are working, you may well get through most of your life believing in Santa Claus and Barbie Doll land - most people seem to, anyway.

Corruption is on the plate again (what am I saying - silly me!!! it has never been OFF the plate since the Bay St Boys decided to buy the government and installed Prince Scuzzbucket Brian as the first Corporate Puppet of Canada HAHAHAHAHAH!! (yes, indeed, Prince Jean Sleaze was the second, Prince "100 Billion for the Rich" Paul will be the third and quite possibly last (more on that later maybe - figure it out for yourself, but think common currency and King George and Governor Paul, along those lines)) fuck I don't know how many )) I need now have a couple more))))) - Martin now has over $10 fucking million dollars personally raised for his "leadership" campaign (sort of the way we do things smaller here - Bush has already raised close to $100 million for his UNCONTESTED leadership review next year!!! - fuck I could start - better not....) - for instance here - Martin tops $10 million in record fundraising haul; says he needs more (not copying here - it's no secret - the corruption has got to an extent where they BRAG about it all over the place!) a hundred thou here and a hundred thou there from wealthy "friends" who are just as thankful as ol fuck for that hundred BILLION dollar tax break package a few months ago and are by fuck looking forward to more help from their good bud Paul (another story here Canada lags most Western countries in doctors per capita: report RM archive copy indicates that there were things somewhat more useful to somewhat more Canadians that might have been done with that fucking hundred billion .... - although, of course, poor people who need medical help badly and are spending hours in fucking emergency rooms watching their kids or moms die for lack of attention aren't writing many hundred thou checks for their next "leader" hahahahahahahaaaa - actually the story is worth perusing a bit - a quote - "The OECD average for doctors was 2.9 for each 1,000 of population, and the only countries with a lower number than Canada in 2001 were Mexico (1.5), Korea (1.4) and Turkey (1.3). ... The scarcity of Canadian doctors is in part the result of deliberate government policy. During the 1990s, provincial governments cut enrolment in medical and nursing schools as a strategy to cut medical costs...." - there you go - Canadian social policy-strategy - a hundred billion for tax breaks, close the fucking medical schools to cover it.... - and yet how many Canadians are still wandering around brainlessly following the neocons and the Frasers and Pispot etc etc demanding lower taxes lower taxes because that's all they hear day after day after fucking day from their "media" - fuck) - right out in the fucking open, and oddly enough (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA) not a fucking WORD in the media about this blatant corruption - although there are some columns going touching on this in a certain way (in the neocon press of course, which has been sticking with the great mythology-blind idiocy that the Libs are some kind of leftist socialist party, and the country needs to be rescued from their eternal "tax and spend" philosophy - fuck I find it hard to believe that any thinking citizen in the country can be believing this shit, but the power of the media, I guess, to minds controlled by television to believe what they're told, and which also diligently works to keep any alternative ideas that get closer to the Truth right the fuck away from everyone, and quickly belittle and marginalize anything that does manage to get a bit of public attention).

