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030820 - IMAGINE.... (Policy - Part II)

A dark and horrible secret - I am a golf addict!! and spent perhaps a few more hours than perhaps one ought to in front of my tv watching Mike Weir do his stuff this weekend past (nonono - it's not all that hypocritical - I have never said that ALL tv is bad, or that the medium itself, in the abstract sort of sense, is bad - it is a technological invention, and we can choose to use such things for good or bad, or not to use them at all - but when the propaganda industry of the modern capitalist elite is using the tv as their major tool to brainwash the citizens, and has most of them watching that brainwashing 4.5 or however many fucking hours a day, it is very, very bad - those who have more control over their lives, and choose to watch a variety of useful stuff, or even spend the odd hour watching some kind of entertainment - fine - the difference is - are you using the tv, or are they using the tv to control you? Fuck I can't even say I watched some golf without going off on a big tangent.). Anyway. Golf is a funny thing - it seems people either love it or hate it - I have - what shall we say - had words of disagreement with a group called GAG'M before - the Global Anti Golf Movement (don't ask me what the fucking comma is supposed to represent), of all the fucking ways to waste your time - very poor thinking - they are getting development and sport confused - certainly a lot of big resort developments are bad things, in various ways - but it is really stupid, it seems to me, to thus say that a big golf resort development therefore makes the game of golf a bad thing. People have different ways of relaxing, and meditating, and for average people, of a certain individual bent, golf can be an amazing metaphor for life, and an excellent form of meditation. HUHHNH!?!? - yea, really - It requires great concentration - which is really mainly what meditation is, controlled concentration, shutting out certain things from your thoughts (that is a lot fucking easier to say than to do, if you haven't tried before!) - and can be really very rewarding, for those who choose to follow it - that is to say, if you choose to look at it as a meditation, and learn from your experience, rather than a day of frustration and anger, as many do, admittedly! And again, that it has become a corporate toy, with a small cadre of very well paid people providing entertainment, should not lead one to think that the game is nothing more than that - but, in their defence somewhat, pro golfers are highly dedicated people performing feats that very few people in the world can perform - and (adding perspective somewhat) we reward such people in pretty well every field well - I think with top-level sportspeople, such as this level of golfer, it is because, at this level, the sport is as much of an art as a sport, for those who grok it. Well, almost - we don't seem to reward peacekeepers very much, if people like Gandhi and Martin King are taken as examples - but that's just my old cynicism kicking in again - it is never that far away! It is a very sublime feeling to be out on a golf course in the early morning with the dewy mist still evaporating around you, gazing out at that 7,000 yards or so of sculptured nature you will explore over the next few hours, or late in the evening as the sun is going down in some beautiful seaside setting (you don't need an Augusta National to have beautiful vistas! - some of my favorite courses are very low-key in terms of membership fees (elsewise I would not have been there, believe it!) - but nonetheless extremely beautiful. I feel some pity for those who choose not to experience such things at times - and certainly some anger at those who would attempt to destroy that which they evidently know nothing about.

Anyway - add those hours to the fact that, from where I sit these days in the world, I stayed up all friggin night for four days doing this, and you may understand that things got a bit behind here - lack of sleep does not encourage old brains to a lot of creativity. Also a big week at my university, with an agricultural fair, a science week, and an open house sort of deal where there are high school students from all over the fucking place coming to wander around - well.

Things obviously haven't slowed down much around the world though, and the stuff waiting for commentary on the waitlist is straining the resources of this old computer. Let's see what there is to see, as somebody said once. Or more than one person, I suppose.

