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In the 60s we were a few short steps away from the dream of democratic peace and prosperity our ancestors had fought for for centuries - and here we are as the first decade of the 21st century stumbles to an end on the edge of the abyss with nothing but grim in sight as chaos and turmoil threaten from all sides - what happened cover

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Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.
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The Short Form
The Problem
Democracy is very nearly dead in Canada. I explain this in some detail elsewhere, if you're not already willing to acknowledge this, although if you're reading this it would indicate you have at least been wondering. Sure we have the framework of a democracy, but when the system is essentially rigged so that a minority of powerful and wealthy people manage to control the government, and do things most Canadians do not want done year after year after decade after decade, the situation makes a mockery of the idea of a real 'democracy', controlled by, and more importantly for, 'we the people'. The situation is a bit puzzling, as a central part of the problem is that most Canadians do not approve of the dismantling of our country that has been ongoing for the last 25+ years, but although we have a 'free' 'alternative media publishing commentary opposing most of what the NWO-ers are doing, and a political party, the NDP, which seems to support the same values as most Canadians, the 'majority' voice is continually sidelined in our Houses of government, as the ~20% support for the new feudalist elite is somehow dominating everything, and the majority will is denied.

The situation is urgent, the case for which I make in longer form in Democratic Revolution - now or never and the earlier essay What Happened? - we've been going downhill, regressing, for the last 30 years or so, nothing appears to be improving or offering any hope, and the ultimate goal seems clearly to be the complete impoverishment of 'our' country, as we see happening in various countries in Europe, and the unpayable 'debt' of the US, and 'our' own half-trillion dollar 'debt' that we have had for 25+ years now and can never realistically be paid back although we have paid double that amount in 'service charges' and continue to devote a major part of the national and provincial budgets to each year and the governments continue to cut and cut and cut in its name, making the rich richer and everyone else poorer - and the argument seems quite compelling that 'the powers that be' are indeed in the process of establishing a kind of new feudalism, in which a handful of 'nobility' living in great wealth rule a great mass of powerless, impoverished peasants chained to debt, who slave their lives away in service of the opulent lifestyles of the rulers, dumbed down and apathesized to the point they don't really understand what is happening, and have little or no desire or ability to resist the debt-servitude world that is being constructed around us all.

The problem seems to be centered around the apparent inability of our non-elite leaders, those who represent the interests of 'average' Canadians rather than the wealthy elite who are imposing this new fedualism, to organise any effective democratic resistance to the takeover of our country, a resistance that is obviously wished for by most Canadians. This failure is, again, I hardly need point out, not a trivial thing, and that our 'we the people' leaders have been so impotent for so long is a very troublesome thing, as the few are leading, coercing, really, the many deeper and deeper into a future most do not not wish, and is not at all necessary. Any wider understanding of life, and history, makes it very clear that it is far, far easier to take the necessary steps to prevent any impending disaster than to try to put something back together after it has been broken - in a power sense, it is far easier to stand tall and strong and determined and prevent chains from being put on a people, than to try to remove them later, with armed guards ready to quickly terminate any limited resistance that is offered. It would have been very easy for an alert crew to avoid an iceberg some 100 years ago - restoring the massive loss of property and life and the great dream that was lost due to that carelessness was impossible, and the ship itself will never be recovered.

And so it is with this Democracy our ancestors fought for for so long, in western English lands going back to the time of Runymede - this centuries-long struggle of many generations came very close to fruition in the 60s and 70s - but here we are now, 30-40 years later, after a very powerful reactionary movement to resist and drive back this dream, with the current generations are as close to losing it completely as our parents and grandparents wer to achieving it. If we allow this to happen, if we allow this almost-democracy to be destroyed, our descendants will again, some day when their burdens become too onerous and some strong leaders appear, have to start again at square one, trying to replace a powerful feudal system with a democracy - one slow, very hard fought, very expensive in terms of human suffering step at a time, every step won only, as with our own ancestors, with great loss and hardship, with no end in sight.

We still have a chance to prevent that fall - if we see the danger, and act to prevent it.

The Plan
Thus the dream/plan is in two steps - first, we need to have a think about why 'we the people' cannot get mobilised enough to stop this minority takeover and destruction of *our* frigging country and taking it 'back to the future' to a new dark ages.

And then, of course, we need to figure out some kind of plan to be a bit more effective in the future fighting these new feudalists than we have been in the recent past. We've spent far too much time dicking around ineffectively, and if we are serious about saving this dream of Democracy, which I suspect most people would prefer to the alternative being imposed during these years, we better get doing something a lot more effective than we've been doing, and very soon.

The Path I Understanding our situation: Why can't 'progressive' leaders mobilise the majority of Canadians who are unhappy with the minority rightwing takeover of the country?

But, I hear many complain, there is lot of opposition to the current neocon governments - we have big demonstrations, lots of 'alternative' media to keep us informed, many NGOs talking about the same things - and the NDP as an alternative party that seems to have more or less the same values as the majority of us to vote for! What's wrong with this? What more could we do?

Sure we have those things - and even more importantly, there's more of us, a lot more, than there are of 'neocons' and their supporters - so ...

The key question, I think, that nobody seems to be looking at is - since what the neocons are doing is opposed by most Canadians, and has been for most of the last 25 years, starting more or less openly with the FTA in 88 which was opposed by most Cdns but we got anyway, as with the NAFTA of the next 'election', if 'we' are represented so well by these things already, the NGOs, alternative media, the NDP - why are we continually going backwards? The country is supposedly a 'democracy', in which the majority rules, by definition, and if the 'leaders' and/or 'representatives' of this majority cannot organise and implement the will of a willing majority, especially when the changes being made are so destructive to and so disliked and opposed by most of that majority - what the hell is going on? You could figure a few years of 'getting their act together' or whatever once they realised how serious the situation was, but over 20 years of being unable to effectively harness and organise a willing majority, as a minority takes apart the country opposed by most of us? This is simply not acceptable.

