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The Debt Conspiracy Theory Fact - do you believe people who email you from Africa wanting to give you 10 million bucks? No? Well WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THE NATIONAL DEBT IS LEGITIMATE?!?!? (Sorry - I get excited about this...)
911 - as important as the debt scam - ask yourself why you are so afraid to admit the truth here, even when it's been kicking you in the face almost since it happened? When the world you live in is operating under a lie this big and obvious and monstrous, you have no security whatsoever.

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Lead Rant Editorial
Geez lighten up again willya - 15 friggin pages on George Bush's lies and the Pispot's lies saying George wasn't lying at all - it's true and we appreciate yer enlightenment and all that - but we can't take this every day, y'know - kids to raise and grass to cut and the job - allthatshit.

Yeah - I'm kind of wiped over that one too - got a bit worked up, we did - one should try to avoid that. But the message was important, and it's scary and real bothersome that most of the world is accepting the American command to just forget about it all.

Let's have a boo at something from (where else!) the Pispot - a columnist named George Jonas talking about some guy from England who wrote a column saying he thought Canada was a pretty good sort of place, overall - and George disagreeing - he thinks Canada was ONCE pretty good, but has kind of gone to the dogs. I agree with George, actually, on that - but the funny thing is, our assessment of the current situation, and reasons for disliking it, are basically diametrically opposite. As this is something rather widespread (the far-right-whacko assertion-nonsense that the "Liberal Left" is and has been running things here (including the media!!), and that is why we are in such trouble), perhaps we could take a closer look - it's always puzzling how so many people seem to believe such obvious nonsense, and that is the general character of the sea of lies we are trying to swim our way out of here at RM. With, I might add, no friggin lifejacket or coast guard in sight. Although, to be sure, a few other like-minded swimmers to be seen here and there bobbing in the waves around.

It's here Canada's wonder years are all gone and [[RMcopy here]], if you want a look - there's nothing spectacular though, just low-level writing, outside of the underlying message (oooohh - good pun).

I think maybe George reads American media too much (which, in fairness, might be countered with the notion that just possibly I read alternative media too much - but I read both, actually - George seems to be pretty constrained). George is upset because (in his opinion) Canada is controlled by a one-party, WAAAAYYYY-too liberal (yes, small l) government - this notion astounds me, as anybody who has read this page before will be aware that our opinion is that Canada is in deep (deeeeeeppppp) doodoo at the moment because it is controlled by a far-right whacko government - Liberal or Conservative makes no difference whatsoever for the last 20-odd years, since both are controlled by the BCNI/CCCE (so we do agree at least on the one-party idea, although our definition of such would differ somewhat).

We'll have a quick look at a couple of the high points of George's commentary, things I think the most out of line with George's perception of reality - with my prejudice high on my sleeve as any regular readers (there are so - there's at least 3) will well know, but still trying to speak true things.

In the first part of his minor sort of polemic, Mr. Jonas notes that the original piece he refers to extols the Canadian military, and its outstanding achievements in battles past - but that currently the Canadian military is in pretty poor shape altogether, and would not be able to do any of those things today. Such may well be the case - but he doesn't get into why we should WANT to have a big powerful military today, outside, of course, of being able to tag along behind the Americans when they go off somewhere new to bomb the fuck out of some other country whose resources they covet, and they'd like us along to put in the dangerous places, and also to point to for the rest of the world to claim they are not just acting unilaterally - nor, for that matter, does he note that the Canadian military was not a big force prior to the wars in which we did so well, but worked like hell to answer a specific call that Canadians believed in, and did so admirably (nor does he care to note that, during those great world conflicts, the Americans stayed home as long as possible, while WE were off "defending freedom" - as usual, Pispot columnists are not encouraged to talk about things that make the Americans look bad, only the Canadians - what a bunch - I can see the bulletin board in their lunchroom (if they eat lunch) - "GOOD THINGS ABOUT AMERICA - BAD THINGS ABOUT CANADA. LIES'R'OK)). But as for today - I'm curious to know exactly who he thinks we should be arming ourselves against, with this new improved military, or for what reason? The only real military threat to Canada (I'm sure the very idea would shock him and others) is the US (they're still pissed in some circles because we beat them back twice before and burned the friggin White House to boot one time HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) (Kennedy motto - "Don't get mad - get even...") - and we have no chance of defending ourselves militarily against them anyway, should one of our governments have enough guts to stand up to them enough in the first place to provoke an attack (oh, Pierre, we do miss you - Lester and John G too - both Eisenhower and Kennedy just fucking hated ol' Dief - which is about as good of a recommendation as I can think of - and Mulroney hated everything Big John G stood for as well (that'd be Canada, for short) - and which side of that line YOU are on will say quite a lot as well). Shit. Where was I? Who else need we fear? Russia? Europe? Some South American country or Pacific Island county? Australia or New Zealand or England? China?