Anyway, an example from today this column by one Harley Steward The sleaze factor - Canada's esteem slips badly thanks to government scandals (this is from Oct. 12 and will probably be off the air soon, but we'll just save it here for you RM archive copy) - Harley talks about the great damage corruption in government is doing, and how we as Canadians are losing our reputation for "good government" throughout the world - which are of course true and things that should be concerning us a whole fuck of a lot more than they seem to be concerning most people - Harley's mistake, probably ideologically based, is that he prefers to equate this corruption with the current Liberal government alone, oddly overlooking the not-that-far-in-the-past sleaze-ridden Mulroney government (Harley looks old enough to remember this in his picture - hahaha - but he talks of less corrupt governments of the 50s and 60s, indicating he is certainly not unaware of Mulroney who happened well after that, which indicates his disinclination to mention him in the bad light he so richly deserves (MAY WE NEVER FORGET THAT TRAITOROUS SON OF A BITCH!!! - although events of the past few years indicates we didn't, as a citizenry, learn a whole hell of a lot from him that we needed - and still need, evidently - to learn) is probably ideologically driven, as noted - actually, come to think of it, he talks of Pearson and Diefenbaker but not Trudeau, indicating he is probably one of those Trudeau haters (I'm now starting to think this spreading of hatred for Pierre that has been going on since Mulroney was probably a central need of the neocon plan, to do as much as they could to destroy the memory of the greatest PM the country has ever had, in order to facilitate their push of the Canadian electorate to the far right by linking progressive government with "that fucking socialist" or whatever Trudeau - they haven't really succeeded, as the hundreds of thousands who turned out to honour Pierre on his last train ride showed - a wee kick in the neocon shin of protest from the many who are not liking where these neocon Bay St fucking traitors have been taking this country), and now has a mindless hatred for all things Liberal (teaching people to mindlessly cheer for "their team" forever has its uses), even if the current Liberals are actually the Neo-Libs and have nothing whatsofucking EVER to do with the Libs of Trudeau or Pearson - as Mulroney's PCs had nothing whatsofuckingever to do with the party of Diefenbaker or MacDonald...), which had the honour of beginning this process, and was given the greatest boot in Canadian history for his betrayal of Canadians. Man I gotta take a course in writing shorter sentences. If I can find time - wait - I'm an English teacher - I should be teaching it - fuck ...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

But the thing people have to start realising is that this isn't "Liberal" corruption, or "PC" corruption via Mulroney or in Harrisite Ontario until recently, and what we need to make things better isn't simply a "change of government, new faces, etc etc" - that is part of the great scam of modern western corporate "democracy" - Tweedledee-Tweedledum "politics", the dog and pony show, the old shell game, bait and switch, fool enough of the people once every 4-5 years (HAHAHAHA!!! - 25% or less will do with that amazing FPTP voting system - and even less than that with Computer Voting!!! - a new Neocon God is about to be christened, called Diebold! - check it out if you haven't heard of it already and care even a TINY fucking bit about democracy!!), a sucker is born every fucking minute, etc and etc - the REAL problem is CORPORATE Corruption - as inevitable with corporate government as overcharging for gasoline is with a corporate monopoly, or Gates overcharging for Windowshit with what amounts to a PC monopoly - and the ONLY way to get rid of corporate corruption in our government is to get rid of corporate government!!! - not rocket science, as I may have noted about stuff like this before - but what it REQUIRES is that ALL of us stop believing all the shit they feed us in the papers - because, of course, the papers are (wait for it!!) CORPORATE PAPERS!!!!! - so about the LAST thing they're going to do is tell us about how the problem in government is CORPORATE corruption and we have to get rid of them!!!

Here's how Canadian elections work (if you're up past your bedtime you better shut this down now - you're about to get involved with REAL FUCKING ADULT SHIT!!!!!) - the Bay St. Boys (BS Boys for short if you like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) control both major parties in the country. They get Party A elected, then start with their policies - soon the people are getting pissed off pretty bad at lower taxes and closing hospitals and outright fucking sleaze, but the way the "elections" work in this country the party still gets 8-10 years to do their dirty work, and the media starts to follow the people and talk about the bad stuff the politicians are doing (but NEVER talk about who they are doing it for - that is to say, if a politician is acting corruptly - well, the corruptER should be getting as much, if not more, attention as the corruptEE - but for some reason our media doesn't do that) - anyway, and then the corps do the Tweedledee-Tweedledum Shuffle, and in comes party B, with great fanfare through the media, and the people think they've done some great thing by booting the hated Party A. And then Party B carries on with the same fucking agenda precisely, until the people get sick of them, and then Party A can be brought back. There are various variations on the theme, and the people never, ever seem to catch on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

A small letter to the Star concerning their "coverage" of the "unite the right" movement:

Editor - RE: Right poised to merge Oct. 16, 2003; Not a strong opposition but a strong government Oct. 17, etc

