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030721 That's the Prescription Doc / Tears in the Sand

time time time see what's become of me.... so fast so fast so fast it goes

We mentioned the Romanow report at the end of the last bit - the idea was to sort of naturally carry on into a small commentary on a piece by a doctor a few days ago, Romanow's star has rightly fallen RM archive copy, in which he tells us all how we really have to get away from the "paternalistic government control" of our lives, as exemplified by the medical system, in which the big bad socialist government commands all the play-actors, patients and doctors and jus' ev'wyone, in the health system whether they like it or not - "Doris, you will see Dr. Bob today. Dr. Jane, you will give patient Schwartzer a triple-vasectomy lobotomy today....". Aside from seeing through the nonsensical hyperbole, which you would think a doctor would be a bit ashamed of using (good sign though of the neocon crap which is to come, since the neocons apparently train their writers in such things to avoid saying anything that might be confused with the truth), one might see this from another light - for instance - they (neocon barbarian elitist new-feudalists) aren't content to just shelve the Romanow report and let it die - they have to discredit it - a good capitalist slave, after all, is one who not only wears the chains, but loves them - not only loves them, but fights like hell to keep them when some misguided socialist or anarchist or whatever comes along talking about nonsense like freedom - WE ARE FREE!! LOOK AT OUR BEAUTIFUL FREE CHAINS!!! That is to say, in a sort of allegorical sense, Canadians must not only be made to give up that damned socialist government medicare system - but want it gone!! - I don't think that will ever really happen, Canadians are, I think and hope, a bit more intelligent than the neocons give them credit for (fading fast, but still some ways ahead of, or behind as the case may be, their American herd brethren and sistren) - but they keep hammering away - and with reason - in this archaic electoral system we have here (more pretty solid evidence of corruption, speaking of the last wee commentary in this space, of the smoking gun variety - that a modern, PR electoral system that makes corruption very much more difficult has not been implemented) - as some politician noted once "You don't have to fool all of the people all of the time - only enough of them once every few years..." (yeayea paraphrasing again...), which is probably the secret motto on the inside cover of the secret government handbook - but with this electoral system, and the control of the media they have, they can do that. That's why we all have "free trade" now, for instance, even though something like only 30% of voting-age Canadians felt strongly enough that it was a good idea to support it with their votes (it undoubtedly would have been a far smaller number without a month or so of massive media bombardment to the tv-trained citizens who still had some faith in the integrity of the system (kind of like the old Lassie following the farmer with his shotgun out to the barn, tail wagging - there are some mistakes you don't ever get a second chance at, hopefully this won't be one of them, although every step down the old slippery slope we have been on since then is making recovery that much more problematical) about how wonderful it was all going to be for us - thanks to our modern democracy and the great "free" press HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Let's hear it for democracy one more time. Rah rah rah. hahaha

But that's not why we're here today. We will have a bit more to say on the whole idea of "democracy" soon. (we were working on that a bit this week too, hoping to tie it and this and a couple of other things together - but just not the time to get a whole friggin book done....)

