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Creative Commons License Dave Patterson November 2017

Trump is not the enemy!

- a letter to TRNN, The Real News Network, who had been doing pretty good work for a number of years, until last year they got sucked into the massive 'hate trump forever he's the worst monster we ever had OMG we have to get rid of him!!!!!!' deep state corporate propaganda drive. I've been thinking of a letter like this for awhile, and near the top explain what finally made me do it ...

Dear Paul Jay and Aaron Mate and anyone else at TRNN who might be interested in getting your analysis back on track

Among many other very perceptive things regarding success in any kind of conflict, Sun Tzu said 'Know yourself and your enemy, and you will win every battle - know neither, you will lose every battle.' It has become very apparent at least to some of us the last year that you folks on the 'progressive left' should be taking note of this bit of wisdom by Sun Tzu - you at TRNN and most other 'left-progressive' places are being manipulated mercilessly and unprotestingly by people who know you very, very well, and whom you in turn obviously know next to nothing about. And if you can manage second level thinking, that also means they know themselves very well, and you do NOT know yourselves very well at all. Sun Tzu score - progs (-2) enemy (+2). Game set and match.

As intro so you hopefully don't dismiss me out of hand when you start to read what follows, I am a serious 'lefty-progressive' and have been for most of my life, and done a lot of research and writing the last few decades about my findings and analysis of what has been going on in the world and, primarily, my country Canada (creds here if you want to check, Democratic Revolution Handbook,, with a lot of other writing accessible from there). So when I start off by saying I think your analysis there on Real News (and pretty much everywhere on the 'progressive left') about Donald Trump is very, very faulty, and you/we have no chance of defeating your/our true enemy as long as what you are doing is based on such faulty analysis. I stress again, I speak as a fellow 'leftist' fighter fighting for a truly better society trying to help you out and make your work more effective and useful, not some rightwinger defending my hero, or something.

I have been mulling these thoughts over for awhile now, but was finally sparked to write listening Sat morning Nov 18 to your interview with Norman Solomon, in which he says (3:00) - 'running against a dangerous xenophobe' - and this, like pretty much all of the other calumnies directed against Trump by all you folks on 'the progressive left', is simply not true, quite demonstrably so by anyone who does even a minimum of **rational** independent analysis rather than getting 'talking points' from the corporate press's yearlong full spectrum relentless demonisation of Trump, and I find it increasingly difficult to try to understand how so many of you apparently pretty smart and experienced people who are supposed to be providing intelligent and thoughtful 'alternatives' to this corporate propaganda media can be so far off base about something so important in trying to understand what is happening to our world and western English society today (as an English Canadian, who does not speak any other European language, my 'primary' research these last 35 years or so has been confined to English things, which is basically fine, a good part of my research has been trying to get a grip on 'my' history, and the history of 'my' country and its western European roots, which is mostly English, to 'inform' my understanding of what is currently, and for the last few decades has been, happening). And, very disappointingly, the only place that kind of query leads is that you are being very adroitly manipulated by our real and very, very clever and able enemy (not Trump), obviously well-versed in the wisdoms of Sun Tzu and other such strategists, to actually help that enemy achieve their goals, and keep you running around in helpless, hopeless, often somewhat hysterical circles, wasting so much time and effort fighting chimeras dragged in front of you like the proverbial red herrings in front of whoever.

Let me repeat before you g-file me, please don't - this is not a 'defense' of Trump, I'm no particular fan of his, although he does have some good points that you can't really deny once you start doing some 'honest' analysis, it's a very serious **Please wake up!!** call to all you supposedly 'good guys' people leading the fight against 'the deep state', to take back control of your brains, to get your analysis back on track, and get refocused on our real enemy, and doing the things we need to do to challenge that enemy with any hope of success.

So let me repeat - Please listen -

Trump is not the enemy!

- and when you devote so much attention to watching and criticizing and fighting every little thing he does, your/our **real** enemy is carrying on solidifying their hold over our countries (and minds), and every day they delay a real resistance from forming and coalescing is a day closer to the day they win forever, and we lose forever, and none of us want to see that day, I am sure you agree.

