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031003 - Lady Truth, Democracy, Elections, Lies

O my Sweet Lady Truth I see you lying battered and bloody at the feet of the world, and the abuse of your fair flesh continues unabated, with our "leaders" and their corporate media and the lickass columnists and editorialists and the slobbering dogs of violence and brainless television programs kicking at you and spitting on you and mocking you and laughing insanely at the damage they are inflicting, at your blood and tears and wounds. And the common people, who love you so much more, do not defend you - what a sad world this is. What a terrible world, what an insane world these humans have created. Truly are they often compared to a cancerous growth on a formerly healthy organism - one recalls with tears and outrage the teeming codfish in the North Atlantic, the great herds of bison flowing like seas over the North American prairies, the numberless flocks of passenger pigeons over them like clouds in the sky.

Kill kill kill!!!!!! As the berserkers kill all living things they kill also the truth. It is the single overriding human theme that we note throughout history, from mythology with Cain and Abel and crucifying their own fucking god for christs sake to the Spanish inquisition and witch burning to the Americans spreading DU around the world - savage barbarism rules. And the same barbarians that want to kill every living thing also kill truth as some kind of collateral damage, to avoid any possible repercussions for their violence, and to lull or coerce the less violent members of the species into some kind of acceptance of what is happening, so they can continue killing until it is too late to save anything.

A perusal of the news on this or any other day brings tears, tears of grief, tears of utter disbelief, tears of cynicism, tears of outrage, tears of hopelessness, and anger, and frustration - we could stop this monstrosity, we could turn the ship around, we could regain the path of light and leave the path of violence and destruction behind - if enough of us wanted to - if enough of us stood up and said NO MORE!!! STOP THIS FUCKING CRAZINESS NOWWWWW!!!!!!! it would stop, if we stopped enabling the berserkers it would stop - the berserkers understand this, somewhere in their little black shrivelled souls, and it is the reason for much of the violence against their own kind, their control of the schools and media. Telling a monster to STOP is a fearsome thing, and if only a few of us do it, we will get trampled. If we stand together, we can prevail. The monster knows this - divide and conquer is an old and favorite trick, talked about before and undoubtedly again - exposing the lies, the tricks, is necessary.

A new John Kaminski piece this week again - a look at how we have to begin to understand that we all are part of the whole, and as long as we act selfishly, we can never grow out of childhood - and holistically, allegorically, as a species, a race, a mature people reaching for the stars and other civilisations - The cost of the Cul de sac - why we willingly choose to destroy the world - great out-of-the-box writing, as usual. And after that follow the America's Autopsy link and buy the man's book - a great quote from Chomsky earlier too that seems to have gotten misplaced involved the idea of how much we are willing to spend on crap, and supporting institutions that lie to us constantly - but how unwilling we are to send a few bucks, a small amount of support, for those few warriors who are brave enough to stand up to the monster. People like Kaminski give and give and give - the berserkers are happy enough to ignore him, because they know that most people will let him starve rather than help him - there is a perversity in humanity for some reason that this happens - those who are too weak, too afraid to fight for themselves maybe resent that others have the courage - and if they just let them die, then they won't have to think about it anymore, maybe, as they lay there helplessly on the ground with their throats turned to the slavering jaws of the berserker hoping for mercy. Choice is yours - we have a small chance, very very very fucking small, if we can get our act together to stop the insanity, through people like Kaminski - or we can have a party in the Main Cabin with the vampires and go down with the ship when the iceberg can no longer be avoided. Man I love seeing how many metaphors I can twist into one sentence! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Yes the big news is in about McGuinty. It is well that the Harrisites and their direct spawn are gone - but dancing in the streets is somewhat premature - it remains to be seen if they have truly been replaced with something better - one has doubts, one really does - it's the old TT game. Recall, if you will, the joy at Mulroney's defeat, the greatest rejection of a Prime Minister in Canadian history by a man who promised to do better - he was believed and we voted for him, for change!!!! - and his first act was to sign the NAFTA, which he had promised to abrogate (or renegotiate at least), breaking a major campaign promise as his first official act, and showing his true colors, spitting in the face of the electorate - and much, much more of the same was to follow ("Me? haha - I put pepper on my steak!"). Out-Mulroneying Mulroney. Slashing funding for the health care system and education and infrastructure. Huge tax breaks for the wealthy. Martin - the next in line - bragging a couple of years ago about how his government (yea, HIS, not OURS, for sure) was spending less on social support programs for all Canadians, as a percent of government spending, than at any time since 1951. Ain't that fucking progress!!! - and then on the heels of that, rather than spending any of a great surplus to restore any funding to failing hospitals and schools, giving a hundred fucking BILLION to the corps and wealthy in tax breaks. Lies lies lies - the main lie of all being to call themselves the Liberal Party - in all honesty, they should have renamed themselves the New Bay St. Party of Canada - but that would have been truth, and truth is locked in deep dungeons in Corporate Canada, never seeing the light of day, and beaten down mercilessly any time she struggles once again to her feet in any small way.