The Romanow report - the Premiers, at their recent Charlottetown meeting (man if old Sir John A was alive he would have been kicking some ass there - what a sad state of affairs - somebody should have told these guys the famous line - "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" - although I expect it would have brought nothing but laughter from this bunch, had they understood it at all.... - the whole neocon philosophy, of course, is just the opposite - MEMEMEMEME FUCK EVERYONE ELSE!!! - and these premiers are, of course, nothing if not faithful servants to Big Business and the neoconmen who have taken over things at the moment - although I hope and expect their rather meteoric rise to power will be something like the dot-com bubble, and they'll be burst asunder soon enough - hopefully before they have destroyed the things our ancestors built up completely, although with old Georgie down south we don't have much time left...!) have shelved it for another year until Chretien is gone (Chretien is becoming a weird dude - he was right over there with sellout Mulroney for the first 8-9 years of his reign (word used intentionally - the PMO's office in current Canadian politics, since Mulroney, has FAR more power than a PM is meant to have, much more like a king who does what the fuck he wants - and they have), with his first major act breaking a major election promise and signing NAFTA (for which lie and others he has been reprimanded by the Canadian electorate by being reelected twice, although to be fair when the alternative was the Crappers they may have had an excuse - but we won't get into all that just now), but the last few months it's like he found the light or something, or had a heart-to-heart with Gandalf or Morpheus (you don't suppose someone slipped him a Red Pill do you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) about some important stuff, and is trying to get back on the good side of things - probably too late, but we will see - we've even had the odd thought that maybe he was never such a bad guy (remember, he did some good stuff with Pierre), but got a bit lost and rented his soul to the Big Business people to achieve his Big Dream of being PM but had to do some bad stuff for them - maybe they did a godfather trick on him - "...and maybe, just maybe, some day we will ask you for a favor.... you will betray your country..." - it's unlikely we'll ever know the truth, which seems to be about as popular these days as fly poop on your icecream or something) - and in another year they probably won't even have to bring it up again (the Romanow report, not fly poop - I got sidetracked there on something) - but there are still a lot of people in the country (solid majority, according to pretty well every poll anyone outside of the Fraser "institute" has done) who thought that the Romanow report was EXACTLY the direction the healthcare system should be taking - but that is pretty much precisely the direction the corps do NOT want (they all want a US "system" of course, because there is a LOT more room for corporate "takings" with a private system than a public, and, of course, fuck the poor as usual with the elitist types) - so they still do the maintenance type "op-ed" pieces such as this one, in which a good member of the Canadian medical profession, one David Gratzer, gives all we poor outdated socialists a talking to, about how we need to get away from the "paternalistic" governments that have been trying to dictate everything about the medical care we receive, and start standing on our own feet, and making our own decisions etcetc - through the great free market system like they have in other more advanced countries like the US (sorry if that slipped across the line into sarcasm - one really should be bit more gentle with those who take care of us - not that there aren't some bad dudes among them (NO DON'T SHOOT IT'S TRUE!!! - sexual misconduct, overbilling, incompetence, greed, stupidity, all sins great and small - all can be found in the Canadian medical profession!! - but most of them are good people doing good or great work for all the right reasons - which means, unfortunately, the few bad ones get the "benefit of the doubt" as the saying goes longer than they really deserve...)).

But this isn't a story about the CMA or its people, so let's not get into the nuances of that (one could go on a bit about the differences between modern doctors and those of, shall we say, 50 years ago, in terms of dedication and so on (ohhhh??? who would you call for a house call in the middle of the night, right now, if you really needed a doc?!?!?! What's a house call? hahahah - mmhmmm thought so...)), and get back where we were going. As with most 500-word Pispot pieces, there are so many mis-statements (let's be kind with the doctor) or unfounded "taken-for-granted" but, shall we say, not justified, assumptions that it would take a small book to address them all properly (this is common of right-wing shit, and one of the reasons we are in such trouble in our current society is that we have been trained into accepting the "sound-bite" "news" system, in which in-depth discussion is deeply frowned upon by viewers who really want to get back to their "reality" tv (man would I like to see some "reality tv" that involved some of our leading politicians put on a stand, given a shot of scopolamine or something equivalent, and asked a few selected questions! - what a dream - somebody must have slipped a shroom into the beer or something.... Alice?!?!? did you sneak back?!?! - NONONONO NOT THE 1,000-LEGGED GREEN AND YELLOW POLKA-DOT CATERPILLAR!!!) - sorry - so he or she with the biggest choppers and baby blues gets all the attention - after Lies'R'US, I suppose the modern motto ought to be something like Shallowness Rules!!! or something, although that would probably not be understood by a lot of tv-types. Tolstoy and Dickens wouldn't have a chance today. Or Cervantes or Hugo - not enough people educated enough to understand what they are talking about, or with long enough attention spans to get through anything - or, for those few who do not fall under those two, who have enough time after working two jobs to keep the family in basic necessities in our "modern progressive" world and society (what happened to those "time-saving" machines?!?! - like computers - I have a theory about where Bill Gates got his fortune - he struck a deal with the Dark Forces that for every minute of productive time he could waste he'd get a buck or something - and thus Windows was conceived in Darkness - another time...) .

So - have I covered enough ground for an intro? (they give you two sentences in the Pispot op-ed pages, or 25 words, whichever comes first, which I always found a bit restrictive for some reason) But we digress again - the game is afoot, Watson! - and pursue we shall - no matter where it may lead us to!! Unless I get distracted and sidetracked again.