What I want to say to you would take quite a long letter, so I will just do a short form here, with the assurance I would be very happy to address any 'yeabut!!'s you have in more detail - I just really want to get your attention here, and get you thinking outside the box you appear stuck in, to break down the main wall of your problem, the big 'We hate and oppose everything Trump does he's the most evil man ever to be president of the United States and our first duty is to get rid of him by any means possible!!!!' filter that all 'trump haters' have been conditioned to put everything to do with Trump through, completely disengaging their brains and any semblance of simple common sense like a pack of sharks maddened by blood lust or a gang of vindictive teenagers mercilessly attacking someone who has aroused their ire with every kind of lie they can think of - that is a huge decoy, and something you 'intelligent folk' on the true progressive left should never have been sucked into in the first place - but now that you are there, you really, really need to regain control of your brains and analysis, so you can get refocused on the true enemy.

Some of the important things you need to start thinking about:

For 'informative context background', just take a bit of rational, calm time and ask yourselves - where exactly have you have gotten all of your 'hateTrump the moron racist monster forever!!!' talking points from the last year? There is only one answer - from the mainstream corporate media! - a massive, massive propaganda degrade-and-destroy campaign waged by the very people whose endless lies you are supposed to have been trying to fight these last few years and decades. You should be able to see this, and think for yourselves about what they are up to, but they've overwhelmed you all this time (the only 'progressive lefty' place I can think of offhand which dismisses this 'hate Trump forever' nonsense and talks about the situation rationally is RTs Crosstalk (and they might balk at being labeled 'lefty', but they pretty much are ...), and gotten you on board with degrading and attempting to destroy the first person who has actually successfully challenged their power these last 30 years or so in our western English once-almost-democracies. Very impressive on their part, very troubling to see, from where I sit outside the box here, on yours.

I am sure you are just overflowing with either or both of 'No Way!!'s or kneejerk denial 'Yeabut!!!'s - let me just quickly address a few of the more obvious lies the corporate press has got all you supposed-to-be challengers-to-their-lies apparently believing:

Trump is the new Hitler bringing fascism to our great free America!!! - this is just too ridiculous, I am really surprised so many are falling for this - fascism has been quite openly growing in America since Reagan, and the gloves were pretty close to completely off under Bush II once they got their 'Homeland Security' police started, and Obama actually turned up the heat more with his attacks on whistleblowers and increased wars in the Mideast and militarizing the 'police' forces and etc etc - Trump just stepped into a job as the putative president of a country very firmly controlled by the very fascistic 'deep state', and has very little control over what really happens there - given time he might work on his promise to 'drain the swamp' of the elected puppets who do the bidding of this deep state, but it's a very uphill struggle, and with the rather perverse total condemnation of all those on the 'progressive' side who should be cheering him on in this very needed endeavor, it's a very odds-against struggle. (a question you might consider - if Trump is such an evil fascistic bastard, why are the deep state so intent on getting rid of him? As evil fascistic bastards themselves, undeniably, the deep state should be welcoming such a person with open arms and great support - actually, that is how they welcomed Hillary, who is such an evil person herself - evil attracts evil. And yet they hate Trump - why would one evil entity hate another? Actually, such evil people only hate 'good' people, people who want to challenge them - I think it is much more plausible to posit that the deep state hates Trump with such a blind passion because he truly is a threat to them, and truly would like to 'drain the swamp', which is another reason why people like you at TRNN, and any other true progressives, should be thinking a great deal more carefully about your analysis here...)

