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911 - as important as the debt scam - ask yourself why you are so afraid to admit the truth here, even when it's been kicking you in the face almost since it happened? When the world you live in is operating under a lie this big and obvious and monstrous, you have no security whatsoever.

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RM 030608 It's the LIES, stupid....

Lead Rant Editorial
Given all the controversy surrounding the American occupation of Iraq (let's not even bother mentioning the Brits or Australians or whatever the little Pacific island was that joined Bush's "Coalition of the Witless Willing - that's kind of like looking at a picture of Churchill with his stupid little yappy dog and reading a caption "Churchill plots the defeat of Hitler with his staff" or something - a spade a spade, and all that), following on the footsteps of an invasion and slaughter opposed by most of the civilized world (actually the argument could be made that "all" of the civilized world opposed it - coming at it from the back, as in, if you didn't oppose it, you lost the right to call yourselves civilized - but we'll leave that tangent for someone else to play with), there are basically three positions one can take concerning what the American government is doing, or the current situation - a neutral sort of wait-and-see attitude (my head is in the sand and by god it's pretty nice down here y'know), an attitude that maintains the invasion was criminally wrong in the first place, and has not improved with age (RM corner - is that you Diogenes? did you bring young ObiWan? he should see this...) or a position that everything is not only fine, but great and getting better (my head is up the Pentagon's ass about as far as I can get it - I sure don't want them big guys hitting me!) - for example, according to this last perspective, the Iraqi people are really happy now, democracy has taken another bold step in the world, the reports of lies and so on about WMD are just anti-Americanism, etc and etc. Not surprisingly, the National Post Pispot (PP) of Canada takes the latter position - and with a vengeance (we'll have to get into the bandwagon effect someday, as it is a phenomenon common in the sycophantic world of today). According to the PP, all the accusations of lies concerning the WMD that are not being found are not only irrelevant, but quite out of line, since - hey!! - nobody ever said that the WMD of Iraq were much of an issue in the first place. (!!)

(Really - I would not lie to you (that is their job, at which they excel) - read it all right here - or The RM archive copy - read it all here if the original link has problems - this one is worth keeping as serious evidence of what these people are up to, of the lies they promulgate.

Wait - I can see at least some of you frowning and pausing here - but - but - wasn't it exactly and specifically because Iraq not only possessed huge amounts of all kinds of deadly biological and chemical poisons, and advanced rocket systems to deliver them at least as far as England within 45 minutes (that was Blair's final grim warning to the Brits to get them on board), and was even on the verge of nuclear (sorry, nukular for the Americans) capability - remember Georgie's thin-lipped spectre of by gosh imminent mushroom clouds over American cities? (we can't be sure George knows a big word like "imminent" - I was paraphrasing, I will admit) - and the US had absolutely certain and positive (but gosh darn it secret spy stuff, we can't let you see it!) information that absolutely, 100%, for goshdarn SURE PROVED all of this was true - PROVED!!! - weren't all of these (and more - I only touch on a few highlights) the reasons America just HAD to invade NOW - could not possibly wait even another 30 days while the UN inspectors finished their current work? And weren't all of these, and more, splashed across the headlines of every major paper in the US (including the PP, an American in Canada (sorry Gene)) day after day for months, as George et al. labored mightily to convince a rather sceptical public that this man, who had suffered a major military defeat 10 years previously in which tens of thousands of his elite troops were literally butchered by the Americans at the time as they tried to retreat, and been under a huge sanctions program ever since in which virtually nothing that might even in the very remotest circumstances have a military application was allowed into the country, and whose country on top of that had faced, following that war, 8 long years of unrestricted UN inspections during which they destroyed, according to their own reports, pretty much everything of any possible military application, this man Saddam, in spite of all this, suddenly, right out of the blue (prior to something like September of last year he apparently posed no threat at all, or if so it certainly got no media attention) was suddenly so powerful and dangerous he was on the verge of destroying western civilisation and had to be taken out immediately!!!! - prior to the massive propaganda campaign, not many people believed much of this BS - but then after a few months of American Pentagon-driven media "reports", however, of Bush et al.'s speechifying, they not only believed that Saddam was going to do all that, but that he was also responsible for the takedown of the World Trade Center, and good buddies with Osama, and the new Hitler as well - all in all, a group of fictions and nonsense that even comic books would probably think twice about as a plotline, as probably straining the credulity of their audience. But I guess Madison Avenue knew their audience - middle America - well enough to know they could sell them anything. They did, in any event.