Anyway, let's see what Dr. Gratzer has to say first, about "paternalistic government" -

"...Canada's medicare is built on (a) paternalistic vision. Patients are considered ignorant; doctors work for the state; and, above all else, government is the best provider, funder and manager of all medically necessary health care for everyone, under every circumstance.... Looking at the problems of Canada's medicare, Mr. Romanow hopes for more of the same...."

- now, Dr. Gratzer doesn't get into much detail about his vision for Canadian healthcare, but it seems to be based on the following -

"...for those of us interested in sweeping reforms, these are frustrating times. The growing waiting lists and the stale political rhetoric exhaust us. We want to see some fast changes and are disappointed. But change occurs. In British Columbia, the biggest regional health authority contracts out day surgeries to for-profit clinics. In Calgary, public-private partnerships are the norm. The newly elected premier of Quebec promises similar reforms in his province...Canadian health care is changing, albeit slowly. The consumer revolution that has transformed society since the 1940s is taking hold in health care....

Well, that should be enough powder for the cannon today.

First, of course, one might take some exception to the notion that Canada's medicare system was devised and put in place as it was because people were ignorant and required paternalistic government control with the godthealmighty Government directing ignorant peasants, cap in hand, hither and thither like some dumb animals (although one does often have the impression, in the medical system, that this is what an unfortunately large number of medical personnel feel - a BAWBL perhaps?) - but this is the kind of strawdog shit the neocons do so often (Dr. Gratzer mentions a letter from an English politician back in the midyears of the last century commenting that many housewives and suchlike were too stupid to know how to eat properly, which he claims is the basis of and rationale for the "paternalism" which is now, he feels, so pervasive and restrictive - insofar as that idea goes, one might well make a fairly strong case that many people indeed have no idea of a good diet, considering the popularity of junk food in this society, and the number of overweight people - one wonders why the good doctor doesn't take issue with such things - but I guess the target at this time was the Canadian healthcare system, so any and all arrows of outrageous fortune will be directed thuswards - as, indeed, one might say the target of RM diatribes appears to be the neocons and all their nefarious plans, and all such barbs shall thusly be directed - I do believe that the RM darts are a little more shall we say on target, however, a little less likely to be infused with misdirection and outright lies....). Anyway - one might contend, rather, that the government involvement in medicare was and is based on the notion that ALL of the people in Canada should have access to quality healthcare which, if left to their own means, considering the very high cost of anything beyond the most basic needs, many Canadians, quite possibly a majority, could not afford. And given that anyone spending a large amount of money like this needs to have some idea where it is going, and some means of getting it there, this requires a substantial bureaucracy - but it is not for the sole purpose of controlling the peasantry, but of providing all Canadians with decent health care and getting the checks to Dr. Gratzer and his comrades in a timely manner, which he doesn't seem to be having much problem with (although he does make one small reference indicating he thinks he (or docs in general perhaps) are underpaid, which may be part of the reason he wants to go private - better for him - see quote above about doing things for others...). This is the point of the Canadian system, accessibility, not some "paternalistic control" - indeed, accessibility is the fundamental difference between a government healthcare system and a "free market" system such as Dr. Gratzer seems to favor, where, for instance in the US, some of the best heathcare in the world is available, certainly - but only for those who can afford it. The Canadian government - and people - made a decision a number of years ago that they wanted the system where ALL Canadians could access decent quality health care without having to worry about whether or not they could afford it - and Canada's system, while perhaps not the very best in the world, is still, according to virtually all accounts, still pretty fine.

Dr. Gratzer notes long patient lineups as one of the reasons he thinks people want to have more freedom in choosing their own health care - it might be a bit more instructive (dare we say honest?! - although expecting this kind of honesty in the pages of the agenda-driven Pispot is kind of like waiting for Santa or something intelligent on American television) if he also noted that the reason for those lineups is not some inherent problem with the way healthcare has been and is delivered in Canada, which he either believes himself (although this kind of simple-mindedness or blindness is a bit of a stretch in a university-educated medical person) or wants his readers to believe, but they are a result of massive de-funding of the system over the last 15 years, and the laying off of huge numbers of doctors and nurses and other hospital staff, since the "discovery of the horrible debt problem and the need to deal with it", or at least that has been the excuse - which is, of course, complete horseshit, if you'll excuse the small lapse into profanity, but the word fits, as discussed elsewhere. Thus the solution to the problem of lineups and other problems in the system is NOT to chuck it out the window and let everyone negotiate their own deals (which might be great for Dr. Gratzer's bank account, but very much less so for the 95% of non-wealthy Canadians), but to provide it with decent, stable funding, to give it an adequate number of doctors and nurses to deal with the patient load, and provide the infrastructure and medical equipment they need to do the job.