He's a horrible warmonger!! - really, America has been waging war on almost everyone since its beginnings a few hundred years ago - again, Trump just got elected to sit on the horse in front of the already marching everywhere army, but with essentially no real power to direct that army. And as far as his perhaps slightly stepped-up-a-bit rhetoric on North Korea and Iran - again, I should not have to remind you, he is not urging the US to go places nobody wants to go - I would suggest, after 30-40 years of militaristic deep state propaganda, that somewhere between 50 and 90% of Americans believe the crap he spouts about the 'terrible danger' from N Korea and Iran - this is the deep state in action carrying on as if elections never happened, not some new horror instigated by the monster Trump, and if you are going to wage successful war, you go for the head of the snake, not the decoy it is waving around to distract you. (and let me quickly add another thing you probably have not thought of - most Americans believe this crap about 'Russian aggression' and other countries 'hating America because of their freedoms' - Trump, as a wealthy New York businessman, was brought up in the same propaganda and probably believes a lot of it himself, so is not actually lying when he does this warmongering - but you can be 100% sure that the Bushes and Clintons and anyone else working for/with the deep state are lying through their teeth when they say such things ....)

He's a xenophobe!!! - again, I'm sorry to be a bit insulting, but it's a wakeup call after all - you behave like Orwellian proles regurgitating whatever talking points crap Big Brother tells you to regurgitate, ramped up for the uncritical brain by their sponsored full spectrum corporate press hysteria - Trump says over and over again, very clearly, his quarrels are with (a) **ILLEGAL** aliens who are criminals, and terrorists - I just can't imagine what the problem is here, and you folks need to drop the hysterical nonsense about how this means he hates all aliens, and engage calmly with some facts - obviously many people disagree with his stance on these issues, and that's where rational debate should be engaged, not constant, untrue hysterical demonisations and obviously false accusations that do nothing except rile up the masses on both sides to fighting instead of talking, and certainly giving him no incentive to try to talk to you. He may be promoting some measures a bit more extreme than you favor, but to leap off the deep end and accuse him of xenophobia just stops any discussion before it starts - which is, no doubt, the very purpose of the deepstate-sponsored and promoted false narrative about this spread by, again, that corporate propaganda media which is very clearly the secretariat of the deep state - leading to -

Trump is trying to shut down the free press!!! - again, you folks in the 'progressive claim-to-be-intelligent' alt media ought to be able to parse this a bit - a lot - more intelligently, rather than jumping on the bandwagon of the corporate press Trump hysteria. When Trump accuses the corporate media of 'fake news' - for gods sake, you people, he's just stating a fact, a fact that no politician has dared say for decades! - and a **fact** that you in the 'alt left media' ought to clearly understand! - these people **have** been spouting fake news for decades, from the wonders of 'free trade' back in the 80s through the incubator babies PR stunt and mass graves of Milosevic in the 90s through Saddam's WMD and Assad 'gassing his own people' and the utterly stupid for real brainwashed morons of 'Russian aggression' and on and on and on - the people Trump is accusing of fake news *are* very clearly and demonstrably doing 'fake news', and have been for decades - he's telling the truth, stating a fact!!!! - of course the 'fake news' media of CNN, NYT, NBC, Guardian, CBC (Canada) etc etc are very unhappy he is calling them out, and respond by even more fake news as they accuse him of trying to stifle free speech etc, but he is doing no such thing - and I find it as puzzling and troubling as anything that you people at TRNN and elsewhere seem unable to see beyond your deep hate-Trump hysteria to this undeniable and clear truth, and are sticking up for CNN et al and attacking Trump on yet one more highly untrue claim rather than giving Trump a big and thankful kudos for daring to say a truth no US politician has dared to say for decades (alright, you might be able to point to a very small number of honorable exceptions, but certainly no high-ranking US pol, and none with the media reach of Trump)