Actually, I do favor a smallish but well-equipped military in the country, in the current state of the world, but not so we could tag along after the US in its marauding around the world, as Mr. Jonas seems to support - reasons such as so we could be ready and willing to offer our assistance to other countries whose people were threatened by internal or external aggression (and I know that is a tricky area, but our involvement would be for TRULY good reasons, not lies and plunder, such as the US involvement in so many countries, and it would all take a longer essay to cover - some other day!!), or to help Canadians during national emergencies, or to provide a place where a lot of young people could get a good education and start in life (yes again, that would require considerable changes in the structure of the military - but we could do it), etc.

The next part is one of the two of this piece wherein Mr. Jonas needs some straightening out, or at least to be pointed in the right direction (oohh - bad pun), although one who seems to speak from purely ideological grounds, as our George J seems to be here, is usually not open to much straightening out ('I have my story - don't bother me with the facts!!' sort of position - the typical neocon stance on virtually everything - we here, although we do have our story, are quite open to listening to other viewpoints, and have indeed changed our position before, and undoubtedly will again - people who seek the truth are like that; people who just want other people to behave in certain ways aren't. Really.).

First, he says

"...It's amusing, in a grim sort of way, to see someone list a country's virtues, from military prowess to medical care, to defend policies that have diminished them. In the very issue of the National Post in which Mr. Robinson describes Canada as "a society which combines prosperity and opportunity for the individual with socialized medicine" there's a letter from a doctor telling about a comatose woman who needed to be transferred from Ottawa to Kingston in an air ambulance because there was no ventilator available in the nation's capital. When discussing cuts to military budgets, statist champions of the "third way" like to speak of a tradeoff between ventilators and helicopters, but in their quasi-socialist systems the usual result is a short supply of both. The only things that flourish are bureaucracies and their boondoggles..."

This is the first dichotomy between us which I mentioned earlier - Mr. Jonas is saying that he believes that the current problems in Canada concerning lack of federal government spending on such things as both health care and the military have arisen because of some kind of "socialist" forces controlling the government which, of course, in the right-wing neocon handbook, "waste" huge amounts of money in bureaucracy and 'boondoggles". How anyone can call the Canadian governments of Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien "socialist", however, beggars the imagination. Mulroney took this country further to the "right" of the political spectrum than it had ever been before, and Chretien has gone even further - one of the great nonsenses of the current Canadian political analysis is the "unite-the-right' movement trying to get the PC party that Mulroney destroyed together with the so-called Alliance party - the Mulroney PCs-Chretien Liberals have occupied that space, politically, regardless of what labels they want to put on themselves, and it is simply to be completely out of touch with reality to call these governments in any way "socialist".

