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030823 - Reefer Madness

First things first. Figure out what's happening here, before figuring how to go about making things better.

Seems to me we have a people problem.

First, we have a group of people who follow basically one rule and one rule only - the misnamed, at least as far as it applies to human society, Law of the Jungle - you do what I fucking tell you to or I'll either beat on you until you give in or I'll kill you - same dif to me, jack - they identify themselves rather bluntly and obviously in schoolyards, but with a bit more sneakiness in business or in politics, currently most noticeably through the media they control. In wildlife biology parlance, these would be more or less your Alpha-male types. Herd-leader types, or at least those who will fight for that position. Maybe 5% of the population (or a bit higher, if you want to add those who have some Alpha genes, but not enough to compete with the really big guys - these would be the ones who beat on people smaller than they are throughout their lives to fulfil that Alpha-need, not having the guts to take on the real Alphas - your wife/girlfriend-beaters, for instance, or child-abusers, or people who torture animals, or petty office-manager tyrants who love to terrorize the most innocent of the herd beasts - pond scum sorts. A serious problem, however, in our society.

Second group, much, much larger, the great majority, are those who may not especially like the first group, but are not actually ready to do anything much about it, for whatever reason - not least of which is that for some time now (decades, perhaps centuries, depending on how you get around to defining things) they have been trained to be this way - a human dictator, of course, of whatever stripe, is pretty much a joke without a sizable population to dictate to. The Betas, perhaps, if you want a label of some sort. The herd beasts. The followers. Maybe 90% - maybe less - there are, of course, in this as in all aspects of human life, a lot more shades of grey than black and white, and much depends on where divisions are tentatively set. But it works to set the scene - the idea stands.

Those two groups are found in pretty much all of mammalian life, which is what we as humans are mainly concerned with - and in lions, or zebras, or water buffalo or elephants, the two types will pretty much define the herds - a leader and a bunch of followers. But it seems to me we have a third group in the mammalian human race, who, actually, define us in terms of making us different from all other mammalian species, people who have taken that extra evolutionary step (that was, after all, the whole point of our experimental birth) that puts us above animal instinct, that gives us the potential to be a true civilisation (as opposed to the barbaric-isation we seem to be now), people who desire to be neither leaders nor followers, but equals only, at least in terms of deciding what happens to us all - people who believe in freedom and cooperation with other free people, trying to make the greatest society we can make for ALL of us, rather than trying to kill or at least subjugate everyone else so that one or a few people can be some sort of herd leader(s), rather than being either leader or led.

The Alpha-male trait works well with animals, of course, but, when the 5% who instinctively strive seriously for dominance in the human herd, and with that, of course, possess the requisite co-instinct for violence to achieve that goal, are able to access the tools that come from the brains of the 5% of creative, thinking beings who actually define what Homo sapiens could be (I mean, we can see Albert participating in the making of an atomic bomb - but - fuck, I can hardly even write it without laughing - can we imagine G. W. fucking BUSH working out some physics problem - "Right! - The 'E' goes here, and the "=" thingy sign goes here, and the - what was that next letter?" - Is our kids educationed good or what"?!?!?!?! Ronnie Reagan?!?!?! - so anxious to use those weapons on "the evil empire" - but so obviously incapable of creating anything useful himself!! - fuck - well - look around, look at history - look at the hundreds of millions of people who have been brutally murdered by the wannabe-rulers using the tools that sprang from the brains of the real humans.