And when we have an 'alt' media, NGOs, and a 'left-leaning' party who can offer nothing better than 'keep your chins up, more of the same!!!' - then it's time to start seriously wondering. About a lot of things.

We're dealing with very serious issues and very serious consequences here, allowing a small elite to take over ownership of our country, running up huge debts both personally and governmentally that are going to have to be dealt with, getting involved in a series of international war crimes that are also going to have to be dealt with some day, tanking our reputation around the world as we more and more appear to be barbarians in various ways with people who care about these things that is going to take time to get back - we have a lot of people who are very unhappy, and a lot of apparently competent leaders. Given the stakes, failure is not really an acceptable option here, I think - it's not like we're some small resistance challenging a huge, brutal dictatorial machine, we are a majority in a functioning democracy - so what the hell is going on that the minority keeps doing all these things we majority oppose?

At the very least, I would suggest, given this situation, we need to carefully examine 'our' 'progressive' leadership, and get some answers about why they are so impotent or ineffective. Again, it needs to be stressed, there's nothing trivial going on here - the usurpers in 'our' government are stealing trillions of dollars and dismantling 'our' democracy and institutions our ancestors fought lifetimes to get in place - and these things are being done against the will of the majority, as we and our 'alternative leaders' do nothing more than write crtical little articles on the alternative media, and hold some demonstrations which accomplish nothing.

And so the last few years it's been starting to become a bit nagging - what good is all of this 'opposition' actually doing? What good have these 'leaders' of we majority opposing the implementation of the NWO done during the last 25+ years to actually even slow them down, let alone accomplish what should be the main goal, and simply send them to the minority side of the room where THEY grumble while 'we the majority' run things as we want, as should be the case in a Democracy? Since anywhere between 60-90% of Canadians oppose most of what the NWO new feudalists are up to, depending on the particular activity - why aren't the leaders of this opposition, 'our' leaders be they NGOs or alternative media or political parties, all speaking for a solid majority of Canadians, far greater in number than the perennial ~20% supporting the rightwing takeover - led by very smart- and competent-appearing and sounding people, having more success in uniting this great majority of Canadians into a stronger movement that can assert the actual will of Canadians?

Oh, they're so strong, but we're doing our best!
Well, I suppose the main answer the 'devil's advocate' would throw out to this question of why we aren't doing better would be something like,"We're just fighting an incredibly strong enemy, and just need to keep the faith and keep following the leaders you acknowledge yourself are smart and competent." And no doubt our enemy is very strong, and very clever, and very ruthless in every way - but that answer, if thought about, is still not satisfactory - the question remains - in a 'democracy' where we are free to speak and share information and organise, why can't we organise the solid majority which is unhappy with the current direction our country is taking, and has been for 30 years, to democratically defeat a highly unpopular political movement? Or to turn the question on its head - the neocon new-feudalist movement is an admitted minority, yet they are able to dominate the majority - what are they doing that we are not, aside from the money and control of the media?

When you start to think about the question - *really* thinking, as in thinking about things other than what our 'progressive' leaders and the mainstream alternative media want you thinking about - you start going some places that make you wonder. A lot. Places and things that are never talked about by these people supposed to be leading us - the NDP, the 'alternative' media, leading NGOs.

Maybe there's another explanation... et tu, Brute
Let me throw a couple of ideas out.

First, let us understand clearly that we are in a war here, a war for control of our democracy. We are being attacked by a very, very clever, strong and determined enemy - but an enemy who has a couple of great weaknesses. First, they are few in number, compared to us - our enemy is a smallish group of people who think they deserve to rule us. They do not want anything like a 'real' democracy - they want some form of aristocracy, where a few very wealthy and powerful people control the masses - very much a modern feudalism. Their second great problem is that over the centuries of struggle since the earlier feudalism, our ancestors managed to create the dream of "Democracy", wherein 'we the people' ran our own country, with no great power over us, and actually made some pretty serious advances towards exactly such a place, with plutocratic forces very largely fought to almost a standoff or draw back around 1970. The dream of that democracy, that democratic ideal, persists, and modern Canadians believe in Democracy, and would not easily be persuaded to go back to some form of aristocracy, or feudalism.

But strong and clever predators do not give up so easily - they just look for ways to accomplish their goals. They have had lots of help over the centuries, from people with great ability in warlike things passing on the things they learned, from Sun Tzu in ancient China through the Greek and Roman warrior-kings through the political strategies of Machiavelli and on down through more modern shapers of the public will and opinion such as Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays early in the last century. The modern wouldbe-elite have learned from all, and many more. Direct weapons such as violence and force and intimidation have always been central to predator control, and criminal weapons such as fraud and theft and trickery - and in the age of modern 'democracy', more subtle, and highly effective, measures have been developed also, which are the main problem today - weapons of deception, of mass psychology and shaping public opinion, of which the mainstream media are a central part, as at least a few are starting to understand, with their spin and gatekeeping.

We on the 'progressive' side of things, the democratic side, seem unaware of such strategies. And when you put a group of determined, well-trained, highly experienced, ruthless, intelligent professionals who recognize no 'rules' other than 'last man standing wins' into a ring with a bunch of well-meaning but ill-trained kids with no understanding of the weapons the pros will be using but think we'll all play nicely and fairly and may the best woman win, the result is a foregone conclusion. Pixar and Disney do nice cartoons where nice underdogs, playing by 'the rules' triumph over unbelieveable odds and nasty, lying, sneaky bad guys, but Pixar and Disney aren't writing our real history. Although they are, of course, encouraging people to think that all they need to do is grit their teeth and think really really REALLY good thoughts, and all will be well. The predators love it when 'average people' behave as if they're in a Pixar cartoon.