And "waste" - we really have to watch the neocon lexicon - to them, "waste" tends to refer to any sort of program intended to help most average sort of people - medicare, for instance, is a big "waste" to most of these people, or welfare, or education funding, or offices to regulate the excesses of big business, or protect the environment - waste, waste, waste!!!! Again, of course, we have some parallels, but in different dimensions - to me, for instance, providing the wealthiest corporations in the country with huge tax breaks and subsidies would qualify as serious waste, so I do see such a thing in our government, but seeing the poor get enough money to eat decently, have a roof over their head, and aspire to a decent education is not - and that they do not have enough money is not a result of excessively 'socialist" governments, but a result of neo-con rightwing elitist government and their policies. You always have to watch their words like this when they talk or write, words such as "waste" and "socialist" - they deliberately deceive when they use them.

The second point we really need to correct the record on is where Mr. Jonas later says,

"The crux of Mr. Robinson's piece is that Canada's refusal to support the coalition during the war in Iraq proved its backbone, not its wimpiness. "Prime Minister Jean Chrétien has never been invited to the ranch in Texas and almost certainly never will be now," writes Mr. Robinson, "unlike his more subservient British and Australian counterparts." The thought that Tony Blair may have supported the war against Saddam Hussein for reasons of conviction, not subservience, doesn't seem to enter Mr. Robinson's head. Perhaps no one advised him that there are no votes at Texas ranches for British politicians..... In fairness, there were no votes in Mr. Chrétien's stance either. Though Mr. Robinson fails to mention it, a majority of Canadians believed that Canada ought to have joined the coalition. Mr. Robinson may like this country for its political elite; I like it for the plurality that would have fought alongside the Americans in Iraq."

We can readily determine that Mr. Jonas thought Canada should have tagged along behind the US in its invasion of Iraq, and the destruction that was done and the slaughter of so many innocents. He is welcome to his sycophantic views (he'd certainly be more welcome in Washington, hinthint), but he really should try to be a little more accurate with the facts of the situation, even when writing for the Pispot which, as has been well documented here before and will undoubtedly be so documented countless times again), has no regard for anything resembling the truth at all in its promotion of the neocon, elitist agenda. Most Canadians did NOT support this invasion - a rather quick search, for instance, finds these stories, indicating that most Canadians most certainly did NOT support the US invasion of Iraq. Undoubtedly the PP managed to conduct a couple of "polls", perhaps among its staff, or PP subscribers or some selected group, maybe Fraser Institute "writers", at some point in time, which indicated they would happily follow the Americans anywhere, but it is quite clear, on the Canadian record, that most Canadians actually supported Chretien's decision not to get involved in this one. (Indicating once again that there is still some hope for this country).

Mr. Jonas finishes off with a somewhat incoherent attempt to gather together Canada and the European Union in a sad socialist basket of some sort - it's not very clear whom he dislikes the most, but obviously any country that tries to look after its citizens rather than bowing to the neocon gods (ALL HAIL GREAT MAMMON OOOMMMMM FUCK THE POORRR) are low on his approval list. Again, we are somewhat the opposite here at RM. But you know all that, so no need to carry on about it here.

And what else have we got today - close your eyes and .... mouseit!! - and the winner is!! - sorry - here's one from one of the staff on the Globe - guy called Michael Posner, writing about Shhh! It's conspiracy talk radio [[RMcopy here]] - kind of a low tempo run at the so-called "conspiracy theories", grouping those who feel there might be some problem with official stories of 911 or the Kennedy "magic bullet theory" in with those who believe that aliens walk among us and there is a vast UFO takeover of the entire world.

Actually, this really is dangerous shit - not this piece in particular, a puff piece of the first order - but their ongoing appearance, the accumulation of them (along with the Jonas-type columns previously dissected) - the underlying, rather carefully NOT articulated assumptions here, the ongoing subliminal-type messages reinforcing how "good citizens" behave and the things they believe, are the thing that are dangerous - Mr/Ms normal working person, not much time to spend thinking about the way the world works, is herein reinforced in their indoctrination that - "Haha - WE are certainly too smart to believe in ANY of them crazy "Conspiracy Theory" stories - good for a laugh, though!" - but who, of course, defines "conspiracy theory"?!?! - do they decide themselves that something is a CT - or do they get the word from their controllers?? - that is, if you want to be accepted by "the right people", you don't start talking nonsense such as any CT .

