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030918 - Farm Fables, Democracy Dreams...

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus - but what the nice man did not tell you, for some reason, is that he only exists for SOME of the people in the world - only a very small number, actually - and most people have something more like a Santa Claus NOT - a Grinch, I guess you might say - only not a bug green fuzzy kind of actually lovable and funny sort who sees the light at the end of the story or movie, but a big nasty fucking evil grinch like the worst thing you ever imagined under your bed come to life. Actually, why don't we just save that one for a more appropriate time a few weeks down the road, and do the other one today?

Good Farmer Bad Farmer!!

A lot of talk the last few days about the Cancun meetings, and their failure - kind of a loaded word, I guess - one could say the major western corporations failed to wring a bit more blood from the poorer countries, which they really wanted to do (that grinch thing) (is all they really wanted to do, actually - as touched on elsewhere from time to time, when the conman is on a roll, he hates to leave if the mark has anything left at all to steal.... and these guys have been on a major fucking tear for the last couple of decades at least, and like any psychotic whose blood lust is being fuelled, they get worse instead of better), their greed knowing absolutely NO fucking bounds - or one could look at things a bit differently, and say that those poorer countries (in solidarity with those from supposedly less poor countries with a lot of poor and struggling people in the same boat in many ways as the poorer countries) took a step forward, gathering their courage around them, publicly exposing a few of the worst of the lies of the western elite, telling everyone that they demanded some give from the western countries before any more giving in to the constant taketaketake demands. Personally I applaud them all - until the western countries (like good ol Canada) get off this crazy fucking notion of "free" trade and clue in to what is needed - that is to say, **limited** FAIR trade (how fucking crazy is it for Canada to send chickens to China and China to reciprocate by sending chickens to Canada!!!???) - we're going to be living in an elite-dominated capitalist world. It's always puzzled me how many otherwise seemingly intelligent people have been taken in by this "free" trade shit - we've spent somewhere between hundreds and thousands of years, depending on how you want to count it, developing some sort of civilised rules in our societies to corral and control the "big guys", to try to give ALL of us a fair sort of shake in the world we are born into - and all this "free" trade shit is doing, underneath the thousand-page volumes of lawyer talk, is to take away those rules and let the big guys do what they want - rather than trying to make the countries which still have dictatorial governments (more overt ones than we have here, anyway, with their elites less restrained) start treating their citizens better, the "free trade" plan is to roll back the benefits people in places like Canada and Europe have fought for for hundreds of years to those much lower or non-existent standards. Crazy. For us, anyway - great for the elites, of course.

Anyway, the big sticking point at the Cancun holiday (hahahahaha - excuse me, meeting) was supposedly agricultural subsidies, where the western governments are giving their agribusiness farmers scads of money (technically known as subsidies) so they can sell their stuff really cheap - at a loss, really - in developing countries, and put the farmers there out of business and take over the local markets. This is the "free" part of it, to them - the local governments are forbidden to enact any kind of tariffs or things to stop this subsidised food from coming into the country and putting their farmers out of business. Now the western governments PROMISED!!! that they would stop subsidising their farmers once the small, poor countries removed their tariffs, but have not done so, and absolutely refused to do so this time again - (what's another few broken promises?!?). Sort of like Canada in the Canada US so-called FTA - we took away our protections for our farmers (compared to the mighty US we're not much more than a developing country, free to be taken advantage of by the Big Guys down south) - but the US continues to enact tariffs on any product that their own producers there can't compete with for whatever reason - anything from the big softwood lumber issue to prairie wheat to Maritimes cranberries. And all our government does is throw its hands up in mock protest and outrage and promise to take it to the WTO. And our farmers suffer and go out of business.