Which is, in itself, when you think of it, something our 'leaders' might be asked about sometime, why they don't talk a bit more about the unethical tactics of the capitalists they/we are fighting - not to get us to do the same thing, but so we can fight more effectively against them. (and to be clear, I do not believe or suggest that 'progressives' should adopt the weapons of deception and violence of the wouldbe new feudalists - but it is of great importance we understand that these things are being used against us, and take whatever measures we can and need to to counter them effectively, whilst still remaining on the 'high road'. I believe a society founded on violence and deception will inevitably be a society of violence and lies - if we wish a society of democracy and trust, then our struggle must be based on these values - but we will be fighting those who use violence and deception, which can be powerful weapons if we leave them to operate unchallenged. One would suppose, of course, if our leaders, or their close advisors, were indeed working for 'the enemy' and naturally did not want 'the members' becoming aware of this, they wouldn't encourage such 'realpolitik' thinking ...)

Then after than brief intro, let me throw this out.

Most of us on the 'progressive' side of things have a fairly good liberal education, and some familiarity with history - thus should be well aware of things like who Ceasar's greatest enemy turned out to be - his closest and most trusted advisor. The idea of placing someone high in the enemy power structure to lead them astray in one way or another is not a new one. And we can be very sure the usurpers of 'our' country are very clever people, people whose goal is power through any means fair or foul, who would have no compunctions about doing such a thing. We need to understand clearly that capitalists are predators - and predators do not recognize anything that might be confused with 'fair play' - to a predator, to a capitalist, to a criminal, the only thing that matters is outcome - who is left standing at the end of the day, who is running the country, in the particular case here. Tricking your enemy into wasting their resources chasing down deadend canyons is a very useful strategy to anyone facing a superior (in numbers) force, as the handful of usurpers would well understand.

And isn't that a large part of the reason, if not the entire main reason, 'we the majority' are not running the country now and the last couple of decades, as we should be? That the actions that have been taken to organise our majority opposition to the minority running our country the way they want, and we don't, have been, at best, sadly incompetent the last 20 years?

Thus, if such infiltration had occurred, we would have the situation of a very large number of well-meaning people, representing a solid majority of people in our country, ready to fight with determination for a better country - but with some trusted and influential people working to divert as much as possible of this energy, money and time into harmless (for the usurpers) channels. Which would, I would suggest, go a long ways towards explaining 20+ years of things getting worse and worse instead of better, as a rational observer would think they surely would be if we were able to mobilize the majority of people in this country who oppose most of what is happening into some kind of concerted democratic action against these usurpers who have taken over our country.

Seen through such a lens, the reason the efforts of all of these well-meaning people are not more successful with their fighting for change starts to take on a new look - it is that they are not actually doing much organising at all of things that might effectively replace the minority/majority (minority support, majority seats in rigged electoral system) neocon governments (both Libs and Cons are, of course, representing the Bay St neo-feudalists) with a majority 'social democratic' government, but spinning their wheels with much smoke but no useful outcomes in terms of getting some kind of actual 'democracy' here - the real organising is left to the NWO party (via its two main branches, the Libs and Cons, which alternate to maintain the appearance of choice and 'democracy' - the rulers don't really care which of them is 'in power', as they control them both).

Why current efforts are less than helpful, and what we should be doing
Well, I am sure some of that is not entirely clear - but before I get into what we *should* be doing to be more effective in getting rid of these neocon new feudalists, and restore the rule of Democracy here, let me briefly explain why I think the current efforts are 'wheel-spinning' rather than useful.

The NGOs and 'alternative' media are quite focused on two things, both with much smoke and fire and energy, and basically no progress at all towards taking steps to a real democracy - criticising what the rulers get up to, and then organising 'demonstrations' of various sorts, spending much time and effort and money on such things, including all of the talking them up before and after.

Alternative media seem good, with their ongoing presentations of 'alternative' commentary as to what the rulers are up to - but a bit of thinking (thinking never thought in the 'alt' media itself) also leads to a couple of crucial problems even here. First, the great bulk of the writing is 'preaching to the choir', as they say - most Canadians are not reading 'alternative' websites where these stories are featured, and most Canadians are not spending time making smoke and noise at the many demonstrations - thus these things take up much time of those who are already desirous of change, and they can wander around patting each other the back self-righteously without having any useful impact on those who accept the system as it is, for whatever reasons. And more importantly, these accepted 'alt' media sites function as gatekeepers for the rulers in a couple of key places - the 'mainstream' alternative sites, which their 'progressive' readers look to for guidance, simply do not talk about the key issue facing us, the money supply issue as explained earlier, and by so refusing, they lead their readers/followers to accept that this is not an important issue - which is, of course, very good for those using this fraud and weapon to control things. We are *never* going to free ourselves from the debt-slavery chains, or expose the fraud of how they are stealing our society, if people do not understand this key issue. You have to think - if you were one of the usurpers, this is one of the key issues you would be doing your best to keep from the citizens. And that the so-called 'alternative' media are doing so indicates quite clearly, to me, that they are being controlled by hostile forces. And the mainstream 'alternative' media are also gatekeeping the official 911 story, which is obviously absurd, but is widely believed because most citizens get most of their info from the mainstream media, which lies and gatedeeps egregiously about the 911 story, as about the money supply issue, and when the so-called 'alternative; media is following the same gatekeeping path, it is a very serious problem for people really desiring change.

