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Sept 2008

The Canadian Media and the 2008 Election: Reporting or Managing?
Sept 2008

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Recent longer missives to the CBC and others, and other stuff going waaaaaay back.
G'wan, I'm a dying breed, everybody else 'twitters' with 100 character max, and are well along the way to developing brainpower to match - but if you're one of the few looking for longer, thoughtful correspondances - this is one of the last places you're going to find any....


Pogo - what if the 10,000 is wrong and the one guy is right and the one guy is right?

"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." - Henry David Thoreau

It's every man for himself, the elephant said as he danced among the chickens.
- Tommy Douglas

In this world, we are all butterflies and we need to be mindful of what can happen when we flap our wings
- David Suzuki

Democracy is comin...

Orwell BBC pic
It's a pretty nice farm - but don't confuse being a cow with being a farmer... (no, GO didn't say that, I did, but it goes good with the pic)

...the most destructive form of untruth is sophistry and propaganda by those whose profession it is to report the news... - Walter Lippmann

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I have a dream ...

Gandhi - be the change
Be the change you want to see in the world ...

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Onward Rocinante
Green Island Awaits ....

Nov 10. To horse. We've been idle much too long, and so much remains unsaid. And though our fellow citizens remain generally ignorant of the noble quest, indeed seem to remain ignorant of pretty much everything important as most of their brains are completely dulled by the 4.5 hours of television they watch each and every day and the endless stream of indoctrination and propaganda emanating from all of the media from which they get their information, yet the ogres continue their evil infiltration of everything we hold of value, and must be opposed by any who understand their evil ways. Tilt on. Green Island awaits. Harken ....

`No easy solutions,' PM warns - Infrastructure spending, manufacturing jobs, equalization, financial crisis top premiers' agenda

They're speaking of the 'global economic crisis'. To which we note: Dear PM et al, You say you are looking for an 'exchange of ideas', but if you and the others you plan to meet with had any useful ideas, this whole mess wouldn't have happened in the first place, is it not so? Where were all the 'experts' the last couple of years, or longer, as these things were all developing? They were all shouting 'Go team go!!', as we all know, apparently completely oblivious to the iceberg in the fog. But now you want to ask them what to do? Seems a little contradictory, somehow - as Einstein noted, you cannot solve problems with the same input that created those problems, or words to that effect. But of course, if the goal was to appear busy and concerned without actually doing much to change things, this would probably be one of the few available paths. There are any number of people with what seem to be good ideas who are not invited to your meeting, as any browse around the more popular alternative websites will show.

The things that need to be done are perfectly obvious, but I suspect that you aren't even going to consider them, as the people who are actually running the show here, the bankers and wealthy investors, make a lot of money from the current financial infrastructure which has just collapsed around our ears from those same bankers etc creating FAR too much speculative money and initiating this great bubble - even when their houses of speculation come tumbling down and a few of them with it, there's a lot of good property available at firesale prices for those who played their speculative instruments best and aren't feeling the pinch. You likely know as well as I that the very first thing, and by far the most important, that would need to be done if we were really interested in solving this problem would be to remove from private banks the power they currently have of creating our money supply as debt. Of course, somewhat inter alia that would also include bringing some real democracy to the country, which also is not likely to be high on the agenda of our current oligarchy. And again, these two things would require that the mainstream media starts actually reporting things that 'we the people' need to understand about both 'our' democracy and 'our' money supply, rather than the indoctrination-maintenance stories that 'we the people' must be continually fed if the oligarchy is to remain in power unchallenged, hell, unknown by most people.

So there's your shopping list, guaranteed to improve things, perhaps not quickly, but securely - democratize our money supply (which will save huge amounts of money, in every way), democratize our country (again, BIG savings in many, many ways) - and help us get a media responsible to we the people rather than they the banking-investor elite.


The graying of Canada - so much to be unsettled about with this kind of story. The 'elderly' were the people who gave their lives to building this country in the years following the second world war, but now that they can no longer produce stuff, our 'leaders' want to treat them like an old machine you replace with a more productive model, so the bankers and investors can get even more ROI, as if the billions they were all stealing already wasn't enough. It's unsettling that the generation now doing all the working are, apparently, too indoctrinated to understand what is happening here - the democracy those elderly people built, by electing people like Tommy Douglas and John Diefenbaker and the many common MPs of the day who took their jobs seriously, who would work for we the people instead of the banks, has been given away, lost through indifference, by the indulged children of those people - the old folks have been betrayed, really, by the passivity and stupidity of their children, who have allowed, and in many cases, gone willingly along with, the neocon takeover of this country, the country built by those old folks which once stood on the verge of greatness.