Oh well - everyone knows all that shit - but it sort of got me thinking in farm ways, and it occurred to me that our social experiments of the last couple of hundred years could be compared to farms and farmers - that is to say, the nasty old Commie - Fascist political systems could be called, shall we say, the "Bad Farmer", and the great democratic capitalist system the "Good Farmer", in an allegorical sort of way - a parable, perhaps, something like that - something George O might have written about a bit more had he lived a bit longer. In the nasty old commie systems the government rules by overt force - the Bad Farmer - and if the peasants get out of line, well, they get disappeared or something. Their lives are pretty miserable, by any standards - with poor health, and poor attitude overall, their production is limited, but still, with enough people, Bad Farmer Ivan makes out ok. Good Farmer John, on the other hand, treats his beasts fairly well - he gives them a good barn to sleep in in bad weather, and gives them medicine and stuff to keep them reasonably healthy - they are happier beasts, and naturally produce more milk and meat and whatever for Good Farmer John. He even has meetings sometimes, to ask the animals what they think about things - they even get to "vote" sometimes on things the farmer is planning on doing, in a limited sort of way - would you like the barn to be painted green or red, he will sometimes ask - sometimes, when the animals vote, shall we say, green, and Good Farmer John was planning to paint it green anyway, why, the animals actually think they are making important decisions in their lives. I find this a pretty good allegory to modern political systems - the fascists of the age have very brutal governments, controlled by big and nasty police forces which take any citizens who dare to protest and do really nasty things to them - all the people know this, and most do not dare to protest - those with enough gumption to do so are quickly exposed and removed, and the rest left leaderless.

The other, somewhat more successful political model of the last few hundred years, has been the great scam called "Democracy", wherein the Elite (i.e. "Good Farmers") pretend to treat their citizens well - tell their citizens that, indeed, they (the citizens) are actually in control of their country, through this wonderful invention called "representative" democracy, wherein the wishes of a majority of the citizens will be the way their country is run, through the people they elect going to a central government and making the laws and stuff that all, or at least a majority, of the people desire. It's been a great scam - and it does sound like a pretty good idea, so as an idea it is not that hard to sell - and everyone is told from the very day they are fucking born that they live in a fucking WONDERFUL democracy, and it is surely the best system on the planet (great hero Winston Churchill, in a comment to please the questioning few - "Yes, Democracy is certainly the worst form of government - except for all the others!" - actually very clever, when you think of it - he was an intelligent lad, for sure), and no stories to the contrary are ever permitted in the media or on tv or the papers or anything - all other systems of government that are talked about are mocked and scorned as being very inferior to our great democracy - hell, we even go around the world fighting big wars sometimes to help other people get our fantastic system. How many "lefties" are out there right now thinking that - hey, maybe it wasn't so great for Big George to go off bombing Iraq - but hell, he DID give democracy to them poor oppressed people! - really. There are a lot.

But what most people don't seem to be aware of is, that we are divided into those two groups - not good farmer and bad farmer - but farmer and herd. We got good farmers and bad farmers, and good sheep and bad sheep - but don't be running around thinking you're a farmer when you ain't. THEY make the decisions. WE do what we are fucking told. We do NOT have any more freedom or anything else than THEY allow us to have - and as we are seeing very clearly the last few years, they have decided that we have a bit too much, and are taking it back.

More on this trade stuff - I can't figure how people who are supposed to be grownup or mature or intelligent can let some of the stuff that is happening here go on with no protest. When the trade people, for instance, get all up on their high horses about how they simply cannot let their drugs be sold cheaply in poor countries, or TRIPS crap etc, regardless of the unfortunate fact that a lot of people are dying because they can't afford the drugs, we might do well to remember that these things are not some kind of laws handed down from some god - they are nothing more than human inventions, human games really -

- if little Joey turned up dead one day, and Mom said what happened here, and Johnny and Suzy said Mom, we had to do it - the little Monopoly card said if he didn't give us all the money his life would be forfeit, and he just whined and complained about giving us the money so we killed him - well, hopefully most Moms would be a bit outraged and not find that an acceptable excuse at all - and it is no different at all in the "grown-up" world when some drug company somberly and self-righteously pontificates that - Hey!! - We'd really like to help them people, you know, but we have sacred "investors" and special laws and treaties that say they're just gonna haveta die cause we have the money and drugs and they don't hahahahaha - the whole world should be just as indignant as with the kids - I mean I mean I mean for FUCK'S SAKE!!!! - you're telling me some words on a piece of paper are more important than the lives of millions of people!?!?!?! - ONLY because you let them be!!! When the government says something like - well, gosh darn it, we really want to help you people, but this here law or treaty that somebody signed says we can't - well STAND THE FUCK UP AND TELL THE GOVERNMENT TO UNSIGN THE FUCKING LAW OR TREATY!!!!! - really, it ain't that big a deal, as big george has been showing the last couple of years - hey!, that law was a bit inconvenient for us, so we unsigned it - or, it's old stuff and we've moved on from that - or that law is no longer in effect! - hell anyone can do it!! - the point is, I agree with rules and laws - that we ALL agree on!!! - I do NOT agree with things that a FEW people have agreed on because they're great for them, even if they fuck the rest of us -

