Help Spread the Word!

If you think Greenways, and Green Island, are an idea and book worth sharing, please help spread the word - I have nowhere near the money required for a national printing, distribution and PR campaign, which is how most books are sold. If we are going to make Green Island happen, it will be because people like you make it happen. I can't do it alone.

Buy an extra copy or two of the book, and donate it to your local library, or university library.

Write a review and send it to your local paper, or alternative paper, or university paper.

Write letters to people you think might be interested in your local paper and tell them about the book.

Make a copy or ten of the poster below, and put them up on bulletin boards around town where people who might be interested in Green Island can see them - the library, university, farmer's market, whatever.

Right click here and download the poster

or the PDF version (right size for printing on 8x11 paper, better quality than the JPG file)

Greenways poster

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