Anyway - don't get too excited about Dalton - it is not an era in which to be hopeful, I fear, for good guy mainstream politicians.

But but but - democracy?!?!?!?! What of our other Sweet Lady, Sweet Lady Truth's beloved sister Democracy? Lies lies lies and more lies - Democracy was never more than a sweet dream, a utopian concept for dreamers and fantasy fans, a great lie to fool the people with to keep them quiet, a great experiment in population control, run at the same time as that other great experiment communist totalitarianism - the jury is still out on the winner - but the lie of democracy is apparently winning - so it would be untrue to say she too has been killed - you do not kill that which has never had life or we have never embraced. Gandhi knew - remember his famous - "Democracy?!?! yes - a splendid idea - we ought to try it sometime!" - he knew he knew he knew so much - and we well know how he was rewarded for his goodness.

Have a boo, let us look at the elections - the First Big Lie of "democracy" in the modern era - Choose your poison!! Actually, your "choice" is, as one may have noted before, between Tweedledum and Tweedledee - a couple of "parties" sanctioned by the rulers, who will operate within the guidelines set out by the rulers, and consult the rulers on any and all decisions. Being as there is a certain amount of 'freedom" within the kingdom, other people will be allowed to "run" for office, but given no support, no money, no publicity, they will get no significant votes, as people are well trained from school onwards to listen to their leaders' voices and do more or less as told. Complete obedience is not necessary - as with Las Vegas casinos, the House Edge is sufficient to carry the day, for this reason here and also Lie 2 to shortly be explained - and also necessary to maintain the fiction.

Look here - a "democratic election" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - oh, sorry, just can't help myself even when I'm trying to be serious!!!!) was just conducted in Ontario - so democratic that a party running candidates in every riding but one was not only excluded from the leader's debate - but not a fucking MURMER of protest from the media or the other "leaders" - a few citizens were a bit concerned - polls indicate that as many as 73% thought the excluded leader should have participated - but he wasn't there, and the "election" proceeded as planned, with the great choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the cute puppy. (Let's clear this up - the Cute (serious) Puppy doesn't mean the people have a real choice, but he has a purpose - when the rulers want to shift support from one major party to the other, the Cute Puppy is there to get a certain number of the votes, not enough to present any serious danger of winning, but enough to ensure victory for the desired party - see Lie 2 for more on this) - next thing you know, we'll have Cuba or somebody offering to send observers to Canada (as they already have offered to the US) to observe the elections, to make sure they are fair. Gotta love it! - if you ever look around a bit behind the propaganda, you will find that Cuba has a far, far, far more democratic process than we do for getting people elected - but you ain't gonna read about it in the Canadian media!!! nosireebobsyerfuckinunclejack

(Speaking of the Great Satan down south of y'all there - the great US is getting even more serious about "democracy", where the rulers have gotten so psychotic (power corrupts, absolute power etc..) don't even want a Tweedledum-Tweedledee "choice" anymore, and the puppetmasters of George and the gang, through Diebold et al., intend to see that some trivial shit like "democracy" doesn't get in the way of the New World Order any longer, fulfilling the Trilateral Commission's goal of getting that damned "too much democracy" that surfaced during the 60s well in hand, no need to worry anymore (lots of good stuff around on Diebold - just Google it, or check out What Really Happened... which should be on your regular browse list anyway...)...

Just a smidgen of stories on the Feature Election Event "leader's" debate last week to highlight the above, as it really pisses me off, true believer in democracy that I am (URLs noted for the sceptical if there are any) - Canoe, The Star, column by Ian Urquart in the Star, National Republican North sorry Post, and Glob (sic) - and not a fucking WORD (in the "news" coverage, the Urquart column the ONLY mention I could find at all) about a party running a candidate in over 100 ridings whose leader was not present at the debate (Green Party - more here). Let's have a BIGGGGG hand for fucking democracy - ain't it grand to know that we have such fair elections, where all parties are given a fair chance, and the voters encouraged to learn all they can about all the people running......

