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Canadians for Canada Coalition (CCC) - United Left, if you will - but bottom of the line - Get Rid of Corporate Government in Canada - 2004 Federal Election may be your last chance - act NOW PLEASE!!
The Debt Conspiracy Theory Fact - do you believe people who email you from Africa wanting to give you 10 million bucks? No? Well WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THE NATIONAL DEBT IS LEGITIMATE?!?!? (Sorry - I get excited about this...)
911 - as important as the debt scam - ask yourself why you are so afraid to admit the truth here, even when it's been kicking you in the face almost since it happened? When the world you live in is operating under a lie this big and obvious and monstrous, you have no security whatsoever.
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Lead Rant Editorial

Found another real journalist - daring to mention that maybe - just maybe - our media aren't doing an absolutely fantastic job of providing Canadians with ALL of the news they need to know, all of the time (as the clowns at the Pispot or Suns seem to think, according to their panic at Patrick Watson's daring to raise the idea of a CBC-type government supported newspaper - certainly want you to believe, anyway) - from the Star of course - piece entitled Big Media is losing credibility fight by a columnist named ANTONIA ZERBISIAS (Toronto Star May 27, 2003). (RM onsite copy here) Couple of her better quotes:

.... Big Media is seen to be in bed with Big Government and Big Business. As a whole, we've become the voice of the establishment, the rich and the powerful.

Well - couldn't have said that much better myself. Although my interpretation of how and why this is so might be a bit more forthcoming - or cynical, it might be said - or one might even raise that dreaded conspiracy word, as Rude says that Big Business owns both Big Media and Big Government, so it's not that surprising they inhabit the same bed, or that the owners discourage criticism of one of their products by another (note that NWO terminology - in the world of RM, things like cars and shoes are "products", but politicians (real politicians) and news (should) retain a somewhat higher, perhaps non-commercial status - but not in our Brave New World - when something is for sale, of course, it is a product - and, again of course, in our Brave New World, politicians and the purveyors of "news" are for sale, so the word is not inappropriate. Some of us find the whole concept rather insulting, and demeaning, to be "productized" and bid for - but it would appear that most see it as quite natural, at least most "newspersons" (believe me, in the current environment, I use that word very, very loosely) and politicians (the great flap going on about Chretien's bill to seriously limit corporate funding is most instructive and interesting). So - how much for your soul today, dear?)

- or (this is a good one!) -

Whatever the reason, we in the news trade are doomed, like dinosaurs hurtling towards an extinction of our own creation.... That's because, individually or collectively, we're in the business of selling information and if our information can't be trusted, if we have no credibility and if we don't boast a commitment to accuracy, then all we offer is kitty litter liner (newspapers) or hot air (broadcasting).

- as you can imagine, perhaps, I hope, we like that a lot because it gets very close to the truth (maybe even dead on - but one always has to leave a small wiggle space in case one has overlooked something). I'm not surprised this lady ain't writing for the Pispot.

I gotta confess I got just a small problem with this one, though -

This sentiment is even more deeply felt among younger people, who have a greater disdain for authority and for Big Media than older generations not raised on The Simpsons and the Internet do. (Mind you, that disdain for Big Media seems to stop at the lineup for The Matrix: Reloaded, but I'll spare you that rant today.)

- I mean, really, what I've been seeing the last bunch of years is that the "young people" are coming out of university and lining up for the corporate jobs - whereas the people who now comprise the "older generation" (ouch - but we do do truth here), at least a whole lot of us, were into making a "better world" - however we defined that to be, but it did involve peace and not war, a good and fair society for everyone and not just the wealthy (stuff it sounds like Antonia could get along with) - and not to deny that a whole lot of that generation became the middle managers of the current problem (or that a whole lot of the current generation reject the corporate shit) - but still - the 60s still defines in a big way what we wanted to be and should have been in this country, and the current state of the world defines what we DON'T wanna be, really - anyways, room for discussion there at least - good and bad in all generations, no doubt. It does seem like a large number of the people protesting globalisation around the world, and taking the time to do websites about it all and trying to fight the corporate press, are of the 60s generation rather than the later ones. We also know that volunteer agencies like CUSO had a lot more young people 40 years ago than they do now.