And then the other main 'tool' of the leaders of the 'progressives' - demonstrations. These are very catchy show pieces, covered by the mainstreame media in gory detail - but when you get right down to nuts and bolts, what good does a demonstration do? What changes have resulted over the last 20 years of often very large and well-publicized demonstrations? There is a strong argument to be made that actually, most of them are more harmful than useful, in the longer perspective, as they eat up a lot of time and resources in what is ultimately nothing more than a 'big smoke no fire' undertaking - and also they give the rulers the chance to use their mainstream media to spread 'false news' to the majority of citizens who still believe the mainstream media about who the demonstrators are, and what they are doing, which has the effect of losing at least as much, and probably more, support than is gained for whatever is being protested. (and another clue, a 'deeper analysis' sort of thing - it should always be remembered that the mainstream media is a corporate-controlled media, and their primary function is propaganda supporting the new feudalist objectives - if the corporate media does not want Canadians thinking or knowing about something, they simply do not cover it (the money supply fraud/scam), or find ways to marginalise it if others do manage to bring it into the public sphere through the internet (the absurd offical 911 conspiracy theory) - thus the logical deduction can be made that when the mainstream media covers a demonstration (or anything else initated by 'progressives'), they find it useful to *their* interests for some reason (i.e. telling 'average' Cdns watching their tvs how the demonstrators are just violent anarchists, and demonstrating how the 'authorities' are ready and willing to use violence to suppress such demonstrations, violence which most Cdns have been raised to wish to avoid), and a chance to get a gang of "experts" supporting whatever it is the demonstrators are protesting to tell 'serious' Canadians that the demonstrators are actually wrong, etc etc ... another instance of the clever and ruthless leading the naieve around, the sophisticated city slickers cleverly conning the simple-minded rubes ... this is not meant as an insult to well-meaning but somewhat idealistic adults fighting for a better Canada, just a reminder that 'the game of thrones' is a very serious business for those engaging in it, and when you have a bunch of amateurs challenging the professionals, you're playing in the deep end of the pool and need to understand this is not a highschool wrestling match with gentlemanly rules of honesty and good sportsmanship, a detail few progressives really seem to 'get', which, again, is never talked about by the 'alt' media, leading to the conclusion that great amounts of smoke and noise with no effective substance is just fine with the people in charge ... )

All a demonstration is, is a form of petitioning the masters, gathering in a mob to protest something. And it should be very, very clear by now that the new undemocratic forces which have taken over 'our' governments don't really much care what the masses think or want. But such things as demonstrations or petitioning are great, for them (the rulers) - as noted, they take up a lot of time and effort, and maintain to some extent the fiction that we have a 'democracy', in which you are free to do this - obviously, in 'totalitarian' countries, you don't even have the freedom to demonstrate or petition the masters, as the police work very hard to violently break up such things - you know, like in Toronto last year, or Quebec or Vancouver or other places in the recent past. Oh, wait a minute, but democracies aren't like that ... well, let's not go there right now, at least they're not shooting everyone with 'real' bullets yet, like in some countries. But in a 'democracy', anyway, you are sort of free to do such things. Even if they don't do any good other than convince a lot of people that demonstrating is not necessarily a good idea, if you don't care for violence etc.

But we have the NDP..
Insofar as there is a point to the demonstrations and writings in the 'alt' media, it seems to be to get Canadians to vote for the NDP, as it is quite widely recognized that both the Liberals and Conservatives are parties of the establishment, taking orders from the moneyed elite in the country, a tweedle-dee-dum switching back and forth of 'power', but with no change in the big-ticket policy things.

There are, unfortunately, some problems here also, for those observing from outside the box who have not drunk the 'the NDP is the hope for Canada!!' koolaid and blindly follow and support the party.

Most notably, to summarize, what exactly have the NDP done the last 25 years beyond talk a great show that makes anyone think they would do anything different than the Libs or Cons if they actually got in power? And why aren't they in power, as the party most closely talking the talk of the majority of Canadians? Sure, you can hold up the mainstream media with their dismissive claims of the NDPO as 'socialist!' as a big part of the problem - but that excuse gets a bit thin after awhile also. If you cannot, in a democracy with the freedom to meet who you wish and publish what you want, especially with the internet the last 15 years, to continually say that even though you speak for a majority of Canadians, you cannot convince them to vote for you because the media constantly oppose you, at the very, very least indicates you are doing something pretty wrong and should be looking for more competent leadership.