It's a problem yes, in many ways. Those of us who have for whatever reason inherited the actual "human" gene have a pretty serious responsibility to get this situation under control - the brutality on this planet has got to be stopped - and we enable it by refusing to stop it, by refusing to get involved - as one of the thinkers once said, all that is required for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing - and there is a LOT of that going on these days - people all over the world sitting in front of the tvs while Amerika bombs the fuck out of everyone - and lesser evils going on as well, from forcing our beautiful young children who should be being educated to become amazing humans into schools whose only purpose is to shut down their amazing thinking brains and turn then into drones of the elite, time-clock punchers and hamburger flippers and street people and people so frustrated with the huge gap between what they know in their subconsciouses they should be and what they have been forced to become they turn to violence or pills or booze or all of that and worse - the truly intelligent and civilised species in the universe must just be fucking horror-struck by some of what this race gets up to - just imagine, if we turned the genius we seem to have for creating weapons to kill and maim into good channels, to make life better for everyone!! And I really am sorry if that sounds racist or something - it's not. I am just saying that those of us who can think, and can see beyond our own childish selfish animal-level desires to maximize our own comfort, have a responsibility to take the rest under charge. When your kid wants to drown the kitten in the toilet just for the hell of it (yea I love science but there's limits!), because she doesn't really know any better - or when your older kid screams "YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!!" because you won't give her the money for a new car, because that would bankrupt you and throw the whole family into poverty - stuff like that - well, you do what you have to do, adults have to take responsibility for decisions sometimes and for guiding their kids in the right direction rather than letting them do anything they want, rather than taking the easy way - for some of us, maybe rather than backing off and pretending we're doing something useful by writing and posting to email lists and shit like that - it just ain't enough (huhnhh??? - really - email lists are 99% preaching to the converted - a bit (or lot) of feelgood, but ultimately useless, activity..). If Martin Luther King, or Gandhi, were alive today - I expect they would be using the internet one way or another - but I also expect that they would still be doing basically what they did when they did it - out on the streets, engaging the people - face to face - changing minds one at a time - this is the way to do it. I don't know what, really - but I do know we have to do something - time is getting late, with the most powerful country the world has ever seen run by a cabal of certifiably psychotic people (Madeline Albright a few years ago saying the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children "...seemed worth it...") who seem determined either to conquer the world for the corporate friends or destroy it.

Soon - before they render this whole fucking planet uninhabitable - and just coincidentally make us forever ineligible into the society of Real Civilisations in the universe. You're fucking right there's one. The odds of god are zilch - the odds of real civilisations in the universe are somewhere around 100%. The odds of us joining it? hahahahahahahahaha

Stuff that deserves comment that the mainstream press is not printing for some odd reason (SARCASM ALERT!!!!):

- EVES - lambasting the feds for money and the Hydro people for not doing more to prevent the blackout, or getting things up and running again post haste - not a word of course about tax cuts leading to cutbacks in maintenance or upgrading of infrastructure, or deregulation leading to cutting corners and so on, making a system failure such as this more of a certainty than a surprise - this is such typical neocon shit, and makes a very direct connection to 'corporate government" - one of the overriding principles of corporations, and their governments, is they DO NOT accept responsibility for ANYthing bad that results from their schemes (great example of this is watching Bush down south blaming basically everyone in the world for all the problems his (masters' really) deeds have caused - but back to Ontario, Ernie and the PC faithful are set to blame everyone else, but never admit their own policies were pretty directly involved - that is, if Ontario had of been spending a decent amount of money on making sure the power grid was secure, with failsafes working, and had ample reserves to deal with problems - well, this wouldn't have happened (I was rather shocked to find during the reading of this that Ontario is a net IMPORTER of power after 10 years of neocon "maximize profits for corporate buds reduce expenditures" government). Of course, if Ernie had been using the taxpayers' money thusly (including on related things the taxpayers might have expected money spent on such as the environment and health care) - well - haha - Ernie and Mike before him could hardly have handed over billions to their buds in tax cuts, or billions more to other buds in "consultation fees" of one type and another.

Policy, like we talked about before - and the Ontario policy, for the last 10+ years, has been screw the public and enrich the rich - and that sort of thing has consequences, such as Walkerton, such as the SARS epidemic straining the health care system in Toronto to the breaking point almost the day it happened because there was no reserve left in the system, to this power grid problem, where we find that the entire Ontario power grid was stretched to the limit because the government has been cutting maintenance and required expansion to the bone in order to free up money to give to the wealthy through tax cuts - even now with Ernie screaming to the feds for cash there is nary a word about revoking any of the tax cuts - although other services to the public may again be cut. There is a pattern here - and it is not a very pretty one. But it is one that will continue until the voters in that province wake the fuck up and say ENOUGH!!!!