- and on and on - the accusations that he is a misogynist are equally stupid and easily proven so and hardly worth getting into, and the accusations he is some kind of low-intelligence playboy also - look at his life, his accomplishments - whether you like him or not, you cannot honestly deny his accomplishments, the buildings he has built, his success as a business entrepreneur in probably the toughest competitive market in the world, Manhattan - again, let me remind you, I speak not as a sycophant of some sort just someone trying to understand my world so I can help fight to make it better, and to do that, learning long ago I cannot trust the corporate media for information I learned to check out things myself and found out a lot about Trump CNN is not going to tell you - but any honest person who has done a bit of this research has to admit to a degree of admiration for his accomplishments, and success. And before you go running off into another tangent about the financial damage 'his ilk' have wrought in America, again, no - the financial damage has been done by the predatory financial capitalists on Wall St, whose 'business' is speculation and lies and corruption and destruction in pursuit of profit - Trump is not part of that crowd, although he may have had to 'do business' with them sometimes - he has been, as I said, a builder of some very impressive infrastructure in the US, while the Wall St gang are pure criminals, no building only destruction (while I am on the topic - think about Clinton, and the entire Democratic party since the first Clinton in the 90s, hand in hand with the Republicans since Reagan, or go back to Johnson and Nixon if you like - the only thing the Clintons have built is a great criminal empire for themselves, massively corrupting the US government in the process - and in a larger sense, aside from 'building' a very powerful Wall St for financial predators to rule the world from, they have been all about destruction, starting with the Iraq sanctions and bombing of Belgrade in the 1990s and moving through the destruction of Libya - clearly a Hillary project - and Syria more recently, destabilizing the entire Middle East and creating chaos, death and destruction spreading through Europe via the immigration 'crisis' - while Trump was building things. And get this on the table as one of the great, to date, unrecognized accomplishments, by most people, of Trump - single handedly, against the massed resistance and fierce lying attacks of the greatest power in the world, the American Establishment, and their equally powerful propaganda media, took away one of the great prizes of the deep state cabal, the US presidency - who were very, very shocked at his victory over them and remain very, very pissed about this, regardless of how they seem to have brought him at least somewhat to heel, although that whole story is far from over, I think. And that you in the supposedly 'alt left' press cannot see any of this, but instead join the deep state in their demand to get rid of this challenger to their power, and portray him as some kind of racist, misogynistic, moronic Hitler, is about as faulty as analysis can get. Such terribly faulty analysis, in a battle against a very powerful, very ruthless enemy, is a very, very dangerous thing. (we might note - few things are more nastily vindictive than a bully who has been challenged and defeated by someone they had spent a lot of time mocking, and the US deep state is nothing if not one of the greatest bullies of all time, and they were unexpectedly challenged, and defeated, by Trump, whom they spent a lot of time mocking during the 18 months or so leading to the election - and boy are they very, very pissed, and very, very vindictive, and showing it .. I find it so puzzling that you on the 'progressive' left are so sucked in to the deep state propaganda machine you cannot see any of what I write here)

Which leads on to a very brief more general discussion of who we/you need to start thinking about and recognizing as your 'true enemy', and who the wider circle of your true friends are, that you should be trying to create partnerships with, rather than dismissing as a great gang of rightwing crazy deplorables.

Another kind of tragic irony - pretty much all of the terrible things you accuse Trump of in your ongoing demonisation have actually been created and fostered by the deep state, and it is more disquieting signs of your failure to analyse what is going on here intelligently that you so easily fall into the 'blame Trump for everything wrong today!!!' meme the corporate press has so successfully implanted in your brains, even when he is so obviously much closer to an innocent victim than any kind of perpetrator - another great kind of injustice powerful bullies excel in, blaming and punishing others for their sins. I think specifically of the rise of left-right violence in the US the last year - this is not Trump, for gods sake, this is the faux-left, driven by the corporate media again, telling everyone it is not only ok, it is their duty to violently protest everything Trump says or does, the man is so evil that anything goes. The riots around universities the last year, to give one example, are the faux-left attacking so-called 'right wing' speakers they are trying to deny a voice to - and the horrible irony of those trying to shut down free speech claiming they are 'protecting' free speech by denying 'nazis' the right to express their ideas is something you should be loudly protesting, not encouraging. I am very surprised, and very disappointed, you at TRNN and other supposedly 'more serious' progressive-lefty places let yourselves be completely sucked in by this stuff, resulting in a complete failure of your 'analysis' to be able to see through the corporate propaganda and get a grip on the 'real' serious stuff going on here - which is the ongoing takeover of our society by the 'deep state' (of which Trump is very much *not* a part).