Well, let's get back on track - yes indeed, copies of the original newspaper stories abound, and it can all be checked easily enough - the invasion was indeed sold almost exclusively on the fact that Saddam allegedly possessed all of these horrible weapons, and was on the verge of using them. That is fact - but now the PP seems to think it can change all of that - actually, it is now saying, the real reason for invading Iraq was because "we" (the PP includes itself at least with the Americans, which we've long known, and which explains a lot of things, including the bitter and oft-railed about by them disappointment that Canada, for some really unexplainable reason to the people at the PP, eventually, in possibly the only decent act of the Chretien government, refused to be part of the US invasion) are just such gosh-darn good guys that we just had to take that really bad guy Saddam out, so all them really nice people in his country could be free, like we all are here in America - that was what it was about all the time, gosh darn it - all that talk about WMD was just ONE of the reasons we went after him, and not even a very important one at that. See? So all of this talk now about not being able to find them - well - so what? Whether he had them or not, he was still a bad guy, did a lot of really, really bad stuff during his Reign of Terror in that country (the PP has a short list of alleged atrocities (unsourced - "common knowledge", I guess, although I read most of what goes around about this black moment in the history of our species and hadn't seen any of it before - what I thought on reading them was that they sure read like some Madison Avenue guy took the incubator story from the first Gulf War and expanded on it a bit, perhaps under the influence of his favorite recreational chemical and/or playing one of his PlayStation games from which they seem to get a lot of their inspiration) - and by golly, we just decided we had to get rid of him, because we all love freedom and democracy so much, and want to share it with all the world. We're just so, you know, good!

Actually, that may not be their actual words (note how I admit that - and you can check for yourself to see that the meaning is clear enough - I may paraphrase and embellish in the interests of clarity (some of us have had more experience in reading between the lines of these prevaricators), but I do not distort or, as they are doing with this very story, rewrite with a completely different meaning) - but it's all there between the lines and based on past things they've written - the good guys taking out the bad guys, in a nutshell.

(It's rather telling that there isn't a single word about oil in the entire editorial - heck, obviously oil had nothing to do with the invasion!! (just a coincidence that every important government building in Baghdad was destroyed and looted EXCEPT the ministry that had the oil records, or that the oil fields were the first thing secured by the invasion forces. Of course. Nor did bigger geo-political objectives such as establishing another serious military base in the area (Saudi Arabia is getting just a bit unreliable for them), or the fact that the American dollar is getting pretty shaky (a projected 40 TRILLION dollar debt looming isn't doing a lot for their credibility in world financial markets) in comparison to the Euro, and Saddam, exercising some of the very limited decision making capacity he had, switched his oil sales to the Euro a couple of years ago (guess what currency Iraqi oil is being sold in now!!?? - and did you read about that in the PP?!?!? HAHA - sorry - getting carried away there - when you realise you are in Wonderland, and see all the strange creatures around you and all the strange and wonderful stories they tell, it can't be helped at times - anyway, I guess none of the latter stories were important enough to worry the wee heads of the PP readers - they just need to be told that by golly, the ONLY reason we went into Iraq was to free them nice people from a horrible dictator and give them democracy, just like we have here!! - now you can return to your regularly scheduled programs, or get off to the mall and SHOP like good patriots if it's the weekend))

Well - the introduction went on a paragraph or two longer than intended.

The point of all this, as it is so often with the stuff coming out of the PP pens and its sellout scribes and equivocating editors, is lying. And that it is now in the process of fairly serious lying as part of its bit to try to cover up the months-long barrage of lies of the Bush government concerning these WMDs and other things. It seems a bit senseless, given the ready availability of all kinds of media records of the last year that directly contradict almost everything they say in this editorial - but then, lack of brazenness has never been a problem with the neocons - psychosis does that to people, I think, although I do not claim to be a shrink. And also, they become bolder all the time, as the people they are lying to never call them on it - this is something RM has not yet got a handle on, and it puzzles us greatly, but will undoubtedly be exploring someday soon - is it that people just don't care? That they are too afraid to oppose their leaders, who can be "bad enemies" as the saying goes? That they are sceptical, but have been indoctrinated to trust their elected officials, to give them the benefit of the doubt at all times, because they are really good people doing their best in a difficult situation, and all will work out for the best in the end? Something else? Stay tuned.