I ain't holding my breath. But one does hope. Picture a small group of middle-aged and old people (not many young ones, for some reason - most of them seem to be back in the main lounge having a great ol party, loud brainless music from the wall-to-wall tvs and many-coloured plastic baubles flashing in the strobes dazzling both brain and eyes) standing at the front of the Titanic - no Leonard whatever-his-name-is with pretty girl - just a group of old farts who don't watch much tv or spend their weekends in malls, lifeboat blankets around their shoulders, watching the iceberg looming closer and closer in the dark night, and hoping to fuck that somebody back there will listen to them, and wake the fuck up. Soon.

One of the old guys is sipping on a beer, and by god smoking too - never did take on to that PC shit. Wondering what he can write tonight to get through to somebody.

Oh well - enough of that.

This is cute - Thousands rally on Parliament Hill against same-sex law proposal [[RM archive copy]] - something like 6,000 people rallying on Parliament Hill a few days ago, about how the government should not let gay people get married - I don't even wanna comment on the purpose of the demonstration - BUT!!! - I read through the piece twice, to find out how many cops were around, and how many people got arrested and pepper-sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, stuff like that, since that seems to be how Canadian Vader-stormtroopers sorry cops behave any more when people get together to protest something the government is doing - and golly gee - not a single mention of cops or arrests or violence or anything like that at all!! - just a bunch of people exercising their democratic right to protest. But it was only a few weeks ago, at a similar demonstration with far fewer people (1,000 one day, perhaps 2,000 the next) in Montreal, where the cops turned out in force, prepared weeks ahead of time with huge fences and barriers and full riot gear, and arrested hundreds of peaceful protesters - protesting, if one might interject a slightly personal comment (hahahaha) an issue of MUCH greater significance both in Canada and around the world - that would be the ongoing program of the Government of Canada (rather evidently NOT a government "of, by and for" the people) to turn as much as possible of its legislative authority over to non-elected, Big Business dominated so-called "world trade organisations" of one stripe or another. But THESE protesters, far fewer in number than the ones on Parliament Hill and equally peaceful, were not left alone to have their say and make their point, but met with pepper spray and tear gas and rubber bullets and riot police and mass arrests and so on.

Odd that the great Canadian media didn't see anything noteworthy in the different reaction of the government to these two things. (Oh come on RM - those "protesters" in Montreal were all violent commie anarchists and terrorists who hate our freedom, breaking windows and doing other violent things - the police were there to protect everyone!! - well, I'm sure that's what they want you to think, but in a word - horseshit. You can check out reports of the situation, and all will inform you that the great majority of the protesters were peaceful - most of the ones arrested were released the next day with no charges - they were just being rounded up and harassed to get them out of the picture. And ask yourself this - what if the anti-gay-marriage bunch had of been greeted on Parliament Hill with hundreds of armed riot police, acting aggressively, spraying tear gas here and there where they deemed the protesters to not be following their orders quickly enough, herding them into "safe barricaded areas", and so on?? Do you suppose one or two of those six thousand might have broken a window somewhere in anger at the way they were being treated? And then ask - who actually caused the violence in Montreal (and Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver before that)??? And then - why???? Obviously those Montreal, Quebec etc protesters were "outside the box" if you will of what is deemed as allowable political debate in Canada - the government is going ahead with its part in turning over control of the world to the elite and their MNCs, and that, by god is the end of the story. No debate allowed. Same sex marriages? Well - really - who gives a fuck?!?!? - but it is a good way to distract a lot of people and keep them from spending their energy on anything important - let em go!!

