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- don't weep sad tears at the demise of another voice, grown old and weary of a hopeless struggle - I'm just on a temporary sabbatical of a kind, another phoenix type thing, whilst putting my time into finishing a new book, the Democratic Revolution Handbook. should be done by May 2016. It doesn't matter, you/we're not missing anything, it's just the same old same old, as it has been for years, the CBC, primarily, spreading around the same propaganda and lies, and mush and spectacle, continuing and reinforcing the dumbing down and indoctrination they have most Canadians fully under control with. New day, same shit, as one of the old sayings has it, again and again and again and again. VGI will return in a bit, but with a bit more focus on highlighting how everything we hear on the CBC, and other Canadian corporate press propaganda media, is exactly that - box reinforcement, with reference to things in the book for 'deeper truths' and connecting-the-dots explanations for those ready to start waking up. I don't know if I'll have any more success doing that - waking people up - this time than I have in years past, but who knows? I don't seem to have much choice - I'm not a Rev Neimuller type, who can hide timidly in my room with the curtains closed and pretend all is well, as so many Canadians seem to be doing, and I'm not one who can just give up on something important because it's difficult, and I'm not ready to roll over and die, and we gotta do something with our time and I'm not independently wealthy so I can't drive around a few countries seeing and learning, or buy my boat and spend what time I have left doing coral reef biology, which are what I'd really like to be doing - so I keep doing what I do. Some people, I guess, find solace in Twitter and Facebook - again, I am completely unable to degrade my mind to that extent.

Until later then. If you want to help - find a literary agent with some vision, who's not afraid to venture outside the box and challenge people who don't like being challenged - Green Island and I need a new Brian Epstein, to shout Green Island from the www rooftops like Epstein shouted BEATLES!!! to a world which was waiting for them, but the in-the-box music promoters of the time didn't have the vision or courage to step outside the box and try something new.

We all need something new today. The 99% are waiting for someone to turn on the lights on the road to Green Island. Send people to the Great Green Island Poster - nobody could read this and not want to be part of it. The trick is getting people there in the first place.

If you can help - if you want to be part of getting to a better world - do it.

They fear the Voice of Green Island!(update Nov 4 2015)

Nov 23 - Island Morning - now we have 'the n-word!!' - big story. (other stuff??? haha well, we're still waiting for ANY kind of analysis of the TPP, or the TTIP, or the TiSA thing - all of which are going to have very serious impacts on the country, and world. Nope. Two idiot kids and an idiot comment - that's 'news' now folks. etc

fuck, me I do got more important stuff to be doing.

(not the CBC - some kid hiccupping while singing a national anthem somewhere is something we REALLY need to know about - haha, TPP? TiSA? Fuck, we don't need any info about that shit!!! Hiccupping kids!! Trending on Twitter!!!! Hivemind gogogo!!!!!

- Island Morning - talking on the 'political report' about 'climate change', the premiers' meetings, etc - and all the very very tired excuses about why nothing is getting done - which is utterly fucking ridiculous - if Canada wanted to do something, really, it would just do it, and there is a lot that could be done - all of these meetings for the last 20 years are just more excuses for doing nothing - as always, disappointing thing is how few Cdns actually understand anything about what is going on, and put up with the endless lies and excuses of the gov and media.

- the Current into the propaganda (oh surprise!!!) - evil ISIS, we have to stand together against them!!! They are just evil fucks who want to take over the world!!!! ( not a word, of course, about how the US created and empowered the extremists who are now ISIS, etc etc - no, we are deeply into Orwell-land now, and you just believe what the really nice people from the Ministry of Truth hahaha!!! exCUSE me the CBC tell us ..