Now let me see - NAFTA, major cutbacks in social spending, matching huge tax breaks to corporations, deregulation and privatisation, promoting "globalisation" with the attendant policies of reduced workers' rights and increased corporate "rights", placing "pleasing/appeasing investors" at the TOP of the national priority list, demanding servitude to a "national debt" while pushing the National Bank that could reduce this "debt" under the table - just offhand, would you say that is/was an agenda of "the right" or "the left" wing of Canadian politics? Rather obviously, I think, these are the pillars of the "right" or "neocon" movement of the last 30 years around the world - and yet, of course, as we all know, these have been the most notable "accomplishments" and/or "policies" of the current "Liberal" government of the last decade, as Chretien out-Mulroneyed Mulroney.

So I am curious to know why the Star, supposedly the voice of center-left sanity in Canada, persists in spreading this misleading nonsense of "uniting the right" that has been underway for some time, as neocon apologists such as the National Post do (as they are expected to, of course). The party of "the right" at this time in Canadian history hardly needs uniting - it is strong and well-funded and about to assume a new leader named Martin. What Harper and McKay are doing is attempting the establishment of a new thing in Canadian federal politics, a "national" party of the "far, far, far, far right" (the Reform-CRAP-Alliance was never more than regional-based, a western version of the Bloc) - something that might more correctly be called "the Republican Party of Canada" or something like that, if we had any serious "honesty in labelling" laws in this country (yes, it is appropriate - the major Canadian political parties have become "products" for sale to the highest bidder over the last 20 or so years, and such laws ought indeed to apply - we could also consider anti-monopoly or fair competition laws as well, since they have all been bought by the Bay St. Boys - but let's leave that amusing ramble for another day...).

Anyways, you do your readers, and the people of Canada, a serious disservice by propagating this myth that the "right" is attempting to "unite", with the unspoken assumption that those of you who are propagating this myth apparently hope people will continue believing, that the "Liberal" party thus occupies the political space somewhere around the "center-left", which any kind of rational explication (along the lines of my opening sentence) of their current policies will quickly reveal to be an Aliconian "through-the-looking-glass" nonsense. The Liberals of Pearson's time, and Trudeau's, could justifiably be called center-left, and later Libs certainly talked the center-left talk when in opposition under Turner and even Chretien - but the day they assumed power in Ottawa, the Red (cancel NAFTA!! cancel the GST!! restore healthcare funding!! etc!!) Book overnight became the Bay St & Bankers Book (BS Bankers' Book?), and it is something of a black mark on Canadian "journalism" that noone has had the courage to put this blatant rightward shift into words (or perhaps, I suppose, simply an intellectual failure to recognize it, with the Canadian media being pretty "embedded" with Canadian corporations, it is perhaps difficult to see the forest for the trees, to coin an expression haha), but you continue to assume and propagate the utter fiction of "Liberals=left, PC/Alliance=right" in Canadian politics (let's not even talk about the NDP right now, who haven't been sure themselves what they've been up to for quite awhile, although they may be finding their feet under Layton - time will tell).

While I am writing, I might as well ask - I am also somewhat curious as to why there is NO editorial concern at all in your ongoing "in-depth" (ah-hahahahaha - that's actually funny!) coverage of this story of the fact that Peter McKay made a formal, public promise to David Orchard barely 4 months ago that there would be NO TALKS AT ALL!!! about this "uniting the right" stuff, a deal in which he certainly received the "quid" as he took David's votes to win the leadership of the party, but is now blatantly reneging on the "quo" - and this is of almost no interest to the Canadian media!!! This is quite unbelievable to me, and I strongly expect to a lot of other Canadians, who still place quite a bit of weight in perhaps somewhat old fashioned values such as honouring one's word. I would be VERRYYY interested in hearing a word or two from the Editorial Board of the Star, once thought to be the bulwark of "the Center-Left" in Canada but lately showing some rather suspicious tendencies to support the neocon agenda through spin such as in the coverage of this very story.