- when the "trade" people start going on about the rules - about how laws between nations must be sacred and such shit - it is nothing more than a great fucking scam, backed by enforcers - nothing more than a slightly more sophisticated version of any school yard scam - ok, little john, the rule is that all kids pay me 10 cents a week - and if you don't, my friends kick the shit out of you. Pay up! - WTO rules are the same - the big countries ganging up on the little ones - WE will make these fucking rules whether you like them or not - and using them rules as excuses, if you don't do what we want you to, we will punish you in any of many ways. Pay up!!

As with the Farmer John story - the "legitimacy" ultimately rests on who has the biggest thugs to enforce their desired rules. The main difference between this and the feudal states of 500+ years ago is that today the chief enforcers have titles like the IMF and World Bank, and the major weapons are Debt and Banks - but, like all enforcers, they also have the military backup if people can't be convinced that their best good lies in giving in. Witness any of the 100 or so countries around the world with US Military bases - anybody who thinks they're there to help the citizens achieve democracy or something ought to quit reading pages like this and go back to Sesame Street.

- the 'courts and cops" are another part of the big game - a lot of fixed but artificial (as in created by a bunch of people, not some god or something) rules, supposedly put in place to mediate between us all, but in practice used to enforce the edicts of the elite - those who benefit from the rules - against the poor and helpless - those who by and large are confined by the rules, and most of whom certainly do not benefit - again, it is part of the mythology we are raised with that these human rules are presented as somehow sacred, and the cops and judges who enforce them doing the work of god, almost - but again, they are only human rules, and we should ALL have a lot more say in them - including each generation - it would not be difficult to institute a process whereby such review could be done regularly - but think about it - such a review would work against the elite, so it is never even contemplated - that is, it is never mentioned in the media as something we ought to be talking about.

- so what? not relevant? who cares? - well, just a for instance - poll after poll shows that a great majority of Canadians think pot should not be simply decriminalised, but legalised altogether - but our elite and their politicians are having none of it - think about the number of cops and judges and lawyers kept in business by these laws, and the number of people in jail or subjected to financial hardships because of them - and ask yourself why they aren't changed, when most Canadians think they are absurd?

- the thing is, we have to examine our laws and rules that we live by, and see which ones clearly benefit everyone, and which ones seem to have been snuck in somehow by someone which clearly benefit a small number of people to the cost of all the rest -

- think about it - we have good drugs available (and probably even better ones in CSIS and such places) that pretty much compel people to tell the truth - so why don't we use them in the justice system instead of going through the whole charade with lawyers and what not? The answer is pretty straightforward - aside from being a cash cow for these lawyers, the big guys, the elite, have created an entire system based on lies, and these lies would be extremely vulnerable if we had a legal system where such truth drugs were available and used. And equally why the media will NEVER say a word about such a practical idea - we'd pretty quickly find out just how much bullshit and propaganda they have been spreading around the last few decades, and what truths they have carefully been keeping from us. Really, the degree of truth that any kind of truth drug would reveal would be akin to the lights going on in a dark room, and all the evil doers and all their evil deeds exposed. Makes perfect sense in a democracy - but to be prevented at all costs in what we could most charitably describe as a once-sortof-benevolent oligarchy now being run by people whose sense of benevolence stops somewhere around their numbered Swiss or Bermudan bank accounts.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - oh it's just too good!!! - imagine ANY politician in the last 25 years in Canada having to answer a few questions under such a drug!!!! - not a fucking one of them since Tommy Douglas, in my opinion, would take the risk. (no need to even comment on the US system - it seems the entire fucking world knows what is going on there and that everything issued by the government these days is a lie of one sort or another - but most US citizens have no clue! We truly live in insane times, when the most powerful country the earth has ever known has been taken over by a gang of certifiable psychotics - and most of the people in the country are less comptis mentis than their psychotic leaders so don't even fucking know it!! - and you know, I do hate to say that, it troubles me - but when over 60% of those people say they believe George Bush when he says Saddam and Iraq were tied in to 911 somehow, a complete fabrication - what else can you think? You can only blame the media to a certain extent - people who are supposed to be mature and even sort of intelligent are again expected to be able to see through the worst lies at least - but not for these people... - we may be in the craziest times since Rome burned while Nero fiddled and the "citizens" were at the stadium cheering while lions and other such wild animals were set loose in crowds of humans who had done something to displease Ceasar - George and his controllers certainly seem to have no problems with the idea of setting the whole fucking world on fire)