Historical context reminder, clarification : The current NDP is not the old NDP, although, as with our purloined democracy, there are those who wish the past 'good times' to be thought of rather than the current not-so-good times. The NDP of Tommy Douglas was a much more vocal and radical NDP, as Douglas was very open and very clear and vocal in his identification of capitalism as the enemy of democracy and true progress towards a better society and world. The NDP, in the 'good ol days' of Tommy Douglas, were indeed very visibly and openly fighting for an end to the exploitations of capitalism, and people who wanted change were joining an organisation truly committed to change. However, during the 70s, things began changing, as the NWO people began a serious operation to stop democracy, and drive back the advances made to that point (something else never talked about in even the 'alt' press, but I've taken a bit of a go at it in various places, such as The Corporate Reactionary Revolution - as the old guy said, you gotta understand history if you want to avoid simply repeating it in endless circles, which so few people actually seem to understand, and keep wandering around in those circles), and during this period the NDP morphed from a party opposing capitalism to a party which seemed to think that capitalism was ok, but it just needeed to be 'regulated' properly so it was kind of 'friendly' capitalism, 'capitalism light', or something. Capitalism is not ok - capitalism is a financial system based on exploiting the workers and looting everything, to create a heirarchy of a few very wealthy people at the top and a lot of poor and powerless workers at the bottom. As noted earlier, the predator-capitalists who have taken over our society understand they are fewer in number than those of us who wish a democracy, and thus they use weapons of deceit a great deal to stop most people from understanding what they are really up to - thus the somewhat bizarre belief of so many people that capitalism is really great for everybody! Capitalism is surely great for the capitalists, those with great amounts of 'excess' wealth they have stolen from the people who produced that wealth, but not so great from the people being stolen from. A bit more history would perhaps help these people understand that although the Canada the capitalist predators are taking over is a quite good country, and has been better in the recent past - this is not 'because' of capitalism, as they somehow have made people believe, but *in spite of!!* capitalism, as the capitalists have fought tooth and nail against every social program that has helped make the country great, and have been actively doing their best to dismantle it for the last 30 years - most people oppose the dismantling, but still have this completely contradictory idea in their head that somehow capitalism is great! And it is, I would suggest, another strong indication that the 'progresive' movement is being heavily influenced by people working for our enemy who do NOT want people clearly understanding what capitalism is all about, and keep any discussion of this very muted at best, when it should be front and center.

At which point, then, another reminder of what I pointed out before - infiltraitors in high places whose job is to keep the faithful doing what they do, beavering away with lots of time and money and energy expended, but doing it ineffectively. People placed in high-level, influential positions in organisations supposedly opposing the usurpers for the very purpose of diverting those organisations into harmless places. You do not need many such people, just a few effective ones, in both high places and among the faithful, who can stop or divert just a couple of key discussions they do not want to happen or derail them through various well-established rhetorical strategies (read the controversial discussion lists on Rabble (i.e. the 911 discussions that show up now and then, or at least used to before they banned me, or the threads promoting PR, two things the rulers wish to keep controlled, and do ...) for some very illuminating lessons on derailing strategies, once you know to watch for them... the name-calling, the straw dogs, the cherry-picking irrelevant points from long discussions, the refusal to acknowledge strengths in positions they want to derail, etc etc - a bit of a discussion of it here Trolling Tactics), and largely ensure that any activities that do take place are, in the end, equally harmless. We have as yet no names for such people, but we have two options here - either the upper level people of 'our' alternative organisations are well-meaning but sadly incompetent, even after 25 years of fighting and talking and strategizing - or there are many competent and well-meaning people, but they are cleverly being misled into places their work will not be effective.

Not effective despite much work, time, money and effort - exactly as we have been seeing the last 25 years, exactly as a Machiavellian enemy would try to arrange, if they could influence 'our' opposition.

I understand how offensive some people will find this idea - but I would ask again the central question - if your leaders are so effective and honest, and you have a very solid majority of the population to work with who are increasingly unhappy and angry with what the new feudalists have been doing to us all - what the hell is going on that this NWO stuff, with the support of barely 20% of the population for its policies, can dominate the government? You wouldn't even need to be that effective with that kind of majority support - on the contrary, a bit of thinking would suggest, it would take some clever handling to *avoid* running the government, with the support of far above 50% of the population. So why aren't 'we the democratic good guys' winning here? To throw up your hands in a huff, saying 'nobody here would do that!!, we're all nice people!' is just childish - we are in a very serious game here, with our country and lives at stake, and if we do not grow up enough to understand the tactics of the enemy, esp the illegal and immoral ones that we would not consider using ourselves as that is not the kind of society we want, then we have no chance whatsoever of winning. More or less as the enemy has arranged.

High level enemy infiltration would explain the impotence of the last 25 years pretty well, I would think, lots of smoke and noise, lots of feel-good stuff to keep the troops happy, but ultimately designed to fail.

The NDP is necessary, of course, under deep control of the enemy, this would be the place where they encourage people who do not support the Libs or Cons, for whatever reason, to go, to keep them from doing anything more dangerous like getting involved with some organisational strategies that might actually challenge the rulers in the only place it really counts - the parliament, by winning seats and speaking out about serious issues and demanding some serious, realistic and useful change.

Another aside - it is important to understand something else, in the modern neocon world - almost everybody gets their ideas of what is happening, and what is 'legitimate' opinion, from the mainstream media, including the sanctioned 'alternative' media - 'alt' media recognized by the mainstream media. In better days we could trust the media a bit, nowadays they are almost entirely corporate-controlled propaganda organs - but they have carefully maintained the falsehood that they are the 'reliable to be trusted' purveyors of 'news' in the modern world. 'Serious' people play in the sandbox designated by the media. Even 'alternative' media stay within the lines painted by the people who control the mainstream media - the 'alt' media may disagree with the 'mainstream' media about various issues, but the 'alt' media will not talk about something not being talked about by the mainstream media. For example, the money supply issue, or the idea that just maybe there are high level traitors within 'leftwing' political parties, or 'alternative' media, doing some highlevel gatekeeping to control the extent of 'legitimate' debate in the country, or the 'official story' of what happened on 911 - all potential 'game changer' issues, all issues which have one and only one allowed view from both mainstream and "alternative" media. Especially the money supply fraud - as I point out at length elsewhere (some others also) - if we do not control the money supply in our country, if we do not understand that 'our' movements are being sabotaged from within, if we do not see that the very highest levels of both government and media are being run by criminals - then everything else does not matter - if we are spending all of our time and effort fighting the puppets, the puppet masters will never be challenged, let alone displaced. And fundamental to everything - whoever controls the money, controls the agenda, the media, the government, and the actions of the government. Not a theory, just a fact. But the 'progressive' parties and media never touch this. Only conclusion - they are being controlled in a 'this far and no farther' manner by the people who control the money.