Right from the getgo, the lead-in line to the piece, telling you what to expect:

" MICHAEL POSNER reports on why talk shows about government plots, space invasions and other things that go bump in the night are booming on radio...."

- and you know, immediately upon reading that, right now, that everything you read in what is to follow is - well - crap - fairy tales, nonsense, stuff no "normal" person believes - government plots and fairy tales in the same phrase, equally to be dismissed by our readers, the wicked witch of the west and the CIA plot to do - well, whatever, they're implicated in so many things - but ALL FAIRY TALES, OF COURSE, HAHAHAHAHA. Our Michael is "reporting" on the phenomenon of these sort of out-of-touch-with-reality people. He is not giving some opinion piece - nosirreejoe bobsyeruncle shit - he is "reporting" - and reporters report facts, in our Brave New World Order Corporate Canadian Media, you betcha!!. Anything he or the "newspaper" declare to be a 'conspiracy theory" is thus defined as non-fact, no questions need to be asked (you're not one of "them" are you?!?! Oh dear, Martha! - we should take you to the hospital, perhaps?!?!").

Things that go bump in the night - non-facts, of course, we all know that. Only kids or silly people believe in ghosts! Crazy ideas that there may be some connection between the 911 WTC tragedy and the American government? - same thing. No grownup would believe that stuff - I mean, you're reading it right here in the Globe - and you would want to be considered a rational, grownup Canadian by the big newspaper, wouldn't you? Of course!! Who wouldn't!?! - so let not any doubts at all about the "official version" of both the "things that go bump in the night" AND the "911 story" enter your head.

This is really dangerous shit, as noted above. Class A propaganda, maintenance variety - insidious, well-constructed propaganda, things we are, for some reason, NOT taught to watch out for in school - I don't recall, for some reason, ever getting any course called something like "Thinking for yourself" - did you? Or how about "Can we trust what we hear on TV 4.7 hours every day? What about what we read in the National PP or Globe?" (RAD ALERT - HOLY FUCK BATMAN CATCH THAT CAT!!!)) Hmmmm. Anyway, these stories are like the most beautiful piece of coral on the reef, the one that will cause you the most pain when you touch it - but just entices you there with it's beautiful appearance. This story, and others like it, do the same - so easy to believe, written from such a condescending, superior voice, and of course you WANT to be accepted as a "grownup" by your neighbors who read the same news, and the leaders of your community who write and publish these papers - so you can be damn sure that you're going to think a lot of times before daring to say anything in public about stuff like - oh, how odd it was that no military interceptor planes from the biggest and mightiest and best-prepared air force in the world couldn't get off the ground for two friggin hours when their country was attacked (!!??!!), or how strange it seemed to watch them big WTC buildings fall perfectly straight down like the controlled demolitions you've seen on tv, or even how strange it seemed that those relatively small fires way up on the tops of those huge, strong buildings caused them to collapse!! - NONONONONO - you can't say any of that stuff - because you have already been TOLD the "TRUE" story about them damned A-rab terraists hijacking them planes, and that's official (and we damn sure don't need no investigation, because our Great President and the elected politicians and the great media NEVER lie (we learn that in school too), and your friends and leaders might look at you strangely, and, with some little condescending smile on their (fucking stupid) faces, say something like - "Oh! - been reading those Conspiracy Theories again, dear?!" - and god knows, you don't want them thinking you're that kind of nutcase! - easier all the way around to say nothing about it at all - and, of course, if you can't say anything about it, well, certainly, it's easier then to adjust your own personal "beliefs" so that there isn't any (obvious at least) contradiction in your mind between what you think and what you say. Nono - easier just to put them silly thoughts right out of your head, like everyone else you know. Turn on the tv and don't think about that stuff anymore - anyway, that's what all them smart politicians in Ottawa are for, to figure that stuff out.