- UN bombing in Baghdad - fuck there are SO many wake up calls out there, it is just unbelievable that so many in the US continue to seem oblivious to what their government is doing around the world - the old propaganda masters of Madison Ave would be proud of what they have wrought in an American public that certainly seems completely devoid of any ability to think for themselves, but are led blindly around by the nose by the media, believing the most outrageous horseshit thrown their way. Rather obviously the great US war "on" terrorism is in reality a war to PROMOTE terrorism all around the world - 1984 in big letters - as long as there are people opposing the Empire, and fighting to at least get it out of their corner of the world, the US can claim terrorism is still a problem, and continue their crusade against ordinary people in the name of fighting terrorism - what perversity!! But more to the point - what is wrong with the citizens of OUR country, Canada, that they are not en masse opposing such transparent horseshit concerning, for instance, the troops we just sent to Afghanistan to support the American occupation?!?! Is all the stuff I and others have been writing about the brainwashed sheeple really true?!?!?! stay tuned for more after these words from our sponsor.....

Look at this, from Canada yet - Canada put at low to medium risk of attack Global Terrorism Index rates our country the 79th most likely to be targeted out of 186 nations surveyed: Sleeper agents cited [[RM archive copy]] - just to put it bluntly, there is NO fucking evidence whatsoever that Canada is under some sort of threat, or that terrorists are operating here (a CIA report?!?!? don't, as they say, make me laugh - this would be the same CIA that has been creating red Terrorism Warning alerts for the last two years in the US?? or the same bunch who GUARANTEED that Iraq was an "imminent" threat to the US, justifying invasion?? Why in the name of fuck would anybody attach ANY credibility to ANYTHING the CIA says?!?!?!)

And then we have, a couple of days later - Organised crime flourishes in Canada, report finds - Crime gangs here becoming less visible, more business-oriented, says expert Aug. 21, 2003 [[RM archive copy]] (and here is the Executive Summary: 2003 Annual Report on Organised Crime in Canada [RM archive copy]] - well, fuck, what's the surprise in that? - it's been obvious that Bay St. has outright owned the Federal Government since the Mulroney days, and the Ontario government since Harris, and wealthy businessmen have owned the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI for decades, just for starters - and if buying supposedly democratic governments ain't organised crime, I don't know what is (note - I am NOT talking about "a bit" of bribery and corruption, pretty much unavoidable, given the nature of modern businessmen and the kind of people who usually want to become politicians, but, at least until the big neocon move in the 1980s, that "bit" of corruption was at least balanced with politicians who took their jobs seriously, and really tried to do good stuff for the people who elected them, and the country as a whole - think people like Diefenbaker, Tommy Douglas, or Trudeau, backed by a largely apolitical, highly qualified and dedicated, Civil Service, one of the best in the world - I am talking about big-time, all-pervasive corruption from the top levels, starting with Mulroney, when those good politicians were driven out (you wanna work for the people jack/jill??? then find someone else to sign your nomination papers...(you know, of course, that the Leader of "The Party" has to sign every candidate's nomination papers, of course?? - and although "The Leader" may not interview every candidate personally, his staff sure as fuck will....)), and the once great Canadian civil service also re-staffed at the upper levels with mostly moral-less, money-driven followers of the Neocon movement, and doing things for the good of the Canadian people put waaaayyy on the back burner as "unfavourable to business interests" or some such thing (in the secret books, of course, and the shredded memos....) - I am, as I said, talking about outright ownership - they are not stupid enough to put big signs around the politicians' necks just yet, as long as the rhetoric of democracy continues to be spoken in Canada, but that does not in any way lessen their proprietorship. One only has to look at what the governments have been doing to understand that - lower taxes for the wealthy, accompanied by slashed social spending, just as one very obvious example - the two things are most certainly NOT unrelated (although, for some very strange reason, the press seems by and large unable to make the connection...). The only surprising thing is that so many Canadians are even yet reluctant to make the connection, to verbalize it, to acknowledge it - I suppose, though, that such acknowledgement would lead to the next necessary step - the need to take action. And that would be very difficult. Much easier to pretend it isn't happening. Go to the mall!! Turn on the REALLY GOOD tv show!!! sure