Back to Lies'R'US, the PP, and the New, Improved History of Operation Freedom!!

The most obvious question (for the PP) is, if "WMD" are and were of no particular import, as they now say (repeating the spin of its Lies'R'US masters) why then was the invasion sold on them, and them, essentially, alone? Well - according to the rewriting of history already underway in Washington and the PP - this didn't actually happen - really, they say, Mr. Bush never even said such a thing - never!!!! -

"...While U.S. and British claims about the nature and extent of Saddam's armoury helped rally the public, they were always tangential to the legal and moral case for war..."

- I really shake my head in wonder - you'd think they wouldn't be so brazen with their lies - no normal person dares to lie like this. For months Bush and his co-sellers of the war said little else but that Iraq had all these horrible weapons which they were poised to use NOW against just about anybody in the world (but especially us because they REALLY HATE US AND THEY REALLY HATE OUR FREEDOM AND DON'T FORGET 911!! - and that's why we can't possibly wait even another few weeks or longer for the UN inspectors to complete their job - IMMINENT DANGER!!! WE HAVE TO HAVE A PRE-EMPTIVE ATTACK - OR WE'RE PROBABLY GOING TO BE LOOKING AT MUSHROOM CLOUDS OVER OUR CITIES ANY DAY NOW - AND THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE!! Check it out anywhere - it got pretty obnoxious to those of us who knew it was all bullshit - but now the PP is saying that actually all of those things never happened.

Perhaps they might have another look at Colin Powell's infamous presentation of misinformation (oh aren't we being polite now!) based on a decade old student thesis and old photos to the UN - nothing at all but imminent danger and WMD, or Tony Blair's rather grim (and hysterical) statements about Iraq being "...45 minutes away from launching WMDs..." at that green and pleasant isle. It beggars the mind how even the constrained, dissembling minds of the PP neocon writers can now dare to call these repeated and repeated and repeated demands for war based on imminent danger and WMDs "tangential" - these fictitious (as we now know them to be) WMDs, and the supposed desire and willingness of Saddam to use them, were the central reasons given for having to invade Iraq, and do it NOW, in this completely illegal, unprovoked war - these and no others.

Again -

"As Mr. Bush himself has plainly admitted, the war was always about more than WMDs..."

- well - the smirky little manthing may be backtracking a bit now, as some of the media and people are starting to wonder where all those WMDs are, and the rest of the world is starting to demand some explanations as well, and even the American press is starting to ask some questions (all empires have internal strife (ask our Mr. Ceasar - Et tu, Brute), as there are any number of ambitious rats always looking for their chance at the top prize - honor and thieves, and all that), so the heat is definitely on - but there was never any other serious reason given in the months leading up to the invasion by him or anyone else, and to say there was is nothing short of, well, outright lying - but then the PP is an old hand.

Nor could there have been, of course, as no other reasons or excuses would have even remotely justified an unprovoked invasion of the type the US undertook. The hypocricy would have been too brazen, too glaring, for even the American press to have accepted without a whimper (well - how low can you go? not much space left under them right now) - but the more civilized countries of the world were having none of it - the only reason they were ultimately able to just barely justify this was because of the accumulated respect accorded the office of the President of the US - most civilized people were reluctant to say out loud that it sure looked like he was just lying, in the most obvious, shallow way - although they are starting to see, all over the world, that they are, indeed, going to have to call him on his ongoing lying behaviour, and soon.

If the US really had any concern about brutal dictators, for instance, it wouldn't have been installing and supporting them for the last 50-odd years (including Saddam) all around the world; or if the brutality of some government was sufficient to justify such an aggression, why again, there are tens if not scores of countries in the world this very day which are far more brutal than Saddam - of course, the problem there is that most of them are US-client states, which makes them pretty much immune to such invasions, as long as they are licking the right asses with enough enthusiam - something Saddam stopped doing at some point, as we should not forget that, prior to 1991, he was a great buddy of the US government - great friends, in fact, with Donald Rumsfield himself (when was the last time you read that in the PP? haha). No - the only remote hope the US had of getting any kind of international support, or at least sow enough doubt to prevent a massive, coordinated world-wide military resistance to their plans from more civilized countries, at all was this WMD story. And it never really got that - but at least it bribed and bullied a few other "willing" partners into joining it - on the basis of those WMDs, not making life better for the Iraqis, or punishing Saddam for being a brutal dictator, or because of his past, or "democracy" (the most tragic joke of all) - these things were mentioned, surely, from time to time, but the main reason trumpeted over and over again for the invasion was Saddam's supposed possession of terrible weapons that he was by god on the verge of using against all the good people in the world, if he wasn't forcefully stopped.