And on top of that (the word "hypocrisy" doesn't even begin to get close to things here) - they want you to get out and vote!!!! - not necessarily for anyone (i.e. we don't really need to think about them commie Green people, and all their stupid talk about democracy and that shit, so we won't get the voters confused and upset and stuff by putting them on the debate or anything), but for one of the authorised candidates (i.e. those who are given official status by being allowed to appear in the so-called Leader's Debate, and getting serious editorial consideration - PEI shows us how - we have an editorial writer for the Glob exhorting us all to GET OUT AND VOTE!!!! - DO YOUR DEMOCRATIC DUTY!!!!! - IF YOU DON'T VOTE YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!!! - etc and etc!! - well - actually (blush blush) I used to believe that shit myself, and self-righteously voted at every opportunity (what is that now, after several decades of being "old enough" to vote?? - something under 15 opportunities to participate in the decision making process in my "democracy"?? - I am some fucking impressed. really. can't you just tell??).

The article talks about that sacred duty of voting - but for some odd reason it doesn't talk about what we are supposed to do when the people we elect turn out to having been doing a lot of lying about what their plans are - as noted in the small letter to the Star a couple of weeks ago (unpublished, of course, I have forwarded it to the editors at the Globe for their edification, but for some reason I don't actually think they want to be edified, they want YOU to be pacified) - when voters DO turn out in substantial numbers to support a certain policy (for instance, Brian Mulroney in 1984, at which time he declared all across the country that "free trade" would be really bad for Canada and by golly HE would never do such a thing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - or they guy who followed him, who declared all across the country that them damned conservatives and nasty Big Business types wanted NAFTA after the FTA, which would be really bad for Canada and you can be damn sure boys if WE are elected (that would Jean and the gang) there would by golly be no NAFTA no siree HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!) - and then do the exact opposite of what they were elected for - but not a fucking ONE of the papers who tell us to get out and vote all the time have a sweet fucking WORD to say about THAT - well - exactly how fucking stupid do these people think we all are anyway?!?!?! (rhetorical question - obviously, they think we are VERY fucking stupid - the fact that over 50% of the people still turn out to vote at these farces indicates that they have a point...... and the fact that the people actually running things are so much in control that when the voters are really really pissed at someone and DO turn out and vote in sufficient numbers to turf them - why the guy waiting in the wings, all dressed up in a real pretty suit, turns out to actually be the same as the guy they just turfed, only maybe moreso - thus the words of caution about Dalton above... ) - and fuck here we go again a couple of days later - the Star getting in on the act also - Editorial: Set Ontario's path by voting today - get out and vote get out and vote you CAN make a difference!!!!! - not a fucking word about lying or corruption or about how majorities of voters voted AGAINST both Mulroney's FTA and NAFTA - and yet got them anyway, or how a majority of Ontarians voted AGAINST the Harris government the last two times but got Harris governments and Republican policies anyway - we really have to get away from letting the fucking newspapers in this country lie and lie and fucking lie like this - lying through pretending we live in a different country and world than we do - pretending we live in some fucking Barbie-doll Santa Claus society where things work like they do in the comic book textbooks that kids are given in school, where politicians and cops and judges are all honest, well-meaning caricatures wandering around with neat haircuts and pretty smiles, doing the best they can for society and everyone, and people get what they vote for really, and public officials are all honest wonderful people who would NEVER accept a bribe ohmygodNO!!!! - how in the fuck can we ever hope to gain a decent society when the whole thing is like some Jim Carrey Truman movie in the media, and noone will publicly stand up and say FIRST WE GOTTA GET RID OF THE FUCKING CRIMINALS RUNNING THE PLACE!!!! FIRST WE GOTTA GET RID OF CORPORATE FUCKIN GOVERNMENT!!! FIRST WE NEED NEWSPAPERS THAT DON'T LIE TO US ALL THE TIME!!! - and it ain't gonna be easy after that, because there are still a whole lot of people running around out there who believe in whatever passes for a heart in their sick withered black psyches that they are privileged, that they are better than everyone else, that they deserve to live lives of luxury while everyone else slaves away like little elves to provide them with luxuries, they they are clever and we are stupid, and they can lie and manipulate everyone to their selfish, stupid purposes - they are the half-grown, I think, the half-evolved, the half-developed - as humanity evolved from the animal level to the human level, this sub-branch missed out on some important genes or something - they retained the animal like instinct for pack dominance, while missing out on the new human gene for getting along together. something like that - later later later as they say.