But wait - political corruption isn't what they're talking about in the organised crime report, is it? Haha - how silly of me to jump to such conclusions!! Fuck - why don't they bring out the truth in labelling laws, and call it Crime in the Federal Canadian Republic of Wonderland or something? Since the Bay St Crime Syndicate owns the newspapers as well as the politicians, I guess they don't want to get into that very much - anyway, that might be true, and the Canadian media, since those days of Mulroney, is kind of opposed on principle to anything even remotely related to the truth (yea, it was not perfect before then either - but better) - don't want to encourage bad habits like that or something. So what "organised crime" outside of that are they referring to then? The Executive Report (above) is interesting reading, mainly for what is NOT there. It talks about the usual bugaboos, drugs and prostitution (and let's not forget that so-called organised crime originated in the 1920s when they tried to outlaw alcohol in the US - stupid as that idea was, and even though they have gone downhill from there, things don't seem to have improved much. Actually, when you think of it, back then drugs weren't illegal in any serious sense - but after the organised crime people got a foothold in the big government of the nation through alcohol money and corruption, when that became undone they had to find a new way to make all that money to keep the politicians bought - drugs it was. And it endures to this day - and is so entrenched it is proving basically impossible to get rid of - the drug connection plays very big through the US government, from the opium fields in Afghanistan to the coca plantations in south America, to the prisons full of victims whose only 'crime" was doing a bit of drugs - money money money is what US politics is all about, and ever moreso in Canada also. The system is completely rotten - no wonder there's so much crime down there - in truth, the US Government is the biggest organised crime cartel in the world, and has been for some time - which makes everything else at best a joke, at worst, the tragedy and misery for so many around the world, not only in their own country, it really is. And although the Canadian connection is undoubtedly small, it is there, especially for the Asian drug lords in Vancouver and Toronto, who most assuredly stand to lose a lot if drugs are legalised...) - shit where was I that time - right, how organised crime is "spreading" in Canada - the report mentions drugs and prostitution, and some illegal gambling, some cigarette smuggling, smuggling stolen luxury cars to Europe, credit card fraud .... the odd murder in the biker gangs - and that's about it.

I'm trying to figure what actually they are trying to get everyone upset with here (I mean, really, wouldn't you be upset if you suddenly found that organised crime (and of course now we think Godfather!! - gangs!! killing!! etc and etc - when we hear those words) was flourishing in your country, your/our Canada, that we have always thought (well, perhaps I assume to much! - but I, anyways, have always thought) was a GREAT deal safer and less crime-ridden than that capitalist crime-haven to the south of us???

Well. I don't know about you, but that little list above doesn't actually give me bad dreams (two nights now since I started this small jeremiad, and not a SINGLE bad dream about somebody smuggling a luxury car into Canada, honest - I wouldn't lie about it). I'm trying to get a grip on what they're on about in this story - listen, the first two paragraphs -

"...Organised crime gangs are booming in Canada, using technology and stolen luxury cars to further their aims, says a federal report to be presented Friday.... That's no surprise to Antonio Nicaso, a noted expert on the mob who says a soft judicial system and the criminals' ability to organize like a big corporation has helped them thrive.... "We have good legislation in terms of investigating organised crime but the judicial system is a joke," Nicaso said today in an interview from Toronto.... The report says Eastern European crime gangs are active in southern Ontario and Quebec and using high-tech expertise with things like computers to pursue their goals. They're especially active in the smuggling of such things as stolen luxury cars through Canada's ports, Le Journal said in a report Thursday...."

Well - go on, read it all yourself - that's as bad as it gets - the "organised crime" people (nonono - not the government) are using high-tech computers and smuggled luxury cars to pursue their nefarious goals - whatever they might be - I guess we're all supposed to know that, since the story never tells us.

But it's pretty serious to the cops - the Chiefs of Police had some comments - Tougher sentences needed to combat organised crime in Canada: report [RM archive copy]] "...HALIFAX - Police officials said Friday that organised crime is thriving in Canada and the public and courts need to pay more attention to the proliferation of marijuana grow operations in the country...." - and they go on of course to say how soft the courts are on them fucking terrible marijuana growers, who all ought to be spending the rest of their lives in jail, like them smart god-fearing people in the US do to their damned hopheads (yeayea I paraphrased that a bit - but the message was clear enough).