Somehow or other the Pispot seems to have missed all of this - oh wait, there was a change of editors a while ago, wasn't there? Perhaps they missed the news for a few months while being brainwashed in Izzy's kitchen or something, and got back just in time to start taking in the "special new" version of what happened before the invasion...??- nahh, they're just lying, as usual. No other conclusion is really possible. Real criminals don't always fess up in court, you know - and these white collar types virtually never. When they ever get to court, which is pretty infrequent itself. We - whoa, let's leave that for another day.

The invasion was "marketed" (and let's not pretend the campaign to sell the "war" to the public was anything other than a huge marketing program by the US war machine and governments involved, and shamefully (even criminally - conspiracy to lie to the people you are supposed to be 'serving" about something as important as going to war would, in any sane court, be criminal) complicit media - with any kind of decent media in the US at all, this propaganda effort, thin as it was, would have had no chance at all of convincing even the highly suggestible "average American") to get as many people as possible to believe that Iraq had huge stores of WMDs, and was almost certainly going to use them any day now on neighboring countries, and possibly even the US, thus "justifying" the US so-called pre-emptive action - complete fantasy, all of it, and it says a lot about the people of America and the "press" that "serves" them that so many people were convincible of this outright nonsense. (I can only shake my head in sadness and disbelief at the Canadians who also bought the story - the citizens, that is - that the Pispot promulgated the marketing campaign is no particular surprise, as it is, as we have oft noted, nothing more than the northern propaganda arm of the Lies'R'US American Repugnantican machine and would, if it had any respect for the truth and for Canadians at all, identify itself as such in the mast - but of course, such truth in the (Brave New World Order Corporate) Canadian media is pretty much a thing of the past - and will no doubt remain there until people start waking up a bit and stop accepting such things.)

The string of lies emanating from the US government over the months leading up to the invasion was actually embarrassing to observe, as a thinking member of the species (as it is almost any time that Bush caricature of a human being opens his mouth - how people that call themselves educated or intelligent can listen to this pathetic individual saying things like "They hate us for our freedoms", or how he gets his guidance from some god, or snickering as he describes one of his death-row victims pleading for her life, without actually puking is hard to figure - I haven't been so embarrassed since the American puppet Mulroney was our PM - Chretien isn't a lot better, but at least he has a bit of a decent past, and is now, as a swan song perhaps, trying to do one or two at least sort of decent things before leaving - although the party brass (read CCCT) will probably deny them) - how could so many people be so taken in by such a string of such obvious, blatant, self-serving lies, so destructive to so many others?

Even with the media acting as official propaganda organ for the government, people should have been able to see through such blatant bullshit, day after day - the 10-year old student essay that Blair's "excellent" dossier was based on, the use of very selectively chosen pieces of equally dated "intelligence" to use as "proof" that Iraq had chemical weapons, the complete ignoring of the fact that weapons inspectors had basically completely disarmed the country by 1998, and with all of the sanctions and surveillance there was no way under the sun that they could have managed any new development, the so amateruishly forged documents from Niger saying they had sold Iraq material for use in nuclear weapons, the aluminum tubes, the Madison-Avenue advertising tactics day after day selling the war, on and on and on - everything, every new story, consisting of shallow and transparent lies or, at best, meaningless repetition of dated, irrelevant material, but Bush and his people pretending it was all amazing new and serious information that should terrify everyone, and the mainstream media eating it up and passing it on with dead seriousness, even, frequently, embellishment - just unbelievable. Unbelievable. Even children eventually clue in that stories about Santa Claus and the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny and Big Bird are not real - but it seems that after that, at least in America, they believe anything they are told, at least a substantial number of them - something like 60% of Americans not only believed Saddam was on the verge of turning their country into a nuclear (sorry - I guess that would be nukular in the US) wasteland - but that he was directly responsible for the 911 World Trade Center attack!!!! - such credulity is hard to believe, and must surely give rise to thoughts about what goes on in the mind of the average American. If anything at all. And we all in the still-mostly-sane parts of the world ought to be feeling very concerned about where all this is leading - this psychotic, fundamentalist, of-limited-intelligence "leader" of America, and a couple of hundred million fanatical citizens willing to believe anything he says no matter how contrary to factual evidence, and do anything he demands, without question, and all believing that their country is somehow the very definition of "good" in the world, and the one true god of the universe is on their side as well - oh, man, words fail. Scary as hell, my fellow citizens of planet Earth.