Understanding that, recognizing that there just might be a few things of great importance we are not reading about in either of the mainstream medias whilst 'we' spend our time fighting things that seem very important such as climate change or protesting how the rich are not paying enough taxes, which would include the possibility of enemy subversion of our activities through high-level infiltration, we can go to the perhaps shocking idea that:

The NDP have actually helped solidify the NWO and the usurpation of the last 25 years, if you look between the lines a bit. I would not want to accuse anyone of anything without some evidence, but some things just have to make you wonder a bit, or a lot. For example, Ed Broadbent (who may, of course, been simply acting on the advice of some highly trusted advisor..).

Remember, Brutus was the most trusted advisor of Ceasar; imagine the shocked outrage around the dinner table if some peasant wandered in and said that Brutus was going to betray Ceasar!! Recall the shocked disbelief in the story of Jesus, when he said one of his trusted followers would betray him. There are many stories of spies working their way into high places and betraying whoever they were working for - these things happen, there are always weak links, weak links that the enemy of whoever will willingly exploit, and it is only the extremely naive who refuse to consider such things - or else the extremely clever, who are engaged in betrayal and naturally do not want those around them thinking dangerous thoughts.

If, in the case of a sovereign people, we consider political leaders our advisors, then the leader of the NDP would be 'our' closest advisor, certainly for most of us who eschew the mainline Lib and Con parties. The rulers here are not stupid, they have been perfecting their game for generations, and know both their Machiavelli and Sun Tzu well, and they are well aware that most Canadians are unhappy with the neo-feudalism being imposed, and would quickly turn to an alternative if they saw one they could believe in ... so, any person understanding Machiavellian principles, as the senior predators surely do very well - who better to effectively divert the efforts of the main opposition to the NWO and ensure the public does not go there than their very leader?! ... Who better to talk a great show, but take just a few carefully considered actions that will torpedo the central effectiveness whilst appearing to fight the good fight? theoden and wormwood ...It need not be the leader directly, but perhaps a very trusted, cunning and persuasive 'advisor' - Tolkien provides a very good lesson with Wormwood's control of Theoden, sitting helpless and hopeless as his country was overrun by their enemies - as the great majority of Canadians seem to be helpless and hopeless in the face of the current capitalist takeover, as our leaders appear unable to muster the great majority they speak for into some kind of useful and effective opposition.

The simple fact is that under the leadership of Ed Broadbent, the NDP opened the door to the official takeover of Canada by the NWOers when he helped Mulroney get his false FPTP-"majority" to sign the FTA, after which, we all recall the famous line, Canada was 'open for business' (AKA 'for sale to the highest bidder'). Broadbent and his NDP had options - even if Turner refused to cooperate, Broadbent and the NDP of that time, if they and he cared for Canada as much as they said they did, and were truly desirous of helping the majority of us who opposed this deal, stop it, could have unilaterally withdrawn NDP candidates from ridings where the Liberals and Cons were quite close, and the NDP far enough behind to ensure they were not going to win, to ensure that the Libs also opposing the FTA in that election got elected instead of the FTA-promoting Cons, thus decreasing the odds of what was a strong probability that actually happened - more Cdns opposed FTA than supported it, but because of the archaic FPTP voting system, the anti-FTA vote was split, and Mulroney got his "majority". For example. (clarity note - I am not accusing Mr Broadbent of anything, I have no evidence other than conjecture - just pointing out some things that people ought to consider as they wonder just why in the hell our what-should-be strong majority is continually losing to a minority in this country - it's not 'just' the FPTP voting system, for example, which could be worked around if needed, if we were serious about stopping the neocons. This is not a game with no serious consequences, come back tomorrow and better luck next time!!, this is very serious stuff, the difference between feudalism and democracy - our opponents obviously understand how serious it is, and are basically in 'no holds barred' mode, whilst progressives seem to wander around as if it doesn't really matter if we lose or not - it does. And who does that attitude favor, and why wouldn't our 'leaders' be a bit more creative and intelligent about the battle here?)

Or for another example, we all remember only too well what Bob Rae did in Ontario - the same Bob Rae who is now hoping to become the next 'Liberal' Prime Minister of NWO Canada, with the support of the business community - quite the change of colors (or not - his family has a long history with 'the aristocracy' of this country, which few people seem to understand, that 'history' thing again - it is what 'the rulers' do, and have throughout history for those who read and retain and ponder and understand such things, send the children in early adulthood to spend some years doing their duty somewhere, to learn the game and so on ...).

And then when the NDP get elected provincially, as they so sometimes, they have been deafening in their silence in terms of either promoting a better voting system (PR) or, much more importantly and tellingly, exposing the money supply scam/fraud - and if they won't even talk seriously about these things when in power at the provincial levels, there's certainly no likelihood they're going to get serious about them if elected nationally. The NDP may well be less harmful in the short term than the Libs or Cons, were they ever elected, in their role of 'capitalist with a smiling face' government, but if they are not going to tackle the very undemocratic nature of party politics in general, or the control of our society by the private businesses which control our money, then they are at best a lesser of evils option, and doing nothing more than delaying the inevitable a short time, or giving us the same medicine, but with a wee bit of sugar rather than the straight unsweetened koolaid.

We need only look to Tony Blair in England, or Clinton or Obama down south, or, for that matter, Bob Rae and his rather radical changes from pre-election promises to post-election actions to see some recent examples of what we could expect from an NDP government promising a 'great new world of hope!' - more of the same, as they suddenly 'discovered' that all their fine plans had to take a back seat to paying or otherwise dealing with the "terrible debts" we "foolish overspending Cdns!!" had incurred.