Nov 21 - fuck Stan would be rolling in his grave - Weekend Mornings, the Yukon girl evidently has no knowledge of Ron Hynes, and simply says they'll be playing a few sons in his honor or something, and now 3 songs into the program, and not a word about Hynes - a little ramble about unpasteurized milk, joking about how they dared to drink it once or twice in their lives (the government says don't drink it, and of course the CBC hosts have to be good citizens so are supposed to tell people they shouldn't drink it..) - just another sign that Weekend Mornings without Stan is just another CBC mush show, going to go for awhile on its previous reputation, but that only works for so long (well, bud, the other shows have been going a long time on false credentials - the people are so fucking brain-eviscerated that they have no idea what's going on anymore and just move around by old habit) (- oh, 20 minutes in she reads a little bio, with no heart - she didn't know him, she's just reading stuff (they play a quote, to which she responds 'hmp', as people do when they need to say something but don't really want to agree) - and then their first song is a cover of Sonny's Dream - utterly clueless. )

- National Post is getting more pathetic too - ‘There was no fear anymore’: The tiny pill that makes Syrian combatants such superhuman fighters. nothing to say. 'news' for morons. (and you need to ask - what kind of 'editor' would be running this kind of story? rightwing nutcase? Russian-era grade propagandist? Randian halfwit teenager? fuck - and how many Cdns are all excited by this great revelation? Hard rain's a gonna fall indeed. Hurricane more like it, already in the middle of it

- and yet this - TPP great boon for Canadian wine industry!! - selling the peasants their chains. Huge amount of stuff on the net about what the TPP is really about, but the peasants just use the greatest communication tool ever invented for keeping up with their friends' pointless lives and cute cat picks - well encouraged by the media, of course. It's all over bud.

CBC 'news' - some CBC radio station pulled an ad because some 'transgender' group said it was 'distasteful' - trivia rules. Can't recall the last time the CBC mentioned the worldwide protests about TPP, let alone the other 'trade' treaties - no sir, OUR listeners get a full day's worth of trivia and spectacle and mush - they don't need real news!!

- they're all blatantly in on it - GM for example Baby boomer series - mostly an attack on old folks, 'boomers'. This generation - mine I suppose - was responsible for being the voting age majority when the CRR was being implemented, but they didn't stand much of a chance, and it's considerably less than fair to blame them for the financial problems of today, which are due entirely to the government of the 70s turning over the power to create and manage the national accounting system - which, again, I suspect Trudeau did not do intentionally, taking advice from senior party members as he got on with the more fun and public parts of being PM. Regardless, the problem now is the banking cartel, period, and they are the ones who need to be exposed - or protected, as the Cdn media en masse are engaged in doing. When protecting someone, the best thing to do is offer an alternative 'culprit' with lots of screaming and shouting about how terrible they are to get the bandwagon going and keep it going, which is of course 'the boomers'. Scary how many young people are ready to jump on the blind hatred bandwagon so many are promoting - scary in the sense that that indicates a high level of stupidity, and thus a low chance for them getting anything figured out about what is really going on, and thus being part of the solution rather than part of the problem

Nov 20 another great is gone.

one of Canada's 'celebrated' writers - showing why he gets media attention . On message.

Current - 'Russia and the US might be getting together - relations were strained after Russia got involved in the Ukraine and Syria..' - fuck, it's beyond pathetic. The US was not involved in these places FIRST, and then Russia reacting to the US???? NONONO!!!!!!!!! - the US is just the friendly giant, never do anything wrong!!!!!! It's the fucking Russians, dave!!!!! - really hard to believe anyone can be this totally brain fucking dead to brazenly push this kind of propaganda. I guess, obviously, it helps a lot when your audience is totally, well , Theoden King under Wormtongue, before Gandalf drives Saruman out. Like, really, man.

-- and the indoctrination reinforcement continues, of course, all the 'expert neutral guest analysists' are sure to point out (the lie for fuck's sake) that 'even though Russia was the aggressor in Ukraine, maybe the good guys US will work for them now ..' - and etc. fuck

- and lies - 'the Russian war planes are bombing indiscriminately' - no, Russia has been bombing ISIS, the US has been bombing Syria, while pretending to bomb ISIS, etc - lies and lies and more lies out of these people, that's all they do ...

Nov 19 - the 'new' government, and the 'grasp' on history of our 'new' 'defence' minister - 'the ISIS ting started when the Iraqi forces could not defend Iraq..' - right. the US destroying Saddam's stable government 10 years ago - haha, that's PRE history for modern Cdns. History starts when you want it to!! (or as orwell said, of course, control the present you control the past, the past the future..)