A small funding request [[(on Green Blue Earth - but you'll have to hunt up the actual doc itself, as it is a frames site and we cannot provide a "real" URL - when this page was posted, it was under Campaigns - but, of course, we have it too - [[RM archive copy]])]] has come across the desk - from one of the GREAT writers on the net, John Kaminski, who has been mentioned before in these rambles, about all the stuff we are talking about here, although generally much more elegantly and with somewhat less rudeness - I, the not only Rude but as many people have noted at times in my life rather Cheap, Macedon (well fuck I always hated slavery - er excuse me that is "working for a living", and had to set aside a fixed amount of what little money I could scrounge or save before getting fired for various misdemeanours from what jobs I had for beer necessary relaxants), have sent some bucks to John - and if you want to send a bit of money to a very useful cause, perhaps you can put it here. If he has to quit writing, we are going to lose an amazingly strong voice. If you don't know of him yet, you can find a good selection of his writing here - Kaminski on Rense - really great writing, if you haven't met the guy yet. And I constantly, as I come across his writings, find a new "favorite" - lately including How our schools create Sheeple [[RM archive copy]] and The New Resistance [[RM archive copy]]. The Sheeple one, about, obviously, what is called "education" in the "modern" world (sorry about all them parentheses, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do - and these words do NOT mean what they teach you they mean - wow that's getting circular, and spiralur, with the whole education thing!) - leads on to this piece - A Warning to Idealistic Students [[RM archive copy]] by a guy called Henry Makow, who I have mentioned before as a Canadian who thinks pretty good and writes the same (I think, actually, a lot more Canadians are thinking pretty good than the major media would have everyone believe - that is to say, most of us don't seem to think that the US is some great god we should all bow down to and worship and follow, as most of the media demand of us, and stuff like that - more later, actually, as we talk about the latest idiocies of the Pispot et al....) - anyway, this one is one of the very best I have ever read about education (and that would be both "education" and education) here and elsewhere, a bit of a ramble (well-organised and presented), and just fucking FULL of truth, which is what we really like here (which is, of course, why we so DISlike the Pispot et al.). Be warned, if you will - both Henry and John also write at times about how some kind of international Jewish conspiracy is a serious contributor to the world's problems - now I know we are all supposed to shudder and turn away in horror at such ideas - but I figure, hell, I wasn't around then to see what actually happened, and I KNOW that a lot of the things my government is telling me about the way the world is is absolutely horseshit - so I keep an open mind, right now - as I mentioned some time ago, I am on the side of people who want to talk about things, not shut down all debate - and the "Holocaust Promoters", if you will, are most definitely in the latter camp, which sort of bothers me. And I came across this The Amazing Warnings Of Benjamin Freedman a few days ago [[RM archive copy]] which is some very interesting reading, and does not conflict with anything I know about history - and makes a certain amount of sense. Really, in another sense of getting back to the whole education-political spectrum, if we had a truly decent education system here, where people were taught to think for themselves, and question things, and we had a media where things were properly debated, all of this shit could be sorted out pretty quick - but when we have a system and a media whose primary goal is propaganda and TELLING everyone what to think, it is a great deal more difficult to find the truth. Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't complain - if the truth was already available, I'd be out of a very lucrative job (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! - manIshouldabeenonthestage).

Anyway, send John some money if you think he's worth it and you can afford it, and take a look over Henry's stuff - lot of interesting reading. If you think they're whackos, then you probably think the same of me - and what the fuck are you doing here in the first place?!?!

Oh - another related thing - if you've got a few minutes, this Amerika's role in world politics 1914-2003 is really worth a read - so much more believable than the "American white man REALLY GREAT!!!! everyone else BAAAAADDDDD!!!!" stories we get in our "history" classes - by Richard Moore, another of the great modern thinkers, we've mentioned before - there's more info on his site and stuff at the end of this piece. It's getting your head into stuff like this, and starting to realise that so much of what we get "educated" with is nothing but lies and outrageously self-serving propaganda (outrageous because we're also taught that academics and our fearless "leaders" and so on are scrupulously (at least mostly!) honest!!!), that starts to wake people up, and ask questions - and asking questions and getting fed obvious again self-serving horseshit in response that can lead one further down the road to realising that the society we live in might be called many things, but the "great democracy" with its great values of truth and honesty and ethics and such like we are taught about is pretty much NOT one of them. Then we can think about whether or not it is, nonetheless, acceptable or not (living in Canada is probably, imperfect though it is, better than living in a cave - but does that mean we shouldn't strive for something even better for all of us, or put up with lies and violence from the Elite in our society so they can remain the elite while the rest of us provide the labour required for their luxurious lifestyles, for which we get rewarded with MacDonald's and 89 brands of dishsoap and an "education system" that functions more as a dumbing-down and training and propaganda system???? - I myself think we might do a lot better - but a lot of people seem to think things are just great.....) - but first you gotta understand the lies under which we all live.