Lesser of evils should not be an acceptable goal at this time in our history and lives and struggle, given our advantage in numbers, and the importance of this struggle for not only ourselves, but the generations to follow - if we do not engage this beast now, and prevail, the future of debt-slavery in a new feudalist society, for god alone would know how many generations into the future, is almost a certainty. We can behave like the prisoner being led to the torture room, deny deny deny as long as possible - or we can face the grim future that awaits if we refuse to take what is happening seriously, and prepare and fight as best we can. Denial, running around creating a lot of noise whilst refusing to confront reality, are not fighting seriously.

(aside again, to be clear, as the trolls will be working hard on this should anyone start to even consider taking what I write here seriously - my statements here do NOT accuse every NDP member, or non-NDP progressive, of collusion with 'the enemy', or every person publishing alternative media or working for or writing for them - that would be ridiculous, as there are, as I have noted, a very large number of truly caring, engaged citizens trying to seriously do what must be done to take this country back from the new-feudalist usurpers. Only a handful of leaders, highly trusted and very clever with manipulating people, and a perhaps larger contingent of 'among the people' trolls spreading disunity and doubt as far as possible amongst the unsuspecting laity, need be in on this treason, and the trust of the membership in these leaders, along with the (carefully cultivated over decades by the mainstream media and 'education' system) lack of knowledge in most people of things like the money supply fraud perpetuated by the mainstream media and alternative media most people trust, and the somewhat naive 'oh my god we would NEVER question our leaders!!!' attitude, would be enough to keep the majority of the membership following along, thinking they are doing good, when they are, as noted, being led into various deadend alleys where all of their work will go for naught (which is yet another weakener of our effort - years of fruitless effort inevitably leads many to a sense of hopelessness, and they stop trying). There will of course also be low-level trolls among the membership, spreading dissent and divisiveness as they can also - we're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy et al, or the Canada we grew up in - we are in the land of the wicked witch and the New Government, and we need to be very very careful about who we trust, and very very careful to understand the true malevolence and power of our enemy, if we ever want to get back to Canada.)

And likewise the idea of looking to the mainstream 'alternative' media for help - primarily, in Canada, Rabble, Canadian Dimension, and CCPA, and to some extent smaller outlets like StaightGoods or Briarpatch - but apparently they all think that speaking to the choir with an endless stream of outrage at the actions of the NWO usurpers and directing whatever support for an 'alternative' solution there is to the NDP is all we need to, or can, do. The giveaway that they are controlled, at root, by the same people that control the mainstream media and the NDP is that they refuse to put the money supply issue, helping make people aware of the true and fundamental controlling power in this country and world, front and center, and that they do nothing about organising any true alternative to the capitalist government options offered by the mainstream (including NDP) people. It's also a pretty clear giveaway that they also gatekeep for the official story of 911, a blatantly obvious coverup for the greatest crime perhaps ever committed by a 'democratic' government against its people - and one of the primary walls of the Box these days, keeping people obedient to the imposition of the new feudalism, joining the groupthink created by 'honoring the 911 dead', and submitting to the 'anti-terrorist' measures justified by the official conspiracy theory. The reason so many people refuse to acknowledge the truth here is not entirely clear, but appears to be involved with simply a refusal to believe 'their' governments could ever do something so heinous - again, a childlike response which is extremely dangerous in these very dangerous times.

Well then - if the NDP isn't the answer - what is?
It seems to me we must have 'government' - if we simply try to say we will do without government because they do nothing but bad, as some think, then, as in the days before our ancestors started fighting for 'democracy' and self-rule, some type of predator-warlord will simply take over by violence, which I am sure nobody reading this wants to go back to. We will have government of some sort, so it would seem, if we want 'self-rule', then we must do what we must to ensure it is a government 'we' control democratically, and which has as one of its main functions a collective force stronger than the predators who will always be lurking around looking for any opportunity to seize power from an unsuspecting people - as they did in the 70s as our ancestors, apparently lulled into a false sense of security, became unvigilant. The democratic government, indeed, we are told we have now, but obviously do not. So it seems to me that our path is to 'retake' *our* government from those who have surreptitiously taken it over (the 'Silent Coup' as Tony Clarke and others have characterized it), and do what we must to ensure it functions in a truly democratic fashion, according to the wishes of a true majority of the citizens of the country, as decided after full and open debate of whatever issues need to be dealth with.

Sounds easy enough, but as people with any understanding of history - not something encouraged by our new masters - the struggle for Democracy against wouldbe feudal lords or robber barons or whatever you wish to call the current predators is never easy, never unopposed - and as noted above, our greatest weakness as people desiring Democracy is that we 'fight fairly', whilst those who wish to be omnipotent rulers acknowledge no rules other than whoever is left standing at the end of the day - or sitting in the halls of government - wins. Which is where they are now, doing as they wish, which includes first of all attempting to set chains in place which will prevent us from ever retaking our government.

But as long as we have the infrastructure of our democracy remaining, the more or less free elections, we can take back the country. What we need to do is expel the parties which are under the control of the usurpers, and send a slate of independent MPs to our governing House, MPs who are legally bound to do as the people who elected them tell them to do, rather than taking orders from their party HQ.

Sounds easy enough, in theory, but of course the major problem is that most people still believe we have a functioning democracy here, and electing people who speak for the people who elected them is exactly what happens. This belief is very deep, and maintained on a daily basis by the mainstream media, which is, of course, the major propaganda organ of those who have usurped our government and country.