And I can't figure what she's on about about The Matrix, one of the best movies of all time - but there's no reason we need to agree on everything, as long as we're kind of copacetic on the important stuff. Peace, girl, and keep writing.

Serendipity seems to be dogging our footsteps here - no sooner did I write the last time something about expeditionary forces and stuff like that having to pay for themselves in our brave new world as it traipses around imposing its will on everyone, when we stumble across a story about how the US government, after begging and cajoling and threatening everyone on the planet to get some partners to try to provide at least some small appearance of legitimacy in their recent invasion of Iraq, and finally signing on a couple of other countries, are now demanding that at least one of those countries pay for the bombs it dropped for them!! - and not only that, but for the use of the US communications systems it was using to get the orders about where to drop those bombs!! It's true - look here - US wants money for bombs. It is beyond argument - these people have no shame whatsoever - they're not short of greed, though - no surprise there. Absolute power corrupts absolutely - I know it's been said before, but it's pretty hard to argue with.

Well, the PCs have chosen a new leader, but it ain't gonna help, I fear - this headline Mulroney gets hero's welcome at Tory convention (RM onsite copy here) says about all that needs to be said. I guess it still hasn't got through their heads that most Canadians have not changed the opinion of Mulroney they gave in 1993. It also points out that the old elite guard that took over the PCs with Mulroney still run it - Mulroney endorsed Mackay for the new "leader", who represents the old free trade-tax-cuts republican north agenda that Canadians have had enough of. They remain destined for the wilderness, until they wake up. David Orchard once again gave them the opportunity to become the real alternative to the Liberals, the party that Canadians really want at this time, but they rejected him again. David - we really support your vision - but don't hang around where you are not wanted, and only get slandered for your efforts to save the country - you have far, far, far too much to offer our country, that we really need, right now. The ONLY way to get rid of the Libs at this time in our history (which may be the last chance) is to work for a Coalition of Canadians for Canada, or some such thing.

A couple of choice quotes from the old Liar: "... (older regional alliances such as the current Alliance) eventually collapsed because they failed to articulate a broad, generous and inclusive vision of Canada..." - well - the rightist nutcases do this all the time - they accuse others of the precise things they are, or are doing - it would seem to most impartial observers that the 1993 decimation of the PC party in Canada was for one central reason - ok, all together - .. they failed to articulate a broad, generous and inclusive vision of Canada.... You know it, I know it - Lyin Brian (there is a lot of truth to the theory that lying makes you stupid - I won't get into the details here - but you could check it out - look at the White House for another excellent example, although there it would be a little more difficult to separate cause from effect...) can't bring himself to acknowledge it.

"...Mulroney also implored the candidates vying to succeed Joe Clark in Saturday's leadership vote to lead with conviction and not be slaves to public opinion. .... For a generation raised on the bizarre proposition that leadership should be equated with popularity, how goofy can you be?"

