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Canadians for Canada Coalition (CCC) - United Left, if you will - but bottom of the line - Get Rid of Corporate Government in Canada - 2004 Federal Election may be your last chance - act NOW PLEASE!!
The Debt Conspiracy Theory Fact - do you believe people who email you from Africa wanting to give you 10 million bucks? No? Well WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THE NATIONAL DEBT IS LEGITIMATE?!?!? (Sorry - I get excited about this...)
911 - as important as the debt scam - ask yourself why you are so afraid to admit the truth here, even when it's been kicking you in the face almost since it happened? When the world you live in is operating under a lie this big and obvious and monstrous, you have no security whatsoever.
Democracy - well - it is or it isn't. We're in control or not. What do you think?
RM-Vol 1 No STILL.... May 23/2003

Lead Rant Editorial

I don't have much hesitation in putting forward the idea (not original!) that lies are never good, although occasionally may be seen as the lesser of evils in a difficult situation - I don't intend to get off on a big philosophical ramble about it here - I'll write the friggin book some other time - but say, for instance, some crazy gunman was holding your family hostage, and some lie (that would not result in much greater damage to a lot of other people) would save them - most people would think that acceptable. However, the amount of lying that is going on "in high places" during this period in history does not really qualify under this kind of exception - all of these lies are being made for no other reason than personal greed and selfishness and agrandizement - and are being made at great expense to many other people - tens or even hundreds of millions, all things considered - one only need look at things like the recent Enron-Anderson corporate debacle, for instance, which cost millions of workers bigtime while the corporate criminals walked, or the Iraq war and the barrage of lying of the American and British governments in their attempts to justify the invasion (which had, excuse my french, sweet fuck all to do with making life better for average Iraqi people but a whole lot to do with stealing Iraqi oil for the benefit of American corporations). Yes, governments and individuals have always lied, and for the same reasons - it just seems much worse today, much more institutionalized, with fewer people daring to stand up and say "Wait a friggin minute - this is wrong!" These people, causing such destruction and grief everywhere they have influence, can be considered as little else but evil, I do believe. And those who willingly support them, and spread their so-destructive lies, must also share this condemnation. One of the names for that most popular mythological beast Satan is Father of Lies. There are times - like this - when I wish I did believe in the Christian God - just so I could believe also that Bush and the rest of them would truly meet their maker someday. If the God was actually a just god, as he is supposedly portrayed in the Bible - Mr. Bush and the rest would be spending quite a lengthy period of very hard time in the very lowest of Dante's seven circles of Hell. And those people running the media in this country, so central to maintaining the shaky legitimacy of these people in what are supposed to be democratic countries, would surely not be far behind.

But as it is, I do not believe in that god or any other one - we make our own heaven or hell right here on this earth. Or we accept the Earth and slavery that others would make for us. Fight or die. Nobody ever said it would be easy, as the old but true saying goes - but it can be good if you're willing to make the effort to make it that way.

Man, where'd all that come from? What'd she put in my beer tonight?!?! Truth serum or something, I suppose.

It occurred to me this morning - How would our current media react to Neo and Morpheus and Trinity? I mean, they're big heroes, right? Save the world and all that shit? But .....

- most of us have seen movies like the older Star Wars series, or the current Matrix, and rather naturally think of their central characters - Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi and Princess Leia, and Neo and Trinity and Morpheus, and the rest, as great heroes, fighting a repressive government of some kind for the freedom of their societies - and the current mythology, naturally, has US as the good guys and THEM as the bad guys. But - is it really so?!?!?

What about - a thought experiment, a la Mr. Einstein - had the movies been taken from real life, what would the governments they were fighting have thought of Luke and Neo? How would the media of the day have responded?

How, for instance, would the Canadian press (mimicing their American masters) portray Neo or Luke fighting the American Imperial Army today as it traipsed around the world (ya gotta do this before ya get to traipse around the universe - trust me on this), acquiring assets and neutralising opposition (i.e. stealing resources and killing anyone who opposed them)?

Well - haha - rhetorical question. We know well the answer.


"Those people, those Neos and Trinitys, they just hate we all, they just - you know, they hate our freedom and democracy, that's why they want to destroy us....!!" said President Twisted Sapling in a major television address today. "And I promise you all that we will not rest until we have brought every one of these horrible, awful people to justice!" Polls following the prime-time presentation indicated that over 999% of Americans agree that freedom-hating, godless terrorists like Neo and Morpheus should be eradicated like vermin from the face of the planet, and any countries who dared to harbor them be "paved with glass" (the effect of saturation nucular bombing, the newly revealed strategy of the Pentagon and the newly created Pentagoon Force to deal with countries which refuse to bend their knees to the American empire and kiss the right asses with appropriate enthusiasm - for those who require it, videos of one T. Blair (or one B. Mulroney for Canadians in the crowd - but beware - it is really sickening and might well cause you to puke) performing this role are available upon request.)

Dateline: Ottawa, National Pispot. Visiting American Secretary of Preventive War and Minor God Darth Vader was today given a 10-minute standing ovation by the Canadian Parliament, before giving a speech on the implementation of the Universal Continental Defence System (or Systeme Universale Continentale Kanada Tres Happe ISlande, in mongrel french, the preferred language of the government of the day), which will be officially put on-line today.

Conrad Dizzy, National Pispot PropagandistEditor-in-Chief, commented - "We at the Pispot have always supported strong defence, and are absolutely delighted at this new endeavor. The stationing of Pentagoon troops at major points around our perimeter and our major cities should make all of us sleep better at night, knowing those horrible terrorists like Skywalker and Kenobi will now find it much more difficult to come and horribly murder and bloodily mutilate sleeping Canadians and their children in their beds at night, or go sneaking into hospitals and brutally throw wee innocent babes from their incubators - which, as we all well know, is the only purpose to their pathetic little lives. The sooner their kind are blasted out of existence, the better off we will all be - and this new defence system, under the glorious leadership of President Sapling and Darth Vader, will help accomplish this. It also, I might add, disappoints me greatly that so many unpatriotic Canadians have revealed themselves as crappy commiescum-sympathisers and had to be shot in the streets by our great and so brave Pentagoon friends as they have tried to peacefully set up their bases and homes in our country - truly patriotic Canadians would welcome this occupation with open arms, as it is only for our own good. These people are really better off dead anyway, and I hope no real Canadians are paying any attention to their really stupid little conspiracy theories - Heil Sapling! should be on the lips of every patriotic Canadian!" Polls taken afterwards by the Pispot indicated that a solid majority of Canadians agreed with Mr. Dizzy, and thought that he created a truly heroic sight as he was led in rapture wild-eyed from the stage, frothing only slightly at the mouth.

And that, as Sweet Lily T. used to say, is the truth. Wait for it. Write if ya want.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly have not bothered putting all this together. Cheers!