It's hard to figure sometimes if these people, these people who write the editorials and columns, really live in the real world, or the Santa Claus world of "Civics Textbook Democracy" and that kind of shit - obviously they are a little disconnected from reality - or, again, of course, they understand well what is going on, but think that YOU/WE are a LOT fucking disconnected from reality, and want to reinforce that connection (my feeling would be the latter, for any number of reasons that anyone who has read this far could probably figure for themselves) - just as one tiny example, the writer PEI shows us how RM copy herehere gives a bunch of really goody-goody reasons for voters turning out to vote in PEI in bigger numbers than elsewhere (WHAT?!?!?!? You didn't know PEI had an election too?!?! - sure it did) - all the good civics book reasons - but he does not, for some really really fucking odd reason, mention the single most important one, in the modern world, jobs and money - PEI is probably the patronage capital of Canada, Shawinigan notwithstanding (not because people are more corrupt there, probably less actually, because the amount of money floating around is a lot less, and corruption of course is defined by money), but in a smaller sense - the government party in a small, poor province like PEI, with a relatively small population, has a large effect on a pretty shaky job market - and if YOU are a PC, and your family has been strong PC supporters for years, and the PCs win the election that you have been helping them campaign for - well, your family is going to benefit through jobs (and there are big families, close families as rural people seem to be - family ain't mom and pop and a few kids, but all those plus all the relatives and THEIR families and inlaws too - dozens and dozens to hundreds in size). Period. If the Libs win, people who have supported the Libs for years, and are known for it, will get the jobs. It ain't rocket fucking science, but it IS reality - and as long as the major fucking media in this country are going to pretend that that sort of stuff doesn't happen, things are not going to get better. Let me rephrase that - as long as the people of this country keep allowing the major media to pretend that there still is a Santa Claus, and we live in some textbook-civics neverneverland where people only vote because by golly goshdarnit they believe in Democracy, and Patronage has NOTHING do to with it - well, things will remain as they are, with real Democracy a far and distant dream.

(Lots of great stories about political corruption in PEI - most of it's small town shit - but it still damages everything and some people do get seriously hurt - best one I know (the oldtimers know a lot fucking more, but don't talk in public about them!) is probably the year Joe Ghiz won his first election, promising to stamp out that great evil of patronage!!! - of course, within weeks of being elected the purge was on, and PCs got turfed by the hundreds and Libs replaced them. A few guys decided to challenge the purge, on the basis of Ghiz's promise, and after a lot of delay a hearing of some kind was called. Lots of people testified, including one Wayne Chevier, something like that, a minister in the new government, who swore up and down there was no goshdarn patronage in his squeaky clean government, no siree! - and that was close to the end - although EVERYONE (no exaggeration) knew and knows that bigtime patronage is a fact of life on PEI, the judge running the commission said something like - "Heck, if I now find that there was indeed patronage appointments involved in this big purge after the last election, why I'd have to call that nice man Mr. Chevier a liar - and I ain't about to do that no siree bobsyer (fucking) uncle! Case dismissed!!" - ok, I guess, to call all of the others who testified liars - but if nobody mentions it in the paper, I guess it never happened. On we go.

And on and on and on. Patronage works both ways of course - the same Ghiz government soon thereafter decided they wanted more money for themselves (kind of a disease endemic to politicians, which explains a whole fuck of a lot of things), but didn't want to appear that greedy, so after solemn deliberation they asked a provincial court judge named Norman Carruthers to undertake a one-man study for them on MLA remuneration in PEI. A few months later Norman surprisingly (hahahahaha) recommended a substantial increase in the MLA pay package. And a few months later PEI had a new Chief Judge of the Supreme Court - Norman himself, gosh darn ain't that just SOME fucking coincidence!!! - must have been, of course, because the Guardian (main provincial rag - covers the Island like the dew!! is its motto - which I suppose is true in a sense - I used to love early morning walks around the green and fair fields of PEI, and at that time of day the grass was indeed covered with a fine film of dew and dew-spiders, and it served the most useful purpose of keeping down the smell of recently spread manure) - anyway, not a fucking word (or any other kind) about this remarkable quid pro quo excuse me unrelated series of events. The Guardian covers a lot more than the dew, I'll be the one to tell you. Oh - so many good stories about PEI - carries all over the country of course - at one time, so frustrated with the obvious corruption in the courts as well as everywhere else, I wrote the Canadian Judicial Commission a letter suggesting they investigate this viper's pit - to which they replied, if the honourable judges of PEI ever feel they need investigating, they'll ask for it. True story. Ain't democracy and responsible government fucking grand?!?!?!?!?!?!)