Still - sure was strange about the air force, and - NONONONO - don't even think it!!!

There - that's good dear - and the next time some other strange person dares to mention they have some questions, you know, about some of the things the government is saying - why, you'll be sure to set them right yourself, won't you?!?!

See what I mean? Scary as old fuck.

The second part of the underlying message in this piece is just as important to the indoctrinated - DON'T BELIEVE ALL THEM WHACKOS ON THE INTERNET!!! The evil space-lizard monsters (you do understand that I speak metaphorically, I hope!! - but it is not an inappropriate image) that have taken over our world and its governments have been doing a good job (good! - fuck there goes that tendency to polite understatement again!) of keeping people fooled because they control all of the major media, that being newspapers and, of course, most importantly, television, which the average North American watches something like 4-5 hours of per day (something else that is scary as hell (a looot of things in this modern society are scary as hell), if you think about it a bit - what they are watching, and what it is doing to whatever is left of their brains after years or (shudder) decades of this) - but the last few years, with the advent of the internet, a whole lot of people are starting to clue into the fact that - HOLY FUCK BATMAN - these people have been lying to us a lot!! - and not only that, but starting to be able to access the words and stories of people who have been aware for a long time that, what shall we say, the good guys are NOT running the ship, and haven't been for quite some time - and a lot of eye-opening is going on - and all of the good guys on the net are saying THINK FOR YOURSELF PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP!!, and all of the badguys in the government and mainstream media are saying WE KNOW THE TRUTH!! WE TELL IT TO YOU EVERY DAY!! DON'T LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO THINK!! GOOD CITIZENS DON'T ASK QUESTIONS!!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE ON THIS STORY!!! (sorry - I know that was a little nauseating - the best medicine often is). The lizard monsters don't much like that sort of stuff being fed to their sheeps citizens, so must do what they can, on every front they can, to keep the Dangerous Internet TRUTH-SEEKING BEAST from spreading - and stories like this, in their own way, do their bit to accomplish that objective. Think death of a thousand cuts, or Chinese water torture, or stuff like that - these people don't take over your brain by overt torture until you break and they can feed you what they want - that's another system, and is only necessary in this system in the toughest cases, and even then it is usually easier just to arrange an accident of some sort (or tragic assassination) than go to all that trouble.

But a la 'The Matrix', you must be (and are, believe it) fed a constant diet from birth of low-level un-random shit (unreality, the matrix world in realtime), so by the time you are anywhere near old enough to start thinking for yourself as a normal human would at a certain age, as soon as possible, really, you are soooooo deep it is almost impossible to get out, hammered back in again and again at every attempted escape by almost everyone around you, from your school to your equally-dominated peers to your parents and church leaders and boy scout leaders and everything you see on tv - and it does not end, ever - you are given no period of time ever to examine your life, and the world, and think about it - after 12 years of forced brainwashing (that would be compulsory schooling - "to give everyone the benefit of a good education"!! (and we will not talk here about how most people know sweet fuck all about anything important after those 12 years! - but think about it)), you are immediately (unless you are of the elite, in which case your story is a bit different - but we write here for the majority non-elite) forced to get a job and "work for a living", or starve to death - and of course the "job" is presented as the great opportunity, the chance to get ALL of the neat things you wanted in life - FREEDOM!!(??????) from your parents!!, the big car (or at least your OWN car), fancy apartment, pretty girl and married (with LOTS OF SEX FINALLY!!!! - we'll have to talk some other day about the astounding achievement of the enclosure of sex, the relegation of that most natural, most beautiful, most enjoyable, most human act to something dirty and secret and shameful, done only for procreation and only "legally" when fucking "permitted" by the church (fuck that's so fucking crazy!!!) or state when you receive their fucking PERMISSION through marriage!!!!! - it took something REALLY big to accomplish this, over a loooong period of time - something like that ultimate human invention - God - fuck, don't get me started...), etc and etc - not at all any kind of chains!! - NO - the great opportunity - so you do not go into it reluctantly - you embrace it!!! (and who teaches you that?!?!) - you freely embrace your chains!, welcome them!, fight for them!!!