One wonders how much of this credulity, this willingness of so many people to believe unquestioningly such obvious nonsense, is some kind of slippery slope phenomena - the US government has been lying about so much for so long, and most of the media enthusiastically disseminating those lies as if they were verily pronouncements from god and adding more of their own, and the people slowly following down that path of lies, that perhaps they really are so deep in the shit they can no longer see out - for the 95% who rely for their information on how the world works on the establishment American mainstream media, print and tv, they truly are in fantasyland, gagaland, greatskyland, looneytunes land, and unable to tell reality from lies, as the endless tragic stories that are an almost daily occurence in that once great but now insane society are treated like just another tv show, another entertainment for them - the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Baghdad, the deliberate destruction of the relics of the oldest known civilisation in the world, just another such in a long list of things that were unspeakably tragic for the people that were brutalised, but just another show for the American entertainment industry and its watchers - witness again the "embedded "reporters"", the "rescue" of that "brave American soldier" Jessica Lynch and the huge coverage it got, as a compete fantasy of the US military spin doctors, needing some feel-good stuff for the audience - and the complete lack of coverage on the media of thousands of much more real and tragic stories, such at that boy Ali with his arms blown off, his once bright future irretrievably shattered, a look in his eyes no one could ever forget who saw it, that one innocent, brutalised boy symbolizing forever the terrible, monstrous crime of that invasion, the thousands of others brutally slaughtered or maimed by the American war machine, the most powerful military force ever known in the history of the world, and its invasion of a defenceless country - but that story, those stories, given no time at all on the "feel good for US" US media. Like all stupid people who cannot see beyond their own greed and little schemes, these people seem to believe they will face no justice for their crimes, but they surely will - such monstrosity cannot go unpunished. (Again I repeat - if Hussein committed similar crimes, as is claimed, he will undoubtedly face similar justice - but as in the old saw, two wrongs do not make a right, and the leaders of the US slaughter must face justice for what they have committed as well - there were and are many other options for dealing with such situations besides bombing the fuck out of everything in sight until there is noone left to oppose the invader - and the land overflows with the graves of the innocent. Dante did not dig his hell deep enough by orders of magnitude to deal with those who inflict such terror on children, on so many innocent children, as the US did in this instance, and has done in countless instances all over the world the last 50 years. I can think of no other group or person in history which has committed such atrocities, for so long, or so widespread, with so many victims.)

And perhaps the US government has escalated as well in its hubris, any pretence of sanity, of connection to reality, long gone - from occasional lies, well prepared "big lies" to meet certain objectives (Roosevelt allowing the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbour, Johnson's Gulf of Tonkin lie which escalated the Vietnam war, the Kennedy 'magic bullet', etc), to a culture of lies-cum-fantasy, having passed the final barriers with 911 and the coup of 2002, and now, as George Orwell foresaw, everything that comes out of higher government offices is a lie, either for some new inititative, or to try to cover up some previous lie with new ones, or simply rewriting history as the PP is doing here, so that everything "our side" does is great and good and honorable, even if that is the most outrageous set of lies - and nobody has any idea what the truth is anymore - and it is dangerous to ask. It may not say much (of a complimentary nature) about the American people - but it does say a lot about the power of propaganda, administered by ruthless people over a long period of time. (and that may be conspiracy, but it ain't theory - if that was your first reaction, you'd better examine how close your own feet are to the ground, and how deep that pile of Pispot bullshit you're standing in actually goes...) (a theory of the RM that we may discuss further some day has been that the last century was actually a great experiment by the elite - testing two ways of controlling people in the modern world with hundreds of millions of them to deal with - either through overt brute force as the "communist"-fascist countries tried, or through a system of massive propaganda, wherein the citizens are brainwashed from birth into a regime where they maintain their own chains while being told how free they were, as in the western so-called democracies - for another day - ??? you thought the war was between them damn commies and us good-guy democracies?? - well, look a little deeper - the war is between the elite and the rest of us. until that basic truth enters your mind, you have no chance of finding any true thing.)