But back to the election shit, and truth and all that stuff.

Both of these "elections" highlight once again, in spades, the Big Lie #2 about modern "democracy" - representation - that is to say, the voters select the people who represent them. As noted before, a majority of people voted against a certain Brian Mulroney a few years ago, rejecting his so-called "Free Trade" deal with the US - and in return he got a majority government, passed his FTA and a number of other things nobody wanted, and in return got the biggest boot in Canadian history - to be replaced with Tweedledum who passed his NAFTA - ain't democracy fucking grand!. Likewise this time - in PEI, although a small majority of people did vote for Binns, 54% or so, he wound up with 85% of the seats - a couple of percents more and he could have had 90 or 95%, as happened the last time. In Ontario, a worse story - once again we have a party with hardly over 40% of voter support getting a very big majority government, while a party with 15% of the votes gets about 7 percent of the seats, and a party with about 3% of the vote gets nothing. And the voters, once again, get fucked. And the papers, once again, have absolutely nothing to say about it - including that just a couple of days ago (Sept 30, I believe), our politicians rejected an NDP motion in the House of Commons to hold a national referendum to ask Canadians if they wanted PR next year - and equally telling that the papers had not a fucking word to say about it!!! (PEI had Legislative Hearings on PR a bunch of years ago, and even though something like 24 of 26 submissions supported it, the final say of the committee was something like - "Hey - nobody else in Canada is doing this, and by golly we sure don't want to be first!" hahahahahahaha - that is to say, why in the name of FUCK bother in the first place?!?!?!?!?) And latest flash as we go to press!!!! - from the Star again - Liberal Landslide - ...Ontario has chosen change. Voters yesterday took Dalton McGuinty's message to heart and handed the Liberal leader a massive majority government. The Liberals last night were swept into government with 72 seats.... - WOW AIN'T THAT AWESOME DEMOCRACY!!! - well, maybe maybe not - what one might say, in another story, is that the Libs got 42% of the vote, from a 55% turnout of voters - in other words, something like 23% of the people of Ontario felt strongly enough to vote for them, which was a greater number of people than felt like voting for the other TT options - well, I don't know about you, but I personally wouldn't want to scream about 23% support as a sweeping victory, or massive majority.... but that's our media!!!! Spin and Lies 'R' us!!!!!

One might note, in regard to all sorts of stuff - when the Ruling Class wants something, in this "democracy" - anything from "free Trade" to lower taxes - why, it tends to happen pretty quick - "Free Trade" was a major, major policy shift, and yet from Mulroney saying he wanted nothing whatsoever to do with it, in 1983 pre-election, to his changing his mind sometime after 1984 (no I can't remember the exact time he first talked about it) until the implementation on his 44-33% majority in 88 (I've talked about those figures before) was well under 5 years. But what about something that is of concern to many, if not most Canadians, like child poverty, for instance, to pick one example of many - which the government had a serious debate on in 1989 and promised they were really, really going to take serious steps to eradicate and reduce it greatly in TEN fucking years - well, here it is, FOURTEEN fucking years later - and child poverty rates are UP overall in the country - something around 20%, which is nothing but fucking disgraceful, in a country like Canada - you CANNOT call kids welfare bums, I'm not that big on calling parents that but there are times it is sort of appropriate (as is calling a lot of Bay St people CORPORATE welfare bums, which we don't hear much anymore (let's hear it for the Free Democratic State of Canadian National Media HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but is still very true - so that we still have this huge number of fucking children being denied a decent start in life, a chance to get out of the poverty trap, is a very serious condemnation of our so-called leaders, and a very clear indication of what their priorities are - Paul Martin and one fucking hundred fucking billion dollars in tax breaks for the wealthy a few months ago - and not a sweet fucking penny to reduce child poverty. Not to mention a very serious condemnation of our media, that they bring this up about once a fucking year, while talking about lower taxes lower taxes lower taxes every fucking fucking fucking day. Oddest fucking thing - things that benefit the ruling class, the corps - the government "of, by and for" the people (ain't that what "democracy" means?) manages real fast. Things the fucking people want - "their" government somehow proceeds really reeeeaaaalllllllyyyyy reallyyyy slow. Just one of them coincidence theory things, I guess.