Man - I gotta get more on top of things - got way too many stories from the Pispot and other places that really cry out for a bit of deconstruction or other commentary over the last few days - and I don't have time to write a friggin book tonight. Story of my life. (and just an aside - that is NOT fucking accidental or happenstance, in the broader Gordian-knot (so many things in such a complex relationship) scheme of things, which is what we are, after all, on about, more or less, most of the time - that is a central part of the whole setup these days - keep everyone too fucking busy running around just earning enough money to buy the toys that they are told to buy every day on TV to keep up with everyone else, and leave everyone with NO time to think about whether or not what they are doing is the best way of doing things, let alone time to read some of the great thinkers of the past on such things (THERE SURE WERE!!!! - and they had some REALLY FUCKING GOOD IDEAS ON IT ALL!!! - check Emerson and Thoreau, for instance, if you want some REAL good insights into a LOT of stuff that's going on today (just two names off the top of my head - I could make you a long list if you really wanted, including many current or recent Canadians - check out, for instance for one I don't think I've mentioned yet, John Ralston Saul's "Doubter's Companion" for a very good look at what is happening today) - just take a fucking weekend away from the fucking mall and tv, and go to the library and get a couple of their books (or, a great trick, browse around the section where you find their books!) - I don't think they've been blacklisted yet! - or grab a copy of Orwell's 1984 if you haven't read it yet, and just fucking SEE what George KNEW was coming - and that was written close to (or over?? not sure!) FIFTY fucking years ago!! - I got this idea in my head it was 1949, but I could be off a year or two...) - man, once you start with this thinking shit, you just can't stop - worst addiction of all!! (and very close to the education system - in Prince Edward Island a few years ago, at one point during a certain controversy, a high school principal said "In this high school they will do what they're told! They can start to think when they get to university!" - and that is damn near a direct quote - and of course, if a young adult cannot think by the time they get to university, because they have been trained to do what they are fucking TOLD to do - well, the chances of them starting to think there are pretty remote. I could go on - at the University there, it was obvious that most of the students had no idea how to think - when a certain prof insisted on it, they were very uncomfortable about it; when a certain student had the temerity to question an English course in an open essay, that student was given a D and told that it was not his job to question anything, but do the assigned work.

Speaking of thinking - something I fear far too many of us do far too little of (although to be fair there are those who feel that some of us do far too fucking MUCH of - don't worry be happy! - it leads interesting places - if the cabin boy who saw the iceberg hadn't bothered worrying about it, but just gone back to his work, or found a willing cabin maid for his last few minutes - would he have been happier? - or what about a reverse sort of situation, where somebody who actually does look ahead and "worry" about things sees a disaster coming and manages to save a lot of people....???) - it's interesting - in terms of giving one things to think about - to observe the vehemence with which the wannabe republican media in Canada go after things they don't approve of - none of this "well let's sit down and talk about that" sort of approach from these guys, nosireebobsyeruncle - it's get the fucking 2x4s out and start swinging. Sort of like their brainless bosses to the south, of course - you're either for us or against us, and by god, if you're against us - lookout - we gots the fucking bombs and we's a gonna use 'em! This one - Refuge for radicals - It's telling that anti-U.S. professors see Canada as a natural home - [[RM archive copy]] is a perfect example, this one from the Ottawa Citizen, one of Mr. Democracy Izzy's rags - some American prof from the US has apparently taken up residence in Canada at McMaster University in Hamilton, who has been a bit of a peace activist (OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!), and he dares - can you just fucking imagine - he dares!!! - to disagree with the US (and Canadian media) position of IF YOU'RE NOT WITH US... etc - and even worse, he tells his students about this radical behaviour and even more radical that they can do that stuff too!!!!!!!!!!! - so let's get him!! - it is quite a pathetic little piece of drivel, really - most of their shit is (Izzy's "philosophy" is right up there with Conrad's, in terms of supporting the Elite and FUCK everyone else....) - but one really does feel an obligation to respond to some of this stuff, just to stop them from running around crowing about how, since noone IS disagreeing, then everyone must agree. (They really do think like that, it would seem, or at least pretend to, in their justifications for doing outrageous things - personally I think that most people just don't believe what is happening here anymore, but are somewhere between either too confused or afraid (of the "terrorist police", or even their neighbours ("You think WHAT?!?!?!?!") or disbelieving ("..Well - sure ... I think lower taxes for everybody is just great, and really - who needs socialised medicine.... me and my family, why, we just love this great country and the fact that we might have to sit for ten hours in the emergency room cause there's no doctors or nurses available because of cutbacks in spending...." HI!!!! YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA AND WE JUST GOTCHA!!! ohhhh FUCK!!!) or something like that to dignify a lot of this shit by appearing to respond to it - maybe. Maybe not - but there has to be some reason...)