And such are the lies, the kind of lies, the lies that keep everyone completely unaware of the real reality we all live in, that the Canadian-based Pispot is continually trying to make Canadians accept - the lies that will lead us further down that slippery slope that the Americans appear to have traversed past the point of no return, to where nothing short of a huge and costly and tragic blowup of some sort will remove the bullshit from the eyes and brains, and the purveyors and psychotic dictators from high office and the media. Armageddon, if it comes, and it seems more likely every day, will be self-inflicted, the result of our own hubris and laziness and stupidity and willingness to be led like sheep to the slaughter, because such a fate is easier than resisiting what one knows to be wrong, our unwillingness to name the liar and the lie - the "tragic human flaw" at the center of good drama - Shakespeare saw it all well. But who reads old Will anymore?!? - so much easier to watch Baywatch or Survivor - and the girls are prettier too, by golly,

This is the "future" the Pispot evidently sees for this country and our people, judging from their writing over their short and highly offensive life - highly, highly offensive - and scary as hell, when you start to get an idea of the number of people who have gone a long ways down that US-corporate-TV slippery slope, and apparently lost any solid touch of reality - all the neocons (or, as Mel Hurtig terms them rather fittingly, neo-neanderthals) preaching ever closer ties to that US Mordor society, either ignoring or completely unaware of the fascism and brutality of that society, fall into this category - there is no excuse for such ignorance in Canada - there is more than adequate access to alternative media which can open your eyes enough to spot the obvious US-Pispot lies, and even the mainstream media here still allow the odd non-pentagon commentary into their papers.

There's a thing about lies that these people never seem to get into their heads - once they've done it a few times, and been caught out - especially if they never acknowledge it or apologise for it - their credibility is shot, if not forever at least for a long, long time. We're not talking about opinions here, that can change in normal people over time - that's fine (we ourselves used to think the Canadian media, and government, was about as good as it got!! - but we have acknowledged our mistake, our youthful blindness, and take some pleasure in our growth, although none in the sights that greeted our newly opened eyes and that we now live with daily - the sights greeting the eyes of a seeing man in this modern world are often things no man should be forced to see - but nonetheless preferable to blindness) - but promulgating outright lies as news, or controversial opinions as news, that later turn out to be false, with no acknowledgement, intentionally, for reasons of personal gain no matter the damage to how many others - these are bad things, evil things.

Any responsible media here or elsewhere would have acknowledged the many problems with the US pronouncements concerning their intention to invade Iraq and the "justifications" therefore, as was done in most of the world, and given their readers as much information as possible to help them come to an informed decision - only blatant propaganda organs give such one-sided stories of what is happening as the PP did and continues to do - first trying to sell an invasion to people who were rightfully highly sceptical, and now trying to rewrite history to justify it in new terms, since the old ones have proven to be lies - lying about the lies, to justify slaughter and plunder, as a crawling sycophant of an evil empire - is there a much better definition of evil?

And they wonder, at times, why the people are so cyncial about government, and the media.

The answer is simple enough - people do not trust proven liars.

And both of them - media and government - are just that.

I do seem to go on at length at times about these things, don't I - well, one does get worked up at times. But why? Why not just cynically shrug the shoulders and purse the lips knowingly, as most people seem to do - we're grownups now and know how the world works, right jack? But that just isn't good enough.

The anger at these things that are supposed to be our newspapers and government is because, as citizens of a modern "democratic" country, we are in need of news and information concerning both national and world events to help us make rational decisions about what direction we would like our country to take, to try to ensure our continued wellbeing, perhaps even improved wellbeing, and how to help make a better world for all of its people, as many of them are quite obviously not doing anywhere as well as we are, in terms of anything at all, and to decide on ways to approach these other people and societies, establish communication with them, learn to live in peace and cooperation with them - the desires of a civilized people, such as most of us are, Canadian or Iraqi, Chinese or Brazilian, Mexican or, yes, even American, for I do not believe that most Americans are bad people - they have been led badly astray by a series of bad leaders, but they are still human, and we humans ARE good people. For such information, we rely on our media - that is their job, their mandate. And when that media, for whatever reason, is known to have lied about anything - not just made a mistake and corrected it, which happens occasionally to the best of us, but brazenly lied, as the PP does constantly in support of its neocon agenda, in its attempts to tie the Canadian people to the holed American titanic, when the world requires from us much greater, much bolder leadership - then pretty much everything they say becomes uncertain - and how can we be sure we are making good decisions when we do not have trustworthy information?