Nov 18 - haha good job!!!! CBC people all over Paris, spreading the 'narrative' to make sure Cdns understand EXACTLY what happened - haha just joking, to make sure Cdns believe en masse what the rulers want them to believe - fucking drooling mindless monsters hate us because of our freedoms, we must unite in the War on Terror!!! etc etc etc - the lies and rewriting of history are amazing, again the most troubling thing is how many Cdns apparently believe all this shit - although again, you have to wonder, in many discussion places, and alt sites of course, there is a LOT of commentary about blowback etc, obviously a lot of people are still able to connect some simple dots and get to places the rulers don't want them going. Their brazen lies can be amazing - on the Current (AM in Paris, of course) some lady from the US telling us ISIS wants just to break up societies -and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again - if we can recall history, we might recall that Iraq, Libya and Syria were pretty stable societies, but the US was obviously determined to break them up, and did/has done so, creating massive chaos throughout the mideast where once at least a kind of peace reigned - but now the US, and noone else, has loosed the dogs of war, as it were. Not EVER going to hear THAT conversation on the CBC (lots of honest commentary on RT and RealNews, of course)

The coverage of this is so massive it HAS to be part of something bigger - the citizens all being softened up, being pushed onto the same bandwagon, to stand together quietly when some new HUGE 'terrorist' attack comes, and the lockdown becomes official. Something is going on here.

Judge still not crucified, CBC not satisfied - these are just nasty fuckers anymore, small minded and petty - and that's our 'national broadcaster'. fuck. Still no 'report' of what happened at the trial, or anything from anyone defending the guy, just the CBC and some feminasties who see things the same way cherry picking some comments and looking for a hanging mob. This is a serious part of the 'dumbing down' movement, it is becoming more clear - the 'czars of political correctness' creating the mob that will follow them anywhere, hanging anyone they deem hangingworthy, no questions asked, no defence allowed - some combination of Kafka and Orwell, not to mention Hitler. The 1930s Germans refused to look in dark corners and dedicated themselves to having funfunfun in the 30s. the fun didn't last long, and the PC koolaid drinkers are going to be facing a very hard waking up one of these days. (if Green Island doesn't somehow become a 'go to' place for intelligent resistance - that doesn't seem to be working out so well so far, though. Always tomorrow.

Nov 17 - Island Morning - some interview with some lady asking islanders to give some little treats to soldiers serving abroad - such a difficult time for them at Xmas, missing home etc - and I think again - geezus fucking krist!!!!! - more proof of the dumbing down of the citizenry - adults do not 'miss home' at Xmas, and we have people overseas who are supposed to be ready to kill and die in defence of our country (note *supposed* - notwithstanding many earlier comments noting they are engaged in aggressive war and criminal war crimes - but that's even worse!!) - and they are supposed to be 'homesick'!!!???? - fuck.

Nov 14 - quite amazing, once again, for those of us outside the box to observe the quite stunning difference between terrorists acts 'we' get up to (the bombing of the Kurduz hospital by an American gunship a couple of weeks back), and when 'they' do it - the 'massive worldwide outpouring of grief for the Paris victims'. No point in getting lengthy, but some people who think they're out of the box ought to find themselves a mirror and have a little chat - why exactly do we not give a sweet fuck how many civilians or anyone else the Americans go killing all over the world, in far, far greater numbers than 'they' have ever managed to kill in our countries - and yet when 'they' manage some tiny retaliation, it's like something right out of the blue, something unexpected, something unnatural - we have the right to go bombing and killing anywhere anytime, and nobody can do, or should even think of doing, anything about it - so when they do manage some small retaliation, we get all outraged. I find this a very disheartening thing about 'my fellow citizens', that even in these modern times, so many have the small-minded 'we good they evil' indoctrination of any population supporting some warmongering leaders. The rulers know what they are doing - the citizens need to start waking up a bit - if you are going to support your government making war on people on the other side of the world, then it's just part of the deal that sometimes those people are going to manage some small retaliatory blows, and you need to try to be honest about that. Sure it was a tragedy, what happened in Paris - but how many tragedies are the Americans, with our full support, creating every day in god only knows how many countries around the world? Are people who don't carry a white person's passport no better than dogs in the street that we can go killing them at will, just because we want to? Or - well - or?????