Anyway - the story being, this guy actually dares to tell his students that maybe, just maybe, peace is better than war (OH FUCK HERE THEY COME GEORGE!!! GET THE COMMIE GUNS!! IT'S THEM FUCKIN TERRAISTS!! SHOW EM CANADA AIN'T PUTTIN UP WITH THAT SHIT) - maybe, just maybe, there are some unanswered questions about "911" (not to mention many other things) that we ought to be asking (STOP THAT FUCKING TALK RIGHT NOW YOU AMERICA HATERS!!!!) - or maybe even them funny coloured folk who speak funny languages in small countries somewhere else in the world, but can be forced to work pretty cheap and have lots of good resources we can use, ought to be allowed to live their own lives, rather than being slaves to American corporations (THAT'S ENOUGH GET THAT FUCKER OUT OF HERE NOWWWWW!!!!) - and obviously, this sort of talk is most assuredly NOT to be countenanced!!! - fucking commies!!! - certainly one understands the American New Fascist Government wanting to stop this kind of talk, as there are a lot of Americans who are looking around pretty suspiciously right now (picture any big, amiable but sort of stupid cartoon character you like (Yogi Bear comes to mind for some reason) getting whacked on the back of the head with a 2x4, and the bully's gang rolling on the ground laughing at how stupid he is - a fairly common sort of thing - probably worth a thought or two some day as to WHY this would be such a common feature of popular cartoons - ???) - anyway, one would hope (in despair, anymore, of course) that the Canadian media would be able to take a somewhat more rational line about stuff like this - I mean, as far as the Citizen is concerned, the very act of forming questions such as this guy does, indicates that the good prof is (quote) an "...America-HATING intellectual..." - seriously, I don't make this stuff up - that's why I copy it all on site in case they get rid of the stuff later - it's hard to figure what these people would define as "democracy" - isn't the whole idea of "democracy" that everyone gets to express their ideas about what should be done for or by EVERYONE'S country, and somehow everyone comes to a consensus about things?? - well, anyway, obviously not for these guys - if you fucking dare to disagree with some of the most obnoxious things your government is doing - never mind this free speech democracy shit - we're gonna say you HATE your country (that's as bothersome as anything, how simplistically and stupidly American this sort of "criticism" is, to be appearing in a Canadian paper). Actually, of course, as any semi-intelligent educated person could see (yea, there's a few, I'm sure!), it is the people who try to stifle debate through such juvenile tactics as this who actually "hate" "democracy" and things like that - but that would be a concept probably well above their intellectual level - picture the thug who brained Yogi having a thought like that!!! - it's actually kind of humorous.

Anyway - they carry on - "What's alarming is his belief that in Canada he has found a natural home, that this is a country of radical ideologues who, nurturing conspiracy theories, believe that the U.S., not al-Qaeda or Saddam Hussein, is the real source of global instability and threat to human rights..." - actually, there are a number of "alarming" things going on here, but Prof. Nagy (the guy in the story) isn't one of them. For instance, it is most alarming that one of the major Ottawa newpapapers (part of Izzy's chain which is the major print media owner in Canada) is so fucking out of touch with what is happening in the "real" world that they evidently haven't heard (or perhaps have, but in true neostupid fashion pretend it ain't so - WE KNOW THE TRUTH DON'T BOTHER US WITH FACTS!!!!) that something like 85% of the people in the world (outside the US!!) feel that America is, indeed, the most dangerous threat to global peace today, NOT Iraq or even Al Qaeda. What's also rather alarming is that the Citizen (what a fucking name for a rightwing rag like this - Pravda would be more appropriate - what kind of "citizen" exactly do they think appropriate for Canada - some sort of cross between fascist goosesteppers and sheep, one supposes - the saddest or perhaps most troubling thing of all is that, at least as far as the latter goes, they already have a lot of them) feels it important enough to single out this one individual who dares speak his mind for its attacks - one of very few people in this country who dare to speak out publicly in opposition to American policies of world domination, and Canadians following along in that path - if this or any other Canadian paper had a problem with the good Prof's views, the appropriate response, in a REAL media (hahahaha - as if we have one here) would be to invite him to participate in some sort of exchange of views, to help enlighten the readers, the citizens (!!!!) of the country, concerning an important, relevant situation where there were differing points of view as to the proper action for our government to take. Oh fuck - I'm over the line again - "debate" an issue in a neocon paper!?!?!?! WHAT KIND OF FUCKING COMMIE PINKO SCUM ARE YOU!!???? - THE POINT OF "OWNING" A PAPER IS TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO THINK - HAVEN'T YOU LEARNED THAT YET?!?!?!