It's unsettling to see the media that is supposed to be the voice of the people so in thrall to their corporate owners that they refuse to challenge the lies about 'this terrible developing problem!!' - refusing to carry a sane point of view, pointing out that you can have 30% ROIs year after year for our 'investing' class, or you can have a country that looks after the people who are actually producing all that wealth through their lives of labour - but you can't have both. You can have a big middle class where everyone does ok, or a small group of super wealthy and a large group of people who work their asses off to produce that wealth, but live on the edge of poverty themselves. Imagine a media with some intelligent and brave editors and writers who had the courage to do this kind of thing, the kind of thing, again, that the media in the days of those older people would have done - they would never have gotten things like medicare or politicians like Tommy Douglas without at least some media support, but now the media are foursquare behind their corporate owners - looking after people is ok, but not to the point where it might challenge another point on a corporate balance sheet. And it has been the whining generation which has allowed the current corporate governments to take over, by believing lies and supporting right wing politicians preaching the gospel of 'mememe!!!' and selfishness and 'greed is good!!' And the media have been right there as the voice of the corporate propagandizer. Betraying, again, the real people of this country, the ones who built it. And now the younger ones have let the parasites steal it all away, and are all ready to dance to the corporate tune and toss their parents on the trash heap if they don't have their own retirement plan (which no doubt the same kids are waiting to inherit, hurry up and die you old farts!!)

Imagine, now, if those elderly now had of had the same shallow, selfish viewpoints, about the terrible burden of having to raise their children, and put them through university - while looking after their own parents at the time, in many cases, as the social programs they fought for, and paid taxes to support, were not available in those early post-war years of hardship, but they fought for and had put into place to give their children better lives than they had had - these elderly, remember, that the current whiners are so worried about looking after, are the generation who gave the country medicare, and UI, and old age pensions, and the rest, in part to ease the burden on their children as they grew older - and it is the current working generation who were stupid enough to let the neocons take these programs away, and now they are whining about the possibility of having to look after the people who gave them life, and put them through school.

Hard to find anything nice to say about this generation of whiners, really. Especially as, like any coward, when times get tough, they start looking around for the weakest person to kick, their aging parents in this case, rather than the thiefs who have stolen the great country their parents left them, and they have been careless and stupid enough to have allowed to be stolen out from under them.

Kind of true, the old saying that you get the government you deserve - our parents were smart (in a country common sense way rather than the modern 'corporate slimeball lawyer' way) and hard working, and expected governments the same, and they got the world-leading country they deserved and worked like hell for - the present generation, well, they've had it much too easy, and out of their laziness and stupidity and complacence and gullibility have burdened us with the likes of Mulroney/Wilson and Chretien/Martin and now Harper, and they've lost everything our parents worked for.

And now they turn to their tired old parents to rescue them again, one last kick at the old corpse.

Time you all grew up.

WB Yeats When You Are Old and Grey

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep...

My mother hasn't been with me for some time now, but I surely wouldn't whine about having to look after her if she was still around for me to do that .....


CBC WATCH: Monday - Island Morning 'Divas and Dudes' - some businesses get 'lucky' - free ten minutes exposure on the CBC - but what about all the others who would KILL for this exposure? Like the other 80 salons on the Island? I have nothing at all against this business - but is this the job of the CBC? I guess if it means Corporate Broadcasting Network it is. (in other parts of the world we call this corporate cryonyism and sneer at it - but the modern western media has a habit of 'if they do it, it's terrible!! - but if we do it - nothing to see here, citizens, move on now..!'. And they wonder why they're losing our respect.

The Current - on the kidnapped lady's release - well-scripted to cover important points (the great integrity of all CBC journalists!! leading the way, of course) etc - 'will this change the way we cover Afghanistan?' - oh no! - Cdns need our great, impartial coverage, and it will continue!! - this is another good example for future deconstruction - well-scripted (at least in outline) so the several main points are reinforced (your wonderful media, everybody support this just war our brave people are risking their lives for in far off parts of the world, etc), during an emotional moment so your average good Cdn is not going to want to say or think anything bad about these really great folks, boy, nosiree this is one great country, you betcha (never mind them troubling questions right now, eh?!? - why is the media en masse feeding Canadians propaganda about the Afghanistan invasion, why are we there at all when most Canadians think we should not be, if our journalists are so full of integrity why are they so gungho with propaganda, and many etc). And that's what it's all about. And not a word, of course, about how 'we' treat 'our' prisoners - Guantanamo, Syria, media demonisation of anyone the RCMP accuses of 'terrorism', etc.