Oh well I'm giving this a lot more space than I intended, so let's get off it - but the point is, these people are trying to pretend there is some big crime problem in the country that does not, at least to me, appear to exist - as many of us have been saying for years, simply legalising marijuana would take away somewhere between 60-80% of the whole problem, for god's sake! - and reduce policing costs by tens if not hundreds of millions per year, and put another huge amount INTO the government coffers through some sort of tax on the legal product. Fuck these people are stupid. But that's not news. And the rest - well, prostitution is the same, it is insane to criminalise sex - it would better for EVERYONE if it was legalised. You sure as fuck (haha no pun) aren't gonna stop it, any more than you're gonna stop people from smoking a joint or taking a drink. But that's not the fascist way - "YOU VILL DO VHAT VE FUCKING TELL YOU!!!" - leaving the people the fuck alone is just not in the cards. That leads to freedom and democracy and crazy radical shit like that.

But - there is an additional element - (just can't leave it!!)

"... However, the RCMP's Internet site describes "organised crime as a serious long-term threat" and raises possibility of its links to terrorists..."

- and that, with the so-called terrorist report above, just gets my suspicions going - making bid deals out of little deals - but with what purpose? Why do they want the people of Canada to think that they are at some great risk from crime and terrorism when they are not? Well - I could speculate a lot here - but I'm sure you can too. (No I'm not guilty of the same exaggeration - the headlines could equally have said something like "Organised crime shown to be pretty smalltime in Canada." or words to that effect, as with the terrorism crap... - but obviously somebody wants to make people believe it is a much more serious problem than it seems to be - certainly nothing in the report indicated anything serious going on outside of a lot of people ignoring the impossible-to-enforce drug laws which should have been taken off the books years ago...)

It also has a distractive element - to me it's just so fucking obvious! - but Paul Martin (just to name the most obvious example) has been running around the country for fucking months, if not years, bragging about how much money he is getting from Big Business in Canada to support his leadership campaign for the Liberal Party of Amerika sorry Canada - there is SERIOUS corruption going on here (these guys are, and have been, giving politicians huge amounts of money - and expect nothing in return?!?!?! - man, if you believe that, have I got a deal for you!! as they saying goes... - but the rewards to Corporate Canada in return for their big dollars have been obvious...) - and yet our great Mounties, or OPP, have no fucking interest whatsoever in it.

Draw whatever conclusions you are capable of.

Sorry - I'm just a bit pissed at this - no, REALLY FUCKING PISSED!!!! - the corruption in this country is just so fucking obvious, yet everyone walks around like the crowd shushing the kid who dared to point out the Emperor had no clothes - unfuckingbelievable, really - the only real organised crime we have to worry about in Canada is the fact that our governments have been taken over by Big Business in a very "organised" and effective way, and the economy of our supposed democracy is now being run for the sole purpose of moving as much of the wealth of ordinary Canadians into the banks and investment companies of Corporate Canada as fast as possible, for as long as possible - just like any third-world banana republic run by any low-life military dictator. And that IS a crime, and a major one. Odd that the story or the report don't mention it. But I think I commented on that before. Maybe more than once.. How do you even start to talk about serious things when most people are living in some bizarre dreamworld where truth is nothing more than what the media declares it to be?!?!?!?! And if they don't mention it, most Canadians seem unable to come up with some kind of original ideas by themselves - I mean, I mean, I mean - why the fuck would the Corporate media tell Canadians about Corporate crime????? And it is probably the most important issue facing us today - not only the trillion+ dollars they have defrauded the country of over the last 20+ years, but the disastrous, regressive policies they have been implementing, turning over control of the country to people like the non-elected, secret NAFTA tribunal, or the WTO - both of which are heavily and openly supportive of corporate profits at the expense of the wellbeing of the people of the planet, and the terrible damage they have done to important government programs such as the health care system, education system, transportation infrastructure - and, on the provincial level, for instance the damage the Harrisites have done to the power infrastructure with their deregulation.

