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In the 60s we were a few short steps away from the dream of democratic peace and prosperity our ancestors had fought for for centuries - and here we are as the first decade of the 21st century stumbles to an end on the edge of the abyss with nothing but grim in sight as chaos and turmoil threaten from all sides - what happened cover

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Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.
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Really .... Wha' that mamma?

(if you're wondering what the word means, a good description on wikipedia - it seems eminently suitable for what I would like to do here ...)

First, a word on 'why'.

Democracy is very nearly dead in Canada. I explain this in some detail elswhere, if you're not already willing to acknowledge this, although if you're reading this it would indicate you have at least been wondering. (or, of course, you're a troll of some kind assigned to drop by and try to disrupt things - we'll talk about dealing with you later. Shining a light on things that would prefer to live under rocks and push unsuspecting bystanders into the slimy muck is usually the best approach.)

Democracy is a good thing - the best kind of government (self-government) for most of us, most of the time. We've never really had 'democracy', but we were getting pretty close during the middle part of the last century - again, more detail here if you're interested in some thoughts about history you won't be reading in the mainstream media or getting told about in school.

Many in our counry believe that democracy is in a bit of trouble, but that if they just write letters to MPs and newspapers, or work for the NDP, things will get better.

I - and many others - don't believe this to be the case. The NDP talks a very good show, but only to a point, and I believe that if they ever did get power - unlikely at best - they would just turn into another Bob Rae disaster, suddenly finding that they didn't really want to make many changes at all, for one reason or another. There are various reasons I feel this way (I am not alone, but I wouldn't presume to speak for anyone else). For example, getting rid of the 'first past the post' voting system would give what little democracy remains in Canada a much better chance - but the support of the NDP for this is tepid at best - sure they mention it on the website, and if ever asked directly they make a postive comment (most of them) - but aside from that almost nothing, during or between elections. Little talk, less action is not how to get things done in politics.

But far more important is the money supply issue, that I talk about elsewhere, at length mostly in the What Happened? essay. That the NDP does not talk about this, and demand a more responsible (to 'we the people') money creation and control system, means that if they get elected, they will have exactly the same reasons the current governments do to do exactly the same things. The NDP might try to treat average people a bit better, and tax the wealthy a bit more (note operative word *might* here) - but if they do not change the power of the private banks to create and control money, nothing of substance is going to change.

And thus I feel a lot more years fighting for the NDP - and then if they ever do get elected finding they are actually no different than the Libs or Cons have been - would be about the last straw - people would just give up, which is exactly what our enemies - the new feudalists - want.

Better, I feel, to start fighting now for something we know we can control that has at least a chance of working. And that is independent MPs, who are legally committed through some kind of binding contract, to doing what the people in their riding tell them to do. For, of course, in the 'party system' which dominates Canadian politics, the party 'representative' can promise anything he or she likes during an election campaign, but once sitting in parliament, they take orders only from the party HQ, no matter which party it is. And we have seen MPs from every party go against the wishes of their constituents. This is not 'democracy'.

The problem is, nobody is organising such a movement - yes, there are a number of independent candidates running in the country in every election, but they get no attention from the mainstream media, and they do not appear to be organised in any way nationally. The GGIRSDC is thus an attempt to talk to a lot of people in Canada, people who believe their government is out of their control and want to get it back, and to encourage a national movement to do that.

Some might argue we already have a lot of 'alternative' media websites and things like that in Canada, talking about the damage the current minimal-democracy 'democracy' is doing, and that is true, we do - but nobody is actually talking about organising to effect change - not top down change, which is proving pretty useless, but bottom-up change, change from We the People taking back 'our' democracy.

Wouldbe kings of various sorts don't much like the idea of 'democracy', for obvious enough reasons, and have been fighting it for as long as people have resisted the idea of omnipotent rulers. The tide has ebbed and flowed in this struggle, but for a couple of thousand years, the forces of Democracy made steady gains in terms of having more and more autonomy - the kings still held power, but 'we the people' made it clear that there were some constraints on that power. It was kind of a stalemate - the kings were unhappy about any constraints at all, but there were, and are, a lot more 'we the people' than there are kings and their paid enforcers, and the 'stalemate' was kind of the line beyond which neither side pushed for more. The wouldbe kings have always managed to keep a sizable portion of influence, however, as one of the main characteristics of these wouldbe kings has been the ability to control large sums of money, and it has ever been true, in human socieities, that money is power - there are always, as well as wouldbe kings and honest citizens, a class of people who will do most anything to avoid honest work, and are easily bought to do criminal deeds by those with money to spare. Those who wouldbe kings are also pretty free from the normal constraints of most of us - we like to get along with one another, deal honestly with our fellow citizens in a civilized sort of community, and find violence in search of our goals to be something best avoided. The predator wouldbe kings have no such scruples - they have always used violence to attempt to gain and keep their kingdoms, and subterfuges involving bribery, theft, corruption and other things most normal citizens eschew is second nature to them. Which gives them a considerable advantage.

But -