Thought that last beer tasted funny. Dear?

Anyway - elsewhere this week, the Pispot had a story by one Ian Hunter Free speech falls prey to 'human rights' (Monday, August 18, 2003) concerning how people who speak out about how sinful gay people are and so on are feeling that their right to free speech is being repressed when anyone dares challenge such "opinions", and how that is bad news for democracy and free speech and open debate and all that stuff. Interesting how the Pispot et al. (Izzy owns em all, and we KNOW what Izzy thinks of editorial independence!) is so concerned about free speech for what might be called "rightist" opinion, but attack so vehemently an academic speaking from the other side of the political spectrum - I guess this is pretty much neocon Wonderland ethics though - one rule for me, and another for you - I can say what I fucking well please - and YOU can say what I fucking well allow you to say!! Yeaaaaa Neo-Democracy. Yeaeaea Neo-Free Speech!!! YEAEA GEORGE!!!!

It's just too much to resist - after viciously (serious - you can readily picture them frothing at the mouth and growing almost incoherent (not that neocons are ever that coherent in the first place) in rage as you read) attacking Nagy for daring to disagree with dearly held opinions of the traitors at the Pispot, they then publish this about anyone daring to disagree with "their kind":

Time was when freedom of speech was considered the cornerstone of democracy. No more -- at least not in Canada.... - especially, one might add, at this very institution - this is way, way, way beyond irony. What exactly is the message here? I guess it's pretty clear - "Free speech for us!! You shut the fuck up about stuff we don't want you talking about!!" I missed the part where that definition of "free speech" became a cornerstone of democracy. Of course, I've missed a lot of stuff like that the last few years. Missed democracy too, not to mention a truly diverse sort of media - although I suppose the point could be made that you can't really miss that which you never really had outside of your dreams.

Yeaaaaa Neo-Democracy. Yeaeaea Neo-Free Speech!!! YEAEA GEORGE!!!!

(the old Henry Ford story comes to mind (a great fascist, it appears - he supported Hitler bigtime) - "Sure - you can have whatever color of car you want - as long as it's black!" - and I guess that just sort of naturally carries over into - "Sure! You can think whatever you want - as long as it's what we tell you to think!" George (as in Orwell) knew. He knew. Too bad a few more people today don't.)

Well - the Great Blackout of 2003!! (I don't know if I should be embarrassed or not - personally, I found the golf tournament that was ending (day 1) just as this was getting underway to be quite a lot more interesting even if Mike didn't eventually win (kind of liked the guy who did, though, really - we are, of course, usually on the side of underdogs doing well, and he stood up to the pressure for his first ever PGA victory, and that being a Major, with considerable grace (and a few good shots, of course - although making fewer bad shots than every one else had a lot to do with it...) - but then, of course, I wasn't directly affected....) - actually, that may be premature - how do we know it wasn't the "First" Great...etc???? Huhhh??? - things aren't looking all that great right now. Anyway, no need to go ragging on at length about it, at least specifically - anyone who has spent more than 15 minutes or so browsing around here will be well aware that, in OUR opinion!, the whole mess, while perhaps not being directly caused by neocon policies such as privatisation and deregulation, was certainly indirectly caused by those policies (in the same criminal sense as if I gave you a gun and you turned around and shot someone - well, I would be indirect rather than direct - but would rather obviously bear a large amount of responsibility for what happened... even moreso if you had been threatening to shoot that person, but had no way to do it until I gave you the gun - maybe, as I say, I am not "directly" responsible - but pretty close...), that the Harrisites (Eves won't be much more than a footnote in the eventual histories of the times) have spent the last decade+ implementing in Ontario - and the story down south, with Enron-style wild wild west cowboys looting everything they could get their hands on energy-wise - well, the only surprising thing is that something this big hasn't happened sooner. I can't understand why more people don't understand how fucking insane it is to be putting control of those things we NEED as a society (education, healthcare, transportation, the power grid, that kind of stuff) into the hands of those whose first and overriding goal is nothing more nor less than maximising their profit - and who have shown time and time and time again that they don't really give a fuck what kind of damage they do to who or what, if they can make a buck out of it or, for that matter, how many laws they break while doing it - knowing well that justice is for sale around here (grow up - it most certainly is). Actually, I suppose, the media is largely to blame, for their complete failure to give a thorough airing of the pros and cons of this type of thing - when the media are owned by the same people who are most interested in making some big bucks out of the healthcare system (profits being far more important than providing good care for everyone), or the power system, then they don't have much incentive to provide a balanced airing of the issues - they are well aware that in any such open examination they would come out looking pretty bad - greed is never pretty, psychotic greed enabled by political corruption - well, words like "criminal" come to mind for some reason. They didn't buy the fucking papers to torpedo themselves, after all - they bought them to torpedo everyone else. And they're doing a rather good job of it, really.