All through corruption - and yet the cops have no interest. Which says a lot, of course, about the cops. And the media. And us.

Bottom line - the most serious organised crime will be dealt with when we get honest government in Canada. But since the government is the only legitimate means of legislative change - who is going to do it?!?!?!

I can just see the headline - "The Canadian government today indicted itself for corruption" - or "The Canadian media today, in a daring expose, claims their corporate masters have been corrupting the Canadian government for years!! - and, in a startling turnabout, have charged all of their reporters with complicity in the situation!"

Oh shit - I sense somebody has been tampering with my beverage again - the doors of Wonderland call!!

But you could go with it a lot, of course - just imagine -

When we get honest government in Canada..... (man, just like a Santa list!! feel free to add your own stuff!!): I have a little list! -

- when George Bush said he wasn't going to visit Canada, the PM would say "Great!"

- when Bay St and the Pispot and Izzy's other fascist rags demanded lower taxes and more deregulation and the expulsion from Canada of McMaster profs who dared to recommend peace, order and good government instead of bombing the fuck out of everyone some Nazi in the White House didn't like, the Government OF THE PEOPLE would say, "Thanks very much for your input, it is surely valued and will be read by your MP at the earliest possible moment - but, in reality, we are representing ALL of the people in Canada and, you see, lower taxes for you (the 5%) would, in reality be bad for everyone else (the 95%) - so you'll just have to live with it. Likewise your "deregulation" nonsense - what do you think we are - crazy? We have a duty to the public in this country, to provide reliable services, which we are doing. It is not our job to subsidise corporate profits. And peace, really, is the mature approach to dealing with people both at home and abroad - if you don't like it, well, don't shout at us - go join an army somewhere. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA (sorry, just couldn't resist a personal comment)

- When the CCCE (Tom D'Aquino's bunch) got all in a huff at being summarily dismissed like any normal citizen, and threatened to leave the country and take all their toys (and money) with them, the Government would say "Fine! You'll be allowed to leave as soon as we make sure there are no taxes outstanding - Please leave your passports at the border. We've actually been hoping you'd go to the other side where you belong for some time now. Good riddance, Tom (to bad rubbish, as the old dad used to say)."

- When Bay St. demanded further funding cuts to the CBC, the Government would say - "But that is the only news media that speaks for ALL the people of Canada, unlike the privately owned fascistic Pispot and Asper so-called papers - in truth, their funding must be restored to the necessary levels to maintain the formerly high standards. We are also bringing back This Hour Has Seven Days, with Michael Moore and Rude Macedon as featured commentators. Take that! hahaha"

- When something like the Romanov report on healthcare is issued after wideranging consultation with all Canadians, the government will NOT immediately shelf it with a lot of good words about how wonderful it is, but a lot of sad words about how expensive it is - it will just do it. When something like the FTA or NAFTA or FTAA is proposed after secretive meetings with a few business groups, the government will not conduct a bunch more secret meetings with more "businesspeople" from other countries, and then tell everyone how wonderful it is and immediately sign all the treaties that effectively turn over control of our country to unelected, secret tribunals, it will make all the discussions public, because of course such treaties affect ALL the citizens of Canada not just business, and examine the details very carefully with FULL public debate, and make sure that such treaties do indeed benefit all of the people of Canada before signing them into law. And, of course, cancel any previous agreements that did not live up to these democratic standards. (well I told you it was a Santa list)