WE as individual citizens in a social collective (I hesitate to call it a democratic country, for reasons I have talked about before, as above, and undoubtedly will again) have an obligation to ourselves and everyone else to take an interest in this, to participate in the decision making process, and to start righting some of the wrongs - and I do NOT mean by casting a vote for the person you consider to be telling the least or best lies every few years and then going back to your tv holding your breath to see what new laws they're going to pass or promises they're going to break. How in the fuck anybody can rest their minds and call this a "democracy" escapes me completely. The elite want you to behave that way, of course - ok ok don't worry! You can't do ANYthing right now - they are a democratically elected government!! - but really, it's ok, if you don't like what they are doing, you can get a new government in - oh - 4-5 years, something like that!!

fuck me gently, as we used to say. Right - then we can vote for big Jean Chretien who PROMISES all over the country to abrogate NAFTA since we all dislike it so much - and then within weeks of us electing him, he signs it unchanged!! (not to mention the GST, same story, same lie) - but it's ok it's ok!!!! - if we don't like him, we can vote for someone else next time!!! - another lying scum in another 4-5 years!!!!! right. I am SO happy to be living in such a great representative democracy, where my wishes as a citizen are given the HIGHEST regard. fuck

I think I wanna talk a bit about changing them "rules" guys - after all, I never got any say on them in the first place - they were handed to me with my diapers on the way out of the hospital, and after looking them over for a few years, I gotta say I think you handed me a big crock of shit to go with my little baby poops in my diaper, and it only gets smellier with age.

Either I am a citizen in this fucking country, and get to sit in on the governing council and decision making process in some meaningful way - or I am some kind of right-less chattel.

And let me tell you something - it has come to my attention the last few years, through a rather tortuous path - that YOU do NOT get to make this decision.

I do.

And I decide - freedom. And I know well that irks the fuck out of you. Tough shit baby.

I will parlay with you, and talk - but I will not be locked out of the fucking room and kept in place by YOUR fucking cops any longer.

They are not MY cops protecting ME, it has become quite obvious the last few years - they are not OUR cops protecting US, as you like to lie all the time - but they are, in reality, YOUR cops protecting YOU, using YOUR rules as an excuse. (It's actually quite humorous - IF they were "OUR" cops - why, the first thing they'd be doing is arresting all of YOU!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA)

Again I say to you - this has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I recognize as a democratic process, and if you don't soon start telling the truth about a few things, and meeting me as an equal, we are going to be having a problem.

You can use your cops and guns and soldiers, but don't try to con me with the idea that they are legitimate - they are nothing more than hired thugs and criminals, and you are nothing more than some type of crime syndicate leaders and criminals, with no legitimacy - that is the way it is, when you enforce your position and self-chosen rules through violence and intimidation. You are no different, underneath that fancy suit, than Idi Amin in Africa or Pol Pot in Cambodia or Hitler or Stalin, when you get right down to it - that they were a bit more overtly brutal is only a matter of degree - and your violence against citizens of your country has been on the upswing a lot lately, as more and more people see what is going on and get in the streets to let you know. You are the same kind of people underneath - and the violence you do to those you rule with your rubber bullets and pepper spray and jails just as damaging to we people.


Well well - that was a sort of refreshing ramble over a couple of days - too much frustration, I guess - too many things going on that are absolutely fucking crazy, and I WANT to be participating in the national debate about it all - but outside of this small outlet nobody in the "mainstream" media will give me space for that - my MPs, when they answer at all, send back form letters with the latest propaganda - it would be insulting, except that I have figured for some time now that insults can only really come from people you have some respect for - earned respect - and my government and MPs and most of the media lost my respect long ago - I cannot respect people who lie a lot, whom I cannot trust.