- and she talks to a lady from England who released an email a few years ago proving the US was intentionally fixing 'intelligence' prior to the Iraq invasion, and got jailed for it, etc - she actually notes that nobody believed her, including in Canada, and the media did not cover her - and not a word about the CBC doing the same, just the unspoken assumption that, hey, we in the CBC are great!! - not so, AM, not so ...

- and finishing off with a reminder that, by god, don't you people forget, now, Iran is looking for the means to get nuclear weapons, and they gotta be stopped, one way or another, by We the Good Guys, and we will do it, so be ready, folks. The program, you people, listen to your betters, and get with the program. 24/7. Propaganda 'r' us. On message all day long.


Tuesday Interview: Don Drummond - TD Bank’s chief economist talks about deficits, the dollar and countries going broke
- I believe it was Einstein who first noted something to the effect that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. And so it is here - the problems we are facing today were created by banks and bankers, and here we have another banker completely oblivious, apparently, to the actual root of the problem. And you cannot solve any problem by avoiding acknowledging the root, as everyone is currently trying to do with this global financial mess. It all stems from one single massive evil root - we allow the great bulk of our money supply (~98% in Canada) to be created out of thin air by private banks, who expect, of course, to be paid interest on that money. And, of course, banks by their nature, and the investors who invest in them, want to max their ROI, leading to all other related problems, as those whose primary goal is wealth maximisation are not the most morally sound people in the morality drawer. All else follows. More detail here - BANKETEERING .

Pogo to work -----------------

And of course on the CBC an opportunity for considerable prodding of receptive citizens about what a great mission we are doing in Afghanistan. Your granddad died beating that monster Hitler and somewhere before that too, yea!, and now our own brave boys are fighting an honorable war in Afghanistan support our troops support our troops support our troops etc etc etc. It's really pretty despicable to people with the ability to think. All 7 of us.



Wednesday Our judicial system is stuck in concrete - Mr Ruby has many good observations about the justice system, as usual, as a fighter for the little guy and/or 'good' causes, but also as usual, it is an in-the-box perspective, and thus fails to consider the central issue. When the central issue is not considered, the proposed solutions are, of course, essentially useless. If you don't get to the root of the problem, the bandaids will do no good, as the rot continues to fester under them. Out of the box, now, we see things from a somewhat clearer perspective, and it is quite evident that the 'justice' system does not work primarily because it is not really meant to, at least in the sense we are led to believe it should, that of highly trained and ethical jurists impartially and efficiently dispensing true justice (as best as they can, of course, we do not expect perfection) to we the people, when we have been wronged in some way the state deems worthy of sending the boys in blue after you and dragging you off to court to answer for your misdeeds. This is the sandbox civics notion of how society operates that we all learn in school - and like so much of that training, it has little to do with the way the world really works. And when something is really only a charade, there is little need to be spending a lot of money on it, money that could be much better used (in the right hands, that is) on things such as new mansions or BMWs or trips in the private jets.

In reality, the 'justice' system in Canada has two primary functions, closely related, neither of which we are taught about in the high school civics books or that get discussed in the mainstream media (or talked about in 'in-depth' features in the mainstream media, which are really just civics books reinforcements, right up there with Santa Claus in terms of explaining how things really happen here).

First, what we call the 'Canadian justice system' provides the appearance of a 'true' justice system, as we expect to have, and have been told we have, in our 'democracy' (another fiction - The Democracy Scam) - if we had an omnipotent king, or his servants, dispensing punishment to whomever they wished for whatever reason they wished with no pretence at legal, democratic justification, the democracy-expecting people of the modern world would be up in arms at the first opportunity to get rid of such a despot and establish a more just system, as part of a 'democratic' government. So for the rulers to be able to point their fingers at a 'modern justice system yea!!' prevents that problem.

enlightenment, thinker in front of pyramid, sun Also, and as importantly, the system functions as a very solid buffer between we the people and they the rulers. We the people must indeed obey the laws of the land, but when you are of the ruling class, you expect, much as any king, to have the freedom to ignore such petty annoyances as the many laws which constrain the peasants - but when you get a bit too flagrant with your lawbreaking, and there is unrest stirring amongst the people because of this, the justice system is there to protect you from the same kind of punishment meted out to lesser mortals, through various avenues, 'legal' and otherwise. With, of course, the assistance of the media, who know when to pursue things and when to let them disappear.