Normon Solomon, and many others, are generally defending the Democratic Party, and thus the two-party system in the US - and this is so very wrong. I am sure Solomon is sincere in what he says - but like so many others raised in the US, completely brainwashed by the system, and unable to think serious thoughts about what is happening as he defends the party he has devoted his life to. Very, very obviously, for decades now, at least since the later 60s when the deep state got rid of the leaders of the serious opposition to their behind-the-scenes coup, the Kennedys, King, Malcolm X, others, the US has been a one-party state, with both Dems and Repubs controlled by Big Money in the US - it matters not who people vote for, the main policies of the deep state abide and advance. I watch Fox sometimes, as they have some decent analysis of the Clinton crime cartel and also non-hysterical non-demonizing coverage of what Trump is doing, and sure it is easy to say that rightwing Fox is full of rightwing loons - but the craziest rightwing loons are the ones promoting ever more American aggression around the world - and you get exactly the same type of people in the 'establishment (faux) liberal' media like the NYT and CNN, warmongers of the worst, most deranged type promoting American militarism all over the world and a 'hate hate hate!!!!!' attitude towards Russia - it does not matter what 'party' is in power, the militarism continues, the funneling of wealth to the top continues, the impoverishment and disempowerment of average Americans continues. Running to the Dems to get rid of Trump is just carrying on the old tweedledee-dum game they've been fooling everyone with for decades now - and you in the TRNN need to be fighting this, not enabling it. Trump actually promised to try to fight this, to 'drain the swamp' - and it's really discouraging to see all you people lining up with the deep state and their lies to stop him before he gets properly started - you should be welcoming his promise to fight the deep state that has been doing such terrible things for so many years, not joining them to degrade and destroy the first serious challenge they've faced in 50 years!

I hope you've read this far, I want to say one more very important thing about what you are doing in general.

What we really, really desperately need is a *true* alternative to both far left and far right mainstream media. We need an **honest** and courageous and insightful journalism based on high level analysis, that recognizes what I've said here - that the deep state wants people to fight among themselves so they do not get together to challenge and depose their true enemy, the ruling oligarchy, so these very, very clever rulers promote conflict, an endless number of ways to divide and conquer 'their' enemy, we the people, of which one of the prime divisions is the completely phony current 'left-right' divide. They encourage the belief among 'the right' through Fox and other places that all 'lefties' are 'social justice warriors' shutting down free speech, or 'socialists' who want to create a new Stalin-style Russia of poverty and oppression - and they ('liberal' aka-deepstate mainstream media) convince 'the left', which you seem to reflect to a disturbing extent recently, to think of everyone on 'the right' as card-carrying KKKers, or white supremacists, racists, xenophobes, misogynists, fascists, low-intelligence rednecks, which is very, very much *not* the way society really is, on either side. The extremists on both political perspectives do exist, but they are just that, a small but loud and very promoted gang of extremists, and do *not* reflect the great majority of average people, who are very capable of getting along together peacefully, if they had leaders - and a media - who encouraged such getting along rather than nurturing wildly false beliefs about 'the other side' (we do remember Clinton's 'basket of deplorables'?) and regarding them as some kind of alien life form for which the only solution is some kind of extermination. You at TRNN, and other 'progressive' sites, should be doing this kind of thing - putting forth the position that the extremists of both political persuasions are all agents of the deep state ramping up the tried and true 'divide and conquer' tactic, and are very much a minority compared to all rational people in normal working class America, or Canada, the center-left and center-right majority who used to get along fine with one another, and still could, and we have much more in common together than any of us have with any of the extremists on the far ends of the political spectrum.

Well, I'll leave it there, there's a great deal more that I could say to explain all of that above, but this is way longer than most people care to read already in these twitter-dominated days, and if that doesn't at least start the process of helping you get off the corporate media 'hate trump forever' stupid bandwagon and back to some more useful and intelligent analysis of what's going on today, I guess nothing else I could say would do any better. But I'd be happy to answer any 'yea but' questions you have, if you have any, as I said earlier.

So good night and good luck, as another who dared question and think 'outside the box', said in another somewhat similar situation -

Dave Patterson
Canada, Thailand,
and most importantly of all, my 'vision' for a better world - Green Island
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