Do you suppose that McKay's blatant breaking of this promise, and Chretien's blatant breaking of his earlier promises to cancel the GST and "abrogate or renegotiate" NAFTA, and endless similar stories, and the media's apparent "so what who cares??" attitude, have anything at all to do with the falling voter turnout in Canada, and the equally falling opinion that most Canadians have of their politicians and media?!?!?!?

Do you suppose these questions will ever be honestly addressed in the Canadian media? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


FLASHFLASH!!!! _ LATE BREAKING STORY!!!! - can't keep ahead of these fuckers nohow noway - here in the latest Star we have further evidence of their joining of the neocon movement - Editorial: Reuniting right good for Canada - again supporting the establishment of a two-party state in Canada - the "moderate" right of the Libs (hahahahaha) and the Far Right of this new PC-Alliance shit - closer and closer to the far-right "democrats" and farfarfarfuckingwhackedout-right Republicans, as in the US. They do not mention a fucking WORD here about the party that most Canadians need and want - a truly center-left sort of thing, such as is being promoted by a number of people, and that would incorporate the existing disparate elements such as the NDP, the Greens, CAP, whatever - I don't find it surprising, actually, that there is such a determined effort by the media to say absolutely nothing about this (think back recently to the media almost blackout of the Greens in the recent Ontario election) - it is quite obvious that a substantial majority of Canadians desperately want something like this, and it is equally obvious that such a party, as basically a founding principal, would NOT be under the control of the BS Boys and the Bankers - and that is just something that is not going to be tolerated by the CORPORATE press - of which the Star is quite obviously starting to show its affiliation. (If you're interested in more on this, start with the Canadian Action Party site - Paul Hellyer, the leader, has a new book out about it all, and he and they are the ONLY ones who have had the foresight to be speaking about this out loud (outside of a few radical crazies such as RM).

If you're not already really, really fucking worried about these insane people running the American government that our own PM-in-waiting is so anxious to suck up to, read this from one of the guys running the fucking Pentagon and start praying to whatever god you have to GET YOU TO A SANE FUCKING PLACE SOON:

"In another speech, Boykin said God selected George W. Bush as president. "Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him. Why is he there? And I tell you this morning that he's in the White House because God put him there for a time such as this." Describing America's fight with Islamic extremists, Boykin also said, "The enemy is a spiritual enemy. He's called the principality of darkness. The enemy is a guy called Satan."

You can find the whole story here - We're fighting Satan, says U.S. general if you want. I'm telling you, if people don't start waking up real fucking soon and doing something about this shit, the Dark Ages of a few hundred years ago are going to look like the very Garden of Fucking Eden. Orwell had no idea how bad it could possibly be.

Man oh man oh man. There may be less time left than I thought.

Right to the very last second!!! - and here's a little inside look at the way "free speech" works in the US in reality rather than theory - concerning the above comment, the Great Rumsfeld had this to say: "There are a lot of things that are said by people in the military, or civilian life, or in the Congress, or in the executive branch, that are their views. And that's the way we live. We're a free people..." (it's in the same Star story above)

And then, more or less at the same time, we have this: U.S. slaps ally Malaysia for anti-semitism WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 (UPI) -- The State Department Thursday condemned an ally in the war on terrorism, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, for his opening remarks at the Organization of the Islamic Conference where he said Jews run the world's governments by proxy.... "The remarks are offensive, they are inflammatory, and we view them with the contempt and derision they deserve," State Department Deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said Thursday...

