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If you think Green Island maybe looks interesting, but it's a bit expensive on Amazon, and maybe you'll just wait until you read a review of it in your favorite National Newspaper, or hear some of the talking heads or voices on tv or radio raving about it - please think again. If you are waiting for this, you will never buy the book.

Think on it - Green Island is a strongly anti-capitalist book. Everyone who works for the national media supports capitalism, either very strongly as is in most of the predominant rightwing media, or at worst some form of capitalism light in the slightly less rightwing media (Toronto Star, CBC). That is what they are paid to do. They are not paid to promote things that point out how deadly capitalism really is to things like life, and freedom, and democracy. Think of Hugo Chavez - a strong promoter of socialism, a strong critic of capitalism - when was the last time you heard a friendly word about him anywhere in the Cdn media (or any other western media)? They ignore him as much as possible, and when they are forced to mention him, it's about his latest "dictatorial" act of some sort.

Thus Green Island - I am a nobody with no influence, so they aren't even forced to acknowledge me - and as Green Island is such a strongly anti-capitalist book, they aren't likely ever to do so.

And in a society where everyone is trained to pick from lists and reviews of music, movies, books, vacation places, anything you spend money on, offered by the experts or authorities who are allowed to speak on the national media - that is pretty much a death knell. (think about it - where do you learn about the books or movies etc you decide you want to check out? When was the last time you learned about some anti-capitalist thing from these sources? When was the last time you read something positive about an anti-capitalist offering? Do you suppose that means there is nobody writing books or making movies or talking about anti-capitalist things?)

I think Green Island is a potentially very important book - it is (I think) a pretty interesting and well-written story to begin with, within which it offers a well thought-out alternative to capitalism, and explores the roots of what happened to our society to bring us to the edge of the current abyss we are in as a society, on the very edge of complete destruction, environmentally, financially, socially. You or others may or may not agree with this assessment - but surely in a 'free and democratic' society, the ideas deserve to be talked about - if capitalism really is 'the greatest thing ever' - then such comparisons, argued to the best ability of every side, would only strengthen its claims.

But I think that were capitalism ever exposed to a serious critique, it would come off looking much less glorious than it likes to present itself as, in its very controlled media. The environmental destruction all around the world, the financial chaos that grows worse rather than better every year, the wars and poverty - all the direct cause, in the modern world, of the dominance of capitalism and its inherent growth imperative - all of which would be either entirely unnecessary or greatly ameliorated in a system where social democracy - government of, by and for 'we the people' rather than of, by and for those with huge amounts of money whose primary desire is yet more money - was the underlying social system - a system introduced and explored in Green Island.

We can do much, much better as a society than the highly disfunctional and elitist capitalist system - but only if more people understand the possibility of a better society such as I explain in detail in Green Island.

So please don't wait for a review in your local or national media, a review which will never come. Make up your own mind - as a free citizen, not 'guided' in 'appropriate' ways and thoughts about what is worth reading or thinking about by 'your' media.

Come to Green Island - think for yourself.

And if this message, and Green Island, resonate at all with you, please also help spread the word - maybe download the poster and take a copy to your local bookstore and tell the owner about Green Island, or write a review for your small town paper (you'll never get a review in a national mainstream media outlet, but local papers are often more open to such things), buy a copy for your local library, get your local reading circle to try Green Island, tell your Facebook friends - all kinds of ways you can help.

People all over the country and world understand that capitalism is causing massive problems, and we need something new, some other way of running our countries. Green Island offers such a dream to show a better world is possible - but it will only come to be if we make it happen ourselves - the current rulers are certainly not going to encourage you to talk about a system which would replace them (and see a great many of them in jail as well).

If you think the dream of Green Island should be given a chance, please help - it will only happen if you make it happen.

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