That's the prescription, doc. Not the US system, which eats up 15% of GDP in America, as opposed to 9% here, and which still leaves over 40 million of their people with no or very inadequate insurance, and insurance premiums competing with mortgages for most expensive budget item. Why do we have to keep trying to educate people who should know better? - private health insurance is great for those who can afford it, but it is NOT good for most people - and in terms of healthcare itself, every major study that has been done (i.e. New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet are fairly credible sources) has shown that there are higher death rates in private hospitals than in government operated ones, and for a good reason - private hospitals are not there for charity, but to make a profit - and to make that profit as good as possible for the omnipresent in today's society (a clue Watson a clue!) "investors", they cut corners and reduce expenses as much as possible - to the detriment of their "clients". Well, doc, I and most Canadians don't want to be a client or consumer in a private healthcare system - if I need medical attention, I want to be treated like a patient whose health is more important than the profit of the hospital - and that's what most Canadians seem to feel as well. I don't want the first words I hear upon entering an emergency room fighting for my life to be "Credit card please!". Seriously.

If you personally want to feel like a generic "service-provider" to a "client" or "consumer" in a market-driven "healthcare-for-profit" system - then take your services to some country like the US (not many other choices in the "modern" world, actually, where such barbarism still rules) where they have such a system in place - but please quit lending your support to the neocon traitors who are trying to take our system away from us - most of us believe it is a much better and more progressive system than the kind you favor, and really want to make it better by restoring the funding it needs, not make it worse by adding "profits-for-investors" into the equation. (That funding, actually, almost certainly covered a major portion of your own education, if you got your degree here in Canada - next time you write, perhaps you could include a comparison of the cost of your education here, and what it would have cost in the US???!!!)

Anyway, doc, that is the prescription for today. No charge. Hope the wake-up pills help a bit. Take two and call - oh - when you wake up.

ODDSTUF: or Disturbing Thoughts File (Often referred to as the Paranoid File by Coincidence Theorists) - I've been wondering about this big drive to stop "SPAM"!!! - that terrible thing - but really - how "terrible" is it? - I get maybe 30-50% 'spam' in my mailbox every day, and I'd rather it not be there, and it takes a few more minutes for my mail to download on this primitive server - but it doesn't cost me anything (I hope I'm not being included in the 'billions lost" stat! - but I surely am, as a cipher in the system - lies, damned lies and stats....) - and I'm wondering, and thinking, and wheels go around and the fuzzy little spinning balls come up in different combinations - and one time the little wheels say - hey! - you KNOW the government is pretty unhappy (understatement!) with the freedom of information that is this great internet and all the wild and crazy and wonderful people with all the wild and crazy and wonderful and eye-opening (that's the one they don't like a lot!!) ideas, and undoubtedly they would like a LOT more control over it - and now comes along this spam stuff that is being grossly inflated (CNN had a big multi-section feature the other day, which got me thinking....) as to the 'problem' it represents (I mean, that is to say, I used to get a lot of "junk snail mail" in my mailbox at home, and thought that was quite a substantial waste of money for paper and transportation and post-people's time in delivery etc and etc - but I don't remember the government doing much about that except giving them special prices (low not high!!!!) so they could do more of it) - so it all seems a bit suspicious to me, who is naturally suspicious of the current government, which might be called any number of things, but "of, by and for the people" is most definitely NOT one of them ......

- now, really, you just KNOW that if our great democratic government(s) started saying things like they were pretty concerned about the free flow of information on the internet, and people getting exposed to points of view they would - umm - rather NOT have the people reading about, and were therefore going to impose some pretty strict rules about using the net, sort of like in China and places - well, there wouldn't be much support for that kind of shit - BUUUTTTTT - if that gosh darn spam just gets to be such a problem that, for everyone's good and the good of the economy (since, of course, by then we would all be running around saying how spam costs the economy BILLIONS a year, although I've never seen any breakdown of how they get that figure and am, of course, deeply suspicious of it) - well, we'll just have to bite the bullet as it were, and let them control the flow of info on the net. gosh darn shame, but we gotta do it. sorta like wearing seatbelts. or getting fingerprinted for that national ID card. George?!?!?!?! are you watching this?!?!?! (hey!! - that'd be George O not the thing currently occupying the White House) - and really, it's all for our own good, and you know they won't really censor anything important - just terrorist stuff you know? Like them damned commies and anarchists too, putting bad and dangerous ideas in people's .... hey!! - you still there??? - but ............