- even though it entails your acceptance of all of the brainwashing that has gone before, your acceptance of all the things they have taught you, your acceptance of the Matrix and the Blue Pill, your willingness, eagerness (most tragic of all) to pass on everything you have learned to your own children - and your final rejection of any chance of freedom, or of truly thinking for yourself and exploring your own life and what it means to be human, to be part of this just fucking astounding world and universe - fully confident that in your boundless ignorance you know all that it is necessary for you to know!!! (it's understandable - you have acquired these beliefs from people exactly like that, who have gone to great lengths to pass it on to you, who feel that their tiny, dark box in the corner of the tiny dark cave is as good as it gets, and they want everyone to stay there with them, sensing perhaps in some tiny, tiny place in the most hidden parts of their minds that they are doing something really, really bad and would not want to have to admit it), when in reality you have just freely pulled shut the lid on your own personal lightless, soulless cubicle in the realtime Matrix, and plugged in your own personal brain-killer. And god willing, you'll never wake up.

Congratulations - you are now a Citizen!!

Well - there I go again - intending to just offer a few short comments on a couple of fairly stupid stories, and the metaphysics just fucking takes over. Maybe I should try Prozac instead of beer someday.

Take what you like - Michael's "report" that anyone who dares to question the "received wisdom" of the "authorities" (which includes, of course, "reporters" such as himself) is some kind of "conspiracy theorist" nutcase - or the somewhat different perspective that we're trying to put forward on this Conspiracy-Theory FACT-Promoting Internet Website that people like Michael himself are the really dangerous ones.

Red Pill or Blue Pill - great metaphor.

Well there we go, another day, another debunking of media nonsense, another pint or two - offing a few more brain cells in the process, as the dire threat from the medical profession has it - must be quite a large number shorter than the average joe, I guess, after all these years - but I wonder about that sometimes, especially in the light of the fact that "people in authority" lie to us a hell of a lot more than they tell the truth, and almost always about the important things - this one has certainly been going on a long time - what if...

What if - "the demon rum" (or barley pops, in this case, brand Leo (the cheap one - we internet conspiracy people - cum - seekers-after-truth aren't usually living that high on the hog) only kills bad brain cells - you know - for instance, the ones that have gathered together conspiratorily and sit somewhere in the back part of your brain constantly sending subliminal messages to the place that is actually trying to think like "DO AS YOU'RE FUCKING TOLD!!" - or "DO WHAT THE NICE MAN ON THE TV TELLS YOU TO DO!!" "QUIT ASKING QUESTIONS!!" or stuff like that. Whacko?? And just why would that be any more whacko than the notion of some great skybeing who is really a loving god in complete control of everything here he has created - but allows all the carnage we inflict upon ourselves - not only allows, but encourages (ask George - his "god" was for sure on his side when he blew the arms off Ali and killed all them other heathens.... and, to be fair, the Islam fanatics and the IRA and the crusades and countless other "religious" movements all claim the support of their "god" while carrying out their killing) - or the notion that voting for tweedledum or tweedledee every several years qualifies as democracy (man that idea is really starting to look, as they say, pretty old) - or the idea that it's a really good way to organise society like here in Canada so that a very few people have a lot of billions of dollars and really nice lives and tell the government what they want done, and a whole lot of people have very few dollars and poor-to-mediocre lives with lots of stress and worry and no say whatsoever in what the government does, or - well, one could go on at length.


(i dunno man but gimme some....)