Just imagine just imagine just imagine!!! - instead of Tom D'Aquino and the Frasers etc getting regular exposure on national tv, the papers, etc, sitting there in their fancy suits and shoes, pompously pontificating stuff like - "Well, you know, Don (or whoever the latest "serious" political-economics analyst of the day is), Canada suffers under a terrible competitive burden through our massive taxes, most of which simply go to government waste anyway, and once we have this horrible tax burden lowered, why the country will prosper so much that the government will have even more and more and more money than it ever imagined for all of those wonderful programs the people want....." - just imagine if, every fucking day for the last several years, we had been hearing someone saying things like - "Well, you know, Bob, Canada suffers under a terrible democratic burden, when we keep electing huge majority governments that represent a minority of the people and then go on sprees of implementing treaties that most people don't approve of, and doing things like lowering taxes for the wealthy that most people don't want - and it is even more unfair when we consider that a growing number of Canadians recognize this, and don't even bother voting anymore because of it - why, Mulroney, when he was passing the FTA, got only 43% of the vote or so, and with a voter turnout of something like 70%, that means that well under 30% of the voters in Canada actually wanted this FTA, and again a substantially smaller number again of Canadians, so many of whom are not even allowed to vote due to age discrimination - and we could say equally horrendous things about NAFTA, lowering taxes for the wealthy, the cutbacks to healthcare and education - only a minority of Canadians want these things, but the wishes of the majority are subsumed to the wishes of the minority through our outrageously unfair and, dare I even say it??!! haha, unduly influenced by money!, electoral system, which is so easily manipulated by wealthy business interests by whom they choose to financially support, extremely biased media coverage, and so on. We will never be able to hold our heads up as a modern democracy until we do something about this terrible situation through changing to a modern, truly representative PR electoral system like they have in every civilised country in the world.... eh? Oh no, hahaha - nobody in the early years of the 21st century in the REAL civilised world considers the Americans civilised or even democratic in ANY fucking sense of the word (well - maybe the "one dollar one vote" sense, yes, yes), so it wasn't a mis-speak at all hahaha!!!..." - etc and etc with variations, every day every day - every day for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - my my I seem to have stepped over into Looking Glass Land again - imagine our great free Canadian media ever doing something so fucking outrageous as supporting the people ahead of the elite Bay St ruling class!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - there'd be so many editors and writers fired they'd have to create a new window at the UI office!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Truth Truth Truth Lying Battered and Bleeding..... What about this - Who Is Ernst Zundel And Why Is He In Jail? By Mark Weber, on Rense Rm Archive copy- I don't know if Zundel is telling the truth or not, but he is sure as hell being locked up for nothing more serious than asking questions, and that worries the fuck out of me - as with George and his buds in Washington, they are scared shitless about people asking questions about a whole fucking lot of stuff, and doing their best to stop it all - and people who do NOT want questions asked usually have something to hide - that ain't rocket fucking science either, ask any cop (well, again, if you can find a real one - if they're not asking questions themselves about what happened that day, and a whole lot of other stuff themselves, they may well be something more like cops pretending to be cops - gangland enforcers, that sort of thing more coming soon below!!) - anyways, Zundel has now been in jail in Canada for something like 8 months on some kind of fucking "national security" warrant - there is no fucking logic behind this, it is lies and smear all the way - but SOMEBODY does not and has not wanted this man running around asking questions, and they're pretty serious about it. And anybody who is serious about any kind of free speech and democracy in this country should be concerned (not a whole fuck of a lot, unfortunately... - really, there are two kinds of people as far as the "free speech" debate goes - the Voltaire kind, who believe "I may disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it" (a rather small minority, it would appear, in this PC age - never very popular, for that matter, as almost all "authority" derives from control of information in one way or another, which truly free speech from truly free people tends to undermine a lot), and the other kind - you know, the sort of "Well, yea, you bet of course you're free to say whatever you want, we're really the free-est, best damned free-est country in the whole entire fucking world (and don't you DARE fucking say we're not!) and you're free to say anything you want, bud - as long as I approve of it of course, - but I mean, really, only fucking terrorists and anarchists and fucking commies and scum like that would want to say anything BAD about us, and you ain't one a them are ya??" sort - fascists, by another word - although they probably wouldn't allow me to say that.... - they are, actually, pretty unhappy if people even think it.... - but don't worry!! we'll stamp them fuckers out soon with our fucking fantastic new anti-terraist laws and great guys like Ashcroft perteckin us!! - a fond memory, of a time long past, when I was fighting for my right to drive a motor vehicle without being strapped in like a crash test dummy - and one lady accused me of being a baby-killer for daring to try to think for myself and do what the masters forbid or not do what they ordered, head full of fearsome images of pumpkins shattering on trees and suchlike, I guess, and picturing her precious wee baby's head in place of that pumpkin, as the propaganda masters desired - she wouldn't actually be a fascist herself, I don't think, she appeared to lack the mental capacity to form such evolved ideas - but the perfect citizen fodder for those aspiring to be fascists - and there are a lot of them around, it would seem - you could start with the 70% of Americans who believe Saddam and Iraq had something to do with 911, for starters - don't get the rabbits riled, or they bite in their mindless panic.....