MOVIE REVIEW!!!! Hughhnniuh?!?!? - well, sort of - just gotta do it this one time. It is actually a bit more than a movie review - I was just practicing my sneaky capitalistic misdirection to get your attention before getting into the pitch - you know the technique....

Anyway, happened across a vid called Tears of the Sun a few days ago - new Bruce Willis flick. About a band of American soldiers who undertake a rescue mission in the heart of darkest Africa - well, not really the heart, I guess, as they got in and out by helicopter from a nearby aircraft carrier, so they weren't that far off the coast (fuck this honesty bug gets to be a nuisance sometimes). Anyway - funny (more stuff for the Coincidence Theorists to explain! - I hope you guys are getting ready, because we're comin at ya soon!) how these movies about wonderful brave American soldiers show up when there is some question about these things - i.e. when they're invading some country like Iraq and shooting up and bombing everyone in sight, which is not exactly what they are doing in the movie - oh, they shoot a lot, but ONLY the bad guys!!! for sure jack - no little Alis-sans-arms or ten year old girls missing their brains from American bombs in this movie by golly, no "collateral damage" shit, like that - there are a couple of semi-gruesome scenes, but it was them damned fucking dark-skinned murderous freedom-hating terraists doin the bad stuff you betcha - and the really goshdarn good 'mericun heroes stopping them damn bad guys, you bet jack.

Well, one could carry on awhile in that vein, but I don't want to be the cause of y'all pukin today.

The problem is, of course, that although these things may seem like "harmless entertainment" or something, they are a great deal more, and a great deal more dangerous. They are propaganda, pure and simple (sorry again - not really simple at all, as it is quite sophisticated brain laundering stuff in many ways), and it has been going on for a long, long time - so long that most Americans, indeed most people in the west, have this very idea in their heads of American heroes, everything from the Lone Ranger to Audie Murphy to Luke Skywalker, in the current American war era everything from Green Beret John Wayne to guys like Willis and others, heroes who do GOOD stuff to BAD people, and are honourable and brave, and when we hear that "The cavalry is coming!!!" - why, it's good news time!! - and we know that things are under control, we are all safe, and can get on to other things. And what better thing for you to think, when the cavalry, your cavalry funded with your tax dollars, is out invading and pillaging, killing and looting, deposing democratic leaders and replacing them with thugs like Saddam or Noriega or the Duvaliers or Marcos etc and etc - things you would be much less sanguine about, really, if you knew them - and thus it won't do for you to be thinking such things - actually, from the same movies etc, you know that "THEY" - the bad guys, whoever they are, from the "Injuns" to the Klingons to the slopeheads and geeks and commies and towelheads, are the ones doing those terrible, awful things, and OUR GOOD GUYS are out there saving the world and making it safe for us and our kids and mom and apple pie and democracy and all that good stuff. Cool man! Let's get back to something interesting on tv - grab a beer, bud, the football game is about to start, and that's REALLY important shit! - sure am glad John Wayne and Bruce Willis and our great American army is out there keeping us all safe, in our great free democracy, from all those "others" who hate us and our democracy just cause we are so goshdarned good and free!!!

Imagine a couple of movies, as the government rewrites history - Bruce Willis as Joe McCarthy at Kent State!! - saving the world from them damned commies disguised as students!! Secret plot to blow up the whole eastern seaboard with ANTHRAX (terror buzz word!!) and NUCULAR WEAPONS!!! - uncovered at the very last second by super secret agent McCarthy/Willis, who amazingly, cleverly, bravely shoots the damned student commie pinko radical who was ONE SECOND AWAY from pressing the red button that would have obliterated everyone!!! WOOOOWWWW!!!!! - say, has anyone seen that pic lately of the brave soldiers shooting the students at Kent....???

or we could do one about My Lai as well - same idea.