Nonetheless - a letter this week too - I just get so fucking MAD about the lies!! - and I have to continue to hope that it will do some good, somehow, someday - the alternative of turning into a cynic who has given up trying to change things does not appeal to me much - I accept the cynical part - any thinking person can be little else these days, but not the giving up - no way, cynicism can be balanced by more positive things. This is MY fucking world and MY fucking country in which, although I am still certain a BIG Fucking mistake was made somewhere and I got sent here by mistake, I live and want to help make it as good as it can be for all of us, do my part, all that shit - and if some bad guys are running things right now - well, it is up to ME to see what I can do about it. And when enough MEs get together - well, maybe we can change things.

Anyway - there was a story in the Star about how young people aren't voting much (isn't that wild, how everything ties itself together and gets related - all those young non-voters are MEs too!), and voter turnouts overall are decreasing, and the writer seemed puzzled by the phenomena - they probably do raise people like this in school these days - anyway, I thought I would enlighten them a bit - and have done so - as with the last few letters, getting WAAAAYYYYYYY too close to the truth of things for even the Star to publish - but by golly a few people get to read it here!!

Editor, The Star -
I read with interest your article (Are young voters down for the count? LYNDA HURST Sep. 14, 2003 [[RM archive copy, including letter and original article]]) on why young voters, and others, are turning out less and less to vote the last few years, but am at a bit of a loss as to why your writer would not mention the single overriding reason for this phenomenon. Ms Hurst interviews various people who come up with various reasons for declining voter turnout - young people just don't vote because they're young or perhaps they are maturing at a later age, or that people don't vote because they're happy with the way things are (!!!), or even that great Canadian trait of apathy.

"No one is sure why...." young people and others aren't voting, your writer says.

Well - let me clear up the mystery for y'all.

In a nutshell, people are voting less and less because they are understanding more and more as each election under neoconservatist (you bet that includes Chretien's version of the Libs! - Paul Martin is well to the "right" of Mulroney) rule passes by that their votes are actually next to meaningless, and noone likes being played for a sucker - even though Mr. Bush has trouble with the words, most Canadians understand the concept well - "Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me". Canadians have been taken for fools a few too many times the last few elections and years, and are starting to show they're on to the game by not showing up at the farces called elections.

Your writer refers to the big turnout at the so-called 1988 "Free Trade" election to prove that Canadians will heed the call to vote when an issue is important to them - you may also recall that a very solid majority of Canadians voted against Mulroney's proposed deal - and then because of our antiquated voting system, in return for turning out to vote and voting to reject both Mulroney and his deal - he won a big majority government with 44% of the votes (representing around 33% of eligible voters, and I don't have time to chase down the figures, but a lot smaller percentage of all Canadians - we had many under-18s fighting against the deal who also lost out - I can't say for sure but probably a lot more than under-18s who supported it) - and that kind of thing tends to make people figure "What the h*ll's the point of voting, if THAT'S the way things work?!?" Fool me once....

Or you mention that people turn out to show their disfavour with someone (odd you would mention Bob Rae's defeat in 1995, but not Mulroney's in 1993, the greatest defeat of a Canadian PM in history, which was very much related to his previous "win" and the policies he pursued after that win) - perhaps because then one would have to carry on with the idea to its necessary conclusion - who replaced Mulroney at that time? That is, what was the result of their turfing of Mulroney??? - well, we got Jean Chretien, who promised all across the country that if he and the Libs were elected, he would "abrogate or renegotiate" the NAFTA that Mulroney was trying to implement following his FTA that nobody wanted - and when the voters this time, after rejecting the FTA but getting it anyway, rejected NAFTA, voting for the politician who said he would abrogate it, what did he do?!?! - well, as we all well know, within weeks of being elected, Chretien signed the NAFTA, with no renegotiation and no abrogation. So again - what was the result of the Canadians showing up to vote for a certain policy - this time, saying NO to NAFTA?!?! - well, once again, they got the exact opposite of what they voted for. Fool me twice.....

So in two of the most important elections of the last half of the 20th century, a solid majority of Canadian voters voted against a certain policy - and in return were given the policy they had firmly rejected at the ballot box.

Now just ask yourself - after being basically kicked in the teeth twice, and having their majoritarian decisions completely ignored, when the next election comes along, what are a lot of those voters going to think??? It's hardly rocket science, and I am at something of a loss as to how your writer is not making the obvious connection.