So - as far as the US government is concerned, calling some Muslims servants of Satan or evil or anything else - hey!!! free speech baby!!!! - BUUTTTT!!!!! - diss anything to do with the Jews - Hey!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

(Canada of course does not vary from this position - one story here Graham rips on Malaysian PM's comments - Canada of course showing its idea of Free Speech by keeping Ernst Zundel in jail for what? 8 months and counting, I guess - another aspect of the new and creative uses to which the so-called "terrorist" laws talked about the last time can be put. Graham says the remarks of the Malaysian PM are "unacceptable" (interesting that he doesn't have anything at all to say about top-ranking Pentagon officials describing the Muslims as Satanic and other repugnant and stupid (that IS the appropriate adjective) shit - pretty serious stuff, probably pretty hateful sounding to a lot of them - but that's our "free speech" laws - it's only not ok to say bad things about SOME people - others - well, hahaha, who gives a fuck what you say?!?! - that's free speech baby!!) - what is unacceptable to me is an official in MY fucking government trying to tell ANYONE (let alone other COUNTRIES for fuck's sake) what is acceptable speech or not. That sort of shit leads to some VERY bad fucking places. (If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, have a boo someday of the movie, The People vs Larry Flynt - it must be pretty old, the American Supreme Court in the end stands up for Free Speech - I doubt very much the current one would HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - they'd likely side with George and his buds - you know, "At this serious time in our history, 'Mericuns ought to watch what they say" - three more cheers for the "terrorism" laws - which are, when you think about it, kind of terroristic themselves - hmmmmmmm - why haven't I read about that in the mainstream?????hahahahaha)

(One might also note that Mahathir was about the ONLY government leader during the artificial financial meltdown in SE Asia a few years ago (which managed to transfer huge amounts of assets into the hands of foreign (i.e. western) banks and "investors" (i.e. legally sanctioned fucking crooks, in this era), sort of like the same problem does in western countries, called a "recession") who told the US and the IMF and the World Bank to GO FUCK YOURSELVES sorry - um - take a hike when they told all the affected countries that they must open their borders to capital to stop this situation from recurring (sort of like the leeches of Robin Hood's time whose cure for blood loss was "bleeding" the sucker patient - man, what an apt analogy all the way around!!!! - except we're sort of short one Robin Hood in this era and seriously overloaded with fucking Sheriffs of Nottingham - oh wait, we have a few - Subcommandante Marcos, for instance - catch this, it's good - The slaves of money - and our rebellion RM archive copy...), no restrictions on "capital", etc - everyone (that is, all the modern charlatans who call themselves "financial analysts") at the time said it was an awful thing to do - but in the end, Malaysia was the country that came through the crisis with by far the least damage - man, the US just HATES fuckers like that, especially when they are right, and right in front of the whole world!! (talked about Castro last time, same deal) - and me, I normally figure as first principles that anyone the US government hates that badly is probably doing some good stuff. (and I'm usually right, whenever I get around to checking into it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA)

(note - I have not yet joined the camp that figures the Jews are behind all the world's problems or anything, although there is a lot of suspicious stuff going on - but it's hard not to notice stuff like this, or the fanaticism of things like the efforts to shut Ernest Zundel up and deny him any right to free speech, as I've noted before. I'm not anti-Semitic, or anti- any other fucking group of people just because they're a particular group of people (I really don't categorise people like that - my categories are more along the lines of "decent sorts" vs "people who think they're better than everyone else and deserve special privileges" - which includes individuals from every race, nationality, color and sex - good and bad has nothing to do with these things) - but I am very anti-"shut the fuck up", and there are too many people out there right now trying to do this...)

And MY right of free speech seems to be suggesting I have a look in the fridge right about now. I need a beer. Maybe two. This stuff is depressing, and we all know that beer is a GREAT stimulant HAHAHAHAHAHAAA.