FEET!!! BACK ON THE GROUND!!!! - anyway, the movie's got most of the bases covered, propaganda-wise. There's the cute lady doctor who the big brave soldiers are coming to save - but she's some kind of damned leftie and doesn't trust them or like them much at first, especially silent, hard Brucie with the narrowed eyes - buuuuutttttt - before long, she sees the big brave soldiers firing them big noisy frightening guns, and they aren't ascared at all of the guns or the bad guys, and after they kill some bad guys and save some nice people from a fate worse than death, why the silly lady grows up a bit, and sees what wonderful folk them big brave soldiers really are, and how they really are fighting for her, and freedom, and democracy, and all that good stuff - doesn't it just make you all shivery inside, and make you think new thoughts about our really brave boys in the far off countries, fighting for truth and justice and democracy and the other good stuff that 'Merica stands for? Damn straight boys - and don't you EVER let me hear you badmouthing our brave boys in the forces, either, get it? damn fucking lefties anyway..... get with the program, the American way....

Five-star propaganda. 10 star. 20 - how many Americans believe in the Bruce Willis kind of soldiers, and how many in the My Lai kind? For that matter, how many Canadians?

Don't get me totally wrong - actually it's kind of ironic or something - the soldiers as portrayed in the movies like this are the kind of country and world I am fighting for (NONO REALLY!!! - DON'T SWITCH CHANNELS!! - NO SHROOMS EITHER!) - and there is no doubt that there are a lot of good, brave and dedicated people now in the armed forces of various countries - the problem is the great HUUGGEEEEEE gulf between the morals and goals of the people who give the orders, and the implied morals etc one gets from movies like this. That's one of the reasons they do this kind of propaganda - it gets everything confused, and at crucial times in your decision making process, you are going to be thinking of make-believe soldiers like Bruce Willis rather than some morally bankrupt blackhearted sonofabitch in a bunker 5 miles underground who never sees the light of day and wants to kill anyone who doesn't agree with him or dares question any orders he gives, and who himself is a bought and paidfor servant of the Elite, who want nothing more nor less than control of the planet and its resources (NOT WACKO - check out PNAC if you haven't already) - and these people running the armies and giving the soldiers their orders are most definitely NOT the kind of people I want running things, as we have talked about from time to time. And for the soldiers, I think there is little doubt also that there are a lot of poorly trained (not in weapons use, but in brains use, and morality and leftie shit like that) soldiers out there ready to kill, and often eager to do so. They are trained very specifically to DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD NO FUCKING QUESTIONS!! - and usually do. And at times like this, they are in strange situations in far away lands, usually surrounded by hostile natives of one type or another, and most of them are not particularly suicidal, perhaps slowly coming to the conclusion that their leaders have been lying to them quite a bit, and are not happy about that and a lot of other stuff, so the tendency to shoot first and ask questions later is understandable. Things like My Lai are to an extent understandable, from the soldiers' point of view - I do not in any way condone it, but the blame for that kind of thing MUST go much higher on the chain of command than the soldiers, who should not have been in that kind of situation in the first place. I expect that, on the ground, killing and being killed, the soldiers also have a somewhat clearer idea than most people that the things the leaders are saying about the reasons for the soldiers' presence, and the "real" reasons, are usually, if not always, two very different things, and being there on the ground with bullets flying it is much more difficult to put such knowledge into a dark, locked compartment somewhere in the back of the brain, as most people 'back home" can do - just switch channels, dear - put on a game show, or a pretend lawyer-cop-politician-doctor show! Anything but reality - but the soldiers cannot do that, so the disconnections must be faced, and often when people are faced with serious disconnections between what they have been told and what they find out to be true, there are mental and physical consequences.

But it all comes down to, as so very often in our great modern society, lies. Lies'R'US. And it ain't gonna get better until people all over the place stand up and say QUIT FUCKING LYING TO ME!!!!

Thus stuff to ponder on - what is reality? Bruce Willis the big brave soldier helping save the poor simple peaceloving leftie - or big not-so-brave soldiers dropping bombs from 50,000 feet and bombing the arms and brains off of children so their masters can have more oil, power and money?

ohhhh bummer man

Anyway, enough for today. My honey's away and I gotta do the BBQ and get my own friggin beer. What a life.

Write if ya want.

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Chretien's still PM and George Bush is talking to GOD on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why?