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- outside-the-box perspectives on life in Canada's new Capitalistland

Some essays from years gone by that are, really, still relevant, for anyone trying to understand what is going on here (or just looking for a bit of good writing for intelligent people, which is is seriously short supply around the mainstream media these days - propaganda doesn't really lend itself to good writing) - the details may change as years go by, but the underlying principles don't change much. And history is important - as the guy said, more or less, those who do not know or understand history are bound to repeat it - and if you want to change things in some important way, keeping on doing the same old shit that has not been working and hoping THIS time you get better results is not a very good strategy. And if it hasn't been working in the past, maybe there's a reason for it - and maybe knowing a bit more history would help.

*2016-04: It's not 'the left' trying to take over the world and shut down free speech and all that other bad stuff - it's 'the right'!! - lots of stuff that needs to be said, lots of people completely uninterested.

*2016-01: Prince Edward Island Rustico Farmers' Bank Scrip - PEI gov called for suggestions on new budget. I responded. They'd rather sameold-sameold, cut services and raise taxes.

*2013-09: Deconstructing libertarianism: A response to G Edward Griffin, and other modern libertarians, re the 'collective communist conspiracy' and related wonders better left with the Red Queen

*2013-08: Canadian Literature - dead of natural causes, or homicide?. - not something that you might think a big deal - but I disagree. Our literature is our history, and our strength - if we don't know this, we are far, far easier to turn into the X or Y or just S (stupid) generation.

*2013-03 Tom Flanagan and 'child porn' - really? - or just another dumbing down tactic (with the inter alia bonus of a chance to look at the already dumbed-down tactic of 'it's ok if we do it, but if THEY do it's terrible!!')?

*2013-02 'bullying'? - not really - just another dumbing down tactic? - part of a small series I started called 'koolaid antidotes', trying, again to no interest whatsoever, to point out some of the childish ways the media is encouraging people to behave in.

*2013-02 The pogrom against 'old people' - again, 'profit at any cost' utterly despicable capitalism showing its true colors, and utterly brainwashed peasants joining any hanging mob they're told to ....

*2012-06: Open letter to progressive organisations in Canada looking for my money: If you're all doing such a great job, why are we losing? - nobody ever wanted to talk about it ....

*2011-10: Owning a small business does not make you a capitalist ... - again, early exploration of something else that needed to be said

*2011-07: Capitalist Economics and Democratic Economics . - early exploration of this very important idea

*2011-07: A Democratic Revolution in Canada... now or never. - early version in essay form

*2011-07: Democratic Revolution - Now or Never. - as we used to say around the euchre table, put up or shut up. Shut seems to be winning in terms of doing anything meaningful or with any chance of success of turning back the NWO usurpers and predators. But I'm still comptis mentis, more or less, most days, and not ready to dig the 6-foot hole and jump in just yet ...

*2010-10: Dominant memes in our society that are - well - self-serving capitalist lies ... -

*2010-10: It's not 'austerity', it's looting - another essay on the massive debt scam, it's so clear to me, yet it's like I'm speaking Martian to the masses, who seem completely uninterested in 'their' governments massively looting from them - the big lie and denial in action, I suppose. Very, very frustrating to see this going on, though, and almost nobody wanting to face it.

*2010-05: Citizen management in the modern capitalist democracy: Case Study Canada - a bit of a different take on the last one

*2010-05: Citizen management in the modern capitalist democracy - aka 'indoctrination'. like being an alcoholic - denial, denial, denial.

*2010-01: What happened? - my major essay to that time, all the ideas are there, I just keep writing about this stuff in various ways, but nobody wants to hear anything bad about their lovely country and media. Kind of like so many Germans didn't want to hear anything bad about their lovely leader. Reality catches up to people like this with a big bang, sooner usually rather than later.

2010: *The Democracy Scam: from my first book when I discovered I could do it all myself (thanks Jim), due to be updated soon, but if you think Canada is a 'democracy', this may help. Believing in Santa Claus is not conducive to getting rid of the wizard. (I'm good at mixing metaphors - smart people jump around a lot - if you can follow this stuff, you're probably already awake. Welcome)

*2009-03: Global Financial Meltdown: Forces beyond our control? Or the biggest Sting ever?. Nobody wants to know about this, but I keep trying ....

*2008-09: Notes on the Creation of the Canadian Narrative: The Canadian Media and the 2008 Election. Sept 2008 - the voters are so obviously manipulated, the scary part is that so few seem to understand the depth of their indoctrination ....

*2005-02: Canadian 'Alternative' Media As Fifth Column. Feb 2005 - as true now as then. Well, maybe more true now than then.

*2006-09: 911 'thought experiment'. Sept 2006 - my small offering concerning part of why it seems to me the whole 'official conspiracy theory' is completely ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the fact so many people seem unwilling to challenge such a blatant lie, but passively go along with what they are told by 'authority' through their secretariat, the mainstream media. Utterly unbelievable. life in Orwell-land, where the proles believe what they are told to believe.

*2003: one of my earlier essays, expressing a puzzlement which I still haveWhere are the adults?

*1993: Prince Edward Island Revival Plan. Spring 1993 - my earliest, I suppose, major effort to put down my ideas of what a decent, sustainable sort of society would operate like. With very few minor changes, it still works just fine.

*1983-4: The Beer Story - a true story of "justice" on Prince Edward Island. A court case that should have been very minor getting fairly ugly, in a small sort of way. June 1983- Jan 1984 - I get back a few beers, and learn some big stuff about 'justice' being dispensed to the peasants.

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