But all that leads pretty much into what I actually wanted to spend a bit of time on today, whatever of that precious thing I have left - government policy.

As we noted the last time, government policy is pretty directly responsible for pretty much all the bad shit happening in the world today - not all of it, but most of it. Government policy which, very contrarily to what they tell all we citizens, is NOT made "for the good of us all", but for the benefit of the Elite. As we talked about before - and this time, I just want to engage in a small thought experiment or something, to Imagine what the world, or even our country, might be like if the government was actually implementing policies for the benefit of all of us, as they claim to be doing. Sort of in the nature of an alternative vision to this so-called market economy capitalist democratic system, that they are all so fond of claiming is about as good as it gets - the Japanese philosopher Fujiyama (some name like that - you could check) even recently, after the fabled "fall of Communism", declared it to be "the end of History" (the title of his book) - because we were basically at the pinnacle now, with western capitalist democracy triumphant in the world, and things really couldn't get much better overall. They were thinking the same thing in Plato's time, and Ceasar's, and I think Pharaoh (pick one) had similar ideas, and certainly each generation of the English have thought that for several hundred years. And really, fairly bright people all - but a little too self-centered, I think, and not fully aware of the big picture - personally, I think that, were we able to see ourselves in the context of "real" civilisations that must exist throughout the universe here and there, we would be regarded as a pretty brutal and backward bunch altogether (not to mention of very, very questionable mentality, considering the American commercial television that is probably our main contribution to the Earthian radio waves in the ether - how fucking embarrassing - one wants to go hide behind the barn when thinking of such things - a sitcom with laugh track Earth's message to ET - oh fuck no more have mercy...) - sort of like a Neanderthal showing up at the door of a Kennedy Gala Ball or something (actually the real Neanderthal would probably be relieved that he died out, if this was the future). Sure we've done some good stuff, a few of us - but a lot more really, really, really fucking bad stuff - a LOT of us for a LOOOONNNGGGGG time.

But - as another John said (seems to be a day for Johns) - Imagine.... (o man that was over 30 years ago now.... John in his white suit at his white piano - the light shone here for awhile at least....)

Imagine - a society where there was plenty for all - and not crappy dollar ninety-nine shit, but good quality stuff that lasted for years or decades, with environmentally friendly techniques and 99% recyclable when it did wear out - imagine in order to make your contribution to that society, it was required that you work - oh, perhaps 10 hours a week, for maybe 20-30 weeks a year - and for maybe 20 years of your life. Most of your time would be free to be spent in learning, and relaxing, truly enjoying life, truly free to be all that you could be as a human being rather than a shopper-worker drone bee - learning, of course, not being just from books, but from interactions with other people who were learning the same stuff, both old and young, and travel to other places to study things and meet people from other cultures - and "work" equally not being something you HAD to do just to get money to support yourself, but something meaningful you did, and felt good about doing, to contribute to the maintenance of your society, as a participant involved in the decisions about what was being done, not a slave.

All details could be worked out by everyone working together, under the auspices of a government that was elected more as an administrative body (representatives carrying out the wishes of those they were supposed to be representing (NOW WAIT JUST A FUCKING MINUTE HERE - THAT'S NOT DEMOCRATIC WHAT COMMIE ANARCHIST CRAP HAVE YOU BEEN READING!!!) than as any sort of "WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO WHETHER YOU FUCKING LIKE IT OR NOT" (THAT'S MORE LIKE IT PAL, THAT'S REAL DEMOCRACY BUT WATCH THE LANGUAGE) body, as most governments "of the people" actually seem to be - and most, of course, of what they tell you to do is to work long and hard for many years to produce as much wealth as possible for the elite - but imagine if all the wealth the citizens were producing was actually used to create a good country for everyone???? What a radical thought!