Citizens do NOT require constant advocacy from their media - the media is not supposed to play the prosecution for whatever is going on in the world or country - it is the job of the media to give the citizens the FACTS - and where the facts are in dispute, as they often are - it is the job of the media to impartially present all sides of the story to the people, to give the people sufficient information to make up their own minds about what is happening, and what appropriate action might be. But, in the era of corporate government and "journalism", they seem to see their role as very much different - behold if you will, in the National PP, the role of media in our Brave New World Order - to TELL the citizens what to think, how to interpret world or national evernts, what to believe, what policies the government should follow - there is only one way, citizens, we know it and are telling you - you must obey!! - and let's hear 3 cheers for democracy as well - elections are pretty expensive, and we can probably do away with them - all candidates agree on the main issues, and all "good" citizens as well (only terrorists would think anything contrary to the PP editorial page!) - oh well, enough of that - let's just declare every year to be 1984!! (oh - is that a terrorist book now?)

This is not a small issue - it is, indeed, perhaps the biggest single issue of the day, outside of hoping George down south doesn't completely lose it for some reason and incite the final armageddon - also unfortunately a very real possibility, by the appearance of things - a true nut case has finally found his way to the most important and powerful political office in the world, and nobody knows for sure just how much he is in control, and how much under control by the even worse nut cases and criminals around him. It is a very scary situation - ipso custodes custodes - who will judge the judges - or, to pose a very real question for today - where can we get consistently reliable information about what is happening in both our country and the wider world, and who will take back our government from the corporate money that has bought it?

It speaks also to the great gulf in modern times between "civics" politics such as everyone is taught in school (at least sort of), and "real politics" as actually practiced in the backrooms of the nation. The gulf has always been there, but it seems lately, since the corporate reactionary revolution of the 1970s, that the token gestures to "civil" politics have more or less been done away with, and nobody really cares anymore that the politicians lie incessantly, and all of their real actions are done for the benefit of the elite - which was, of course, the objective of the corporate revolution. The containment of democracy, as demanded first by the Trilateral Commission, seems to have been pretty well accomplished - a deed that could never have happened without the active complicity of the media, and the so-called journalists. Whichever new circle of Dante's hell the American governments of the last 50 years wind up occupying, the "jounalists" of the modern era who enabled their actions will be close by. (it will be up to others to decide to what degree the ignorance of the citizens who enabled these governments will be regarded as a "willful" ignorance, and thus culpable - but I wouldn't want to be in their shoes...)

(NOTE: as usual, in one of these small articles examining the lies of the Canadian media, most notably the Pispot, we have not referenced many of our statements - should the PP wish to undertake an open debate of these issues, we would be more than happy to corroborate everything stated above. Given that we can do this, but the PP cannot (you don't have to trace lies far back, even lies about lies, to expose them), we would not expect they would be interested in such an exchange - edification of the Canadian people is not, after all, their goal.)

And, as always, much more remains unsaid than said - when daring to set one's toes in the sea of lies and dishonesty that surround us in our Brave New World Order, and grow on a daily basis, it is a bit like shaking one's fist at a tornado, impossible to do more than comment on one or two of the lies that happen to be swirling around one's space at the time, while watching the endless others ebbing and flowing, in and out, far along the shore as far as one looks in each direction, always there, ready to overwhelm one at any time - but it is always with the faint hope that one's words will help some other open their eyes a bit, or punch a small hole in the walls of the box that they have lived in for all their lives, and maybe, just maybe, ask, in a, you know, small polite voice like those cute little kids in the books - WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE AND WHY HAVE YOU BEEN LYING TO ME ALL MY FUCKING LIFE?!?!?!?

Question everything. You're on your own here. The loonies are running the asylum. There's a lot of good people out there, to be sure - and a lot of bad people pretending to be good people to find out who the real good people are, and where they hang out so they can be taken out if and when necessary. And if that sounds paranoid - well, hell - sometimes paranoia is a survival trait. How would you feel if you were an Iraqi or anybody who looked even vaguely mid-east Muslim in America right about now? Or the other way around - the Americans in Iraq are acting pretty paranoid, shooting on sight more often than not. Your smarter whales get a bit paranoid when they see a Japanese flag on an approaching ship, or the codfish and seals around Newfoundland when they see any kind of boat at all. Innocent tokers feel sort-of paranoid when they see the RCMP on the way. Poor people in Ontario feel paranoid when Mike or Ernie say they've got some great new plan to make them all better off. Most Americans, at the urging of Bush, Rumsfield et al, feel a bit paranoid about the rest of the world attacking them (that really is ridiculous). Etc.