So our job, then, is two-fold - first helping people understand that what is happening here in our country today is a false 'democracy' and that 'their' media are actually working against them, and then helping them understand how Democracy means much more than watching the tv news and voting every few years - Democracy actually means being involved on a daily basis on what is happening in your country, and making decisions in meetings with your fellow citizens, and through a true representative, communicating those decisions in a national assembly of some sort, which will then, with further deliberation and confirmation from the people, make laws and policies according to the true democratic will.

We are, certainly, a minority of voices, those of us who see somewhat clearly what is going on here as outlined above, how the apparent, mainstream-sanctioned opposition to the new feudalists is a sham designed to control and marginalise any true opposition that might be actually dangerous to them, very much in collusion with the mainstream media feeding Cdns a contstant dose of self-serving propaganda, and gatekeeping anything that might throw doubt on their story. The usurpers are pushing us back to the dark ages of feudal Lords and Serfs, or robber barons and mill towns, or 1984, or some combination of all these things in a 'modern' setting, and they control the popular media, including the so-called 'alternative' verions, and public mind, so well that they continue on this path with very little effective organised opposition, even as their successes against us all mount and unhappiness with what is becoming of our country grows daily. (the American writer/(real( jouranlist Sam Smith has a good comment on this in his Progressive Review - The Party's Over - Sam, one of the 'good' Americans that used to be so widespread in the country in the traditional good sense of thinkers like Paine and Jefferson and Twain and many others of honesty and hard work and fair play and community, has a lot of good things to say)

If we are to stop this implementation of a new world feudalism, we must, each and every one of us who sees what is really happening, get out there and actively engage the citizens of our country, to help them realise what is really happening despite the constant reassurances of the mainstream media that all is progressing as it should and must in this best of all possible worlds and the only job of the citizen is to passively watch their televisions for the latest 'news', and the 'alt' media preaching to the choir without organising any effective resistance, and the NDP really part of the problem rather than part of the solution, and get them to understand that we can only turn back this dire enemy if we work at it every day with minds freed from the propaganda they have buried us all in, until in the next election, or the one after that, *we the people* take *democratic*, legitimate control of *our* government with independent MPs who will speak for us in *our* government, and send the usurpers back under the rocks they came from (or a lot of them to Harper's new prisons, as the list of crimes they have committed over the last 30 years is long and terrible).

Convincing a lot of people that, indeed, the country is not a Democracy, and that most of the serious problems facing us could be much improved if we were a democracy under *our* control, will not be an easy undertaking. One of our main problems is the successful 'dumbing down' movement of the last 30 years which has given us a very large number of 'adults' with adolescent levels of intelligence, who mean well but are desperately uneducated in what is really happening here, who believe that 'having fun' is the main purpose of life, and that demonstrations will somehow convince the rulers to be nicer to them, and who avoid anything political because it is so obviously sleazy in its current manifestation. Another central problem we have to overcome is of course the current corporate control of the public mind, and the allegiance of so many to the NDP which seems dedicated to maintaining the status quo with nothing more substantive than a bit of shuffling of deck chairs and name tags and a few more shiny trinkets passed around to trick people into thinking something useful is being done.

Growing a movement
Our work will not be setting up one meeting and giving a little talk - it will take continuing work for the next 2-3-4 years, however long it takes. It can be done, I think, as many, many Cdns are well-intentioned and want a better place, and understand that what is happening currently with the NWO governments is not a good direction to be going in - but they have no real idea what is really happening, as they depend on the mainstream media, or even the mainstream alternative media, for their information - and all of the mainstream media is dedicated to keeping all of these people 'in the box', where the information they receive is designed to keep them from doing anything dangerous to the rulers, their actions are well-controlled, and any 'sanctioned' "protests" are also carefully designed to be of no danger to the existing order.

I think the process we need to follow will be to start with small meetings with people we know in our communities, explaining the money situation to them, the way the government is controlled of, by and for the elite in Canada, and how things could improve greatly under a true democratic government, controlling its own money supply.

People do not change well-entrenched beliefs quickly - we need to be ready to spend at least weeks and months and even years working with the people around us, as they slowly absorb our information, talk it over with their friends and acquaintances and slowly come to understand the lies they are currently living under and slowly become angry enough at the lies and theft and grow their own determination to start fighting for change. It is our work to help an ever growing number of them see clearly what is happening, and how they can make a difference by reclaiming their, and our, democracy, taking it back from the usurpers who have taken it over completely the last 30 years.

This will require a concurrent, very related step I have mentioned before -

delegitimizing the mainstream media, from which most people get their wrong ideas, such as that the country is a 'democracy' in fact, when it is a 'democracy' in name only.

The mainstream media is the main source of people's erroneous beliefs about what is happening in our country and world. When we have a media in service to the same money-power that supports this situation, it is equally obvious that the media - which is supposed to be a central institution in a real democracy, truly holding the people in government to account and telling citizens what they need to know about what is going on both nationally and in the world at large to enable them to make timely, informed decisions about what they think their country should be doing - is part of the problem rather than part of the solution. the don - hurry to the democracy chautauqua

The problem is, nobody is organising such a movement - yes, there are a number of independent candidates running in the country in every election, but they get no attention from the mainstream media, and they do not appear to be organised in any way nationally. The Green Island Democracy in Canada 2015 Plan is thus an attempt to talk to a lot of people in Canada, people who believe their government is out of their control and want to get it back, and to encourage a national movement to do that.

Some might argue we already have a lot of 'alternative' media websites and things like that in Canada, talking about the damage the current minimal-democracy 'democracy' is doing, and that is true, we do - but nobody is actually talking about organising to effect change - not top down change, which is proving pretty useless, but bottom-up change, change from We the People taking back 'our' democracy.