- well, public opinion polls are certainly not the best way to govern - on the other hand, in democracies, people are elected to do things the people want, to take the country in directions the people support, as elucidated in campaign platforms (nonono - I haven't flipped - but that is the theory of elections, even though it has nothing to do with the reality) - but Brian showed his beliefs clearly in 1984 when he said that Free Trade would be terrible for Canada - and within months was promoting it as the best thing that could ever happen for us. Although he and the press managed to bamboozle enough people (not a majority) in 1988 to win the election, the people, as we know, showed him what we thought of that kind of stuff in 1993. Unfortunately, the Libs lied pretty big time during that election (good CBC series allegory: Canada - the Diogenes of the late 20th century, roaming hopelessly through the wilderness looking for an honest political party!! (Twilight Zone music...), and we still haven't recovered from them - we have commented on the Libs' hold on power stemming from the voters' fear of the totally whacko Alliance previously. But back to Lyin's comment - that is the corporate philosophy - leaders do as they're told by and for the benefit of the important shareholders, (and get suitably rewarded, right Brian?), and the employees (that'd be yer citizens for us non-corporate types) shut up and do as they're told. Again, the voters have been showing the PCs what they think of this idea - hopefully they'll wake up and show the Libs soon - although it's going to be tricky until they have a decent alternative to replace them with. Kind of funny how nobody is putting one of those together, although there is plenty of drive to put together some sort of United Right, which has us puzzled here a bit since the Libs have that pretty sewed up, and are pretty united to boot - although when you consider the southern alternative which so many of our "leaders" seem to admire, it makes more sense - Tweedledum and Tweedledee - on the Right we have .... the Rebugnatican-PCs - and on the left other right, the Democrat-Libs!!! AND THAT'S DEMOCRACY AIN'T IT JUST FUCKING WONDERFUL RAHRAHRAH!!!"

Shit - better get off that before I lose my milk and cookies. But I do have to wonder why, when there are so many people and groups opposed to this right-wing crap in this country we've been forcefed for the last 20 years, there is not more talk of a Unite the friggin LEFT movement here. It would make sense, the Canadian people seem more than ready for any poltical party that gives them a chance to vote for things they want like NOT cutting the guts out of health care and education, and NOT giving the rich more and more tax breaks, and NOT lying to them every time they turn around, and so on. Where is it? WHY isn't it happening? I suppose the lack of any media in this country that would support such a movement has something to do with it. I guess if the people here are going to be saved, they might have to do it themselves. Wow - don't like the odds on that horse - people here don't get excited about much if the tv doesn't tell them to.

An interesting pair of stories about the amazing tax cuts south of the border, and how the Repugnatican-North corporate leaders here get into a frenzy about how much they want the same, and how blind they are to the consequences. Or maybe not. Odd about some similarities though - one wonders if they're getting "suggestions" from someone.

Check out the Glob first - Our prospects are going to pot, but all's right in PM's world by some relative newcomer to the rag called Michael Den Tandt. Michael spends some time trashing the country, as these people like to do (geez just go south, Michael, go south, if the place bothers you so much, and you find them so attractive), and then gets to the tax cuts. I'll give you this verbatim - I am NOT making it up: ...Most notably, the PM boasts that the United States will have a $500- billion (U.S.) deficit this year, whereas Canada's books are clean as a whistle. But as Dale Orr, an economist with Global Insight (Canada) Ltd. pointed out in a report earlier this week, there would be no discrepancy at all if citizens of the two countries were equally taxed. ....

- now correct me if I'm wrong, but this guy seems to be saying that Canada's balanced budget is a pretty poor thing, and the way to go is the 500 Billion US deficit that George Bush (caveat - we do know that Bush of the looooow IQ is not running the country, any more than Brian did or Jean is here - but symbolically one mentions them by name, as the front-persons for whoever is pulling the strings) has created all by himself through these tax cuts - and by god, if we'd just get on board with more tax cuts we could have our very own big deficit just like Uncle George. Now as I say, this guy appears to be new, but he is a clone of the right-wing corporate shills we've been hearing from for 20-odd years now, and for a long, long time, we heard about nothing but the horrendous deficit and debt of Canada, and how we had to cut the heart out of social programs and infrastructure to get that debt under control. (again, don't get the wrong idea here - I have very little support for what Chretien and Martin did to the finances of Canada during the last 10 years, following closely in Mulroney's shoes, all cut from the same cloth, to coin an expression), and that was what was done - but now - a whopping debt is a good thing?!?! Wow.