This happens with almost every major policy in Canada the last few years - poll after poll, for instance, shows that Canadians want their politicians to give priority to maintaining and improving the health care system, and that they don't really care much about lowering taxes for the wealthy - and yet for the last decade and longer, in a big way, their elected leaders, no matter who they are or what they have promised in elections, do exactly the opposite to what the voters want and what they have promised - they slash spending on health care and other programs important to Canadians, and slash taxes for the wealthy.

So you tell me - why WOULD people continue to vote when their votes seem to have no meaning, when the politicians continue to do exactly what the voters do not want them to do, and what they have promised not to do? Canadians do not want their education system torn asunder, nor to be thrown into a chaotic "market" system for their power needs - yet it is obvious that the politicians are not listening to them, and school budgets are slashed, schools closed and university tuition increased to where only the rich can afford to attend, and "free-market" electricity is in the books.

Young people are maybe a little inexperienced in the greater ways of the world, Mr. Editor, but they are not particularly stupid, and they are well aware of what is happening around them - and they see that in the modern world, it is the wealthy business interests that call the shots, not the lowly voters - and that is indeed a cynical view, and it is a tragedy that our society has come to this, but also quite inevitable given the politics of the last 30 years or so, when politicians have sold themselves shamelessly to wealthy business interests, as have most of the journalists and media who are supposed to be keeping an eye on them - perhaps the most important safeguard we are supposed to have in a democratic society, and it has been taken over by the same wealthy elite that has taken over the politicians.

So people see that not only do their votes not count anymore, but the brazen theft of their government is not even going to be discussed in the media they depend on for their information.

Barnum said rather famously about Americans that a sucker is born every minute - but regardless of what the politicians here seem to think, I think there are fewer of us in Canada, and we do not like being lied to and abused in this way, and, at least for now, withdrawing our support from those who continually lie to us and give us policies we do not want and they have promised NOT to do is the only weapon we have, given the almost complete failure of the media to pick up the torch of democracy and speak for the citizens who have been so terribly betrayed by our politicians. The Star is better than the others, with a number of good columnists, but this kind of story shows a rather disheartening failure on your part to get a debate going on the real reasons that Canadians are apparently rejecting their own democratic process. (Just imagine, if you will, a paper like the Star pushing for honest, truly representative and democratic government with the same fervour that the Post and Mr. Asper's other rags push for lower taxes for the wealthy!!!!)

As dictators and lying politicians have found out innumerable times throughout history, however, withholding a ballot is but the first step. You might ask people like King George of England, Empress Josephine of France, or the Czar of Russia what can happen when the people finally become so disgusted with their government that they take matters into their own hands a little more directly. We have a right to expect conditions to improve as time goes by and our wealth as a country grows and accumulates - but with the neocon governments of the last few years, things are only getting worse for most of us, and as the food banks grow in number and the hospitals and schools and infrastructure of our country continue to degrade while the wealthy grow wealthier, the discontent will also grow.

It would be good for Canada and good for democracy if your paper, Mr. Editor, had the courage and foresight to see what the problem really is with Canadians not voting, and become a national voice for true democracy and honest politics in Canada, before less peaceful measures become inevitable.

((NOTE!!! - No need to send this on to CSIS, the FBI, etc - I am NOT preaching violent revolution or threatening anyone! - it is not what I believe in. I am simply pointing out that history shows that such revolution inevitably follows periods such as the one we seem to be in, where the ruling class loses all sense of proportion and decides that they will expropriate ALL of the wealth of all of the people, and "let them eat cake", even though there is no cake to eat - a course which our current ruling class, with its endless huge tax cuts designed to reduce the operating budget of our democratic government, and slashing of all programs designed for average people, and "free trade" (i.e. reduce worker's pay and power) programs and debt-based currency, seems to be on.))

(RM the other name etc)


Things worth reading - Linda McQuaig has a good one out this week - she's been away on vacation or something, but maybe the election got her excited - anyway, here Fire Tory wrecking crew (Star Sept. 14, 2003) she does a pretty good job of laying out a lot of the absolute fucking horseshit that the Eves people are spreading around at this time - as mentioned last time, it completely baffles me how so many people can be sucked in by this crap. But as I think I have also mentioned, a lot of stuff that goes on around here completely baffles me. Could just be me, I suppose - I am definitely not part of the herd - but it's never quite clear whether I'm a long ways behind or a long ways out front or maybe actually in some other dimension, with only parts of me present here. Whatever the fuck it is, I wish I could get back home - I am NOT fundamentally of the same genetic makeup as most people on this planet.