Of course it's possible - if you want it. If you're content with things the way they are - well, they're not going to change, are they?

Money? What about it? The government has the power to create money debt free - and that very act alone would alleviate probably 50% of the pressure we are all under. If the Canadian government had simply created, through the Bank of Canada, the same amount of money it allowed private banks to create and then borrowed from them over the last 25 years (what fucking perversity! - at least from the perspective of running the country for the benefit of the citizens - it works great for the Elite, of course - THINK ABOUT IT!!!) - we would, today, have NOT spent over a TRILLION fucking dollars in "service charges" on that debt over the same period, nor would we, as a country, today, have a 500 Billion dollar debt to deal with - which still eats a significant percentage of our tax dollars every year - (20-30% significant). Policy. Policy that served and serves the wealthy elite, who were and are allowed to create the money and who hold that debt. Imagine if we had ever had a government whose policy was to serve the people rather than the elite. (oh man that's right out of fucking Wonderland - Alice must have come down from her Mushroom tall....)

Just imagine - if our government was as dedicated to making a good country and society for all of us, as it currently is to shovelling as much of OUR prosperity as possible into the coffers of banks and MNCs!! -

Imagine - if our education system was truly devoted to turning out intelligent, caring citizens, rather than factory fodder for the Capitalists!! (the two things - educated people and factory fodder - are mutually exclusive - think about it, if you're wondering about the "education" system - and think of how much of our economy, as currently structured, depends on such factory workers - drones creating honey for the queen of tarts, you might say....)

Imagine - if we dedicated even a fraction of the brain power and man hours we currently dedicate to war and maintaining the fiction that enables the Elite - to peace and creating a country where ALL were able to go forth and prosper! - Imagine - if our Police were there to serve and protect US - and not to serve and protect the Elite!!!! - just imagine, a police force that rooted out some of the government and Bay St corruption, and put those people in jail HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO TOO FAR!!!!!!

Anyways - just some Imaginary thoughts for you to sleep on!! - I'm not getting into a big essay on ways and means - there's all kinds of stuff out there about it, many, many, many workable ideas (we don't all have to do it the same way!!!, the Pope and Republicans and Crappers aside) - they're as obvious as the nose on your face, if you just step out of the box of government propaganda and think about it - just imagine, for a radical thought, if our media was truly dedicated to serving the people - and an ongoing debate about making society better for everyone was central to the daily rag!!! - and even more!!! - the MPs were REQUIRED to read this stuff, and take account of it - and have regular meetings (that would be sort of weekly or monthly regular, not yearly or something) with their constituents, and DO WHAT THEY WERE FUCKING TOLD TO DO!!! (WE'RE GETTING THE BOMBS, BOY - YOU BETTER GET YER ASS ON THE ROAD) - rather than coming back from Ottawa every now and then, and trying to sell the latest government program to reduce money spent on citizens and shovel it over to the banks!!!! Man - getting late and crazy!!!

The main thing, the most important thing - the only thing, really - that is necessary for this to happen - is that YOU must want it to happen, and make it happen - by talking with your friends, your neighbours, people you work with - work first to wake people up to the lies we are living under, and then to change this utterly archaic and corrupt election system we have to a PR system - and then work with like-minded people to get some decent people elected to our government, who will NOT be first and foremost lying servants of the elite who are running things - lying to you and the people about what they plan to do, but secretly (call it a conspiracy if you like - it's really just low-life corruption and we don't need to dignify it with other words) take orders from D'Aquino's bunch.

Sound crazy? Only because you listen to the wrong people, and those people are taking huge amounts of your money right off the top, not to make your life better, but to make their lives better (when was the last time you spent a weekend on the Riviera?!?!? - when was the last time the think the President or Board members of the Royal Bank had that or a similar opportunity??) - but feed you endless piles of shit to make you think that things are wonderful (you know the mushroom story, I'm sure).

Is a better place possible?

It most assuredly is possible - if you want it enough to make it happen (you do know the Margaret Mead quote, of course - "Never doubt the power of a small group of people to make change happen - every major change in world history has been accomplished through just such a small group" - paraphrase - I think the original is a little more eloquently phrased).

"You may say I'm a Dreamer - but I'm not the only one...."

Beer's gone, BBQ ready and smellin good!! - outta here. Next time.

Write if ya want.

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

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