Hate to leave on a sour note (too much of that in the world) - just flipping around CNN for a quick look at what the enemy is up to - another new story to add to the daily coverage of war and killing and fighting - and it occurs to me - what do you suppose would happen if every night on the news we got mostly stories about how people are working together around the world to try to make things better for themselves personally and in their local community and in any larger senses, like their country or the world - good, positive things happening for people and communities, sharing ideas about what YOU might do with your life or community to make things better - about things you could tell your politicians, local or whatever, about, ideas to improve things, stuff like Castro dealing with the US embargoes and stuff by turning to organic, sustainable agriculture, and how now the whole of Cuba is eating lots of good and healthy food, and how that could be an example for everyone, rather than hearing about Monsanto and American demands for the whole fucking world to eat their GMO foods, or how Mahathir exposed the IMF and World Bank monetary "policies" for the sham and scam they really are, and how we might all in the thinking part of town be considering ALL of the financial policies the government has been undertaking the last 20-30 years, stuff like that - just fucking imagine if you got an hour of THAT sort of stuff every day on your fucking tv, rather than this endless fighting and killing and corporate propaganda!!!! (hey - in a free country corps should be free to disseminate any propaganda they want - but we shouldn't be forced to hear it on the "news" day after day like it was the truth or anything, while being denied stories that are true and meaningful because they tend to expose the corporate propaganda for the lies and bullshit they usually are - eh??) - and don't start with the shit that they are just reporting what is happening - like I talked about last time or whatever, they are "reporting" what they want you to see and think and believe - they don't WANT a peaceful, prosperous world - that would be good for you - they WANT fighting and killing and the rest - that is good for both their control and corporate profits.

The news is presented in a way that suggests or assumes all of this stuff is never going to stop (as in 1984 - a permanent state of affairs) - but what if it was presented as a small part of the news rather than the main feature, as some sort of aberation, something evil and unusual that only a small group of bad or sick people were engaging in, and it was up to us to stop them - seriously stop them, that is, not go around bombing and whatnot as we do today - i.e. the first way to stop a whole lot of this shit would be to simply stop selling them guns and bullets!!!! - all of these African countries that are in the news for their killing and slaughters - NONE of them have gun or ammunition factories!!!! - they get the great bulk of their weapons and ammo from western countries - oddly enough (HAHAHAHAHAA) the US and UK lead the world in arms sales!!! - now give some psychopath like Idi Amin a few billion dollars in "loans" (see earlier about odious debts), and then let him use that money to buy great amounts of modern guns and ammos and helicopters - and by golly surprise surprise!!! you got BIG death rates - leave Idi alone with his wooden spears or whatever the fuck his tiny brain could devise for himself (no that's not a fucking slur against Africans, it's a fucking slur against psychopaths - the same comments would apply, for instance, to the psychopath in that big White House in Washington these days, under a slightly different context (George don't borrow his money, he fucking prints it) - but just imagine how much damage ol George could get up to if he had to devise weapons with his own fucking brain HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That's kind of funny - "So - these is atoms is they Can I shoot em or drink em or what?" HAHAHAHAHAHAH fuck what a world)), and his damage would not only be very limited, he and his small band of like-minded brutes would be a GREAT deal easier for the local people to stop.

Again, not rocket science - odd our papers don't pick up on that sort of thing much - of course, the arms manufacturers (you might think of Lockheed Douglas, who just got hired to do the Canadian census HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA - and guess, just fucking guess, who will have access to all the records once they are finished, government promises to the contrary notwithstanding?!?!? right - ) also are in the corporate cartel which owns both the government and the news media, and they don't actually WANT you thinking much about this, or making any demands of "your" (i.e. "their") government that might involve having to cut back on these hugely lucrative "businesses" - and money, of course, is what modern capitalism is all about - and the deaths of a few thousand or million or tens of millions of people (as long as it ain't us!!!!!!!) don't really matter much - I mean, after all, they breed like flies, and a bit of population control is ok, right!?....) - anyway, just oddly enough as seems to happen a lot, a new report about arms control just came out - some pretty shocking fucking reading altogether - interesting that there has not been a single fucking word about it in the Canadian media - although, actually, not that unusual at all that there hasn't been a single fucking word about it in the CORPORATE media. Here if you want to expand your education of what is really happening in the world - Shattered Lives.

My dream for tonight - to get elected PM of Canada and BAN ALL fucking MS products from all government offices!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahhhhhh what a pleasant world it could be!!!!! - sweet dreams!

The fish is on the fire, the wine is in the glass............

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." John Loeffler

Write if ya want.

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

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