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Green Island
"..a big and serious and wildly entertaining story, destined for big things
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Green Island Bk I
Dave Patterson

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Greenways cover The adults have taken charge. Finally.

Sometime in the near future, the traditional Liberal and Conservative political parties of Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province, have received a huge surprise from the voters - instead of the tweedledee-tweedledum game they've been playing with the voters forever, as they still do in mainland Canada, one fine day somewhere on the other side of the looking glass, at a time when both parties have gotten a little too arrogant and distant from the people, too much taking their rule of PEI for granted, they roll the dice one election day and they come up snake eyes as they both get turfed in favor of a group of Independents and a few NDPers.

This non-corporate coalition undertakes to fulfill their election promises and turn PEI into a modern Green Island - a government actually of, by and for the people, rather than one dominated by corporate puppets and bankers.

The trolls are not happy ....

But the corporate lobbyists and bankers who have been running the place forever are not happy with this turn of events, and decide to undertake, with the help of the American government and Canadian RCMP, 'justice' system, corporate media, and always malleable peasantry, a little regime change operation. But the regime changers get a bit of a surprise this time - an unexpected resistance from the peasants citizens, and support for Green Island from the new Nordic Union, who decree that they will no longer accept the 'right' of the Americans to interfere with sovereign governments they don't like anywhere in the world, just because they can and they want to.

And then as if all this wasn't enough, things get really interesting as, in an added twist, the 'Universal Incorporate' decides this would be a good time to put all of humanity on trial for their overall barbarism throughout their time of dominance on this planet, and their endless attacks on Truth and Beauty and Justice.

And then - well. You'll have to come to the Island to see how it all works out. It's a trip. It's also a big, serious book about the modern world, what is wrong, how it got that way, what we can do about it.

statue of justice In Book I: Greenways, we enter the story as a great being identified as the Universal One, together with Justice Incarnate, convenes a great hearing in which humanity itself is to be put on trial for its crimes of violence over the millennia, the terrible cries of which have been causing great angst echoing amongst the stars throughout the sentient universe. And then away from this trial, we take a journey around Green Island with fellow seekers-after-justice-and-truth Henry Thoreau and Thomas More and become familiar with how the new government of Green Island has been proceeding with the transformation away from the old style 'pseudo-democracy, all-wealth-and-power-to-the-top-haha!!' oligarchy to a true 'we the people' democracy, and the new ways of such things as education, justice, policing, democratic governance, honest media, money/banking, and a very much improved life in general in a society whose main feature distinguishing it from the former Prince Edward Island is the lack of a giant capitalist vacuum endlessly sucking the blood from everyone and requiring the endless running on the labor-money-consumergoods-garbage-stress-stress-stress-go-go-go treadmill that defines modern capitalistic society that is so very wasteful of everything it touches and stressful for the runners - and so very profitable to those controlling the treadmill and vacuum. Green Island has banished the capitalists from the council halls of democratic governance and the Sovereign Bank of Green Island, and the effect is like removing a debilitating cancer from your own body - everything gets sunnier and better almost overnight.

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Place to Stand cover In Green Island Book II: A Place to Stand, the gripping conclusion to the story of the beginnings of Green Island, we find the massed legal power of Canada aligned with the massive military might of the United States in an attempt to remove the legally elected, and extremely popular, People’s Government of Green Island. The regime changers get something of a shock, though, as a newly revealed, and also militarily very powerful, Nordic Union steps to the plate in defence of the People of Green Island. And the People of Green Island take to their feet in their own defence, and decree that no regime change is going to happen on THEIR island.

With Green Island, author Dave Patterson has created the first major novel of the 21st century, a serious novel that, like all the best ones, tells a ripping tale whilst exploring the major issues of the times. With Green Island, he seriously questions the way of life imposed on the 'modern' world by the dominance of market capitalism, and shows how a sustainable and just alternative might work.

If We the People want it, We the People make it.

And it ends - well, that's pretty much up to you. As a great man said, some see things as they are and ask why - I see things that never were, and ask why not.

Only you know which you are.

To give you a bit of a flavor of the book and the writing, a few short excerpts are given here:

Ch 1: The One I - a different sort of court is convened, with a different sort of judge

Ch 2: More arrives - for a look at a modern utopia

Ch 3: EEE 1 - Elsewhere, elsewhen, elsewhy - some things that fill out the story

Ch 6: Agent Panda - a report on how a couple of our central characters first met

Ch 16: Virgil loses his virginity... - but finds a door ...

Ch 19: The One pt V - in which a certain faux-president learns a few things about Truth

- and that's, as the ol rabbit said, all folks. There's lots more - Greenways Table of Contents. Or if you know it's something you want to be part of already, go straight to Lulu and Order Green Island Book I: Greenways here .

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