- all of Sunday Edition on making sure Cdns get on the right bandwagon here - this is just a terrible terrorist attack by really evil fucks on sweet innocent people who never did a bad thing in their lives, and we all must stand together and show we will not be terrorized by these terrible people!!!! - lots of comments from 'ordinary' Cdns, comdemning the attacks, etc - ALL TOGETHER NOW!!!!! - not a word of context, about how we have been bombing their countries and terrorising their people for decades now, etc etc - do you suppose the 20-30 people blown up every now and then by American bombs at wedding parties felt terrorized? Why can't we talk about this, condemn the terrorism of American drones etc??

(and let's try to keep in mind - basically, the US created and armed Islamic State, whether fully intentionally or not - we need to ask ourselves just how fucking bright it has been over the last 20 years to bomb relatively stable governments in Iraq and Libya and Syria the last few years, setting loose the nutcases who now call themselves ISIL, and arming them, either indirectly as when they got Libya's arms after Gaddaffi was bombed away, or directly, as the American hatred of Assad was/is so great they armed the crazies hoping they would get rid of him? Fuck you people, at least have the fucking courage to admit whatever happened in Paris was probably very direct, and very predictable, blowback of your own fucking actions - yea, the mad dogs did this, but who created and armed the fucking mad dogs in the first place? When shit happens that you caused - you really need to admit that, if you want to seriously move forward. Hard of course. But you gotta do it ... When you're out walking in the woods, and your idiot friend smacks the hornet's nest cause he's just an idiot, and you get badly stung - do you go on some kind of pogrom against the hornets, or do you avoid going places with the idiot anymore? Think about it. Seriously. Your problems don't get better if you won't acknowledge the actual cause of them.

(not surprisingly, RT talks about the 'real' situation - Terror attacks – echo of NATO bombing of Mideast’ - '...NATO has been dropping bombs for a very long time on the Arab people in the Middle East, says Richard Becker from the anti-war 'Answer' coalition. And that has consequences to the countries that launched such aggressive policies in this region, he adds...'

>> wow, CBC guy in Paris, and in Turkey - good job, if you're willing to work for the right people, and lie to everyone else about important stuff- interesting to listen to the incessant 'criticism' of Trudeau since he got elected - today, after the Paris attacks, 'he had nothing to say about how this will affect his promise to pull troops out of Syria' - well, even if all this shit was not preprogrammed, what kind of stupid comment is that? You expect the guy to make instant decisions about anything like this? Of course not - so just shooting their mouths off for the sake of shooting their mouths off. (my memory is far from perfect, but I do NOT recall anything like this the last couple times Harper got elected - he got pretty much a free ride, even during most of the time he was doing things most Cdns did not like - hmmmmm - some short pants 'advisor' in the picture, too stupid to see bigger picture, but telling the CBC to look more like they're watching the PM, as part of the last few months of 'restoring the claim to legitimacy' in Canadian 'democracy'

- and 'anti tobacco campaigns aren't working in the NWT' - fuck these people are beyond clueless - basic fact people - smoking is heavily associated with class - that is to say, poor people smoke at vastly higher rates than the ruling classes - check it out, redo your fucking story with some useful observations and comments

Nov 13 - fucking CBC, carrying on their attack on the vitamin industry - look!! somebody has a 'study' questioning the efficacy of vitamins, even attacking them - and the CBC is right on board. Just depends who your buds are - of course, somebody has a study questioning vaccinations, and they're just nutcases. Do we see any pattern here????? It's there, for those capable of thinking for themselves.

- just blind propaganda also - they're on again about the Russians being accused of doping athletes (remember that the CBC is like the worst kind of propagandist - the accusation against someone we don't like is to be found guilty by the Great Investigative CBC Journos) - but hey, in the UK, even the major 'progressive' UK paper is a lot more 'nuanced' - and notes that even England is as bad - It’s not just Russia: Britain helped create this corruption in sport - but like the petty little child minds they are at the CBC, we'll exaggerate every minor claim against those we don't like, and cover up as much as we can manage about our buds (like the US - here for instance, America's poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs - or U.S. troops couldn't see Kunduz hospital when they called in airstrike - making excuses for a war crime for our buds - just fucking imagine how incessantly they'd be screaming if Russia had of bombed this hospital (they did have a 'story' a few days back about Russia being accused of bombing hospitals in Syria, which turned out to be utter fiction, although you'd never know it by listening to the CBC, who threw the slander out, then forgot about it - again, any slander is fine against those the US has declared as 'the bad guys', and nothing that exposes the lies is of any interest Syria hospitals Russia accused of bombing don’t exist – Defense Ministry - obviously, any professional media would do what they could to get to the bottom of this - are/were the Americans lying, as they have been known to do in the past (deep sarcasm, in matters of geopolitical interest, the US does nothing but lie, and the CBC along with them), and the Russians just defending themselves as any innocent accused would do, or was this actually a time Russia might have made some kind of mistake, like the Americans did at Kurduz (haha deeper sarcasm). Whatever, all we know for sure, here in outside-the-box land, is that you can't trust anything the US propagandists say, and likewise their main Cdn outlet, the CBC. Hard times, when you can't trust the main 'democratic' media, but have to read around the net and decide who is credible - me, I find RT to be very credible, esp compared to the CBC - not to mention a great deal more enjoyable to interest, as they prefer adults talking to adults, rather than CBC teacher-host-propagandists talking down to the children, or talking to other propagandists all together talking down to the children, creating the narrative they are supposed to pretend to believe.

- the vitamin supplement hatchet job - '..people believe when they walk into the supplement store everything is perfectly safe..' - wow - odd, not a single person seems to have ever died from vitamin supplements - just a lot of fear mongering - odd they don't talk about the number of people who die every year, because they walk into a doctor's office and get a prescription of some 'officially approved' drug - and go and die from that drug, one way or another (OD? Sure - but if they want to blame the vitamin industry for people taking too many vitamins, isn't the same argument applicable to 'approved' drugs? Seriously - more responsibility really - as noted, nobody has died from Vit C overdoses, but god knows how many have died from 'approved' drug overdoses - and if you are giving people potentially deadly drugs, don't you have some responsibility to make sure they aren't going to abuse them? If you own a bar, a lot of people say you're responsible for some idiot getting drunk at your bar and driving - so if you're a doctor or pharmacist, aren't you responsible for ODs???? - haha I know, I know, basic double standard - if WE do it, it's fine!!!!! - it;s only when THEY (people we don't like) do the same thing, it's BAAADDDDDDD!!!!!! - stupid stuff for mindless munchkins who can't ask questions ...

1000 mg VitC (she tells us) is equal to eating 7-8 cantaloupes per day - fuck - that means I'm eating the equiv of 35-40 canteloupes a day!!!! Every day!!! - serious junk science by somebody trying to sell something, for whatever reason ..

>> and let's get the weekly propaganda in - some doctor helping people in Syria - '200,000 of whom have been killed by that fucking monster Assad..' (paraphrasing, but that's the message.. ) (provided by our New Great Guest Host Kelly!!!! Wow!!!! - so sweet, nice momma figure!!! (like the new mushy lady on Weekend Mornings - the new face of the CBC - the new face of Canada - the new face of Brave new World Canada 2015. Game over, children, momma is very soon going to take off these sweet lady masks, and you're going to be quite a bit less happy .... ) - she wants us to believe all the terrible injuries the guest talks about are from Assad intentionally dropping the infamous 'barrel bombs' on civilians, the fucking monster - which is a notion very much disputed by Assad et al, and, well, y'know, isn't ISIS and the other people the US are backing and giving arms to responsible for at least a wee tiny bit of this carnage (big sarc)? Or what about the US dropping bombs all over the place - you know, they can do a lot of civilian damage without actually taking out hospitals "accidentally' (haha - actually raucous laughter - the whole fucking thing is too farcical anymore - I have nothing but great sympathy for all the victims of the US chaos-creating the last few decades, and nothing but despite for the CBC and other propagandists trying to demonise Assad and everyone else and shift the blame for the US Massive Crimes Against Humanity their way, but I am here and there is not, just yet, a sweet fucking thing I can do about it - the laughter is despair at what all the brainwashed munchkins are allowing to happen as much as anything else ..)

>> Deeper Truths Department - Analysis (hahaa!!!! excuse me it's all just like cloud fucking cuckooland anymore): Justin Trudeau's traveling, week-long world leader seminar: Chris Hall - this is just ongoing 'Look at our Great Wonderful New Boy Wonder Canadians you can all calm down now the monster is gone and we are back to doing GOOD THINGS!!! - go home, be calm, be proud of Canada as we sign the TPP to make everybody rich!!! As we continue cutting programs to Pay Down the Debt (massive fraud), as we figure out new ways to help the US go bombing all around the world and destroy government they don't like!!! - (haha sleeping yet munchkins??? So boring!!! Wonderful Boy Wonder is looking after us now!! Go back to what you really want to do - watching Netflix, checking Facebook!!! Seeing what BFF is having for lunch!!! You know, really important shit yea!!!!'

Earth signing off. Finally.

Weekend mornings - pablum lady again. Stan was a lot of things - real things, never pablum, even in his last years.

That's the kind of Cdn they're creating - pablum Canadians. I'll never fit in. Fortunately I suppose I don't have that many years to not fit in, and they won't create complete pablum homogenisation for a few years yet.

Nov 12 - 'news' - BAAAADDDDDD CHINA TORTURING!!!!!!!! - sure that's bad, but why aren't we a bit more concerned about US torture, which is endemic in the country? haha just joking.

-- CBC 'checking out' the 'vitamin supplement industry', with special attention to Vit C - 'the idea Vitamin C fights colds was debunked years ago' - really, CBC? Not. Junk self-serving commissioned 'reports' at best. But Deeper truths going on here - the CBC is doing what it does, flunkying for big money, in this case Big Pharma. They make a FUCK of a lot more money from prescription drugs, which kill tens of thousands yearly (don't look for THAT story on the CBC haha)

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canadians needn't fear ISIS - not a comment from the CBC on how, for the last 10 years, the CBC has been doing all it can, along with the Cons, to convince us that there were ISIS terrorists under every bed, and we all had to be ready to do as the cops told us for our own safety, etc etc. I am probably the only one who thinks 'Ministry of Truth' here. Actually, I may be the only one thinking at all. (sorry, just kidding, I can tell from the discussion boards at some places there are a few other people thinking out there. And there's probably a few others in the country who don't bother with the discussion boards. But we're a pretty small number.

As evidenced further by things like this - Robin Camp case: What does it take to remove a judge from the bench? - PC brainlessness gone to extremes. Note there is no description of the 'facts' of the case at all - just the PC cops at the CBC getting some twitter about something that offends them, and leaping off the deep end - no trials necessary at the CBC, by god - you offend the wrong people, you are IMMEDIATELY declared GUILTY!!!! and we're talking about how harsh the punishment needs to be for daring - DARING I SAY!!!!!!!!!!! - to do as we clearly told you NOT TO DO!!!!! We can't tell because, as noted, there are no details, but from what little info you can gain from reading twixt the lines, it appears it was not any kind of brutal rape, may indeed not have been 'rape' at all, in any rational sense of the term, and it may be indeed that keeping her legs closed would have prevented the unwanted sex. Or not - we don't know, but one has to admit, when we do NOT have any details, just the CBC Femi-nazis going ballistic about something, you can be pretty sure they know that an impartial description of what actually happened would not make their case better, so they just do the modern feminazi thing and start screaming at everyone, attempting, like any fascist, to cow people into fearful submission - by fuck, I don't need those people after me, so I'll just do as they say yes sir SIR YES SIR!!! - bad times. Like Germany in the 30s. And again we note from the great 'journalists' at the CBC, not a single fucking WORD in the guy's defence, no attempt to examine his record of decisions in the past - just one little factoid, YOU'RE GUILTY AND WE ARE GOING TO DESTROY YOU!!!!!! - fuck, do we really need to be lauding the CBC as some kind of great national broadcaster, when they are so obviously serving various agendas, pretty much all of the diametrically opposed to (real) democracy??????