The Good Guy Editor seems to have been on the desk the next day - this one Be wary of secret deals Sep. 14, 2003 is also a good, even scary sort of read - telling about some secret deals Eves et al. have made with a couple of consortiums to build private hospitals, taking a sledgehammer to the Canadian Health Care system (remember, under the "rules" of NAFTA, once there is private participation in anything, then other private companies can start suing for anything) - and according to the story there are ironclad guarantees built in so even if people come to their senses and get rid of these people, the deals will be unbreakable (more on this idea in a bit...) - what scumbags these people are.

Latest polls show that the Eves "team" (hahahaha) is not looking very good and the Libs may be on track for a win in Ontario - what I cannot for the fucking life of me figure is how people can keep getting sucked into the same Tweedledee-Tweedledum show over and over and over and fucking over!!! - has everyone forgotten that when Mulroney crossed the line of what was acceptable in Canadian affairs (by a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG fucking margin!) and the voters turfed him - the great Lib hope Chretien turned into Mulroney on steroids?!?!?! I don't know if the NDP would be any better than McGuinty's Libs - but they couldn't be much fucking worse!!! - we KNOW that at best the Libs will do a bit of tinkering with what Eves and the PCs have done the last few years, but they aren't planning any big changes to anything, and the neocon revolution v401OntarioLIB will carry on apace. Bye bye Ontario Hydro, hello hospital privatisation, carry on with making education more and more for the wealthy, etc and etc.

I guess that all one can hope for is that when people do eventually wake up, there will be something left of the province and country. Not to mention world. In my estimation, a slim hope. There ain't much time left right now.

And of course we have just passed the second anniversary of the plane-bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and still the US government is stonewalling every attempt at an investigation, and the great majority of the American public is saying "No probl! We love George! Bomb them fucking towelheads some more YEA!!!!" and other mindless shit (when that great brain whatever his name was a few years ago said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" he had a lot of examples to look at in his country) - but there are some good things that are detailing this in ever and ever more detail - for instance - especially I came across this week some good either newish or redone sites, well worth a look for those who would like some reading on the TRUTH of what happened 2 years ago.

911 Truth Alliance - great resource, well organised, links to good articles on all aspects of what went on, exploring the unanswered questions, and so on; and also The People's Investigation of 911 - as above. Very good introduction for people who haven't read much about what actually seems to be going on, links to all kinds of good stuff. You simply cannot read these things and believe the official story, which is far more "conspiratorial" and "theoretical".

Here Operation Pearl [[RM archive copy]] is a very well done rendering of what may have happened that day, based on what evidence we have publicly - and it makes a FUCK of a lot more sense than the shit that has emanated from officials sources the last couple of years.

WHY DON'T WE HAVE ANSWERS TO THESE 9/11 QUESTIONS? By WILLIAM BUNCH - from the Philadelphia Daily News, good article, with some info that is new to me - about the involvement of some top level Saudi officials - who rather mysteriously died shortly thereafter! - remembering, of course, that in the recent whitewash of the first semi-investigation, the White House removed 28 pages or something like that referring to the Saudi connection - we all know, of course, by now, that the Bush-bin Laden connection goes back decades.

And this picture showing the flight paths of the hijacked aircraft on 911 in relation to US air force bases is worth many thousands of words - but there are some words on it all here - 35 USAF Bases Within Range On 911, a site called Standdown-net, looking at the standdown of the entire American air force during the crucial couple of hours when somebody was driving planes into US buildings, that could have been stopped, and under normal operating procedures would have been. This is not just a smoking gun, it is a scarlet letter painted on the forehead of the US government. Those attacks simply could NOT have happened had the defensive forces of the US been allowed to do their job. I continue to live in total amazement at how so few people seem to understand what happened that day, and is continuing to happen. Were the Germans like this in the 1930s?

Ah well - I have a dream. I have a dream. I have a dream. Remember Martin? You can have a fucking dream too. And if enough of us have fucking dreams (hahahahaha - no pun intended! - but I do understand!) - maybe, just maybe, we can get out of this fucking nightmare we seem to be caught in.

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." John Loeffler

Write if ya want.

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Chretien's still PM and George Bush is talking to GOD on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why?