Lies lies lies - how about Undercover officer admits to cocaine use (Toronto Star Oct 1/03 - no RM copy - why bother - you can find endless amounts of stuff like this) - where the cop admits to heroin use - personally I don't care who uses the stuff, the drug laws are crazy, more fascist shit - but the point is - here is a person who, if we were living in the pretend society they want us to believe in, has SWORN to uphold the laws of the country, and yet is practicing an activity himself that he has undoubtedly put a lot of other people in jail for. And there is no fucking way that this is just some "isolated" case - if you do not know personally of cases like this yourself, then TURN OFF THE FUCKING TV AND GET OUTSIDE A BIT!!! as me old dad used to say, more or less - personally, I would be quite inclined to bet my entire fortune (HAHAHAHAHA) that a rather substantial majority of "law enforcement officers" would be revealed as fairly serious criminals according to existing laws were they subjected to the "truth serum" idea I mentioned awhile ago. The point being neither their illegal activities nor hypocrisy - the point being that, if such people as these (and if I was doing an essay on this we would be looking at the entire enforcement system from cops through lawyers through judges and crown attorneys right up through the politicians who write the fucking laws) are ALL lawbreakers themselves - and if you ever get around to thinking about it, you have to ask WHY???? if these people think the laws are not worth following, they pass them or take jobs supposedly enforcing them - and (it may take awhile, but work at it, and you will find your way through the maze and graduate from "I believe in Santa Claus and politicians who really care about the public good" school soon) there does come a time when the only conclusion remaining (think Holmes here - Sherlock that is) is that these laws aren't there for your protection at all as the Barbie Doll group would have you believe, but for your subjugation!!! - the rulers and their cops need excuses to control you, to stop your freedom, to stop your thinking, and most of all to corral you when you start doing things that endanger their authority, or start to see what they're doing and threaten to expose them. The drug laws are one of the central ones used for this purpose, but pretty much everything else works too.

Paranoid fantasies? Sure. If that gives you comfort, stick with it.

Oh it just never stops! - here on this very latest day of this day-by-day commentary comes our own very favorite Canadian purveyor of Lies and Spin in Canadian "Journalism" - one Leonard Asper of the National Pispot - catch the whole thing here if you want Media bias and the Middle Eastby Leonard Asper National Post - or here Rm Archive copy - and let us record this wonderful quote:

And the public? The media must be held accountable, just as they purport to hold others accountable. Respond to bias when you see it. Demand informed, objective and accurate reporting.

Stunned silence. Outraged laughter. Heart attacks!! How else could you react to something like this?!?!?!?! After years of writing letters to these people recording in detail and complaining about their biased coverage, letters which are never printed, after years of their blatantly using their newspapers to push a corporate agenda, an agenda very contrary to the interests of most people in the country, after years of lies and spin, the very fucking antithesis of either objective or accountable, they have the fucking gall to tell us to "..demand informed objective and accurate reporting.." - when their entire fucking existence has been the exact opposite of that noble journalistic pursuit!! Imagine Hitler, had he won his little war and lived, giving a speech at the UN about how wonderful the Jewish race was, and how much he had worked in their cause all his life - the disconnect from reality could be little greater. (And never forget - if he had of won that war, he probably would have said things like that - and had his media evolved in the same way as the current media, nobody would have called him on it!!!!! - if stuff like Asper's little speech and the one following are anything to go by!)