This is, of course, the very short version, as this is simply a blog and not an academic treatise, and much remains to be filled in, but that is but legwork once you see the path, once the curtain is pulled back, once you realise that so much of what you believe has been less than the truth and it's time to turn on some lights and see more clearly. The important thing is finding the path - which you will never do if you take your directions on what is permissable to think from the mainstream media. Truth lies Out of the Box. Read the book.

{{the Globe seems disinclined to allow this POV - tried twice to add a short comment in the short space they allow, directing readers here - and both were 'moderated out' - the second time "..the question is - is it stuck through forces beyond our control, or because it was never *really* meant to do anything actually useful, and thus why waste a lot of money maintaining a huge farce? Out of the box thoughts to be found here - .... Things are not always what they seem. .."


From a correspondent:
150 years ago by Alexis de Tocqueville in his famous work - Democracy In America: Just in case you had not heard this quote... “The government covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. he will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not yrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing but a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”

M--- - To say 'government' is such and such is much the same as saying 'people' are such and such - a very shallow and uninformed sort of comment - Hitler was a bad dude, therefore all people should be hung, they're all the same, after all. Governments, like people, come in many, many shapes and forms. But this is the libertarian strategy, to pretend 'government' is some inherently evil thing not in any way attached to 'the people', but simply imposed from somewhere, there to make their lives miserable and steal from them whilst enriching the owners of the government, and getting rid of it altogether would make us all happy and free. There is another view that says something quite different - in our world, we have (and always have had and probably always will, no reason to suspect otherwise) some people who are powerful, either physically or financially or both, and many such people would like to use that power to dominate others, and steal from them (such people are usually pretty unhindered by what we normal people call 'morals' and things, and killing, lying, stealing, cheating, violence, intimidation, etc, things most of us would not be very happy doing to other humans, are their main tools - and with such tools a few of them dominate many of us quite readily). For the average person to live a peaceful life, they must get together with other such people and form unions of some sort to control these human predators. Such protective organisations are also, or have come to be, 'government' - and as long as they are under the control of 'we the people' and do as WE wish them to, they are a good thing, as they protect us from the miserable lives that would-be despots would force on us - and they are also useful in providing infrastructure and other things that are the result of the work of many people together but that one person could not really expect to provide his or her family. That such governments were never very secure, always under attack from those who wished to be free of the strictures placed on their ability to dominate others and be kings, and that currently the human predators among us have become sneakier, and now tricked us and taken over our governments and use them against us, does not make the governments bad, it simply means we have a lot of work to do yet, in the struggle between those who would be kings and those who would be free of such creatures. But one thing for sure - going backwards to a time when 'we the people' had no organisation at all, and the predators ruled unopposed, is not a good direction. Yes, our current governments are not really working for the people, but the solution is not to get rid of them altogether, but to take control of them, to make them truly 'we the people' governments we use for OUR purposes. The discussion could be a long one, but that is the heart of it.

In my opinion, of course.


World oil prices fall to $59 - the story begs at least a couple of questions. First, check out the graphs - why are they arranged to make it look as if the gas prices are falling more or less at the same rate as the oil prices? Do you think we're all too stupid to see this kind of trick? Oil prices are about 40% of what they were in July, while gas prices are closer to 60%. Somebody's raking it in. And second - why isn't anyone asking if Canadians are happy that their lives are so impacted by a gang of international speculators? The 'investor' class might want to say we have to let financial people do as they wish, but they could be regulated - the question is, do Canadians want their lives in this kind of insecure financial environment, or would they prefer things to be a bit more stable?