LATE FLASH!! - The Serendipity File (I really am gonna have to start one of these!) - again, today, as I was finishing this, two items sort of magically appeared on the browser, related to the above:

Freelancer’s “Greatest Hits” Package on Iraq Shows Up Corporate Media - Exposing administration deceit is easy — if you have the will by a writer called Dennis Hans RM archive copy if the original link has problems - very detailed look at the lies of the Bush people over the last several months - there's a lot of other stuff out there of course (you didn't really think I was the only one with these ideas, I hope! - although if you get your main info from the PP and other Canadian rags, you certainly wouldn't have seen much about it) - and lo and behold if our trusty Toronto Star doesn't actually run an editorial with pretty much an opposite POV to the PP crap we talk about above - Bush's credibility founders on Iraq -- or -- The RM archive copy - read it here if the original link has problems - a little milder perhaps than what I've said above, (it's that old assumption about the President's honesty, that Bush is abusing so badly, that stops them from using the LIE word - but it's gonna be awhile before that once-exalted office enjoys any real prestige or trust on this planet again, I think, after Bush et al.) but nonetheless, a complete contradiction to the PP's attempt at rewriting history - their opening statement, for instance -

"Saddam was "assembling the world's most dangerous weapons," Bush insisted. His vast arsenal included 25,000 litres of anthrax, 38,000 litres of botulinum toxin, 500 tonnes of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent. Some 30,000 toxic munitions. And more. And there was Iraq's "advanced nuclear weapons development." It was a chilling picture designed to justify the war that would follow... ... Bush and his apologists are twisting themselves into pretzels arguing it was a "just war" nonetheless, because it liberated Iraqis from tyranny..." - the whole editorial is much the same - the Bush regime is facing serious questions because ".... Americans and Britons were told that there was an urgent need to launch a pre- emptive strike. That now seems doubtful."

And there you go. Believe what you will - Bush is lying - or Bush never actually said anything about WMD being the reason for war. As Morpheus said - there'll come a day when you gotta choose - Red Pill or Blue Pill. Wonderland or I-wonder-what-the-fuck-is-going-on-here land.

RM Prediction: Very soon now, the US forces in Iraq will turn up some absolutely amazing cache of WMD of some sort, potentially destructive enough to justify a preemptive invasion, should documents of some sort indicating that intent be found along with them, which they will. And these will be as shallow and transparent lies as those we have noted above, but the media will lap them them up like they were the very ten commandments given to Moses. And not long after that, we will (the media, that is, I should say) forget all about Iraq and Saddam, and suddenly Iran and some as-yet-unnamed person will become the New Hitler - just in time to be a campaign item in the 2004 election of George Bush - at which either the voting machines will be completely rigged (with again nary a word from the press about the dropping of exit polls which might make the voting machine tallies look just a tad suspicious, which we really can't have), or else the Bush government will simply cancel the elections, on grounds of national security (Code REDS all over the fucking place man!!! - only fucking towelhead terraists would even DARE mention that election word now!! - why, we just KNOW that Saddam or Osama or whoever the fuck would surely rig them somehow, so somebody NOT named Bush would win - and that PROVES they're terraists, cause only terraists would want someone besides Bush to win - and the New York Times and Supreme Court would heartily endorse that idea, not to mention the Canadian National Pispot), and the Supreme Court of the US will back him up, and the Congress of No Balls/Traitor's Administration Congress will say not a word about it.

And then - watch out.

(Sometime between now and then, if you're not familiar with it already, check out the rather famous story by a guy called Rev. Neiberger or some such name (don't google that name - it's not right, I'm sure, and I'm really sorry but I just don't have time to get it right now) - about how they came for the Communists, and he was not one, so he closed his curtains and ignored their cries for help, then the Trade Unionists, then the Gypsies or something - and then one night there was a knocking on his door, and when he cried for help - he realised there was no one left to help him. It's a pretty deep story, under that simple tale, if you let it roll around your head a bit, and think about that, and the situation in the world today, and in Canada, and the lies of the media, and the acceptance of those lies of....you??

Dig it. It's friggin late, she's tired, the pizza's here sitting on the table getting cold and I'm gone.

but Write if ya want.

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a year or so to the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Chretien's still PM and George Bush is talking to GOD on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why?

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive?