The Green Island Perspective

Ultimate Sting

Dave Patterson
Nov 2008

Some thoughts on what's really going on with the global 'financial meltdown' - an out-of-the-box big picture of the current economic crisis

We are at a crisis point in western society, and as the old Chinese saying reminds us, most crises also provide opportunities of various sorts for those whose minds work that way. Chinese symbol for crisis-danger-opportunityWe might also, at this time, recall a couple of other truisms - where human business affairs are involved (and modern capitalist governments are nothing if not business affairs), a good opportunity for some group tends to be balanced by something not so good for some other group, and also, when fomenting a plan that others might not care for, the best victories are those in which the mark doesn't even realise he's been taken to the cleaners, ever if it can be arranged that way, but certainly not until long after the vaults are empty and the perps over the horizon - the modern exemplar is, of course, the Redford-Newman movie The Sting. Although Redford and Newman were the 'good guys' in the flick conning a seriously bad dude out of a big chunk of cash, unfortunately, in real life it's much more common for the bad guys to be doing the stinging, and the good guys getting stung. Sort of like what's underway with this 'global financial meltdown'. We are all being taken for a very, very, VERY big chunk of cash - and something a lot more important besides.

The current dominant human predators, the NWO/PNAC people and their minions in political circles throughout western faux-democracies, understand these principles of crisis and opportunity well (and with special emphasis on self-created crises to take advantage of, as well documented in Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine), and are seizing the current crisis-opportunity firmly with big plans in mind, whilst the millions of citizens who are the object of the opportunity being seized have apparently no idea of the magnitude of what is really happening around them, which has to do with much more than just money. As they have been well taught to do by their mainstream media, which at all times encourage passivity of the citizenry, they are left wandering aimlessly in a shallow, self-centered morass of worrying about their jobs or retirement plans or credit card bills, or complaining about the latest bailout or CEO private jet revelation or government cutback, when in reality what little is left of their entire 'democracy' is on the table this time, as the NWOers demonstrate their power to steal literally trillions of dollars from 'the people' with essentially no protest (we're probably well into the hundreds of billions in Canada alone when all things are eventually tallied, and like the guy said awhile back, that's getting close to serious money), and at the same time demonstrate their power to lie brazenly about what they are doing right in the faces of the same helpless people, most of whom apparently understand nothing of what is happening beyond that it means nothing good for them, and make but the meekest of protests as their countries are taken from under their very feet..

The last time a similar meltdown was engineered by the banking elite, the great crash of 29, it was mainly financial in nature, and succeeded admirably in consolidating massive amounts of wealth at the upper echelons of society, as it was intended to do, as all such bubble-crashes are intended to do, but there was no attendant effort to consolidate control of the government (which was likely thought to be firmly enough under their control already), and popular movements too large to be resisted, by citizens who were thinking for themselves still with no television yet to fog their brains, and many independent newspapers which still opposed the wealthy corporate interests to give them some honest information and rallying points, and then later citizens who had sacrificed mightily and won a world war and now felt the strength of victory they were not about to have taken from them without a fight, such citizens arose demanding stricter regulations on the financial actors in the economy that had caused such grief and pain and destruction amongst them, regulations that would inhibit their freedom to create such havoc again, and before the dust from that all settled, after the great depression and WWII, some quite serious regulations had indeed been placed on the power of those actors, and the people were more involved with their politics and careful to elect politicians who kept promises made to look after the interests of We the People.

Time passed, however, and not too many years later, during the 70s, as those who remembered the terrible lessons that led to Roosevelt's New Deal for the US and then Bretton Woods for international financial stability, and in Canada the reason we had established the Bank of Canada to look out for our own stability, became history themselves, the younger coddled citizens, used to 'the good life' and thinking it was god-given rather than something they needed to cherish and really stand on guard for, became complacent, with the newly controlled media leading the way with disinformation and propaganda as required in the service of the corporate/banker/investor overlords, the policies established by Roosevelt in the US, and King in Canada, to control the large financial businesses, minimal though they really were, were undone, and the capitalist beast unchained once again, and the huge bubble that is currently imploding started on its way.

And this time those engineering the coup have not made the mistake of forgetting to ensure their hold on government, and ensuring opposition from the mainstream media is better controlled. The end, as the man said, is nigh.

And when the dust eventually settles, when the tens of billions and hundreds of billions and trillions are taken from taxpayers in Canada and around the western capitalist 'democracies' and passed on to the wealthy investors who have prevailed in the predator-cull in one form or another, when what is left of our social programs is cut to the point of irrelevance because, of course, they're just too darn expensive after this horrible financial meltdown and a 'responsible' modern government, under IFI rules, meets its debt obligations before looking after its citizens, when we wake up from this nightmare and find we haven't woken up at all, it will be into a new world order, in which 'our' government will, 'for the benefit of all', of course, be under the financial control of some new international monetary fund-type body, setting policies under the same business-friendly principles that have impoverished most of the developing world over the last 60 years and given us the essentially omnipotent MNC. As the end of this era and the beginning of the next combine into a seamless segue into the unveiling of the New World Order, as the sting is complete and the banksters and scamsters ascend their throne unopposed, what little is left of 'democratic control' in our country (as in others) will be, as another movie put it so well, a dead man walking - going through the motions for awhile, but nothing you could really call life remaining. The politicians, already with no effective democratic hindrance to their activities as both major parties in every western democracy are firmly committed to the business-friendly, damn-the-people 'Washington Consensus' economic model, will no longer face even the threat of any popular opposition to their power to do as they wish, as through our inaction during this global meltdown sting we have shown neither the intelligence to understand what is happening nor the will to resist such a brazen crime or demand some honesty from either our leaders or our media, and such minimal protest as might still remain on small websites such as this will be as effective as the bleating of the few slightly more alert sheep in the pen before the slaughterhouse door, or the lemming who doesn't want to go over the cliff, and the haunted eyes of the prisoner being strapped into the chair or on the gurney for thier last breaths will at the same time be the last of that grand dream once known as 'democracy'.

This whole story is nothing new, of course, just the latest chapter in one of the central themes of our entire history, as those who would be king have always been very 'proactive' with creating opportunities to seize, such as the current financial meltdown, in Machiavellian pursuit of their goals, whilst the somewhat more insular and unsophisticated peasants have mostly been reactive and more concerned with low-level personal security matters rather than larger issues or the overall state of the nation. In our modern world, of course, with concentrated corporate media flooding the world 24/7/365 with corporate propaganda, this is exactly the limited perspective on things the peasant-citizens are taught to have - they are taught that the goal of life is to spend money on useless distractions, to have fun in their Disneyland world after work, and ask no hard questions about serious things like where the money comes from that they spend with such wild abandon or run up in debt and that controls their lives, they passively follow wider world events on their televisions and believe what they are told by the talking heads about what it all means, content to 'let their leaders lead'. They are well indoctrinated in the fiction that they live in a 'democracy', which they seem to believe is adequately proven because they get to choose between Corporate Puppets A and B every few years, with even (because we are so democratic we allow this) a few damned socialists to vote for if they really want to become commies (which of course no sane person would do). And with the citizens in front of their tvs or out bungee jumping or shopping, the rulers rule as they wish.

This struggle has been underway for quite some time, as noted, depending on how far back in history you want to go with the confrontations between those who would be king and those who wanted some say in their own lives, but the current gambit of the elite, the 'global financial meltdown', may well be the endgame, after a brief shining hopeful moment in the 60s was met with a highly effective reactionary revolution, enabled by the advances in techniques of control of large populations achieved over the last 100 years through psychology and public relations 'management' (manipulation), and the widespread implementation starting around 60 years ago of the final neccesary tool to achieve full 24/7 contact and control with a minimum number of controllers reaching a maximum number of people, Television.

the tv abyss is watching The last push, and a central part of the battle strategy for the last 30+ years, has been this somnambulisation of the population primarily through the television, but thoroughly backed by the 'education' system and other corporate-controlled mass media, so although the general population seem to function well enough on certain levels, to still have 'free choice' in their lives in many unimportant ways, in a small number of the most important cognitive areas they are, effectively, asleep with their eyes open, acting as automatons in every real sense of the word, mouthing popular catch phrases when certain ideas are mentioned rather than thinking about these things with any intelligence, blind to the real danger that is enveloping them and accepting the worst outrages perpetrated against them passively as long as those they have been taught to listen to and believe, the media talking heads, reassure them that these things are perfectly normal, not really things a concerned citizen should be outraged at all but acts of nature of some sort, and insofar as they are troubling but undeniably happening are regrettable, but necessary and/or inevitable, so the only path is acceptance. And through the television-somnambulised audience, the most undemocratic lies can be widely distributed amongst and accepted by the people. And for the few who have retained some semblance of independent thought and see through these lies, they normally keep quiet rather than risk the scorn or worse of their fellow citizens, who have accepted the 'truth' of what they have absorbed unquestioningly on their televisions and don't care to have their indoctrination, their comfortable world view, questioned by 'conspiracy nuts'.

People who valued freedom and democracy and were still in control of their own lives and brains would be attuned to this kind of manipulation as readily as the sparrows at the bird feeder are alert to the approaching cat, and raise the alarm and fight such attacks on their communities. There is no fight going on today against this de facto coup that I can see, beyond a few lonely voices on the internet.

And as the Good Ship NWO, with its US Corporate skull and crossbones flag flying high, sails rather jauntily into the sunset, proud and laughing at the great bloodless coup it has just succeeded in, we wonder if perhaps this is the end time of what TS Elliot foresaw with his 'This is the way the world ends... ' verses.

(part II of this essay coming soon, in which we will puzzle a bit at why the 'progresive' media seem to missing at this crucial time in our history, and also a quick look at if, as Maggie said, TINA, or if we actually do have some better options for We the People - if, indeed, there is an opportunity to be seized by We the people at this crisis in western democracy.)

Some necessary background to this essay for those new to 'advanced economics' can be found in another recent essay of Dave's, Banketeering, and The Money Masters (google if this link doesn't work, things have a way of changing) - an excellent history of the struggle between the bankers and those who preferred democratic contol of the world's money supply. We know who is winning, so far ....

And a good talk by Naomi Klein at the Miami Book Fair, Nov 08, making some comments about the crisis, and opportunities and who is seizing them towards the end

Greenways cover

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box cover And don't miss Dave's warning about what is happening to our society - They're Building a Box - and You're In It - the subject of the current essay indicates the title is maybe out of date already - no more 'they're building', but maybe 'it's about finished - along with everyone else'.