Hollywood's Bully Problem - This is good as far as it goes, but we need to get a bit deeper - we live in a society whose very basic operating principles - as shown by example of our 'leaders' - tells children that they can believe the fairy tales the sheep live by, or they can be a wolf and set the rules. Think of America and its invasions around the world - the rest of us 'tut tut!!' - but do nothing more. They see that 'he who has the gold, rules - and once you have the gold, noone will ask where you got it, because you make the rules' - and the few start to put these 'realpolitik' rules into action in the schoolyard, getting practice in domination of others, fighting with their 'peers' to see who will dominate the jackal herd as they grow older. And nothing is going to change until we understand this and deal with it - which does not mean controlling the kids in the schoolyard, it means controlling the criminals in our governments. Not to mention the Americans and their 'we'll do as we damn well please' attitude towards invading other countries, etc. They're all bullies. And it's a bit evasive to complain about bullies in schoolyards, and not confront the bullies in the bigger world.


a rare day - nothing that inspired objections from the CBC. Do you suppose .....???? ....nahhhhh. Tomorrow. For sure.


Thursday - Ottawa Morning leads off with several 'business' commentaries by their stable of neocon commentators, and then more on the 'news' - every story with the underlying POV that this whole situation is kind of like an act of god, and we have to deal with, and by golly our best people are doing the best they can in uncertain waters etc etc. Nary a word, of course, about Banketeering or how we got into this mess in the first place, and all the people that should be in jail for this huge fraud and disaster, or how we need to change the fundamental financial footing of the country if we want to stop this sort of thing from happening in the future. etc. The elephant in the living room analogy is so fitting here. And nobody will talk about it, so nothing will improve. Island Morning - and Karen and Michael Hlinka have a nice chat about how oil prices cause recessions, and the lower oil prices now might lead us out - but looking from outside the box, you see how chummy these people are - the CBC and the business commentator, reading from the same script. And you realise that there is just no way the CBC people are going to do things that might call the integrity or intelligence of these their good bud business people into question - which they surely are. No digging deeper about how bad advice and 'intelligence' caused the current crisis, and the ones in the past and the ones yet to come - just some buddy buddy talking about what we might do to weather this storm, without even thinking about talking about the root causes that really need to be addressed. It's quite feasible Karen is really simple enough that she has no idea about such things, but there's no way our Mr Hlinka doesn't know what is really going on. And there's no way it's an accident or oversight that they do NOT have people on the CBC talking about monetary reform, banketeering, putting these good folks who have stolen all the hundreds of billions of dollars in jail and continue their wicked ways as most people look on in ignorance of the scam, and etc.


Fair is fair, as Margaret Atwood might say - A little disappointing to see Ms Atwood completely avoid the major debt-payback manifestation of the modern times, not to mention the CBC itself, and then everyone else in the Canadian media. We allowed our country to be taken over by the neocons, they set up the national debt scam, and since then we've been paying and paying and paying and paying - over two trillion dollars at last count, and not to mention the gutting of our social programs and falling apart of so much infrastructure due to lack of funding. More here - BANKETEERING .


Ontario ecomony on brink .. - consider - it's all about money. When 98% of your money is created by private banks, and they want on average 4-5% return on that money every year - what will happen? Well, for awhile they pump more money into the economy, but you can only do that for so long, as we are seeing. And then .... BANKETEERING .


Friday P.E.I. deficit projected to be near $50 million - and what do we do with a deficit? Why, we borrow money, of course, mostly from private banks - whom the federal government is bailing out because of their wicked ways already. Are some lights starting to go on? Is it good policy to allow private banks to create our money supply and charge interest for it, and then use that money to create vast speculative bubbles that come crashing down and cause us all grief? Is it perhaps time to have a complete rethink of the way we create our money? If you ever want this craziness to stop, the answer is yes. Start here - BANKETEERING .


David Akin: Are Canada's banks really world's safest? - Good article, but still only scratching the surface. As far as the modern banking system goes, talking about 'soundness' is a pretty low bar in the first place. If you want to understand how deep and truly insane the system is (at least for 'we the people', it's obviously working pretty good for the banks and their 'investors'), start here - BANKETEERING .