- and if that ain't enough, we should make it even bigger by buying soldiers and military equipment for the big guys on the right (they likes their guns and armies these people do - gotta have em to keep the little people in their place (I mean really - how many people in Canada are worried about nukes over the north pole - one of the reasons this has been a somewhat saner society than down south, although undoubtedly that sense of safety and sanity is something else these people want to see the end of...) to play with, and maybe even Uncle George will let us into their sandbox (and there's a dream for you - and they call us lefties crazy dreamers)!! - .... Moreover, if Canada spent adequately on its own defence -- rather than preaching to the United States from a position of abject weakness -- Ottawa's surpluses would disappear overnight, taxes aside."

So there you have it folks - after, at the behest and demand of the corporate press to gut Canada's social programs to get rid of the horrible deficit and debt for the last 20 years (you can read elsewhere about the scam the whole thing was and is), and seeing that done - the new drive is to make a new and bigger debt and deficit!!!! Orwell would have loved it!! (we hardly need to even comment on the just outside possibility that if we do listen to these raving lunatics again for some really strange reason, and incur such a new debt, why the only possible thing we will be able to do once we have that huge ball and chain hanging over our heads and our children's heads yea verily unto the 50th generation will be to have a look at whatever is left of the social programs and start hacking - and, of course, lower taxes even more, because we ALL know that lower taxes means the government will make even MORE money from taxes when the economy just bounces up in response to the new freedom from such restrictions!!

Boy I'm losin it - these people make me crazy. And I didn't even get to Trickle Down yet. Maybe next time.

- sorry, I didn't even get to the main feature, in which the loony tunes really start rolling - as you might expect, the National Pispot had something to say on this (hence my questioning of a common source, when there didn't seem to be any overt "newsy" item to provoke them - anyway, there's no need to get into conspiracy theories of that nature - kind of like worrying about some scratched paint around the area where the berg just ripped open half the ship - you know they have a common script, even if they don't do credits - most of them work at Fraser, CD Howe, the CCCT and the CCB anyway) - it's here - Tax-cut envy (RM onsite copy here)- unsigned - I guess the whole editorial staff is taking credit for this lunacy - Corcoran must be on holiday, it's his kind of crackpot stuff - as far right as you can get, and then push the envelope off the edge. Remember some guy in the US a few years back talking about "nattering nabobs of negativity"? - spiral newt or someone like that - the drift of his words is clear enough, and that's what we got at the Pispot. They're ticked right off that, economically speaking, Canada is doing better than the US right now. They sound like some schoolkid (not uncommon for them, actually) - "yea, well, you're doin ok now - but just you wait!" (and to point out another absurdity, these are the people who panic at the drop of a pin - when the Canadian dollar, for instance, goes up a tenth of a cent or something, it's "zooming!" - when it drops a tenth of a cent, the bottom is falling out of their world, etc and etc - stability is NOT their middle name!) And let's drag out that sad stuff about brain drain, doctors and professionals moving to the US - no, it's not happening, but by golly it's gonna happen - again (not that it ever really did in the first place, as many saner studies pointed out - but let it never be said that these people were ever put off by having their lies exposed) - and soon! - just as soon as that fabulous tax cut of Uncle Georgie's kicks in, and the US economy takes off - boy, you'll all be sorry then the Canadian government didn't cut all our taxes like Unca George did, boy oh boy!

And once again "...A Global Insight (Canada) Ltd. report released this week showed that if Canadians enjoyed U.S.-style tax rates, Ottawa would be suffering per-capita deficits worse than those afflicting the United States." - now it may be my interpretation, but the tone of that piece again seems to say that there is something wrong with us because we aren't carrying a huge deficit like the US - or to put it another way, they do seem to say that we too should be slashing taxes even further, even if that does result in a huge deficit. Well, I already noted what a contradiction that was to the talk of the last 20 years above - but it bears repeating. These guys are whacko when it comes to taxes. (Okay okay - I do get the drift of their "reasoning" - if we did have that huge deficit - why then they could scream some more about how we cannot possibly afford the ridiculous Canadian health care system, and must privatize everything we can (so that Canadians can start paying 15% of GDP in health costs like GREAT GOD USA rather than the 10% we currently pay - whoops - they don't talk about that last part!) - etc and etc. Not asleep yet, ohno! - but ya gotta watch these guys.)