But that is life in modern media wonderland - the greatest liar and spinmeister of all in Canada, the very exemplar of lies and spin in the Canadian media, telling us how wonderful an advocate of truth and integrity he is, and exhorting us to hold others less overflowing with his integrity to account!!! Perversity of perversities - he accuses others who are searching for the truth of lying, and uses truth as his excuse!!!!! And how many of the reading public will think what a wonderful man this must be - and never know, because noone in his media world will ever print anything to the contrary!!!! - and I stand in (not mute!! - not entirely!!) evidence of his lies. And will scream it out loud and long until somebody starts paying fucking attention.

But our poor Lady Truth - battered and bleeding, crying and dying by the side of the road with no Samaritan in sight, and the true enemies of freedom and democracy and honesty and integrity and everything good like this Asper nazi family and their minions continue beating on her (you bet I know he's Jewish - nazi-ism isn't a racial thing, it's a state of mind - and he and his ilk have it bad - that bad gene, that gene that makes people like this think they are superior to others, that they can lie like this and never be called on it, that people are too fucking stupid to see what they're up to - not all of us, bud, not all of us......)

Not unlike the great Bush - listen to these words to the UN also last week -

Events during the past two years have set before us the clearest of divides: Between those who seek order and those who spread chaos; between those who work for peaceful change and those who adopt the methods of gangsters; between those who honour the rights of man and those who deliberately take the lives of men and women and children, without mercy or shame..

- behold the man who has revealed himself as the leader, puppet or otherwise, of what is probably going to be known as the greatest, most brutal, most moral-less criminal gang of history, accusing others of gangsterism!!! Behold the man who has, in less than 2 short years, invaded two of the poorest, weakest countries in the world on completely false excuses and, with the most advanced and powerful military the world has ever known, mercilessly bombed and killed thousands of defenceless, blameless civilians, women and children, with no mercy - now standing before the United Nations accusing others of what he has done - and continues to do!!!

And, saddest of all - witness the mainstream media reporting his words with nary a whisper of disbelief!!!

It is truly to despair - Lady Truth lying battered and beaten at the feet of the very people our society expects to carry the torch of truth - the media.

This is the true tragedy of our times, the greatest danger - not that our leaders lie, ambitious people - and politicians are more ambitious than most - have always lied to gain their ends, and are unlikely to stop doing so anytime soon (whatever that gene is, it will take time to weed out - time we probably don't have any more, after wasting (collectively) billions of productive years in front of Get Smart (what a fucking wonderfully ironic title!!!!) and Bay Watch broads and other brain tranquilizers to avoid having to do something real, something useful with the amazing precious gift of our brains) - but that our media have been taken over by the same powers, and are part of the lying conspiracy of our times to fool and direct the citizens into false paths - and even moreso, that our citizens have been so taken over, so brainwashed by years of control, that they accept the lies with hardly a murmur of protest, worse, mock and even beat on those who try to help them escape the trap - one can but think sadly of the frog in the boiling water story - and the heat has been turned up the last few years, and is getting hotter and hotter, the citizens more apathetic and apathetic as the heat frazzles their little brains - and the demons of hell are setting the table, mouths already watering at the feast that is to come, as the psychotic strain of the human experiment overwhelms the strain that wished to reach for the stars, to contact the other intelligent races in the galaxy and universe in friendship and brotherhood - the killers have, it would appear, triumphed. As the oceans die, the great forests die, the teeming buffalo herds and fish stocks disappear, all killed in glee by the berserkers, who then race on looking for their next victims (the cod are gone?!?! Get the seals!! get the plankton for jeesus fucking sake!!!!) - so will this noble experiment end.

It is sad. It is also what we deserve, if we cannot control our great gift any better than we have. We had the ability to build nuclear weapons or reach for the stars. We have allowed our leaders to choose violence and the most horrible destruction of this most beautiful gem of a planet.

As someone wise once noted - he who lives by the sword ......

Get out there and tell some truth today. Save a fish, save a tree, save something - it is better than killing, and if we start saving things rather than killing and killing and killing, maybe the sweet Lady Truth will once again be able to stand before us tall and proud and strong - and free - and democratic ........ and not ashamed to be associated with us .....

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." John Loeffler

Write if ya want.

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

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