Idle musings - you should never assume that if I write nothing from time to time, that there has been nothing to criticize in the Canadian media, there is never a day goes by that I wouldn't like to comment on something. It's just more than I can be bothered doing some days, or some days I just don't have time, and yet other days I am maybe a bit tired or something and think, 'Why bother? Nobody understands, nobody cares..', or I'm just too tired from the day job to bring the necessary enthusiasm to write half decently to the one man crusade of trying to wake people up who apparently have no interest in being woken up, and so on. And never forget it's not really 'personal' - I write because I respond to propaganda that needs to be answered somehow, somewhere, by someone (if not me, who?), indoctrination that must be fought (again) - I do not simply say that what the CBC or Star or others say should not be said, of course it should, everyone has a right in a free country to put forth their point of view - it is good, necessary even in a true country full of diverse people with diverse ideas and interests and everything else, to have various opinions of what is happening, so informed people can discuss these various POVs, and eventually, through peaceful, all-inclusive discussion, come to a broad consensus of the best path for all (not your Canadian election type 'majority', where you rig things so that you can say 15% means a 'great majority wow!! - a Green Island consensus would involve probably a minimum of 80% of everyone who is awake enough and cares enough to participate in the discussion - it's very doable, because most of us really want the same things, we just need to take the time to work through the bullshit and lies of those who are trying to manipulate us for their own selfish interests) - but in the current Canadian media, we do not have this open sharing of ideas, but one-sided pushing, one-sided monologues telling Canadians what to think, not what they should be talking about. And this is what I fight. And will continue to, even if I take the odd day away from it all. And even if nobody seems to have any interest in what I say or do. It sure beats (in my opinion) watching commercial television 4.5 hours a day. Or a lot of other stuff.


Peter Foster: Can Bush and Flaherty save capitalism? - Capitalists and capitalism are going the way of Mordor and Sauron. The orcs will not be spared.

---- You have the right idea there ERB, not sure where you're coming from though - capitalists demand complete freedom to run amok throughout their area of influence and zero responsibility for the messes they make - that's what privatizing profits and socializing losses is all about, which we are seeing BIG time right now. (and it was a guy called Kristofferson wrote the song...)

Recession? Try the `D' word instead - ahh, but some of us do - understand what is happening. A bubble and crash are caused by too much money, a depression by too little - and who is responsible for either situation? Private banks, who create at will, or not. And who benefits from either situation? Private banks (or those who control them, more accurately). That some go belly up just means that the lesser predators get savaged by the more powerful when the moon is full and the craziness begins. More detail here, it's a bit much to explain in 150 words -


Saturday Terence Corcoran: CTV's W-Five drops the bomb on Port Hope - I don't much care what CTV does, but I do think people who live in glass houses, as the saying goes, ought to be careful about throwing stones at others. The NP, along with every other mainstream media in Canada, continues to remain silent about the single biggest crime in Canadian history. BANKETEERING . TC himself, likely, of course, would find himself facing some hard questions were this crime ever brought to the attention of the Cdn public, so his silence is understandable.


Clement considering joint Canada-U.S. auto bailout plan As people consider the various plans put forward (by those who have caused this problem, we should always remember) for dealing with the economic meltdown currently impacting everyone, they really need to think about a couple of things the mainstream media and their politicians are not considering at all:

a) should our economies be organised and run for the benefit of bank and corporate shareholders, or 'we the people'? The answer to this quite fundamental question will then guide solutions, as they are two very different ideas, and what is good for the shareholders of GM and every large corporataion and bank, all clever corporate sloganeering aside, is very much NOT what is good for 'we the people'; and

b) where did all of the credit/money come from that caused this huge crash? Most people do not seem to understand that private banks create money-as-'credit' virtually at will, with only the most nominal government oversight (again, all mythological civics book theory aside) - and as long as 'we the people' do not control our money, openly and democratically, these boom-bust cycles are going to continue to happen, at great cost to all ordinary people, although the few at the top do well at all times. BANKETEERING .


CBC hourly news, 08:00 Halifax- " ...the world leaders meet behind closed doors to talk about more openness in world financial markets ..." they don't even see how ironically ridiculous that statememt is, no doubt ...

- out of the box, it's evident these people are very worried that 'we the people' are going to rise up and put a stop to all this, with their promises about greater regulation, more accountability, and etc - they are worried that people are going to look right at them, and demand accountability now - trillions of dollars have been stolen, and the criminals are right in our faces, telling us to sit down and be calm, everything is under control - the brazenness is quite amazing, almost as amazing as the fact that so very few people have any clue as to the fraud that is being perpetuated, that it is almost certain these guys are going to get away with it all, with the help of the media playing their usual sedative-where-sedatives-are-required nothing-to-see-here-folks-move-along-now!! role. And that will be the end, or at least the beginning of the end - when they get away with this, we will have no control over them at all, and no chance of ever getting any. At least those few of us who pay attention will know this. But we won't be around much longer (no grand terrible plot here to assassinate us, they don't need it, we'll just fade away naturally, attrition will win in the end ...)