Reallyreallyreally - think about it - most humans aren't capable of formulating independent thoughts before they're quite a few years old (I WANT MY MILK NOW!! doesn't actually qualify as independent, here, I don't think, that's more in the line of cause-effect response-to-stimulus, which even fucking amoeba are capable of - I mean a situation where one can examine some new situation in an independent sort of way, and, drawing on information one has accumulated in the past from whatever sources, formulate some ideas and possibly even sort-of original thoughts that might explain that situation - what we used to call science and scientific thinking (don't get me started on that right now either - most of what passes for "science" these days is just more corporate dollars buying "scientific" opinions to bolster their agendas - bad opinion, no bucks, good opinion, lots of bucks - and how much fucking credibility does that kind of stuff have???)) - and what if, by the time we are (or would be) old enough to do that, the great majority of us have been brainwashed to the point where we not only don't try to formulate independent ideas, but don't even want to!! - we just parrot back whatever has been instilled in our poor, insecure, approval-seeking-so-we-get-fed starved brains by all of those years of brainwashing - which continues unabated all our lives through the central habit that, in the modern world, we are trained in - several hours of tv each day for ongoing reinforcement of the central ideas.

And - what if - somehow - alcohol worked in some way to temporarily deaden those parts of your brain that were receptive to this kind of brainwashing, and let the parts of your ego, your true thinking self, the parts that, for some reason, were less susceptible to brainwashing, become free, at least for awhile?!?!

Would the brainwashers want to discourage people from doing this or not?

Many, many of the great thinkers and writers throughout history have been known for their drinking - yes or no? (and yes, many of those were non-drinkers - but also elite-born - and thus not subjected to the brainwashing of the non-elite, thus not requiring any mind-altering substances) (see also note on paranoia in one of these small commentaries previously)

Drinking alcohol does encourage free, uninhibited actions (call it crazy activity if you like, which is what keepers always call freedom), in almost every way, I don't think that will be contested by anyone - and I don't deny that in many cases immature individuals, unused to freedom of any sort, go overboard while under such influence, in sheer exuberance and joy in tasting such freedom briefly - but we also know that any kind of freedom can be abused by the same immature people, and freedoms of all kinds require some self-discipline - why should this be different? We are raised, again, from birth, a societal propaganda, to believe that drinking leads ONLY to dangerous activity, and only those outside of "decent society" engage in such things (like people who believe in things the government tells us not to believe in - hmmmm - is that a coincidence or a conspiracy??) - but if drinking was actually a door to freedom from their brainwashing attempts that they did NOT want you entering - what else would they tell you!?!? You would be forced, against all odds, to find this freedom, and use it responsibly, on your own. ("social drinking"? - code words for not consuming enough to reach the critical-mass stage that leads to the repression of the repressive indoctrinating impulses...) (man I love this!)

Imagine - sex and drinking (I just caught another one! they're so fucking sneaky! - we don't even have to say alcohol - if we say someone is "drinking" - why, we KNOW it means "the demon BOOZE" already!) - two things that many if not most if not all people naturally find great joy in - CONFUCKINGDEMNED BY THE CONTROLLERS!!!!! - gotta be worth a thought or two there. But, regretfully, another day.

Oh well - just another idea, later on in the evening, following consumption of some small amounts of the liberating beverage (a completely unexpected tangent this evening, I will admit! - unexplored territory in every way - undoubtedly to be revisited). But the steak is about ready, and we do NOT want to let it overcook, many words left unsaid or otherwise. Well-done steak is one of those things that one tries to avoid (almost some kind of oxymoron), like drinking warm beer or swimming in cold oceans or having Red Pill discussions with Blue Pill people.

We can do no better on this evening than to finish with a quote from the Sacred Nonsense of one Mork.

And Mork said - Be Free!!!! (and Blue Egg was, for about two seconds, until s/he (we'll never know now) encountered the table, having no fucking idea at all what to do with freedom or how to fly on his/her own. How sad. And you - are you a Red Egg or a Blue Egg?!?!?!?)

okokok already I'm coming

but Write if ya want.

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Chretien's still PM and George Bush is talking to GOD on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why?

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive?