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- The Endgame of the Greatest Looting in History: Prelude to Feudalism Redux

Dave Patterson, October 2010

This is what it all looks like to me, considering the last 40 years of our history. The great 'austerity' drive sweeping the world with little opposition in 2010 is actually the endgame of the greatest looting in the history of western civilization. Using artificially imposed, completely fraudulent, 'national debts' as an excuse, our thoroughly corrupt governments, working for wealthy and powerful people giving them their 'real' instructions behind the scenes, have, for the last 30 years, been selling off national assets (privatisation) and 'downsizing' citizen-oriented programs which were designed to support strong democracies (in times when strong democracies were the goal rather than the enemy) whilst turning over vast amounts of 'our' wealth to the wealthy classes in the name of 'servicing' these 'debts'. And through allowing commercial banks to create and control our money supply and manipulate that money for their benefit and our detriment, a number of boom-bust "business" cycles have been created since the 70s which have decimated and continue to attack the wealth of the middle class, which is further being systematically depleted through the systemic inflation which results when we pay interest on 'our' own money every year. The aim is the impoverisation of the most advanced modern democracies and the imposition of a kind of debt-peonage, the replacement of the current 'middle' classes with a new 'new world serf' class through the dumbing down and dividing of the citizens through debt and poverty and ignorance and fear and propaganda, and ultimately the imposition of a new feudal world order. And they've very nearly succeeded, barring some last minute awakening of the citizens of these countries to what is happening, and some kind of miraculous en masse rising up in protest to imprison all of these criminals and re-establish the drive for true democracy in our societies that our ancestors were engaged in until the current neocons declared the end of history and took over everything with, sadly, the approval of most citizens in these countries who had grown complacent and trusting of 'their' governments and media. The crimes of these usurpers are now more than evident, however, for those with eyes to see and brains to think, and most citizens understand that things are not as they seem - it is time we got rid of these criminals who have seized our democratic governments and turned them to purposes few approve of.

If you are thinking, if all that is really true, and it sounds at least plausible - maybe it is time to start asking some serious questions about what the hell is happening in our country - it's explained in more detail here - What Happened? . The current world economic meltdown is just the logical continuation of what has been happening in Canada with artificially imposed debt and the following measures - up to and including the current 'austerity' drive - justified in the name of dealing with this unnecessary burden, although with much more at stake, and thus much bigger, more powerful, and even less scrupulous criminals/human predators pushing it and covering it all up with things like the 'austerity' stories. It's time a lot more people in this country and elsewhere started realising what a great scam and fraud is really going on here economically, and started getting very pissed off at some very high level theft and other great crimes, and got out in the streets talking to your neighbors where democracy happens, and away from the mainstream media, especially the mind-numbing television, where 'nothing to worry about here citizen!!' happens, and thinking about taking our country back from the people who have stolen it, and are in the process of stealing everything else we own including what remnants are left of our once great Democracy. Maybe we could use some of Harper's new prisons for the rather large herd of people involved in this scam who really belong there.

If you're one of the large number of cynics we have in our modern society who think everything is a big joke, and you're too smart, too above it all, to get involved with distasteful or 'not fun!' things like politics or economics, and have an attitude that cynically mocking everything is the way to show you understand it all but are too cool to get involved, you're above it all - maybe you could rethink this attitude a bit or a lot, and why you are running from reality rather than engaging it with a view to making things better. You probably understand considerably less than you think, and might find it useful to consider the idea that you have been intentionally and successfully persuaded to turn away from the things that matter in this country, to sit idly by as everything the previous generations worked for is stolen around you, as that is exactly the kind of disengaged 'citizen' they have been trying to create with their propaganda and dumbing down and all of the things they feed you in the media to get you to focus on hubristic fun-seeking shallowness the last 30-40 years - leaving the important stuff to the people who really want to run the country. Your bitterness at the grunge and even horror of what should be a beautiful and happy world for most of us can be turned to positive instead of negative ends - stop being part of the problem with your above-it-all cynicism and disengagement, and get out there and start fighting to get these slimeball criminals out of *our* governments, and get *our* country back on the path of decency and prosperity and a good world for all. Fighting for something positive gives you a lot better feeling than mocking things, many of which you know inside you should not really be mocking but supporting, that shame adding to your general anger. Get out of bed in the morning with a positive feeling that today you are going to do something *good* for your country and world, rather than once again getting lost in your own little cynical black world, and help us all create a better place to be.

This is what might really start to worry those who rule now as they wish - a growing number of intelligent, engaged citizens who see and understand what is happening, who are determined to drive these criminal usurpers from our governments and institutions, and get back on the path to a real Democracy as begun by our ancestors generations ago, and for beale - mad as hell quotewhich they fought and died for centuries - and which the current generations are allowing to be stolen from them, turning back the clock centuries. A group of people working together to wake up and engage their fellow citizens, maybe starting with a Howard Beale, and start standing up saying We're mad as hell, and not going to take this anymore! (there is a clip of the Beale witness here)

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