IS it only me who finds this odd, to say the least? All the people who are responsible for the world financial meltdown, are getting together to try to stop us all from hanging them - and we're doing nothing about it except sitting in front of the tvs waiting to see what great new plan they come up with. (by 'we' of course, I mean most everyone else - I have a tv, but I never watch tv on it)

Hmmm. I feel an essay coming on here. Which I am sure interests everyone to no end. hahaha. But somebody has to record what is really going on here.


In desperate need of repair Why are the clowns who were supposedly in charge as this whole thing developed now being allowed to huff and puff about finding a solution? They should be in a courtroom somewhere explaining themselves. They are the very last people who should be allowed to be talking about solutions - you just KNOW the only thing on their minds is protecting their collective asses from not spending the rest of their sorry lives in some financial Guantanamo. It should be very obvious that what is needed is some democratic oversight of the money supply system - obviously we have not been living in anything remotely approaching a 'democracy' the last few years, but if we want to stop this stuff from happening, we better start insisting on more openness and input on this kind of decision making. Given that global GDP is around 70 trillion, how many readers here would have given their democratic approval to 'loans' amounting to 600 trillion (give or take, nobody really knows, but it's up there somewhere) in hedge fund speculations? But our current leaders saw no problem with that. A bit more on money creation at BANKETEERING . First we take back our minds, then we go for the country. () () () () () ...MIT - you say that if you borrow 1,000 and have to pay back 1,100, the extra hundred is imaginary - that's not how it works, Actually the first 1.000 is imaginary, created out of thin air and deposited in your account - where you get the extra hundred depends on you, but when you ratchet this up into the big picture, it means a lot of people wind up turning over real collateral to cover interest they cannot pay on an imaginary loan. Sort of like Flaherty talking about selling off Cdn infrastructure. Facts speak for themselves - the Cdn government has created, in stuff you can hold in your hand like bank notes and coins, about $50 billion - and yet if you add up consumer debt, government debt and business debt, you wind up somewhere close to $3 Trillion. And the banks are wanting interest on all but 50 billion every year. That goes nowhere except bad places, at least for most of us - obviously nothing but good news for the banks, who are allowed to create all that money out of thin air. More in the piece I referenced earlier - BANKETEERING


Sunday - CBC morning national 'news', 07:00 Halifax - George is promising a smooth handover to Obama - in the story, the reporter says "..Bush tried to reassure his guests ... plus the likes of China, India and Brazil ...' - more excellent (to do list - font that clearly shows sarcasm) 'journalism' by CBC world correspondents, telling Canadians what THEY think you should think of things.... ('the likes of' is slang, of unclear meaning but usually indicating some similar thing or things with the idea of disapproval - very unprofessional in the first place to use this kind of slang, very junior-reporterish, which is what the CBC favors these days - intelligent, honest journalists won't do the kind of propaganda the mainstream media requires, so we fill the air with these dumbed-down wannabe 'journalists' ....


Maritime magazine - a 'real Canadian spy!!!' (in contrast to the new James Bond movie) - not uninteresting, but still propaganda, both positive (we Canadians are the good guys, you bet, so don't think bad stuff about what we're doing in Afghanistan, eh?!?) - and also there are many more relevant stories they might be looking into, such as anything true about the financial meltdown I talk of everywhere, or alternative people rather than people trying to maintain the illusion that 'we in Canada' are surely the good guys, etc .... And I hate to slag nice ladies, but this lady is obviously an 'in the boxer', the kindergarten teacher preaching to the kids. The kindergarden teacher who knows nothing of the real world, but is bringing the kids up to be good little citizens. Nice people, but they have no business on a *real* national radio.


Caring for aging boomers - attitude adjustment is what is needed - There are some good points re looking after our people here, but the central focus is very wrong - we do not have a problem because of an aging population, we have a problem because we have allowed our society to be taken over by a greedy subsection who would rather use their money on yachts and clubmed vacations than providing decent lives for those who came before, or are otherwise unable to look after themselves. This is not the kind of society most of us, I think, want to live in - so let's get rid of these neocons and their 'money is god' attitude and take back our society. Since money is at the root of all this, start here for understanding - BANKETEERING .




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