They also note that Bush's tax cuts mean that a lot of Americans making $40,000 a year won't be paying any federal taxes. Let's take that with a grain or two of salt, as we must everything they say - and then - but even if it were true - they don't note in the same breath, as an honest purveyor of the news might, that these selfsame Americans better hope they or their families don't get sick with anything serious, because their medical expenses will probably bankrupt them; nor do they note the 50 million or so Americans with no health insurance at all. They don't note, as any honest purveyor of the news might, that over half of the US states are facing bankruptcy because the feds have basically cut them off of most federal monies - the Ontario school system, for instance, with all its financial woes at the present, is positively rolling in money compared to most US schools. We might bring up the murder and violent crime rate in that poor benighted country, the tens of trillions of dollars of debt that all sane economists are predicting will be the result of these tax cuts, etc and etc - but why bother with overkill? Again and again we (and many others) say - if you guys at the Pispot like the lower taxes in the US so much, and are prepared to accept the lack of services and safety and crumbling infrastructure that go hand in hand with such policies in that country - GO!!! take your airs and your elitism and your snide remarks and your negativism and your attempts to undermine our society and your precious bank accounts and your propagandistic childish newspapers and GOGOGOGO!!!!! - Canadians have made it clear over the last several years that, by and large, they are happy with the way the government has been (notwithstanding the ongoing attempts by your clown puppets Mulroney and Chretien and your corporate media and "think tanks" to destroy it), happy enough with higher taxes as long as that gives them a fully public health care system, and good public schooling, and the overall safer and saner society than they have south of the border. You guys have been doing your level best for 20 years now to destroy this country, and we are hanging on - and will continue to hang on and get stronger until your crazy ideas have been fully exposed for the crap they are - it looks like your hero George has just ripped a fatal hole in the American economy with those insane tax cuts and his pathalogical lying, so that day may come sooner than all of us think.

Leave your passports at the border, please - there's no reason you'd want to return here anyway, is there - all us pathetic leftie-commie socialists looking out for one another rather than shooting one another, and we're all pretty stupid too, since all the the smart people have gone south, right? Certainly improve our overall IQ when you guys are gone, anyway - and when we start hiring new doctors and nurses rather than firing them, as you guys insisted we had to do because we people were getting too much health care, you'll probably see a whole lot of them coming back home - they didn't leave because of lower taxes in the US (stupid idea served up by stupid people) but because you got Jean and Mikey and the rest to cut hospital funding so much they had to find jobs elsewhere; or the business managers - sure we did have some good ones - but when head offices move to the US (let's hear some more about FDI and NAFTA and how they're so good for us?) - the best jobs follow - not rocket science either, guys. But when all you can think about all day long is "lower taxes lower taxes lower taxes" - I guess there's not much room in the brain pan to take the next step and look at the consequences. Spend some time down south, out in middle America rather than corporate boardrooms, and you might come away with a different picture. If you don't get shot first - your policies do not make for happy people, and they do strike back in frustration quite a lot. All sane people in both countries well know that the US should be moving towards more Canadian style policies concerning taxation and social spending, not the other way around. But then - no-one has ever accused you people of sanity, that I have heard.

Answer not a fool according to their folly, lest you be like unto them. - or, as somebody used to tell me when I insisted on trying to straighten up the local cretins (who usually straightened me up later in a less, shall we say, verbal fashion - "Young Rude - don't encourage them!"

And that's the way it is, as Walter used to say (remember him? Possibly the last real American journalist on prime-time tv - he'd never find a job with the same people today, would he?).

So much left to say, so little time to say it in -

Write if ya want.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!