- When Tom D'Aquino phones the PM to set up a dinner date to discuss something his "Chief Executives" want, the PM's office will tell him to get lost. (HAHAHAH FUCK I LOVE IT!!!!) He can write a letter like anyone else has to. Which the PM's office will send out the appropriate form reply to. The PM just doesn't have time to be talking with individual citizens whose only claim to fame is that they represent some special interest group like businesspeople. The PM must use his limited free time to meet with important citizens who work for peace and democracy and human rights and making the country and world a better place for everyone, not just some special interest group like wealthy businessmen, and are known for good things around the world, not just because they have a lot of money which they spend to try to get lower taxes for themselves, or "investment" treaties that create a playing field tilted very much in their favor. What a pathetic way to live. - When the US gets all huffy and tells Canada they are going to set 20% tariffs (in direct conflict with treaties such as NAFTA) on some Canadian product such as softwood lumber or PEI cranberries, the Canadian government says "FINE - as of today, all of the oil and natural gas shipped from Canada to the US will also be increased by 20% in sticker price - stick that in your stupid fucking free trade gas tanks and smoke it, assholes!!!!!" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - oh man I don't know what she put in the beer but it works!!!)

- the Federal Government will announce a serious investigation into the National Debt Scam, as recently uncovered, after years of thankless toil by the Rude Macedon and others, and has guaranteed that all of those complicit in this monstrous theft of money from the Canadian taxpayers, including politicians, bankers, and investors going back to the 1980s, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and will undoubtedly receive lengthy jail terms regardless of how fucking rich they are - and as much of the more than one trillion dollars thus stolen will be recovered as possible, one way or another.... (actually most of the accused will for some reason not be in the country any more - but I suppose that would be of some considerable relief anyway)

- CAPITALISM IS DEAD!!!! - the mortal blow was struck to this archaic system, which was simply a modern term for feudalism, by Canada - the system which was designed to transfer as much as possible of the wealth of the workers of a country to a small elite of controllers, who called themselves "capitalists", was finally exposed for the elitist system it was, and the Capitalist maintenance system, consisting mainly of a "media" which distributed propaganda in support of the capitalists, and bought politicians who enacted policies favourable to the capitalists whilst pretending to be "democratic" and acting for the good of the people who supposedly "elected" them, exposed as the pond scum they really were (my apologies to real pond scum, which is pretty neat stuff, as any biologist will tell you - and eminently more useful than most politicians and propagandists). Court cases are pending, but it is expected that those who were apprehended before fleeing to Capitalist-Central USA will be facing lengthy terms in jail, as well as some rather embarrassing hours on television programs answering questions from (real) journalists, and many rather angry members of the public whom they defrauded and lied to for so long

- there will be no more "politicians" in Canada - there will instead be Administrators - individuals who are chosen by the people they represent to oversee the affairs of the country, and implement in a legal fashion the policies that the people who choose them as representatives wish to have enacted. Such Administrators, employees in every sense of the word, will have no actual autonomous power, except in certain clearly defined national emergencies, but will, in effect, be charged with the "bookkeeping" of the country - the decisions as to policy and suchlike will be made by the people of the country, after open and considered and wideranging debate on any issue that may arise, arriving at a consensus when they will, such consensus to be seen to be the case through a broadbased, diverse media, with various safeguards to prevent usurpation by small but powerful (i.e. through unusual wealth) interest groups.


Man that was just a fucking blast!!! Have to do it again soon!! (have to have wine with my dinner more often, that is!!!!!! - such a GOOD dinner!!!! - (I don't know what she puts in the beer, but she sure as fuck can cook....)

Hope it's all working out ok where you are - and you're thinking about just HOW you can arrange some sort of community hall meeting to tell all the people that maybe - just MAYBE!!! - things might be a little better around here..... - maybe fewer hospital closings would be nice, maybe fewer pissed off teachers because of budget cutbacks would be nice (maybe a real education system, for that matter - but another day!! - run the phrases "deschooling society" and "dumbing down" through Google and read away!) - maybe a bit of money for the roads would be nice - maybe sort of reasonable car insurance premiums would be nice - OH so MANY fucking things!!!! so many FUCKING things - take your pick!!! Make your own list! - then we'll put em all together - and maybe come up with a better country......

Well, I seem to be getting delirious again. Better go. Don't work too hard, as they say.

Write if ya want.

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Chretien's still PM and George Bush is talking to GOD on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why?