- reading the complaint against the judge doesn't shed much light, other than to re-affirm the people doing the complaining also want to hide the actual 'facts' the original 'rape' charge was based on, other than including one probabaly ill-advised (for them) quote from the judge - '...She certainly had the ability to swear at men. For a person who didn’t want have sex, she spends a long time in the shower with the accused and went through a variety of sexual activities.” (Transcript, 451:2)' - it seems a bit much to me to shower with somebody, and engage in 'a variety of sexual activities', and later on complain you didn't really intend to have sex - these modern fems are really nutcases if they think after showering and fondling or whatever, the guy needs to stop and whip out the old legal consent form.

(and not for a minute am I defending judges overall, I think most of them are somewhere between incompetent and simply corrupt, doing the job they are paid to do, acting as the final buffer (the higher ones) between the oppressed peasant class and the ruling class, as my experiences in PEI many years ago so clearly showed - but this farce is less about the judge than the very great danger we are now slowly succumbing to from the PC-fascists taking over our country, turning off so many people brains and making them little sock puppets dancing to a very, very dangerous dance - again, think of the Germans out there cheering for Hitler right up until the end.)

not much time left buddy.

Nov 11 - blind, stupid, witless propaganda - Whooping cough hits home for former anti-vaxxer - CBC stupid propaganda at its best - not a whiff of the 'investigative reporting' they like to brag about - the lady says she 'thinks' her kid got the whooping cough from some neighbor who didn't get a kid vaccinated - and no attempt of the CBC to verify ANY of this stuff - just facilitating a witless tirade against the terrible anti-vaxxers (itself of course a lie to begin with - I am classified as such, even though I'm not at all 'anti', I just don't recommend it for everyone - but nuance is pretty antithetical to the brainless slogans of propaganda, and completely a bad idea when stirring up a hanging party). Lots of interest details though for anyone capable of reading and thinking - i.e. the lady had her kid vaccinated, but it still caught the cough!!!!! - wait wait - her kid was vaccinated, and caught the disease - so her experience now of the efficacy of the vaccine is the point of the article? NONONONO!!!!!!! - she wants to blame somebody else, rather than question the indoctrination, so let's postulate some 'maybe' stuff, no evidence required!!!!!! fuck. fuckfuckfuck. - again from another perspective - the vaccine didn't work with my kid, so you're a bad person because you didn't get your kid vaccinated!!! - fuck, good-citizenbots are just too dangerous to be around sometimes, nice enough though they are when all the children are playing nice.

- oh, and we have this gem from the Wiki propaganda - first they say there were 138,000 deaths in 1990, and then (quote you note) - 'The vaccine saved an estimated half a million lives in 2002'. wow.

no point in a lengthy diatribe - the brainwashed are way, way too deep in the koolaid to be swayed by simple facts, and those of us who are awake enough to understand the lies and propaganda they feed us already know.

>> Island Morning - nice sweet lady with a sweet song about the poppy, because she feels our children don't know enough about the great sacrifices our ancestors made, etc etc. Deep, deep indoctrination reinforcement. Not to mention more nails in the 'dumbing down' coffin we're all getting buried in - sweet momma voice making sure we children all are nice children, doing what sweet momma says - like the mush girl taking over Weekend Morning, no 'real' makes to be found around the CBC, Stan was probably the last. (yes, we have 'strong males' out there - the Government and Police are the Strong Father Figures - but only protecting we nice children, of course, friendly, smart, brave Policemen, looking after sweet momma and we nice children.

- just on and on with the propaganda - some Afghan refugees landing in Regina, everybody so happy to meet them, we nice Canadians - odd nobody is talking about how we spent a lot of years helping the Americans create the migrant crisis in the first place - oh, not such 'good feelings' I guess, with that ...

- the Current - soldiers who were so traumatized in Afghanistan they committed suicide - how difficult for their families to deal with. hmmmmm - what if we did some kind of count about how many Afghanis were traumatized by seeing family members killed around them? Since we're so concerned about 'refugees' and things, wouldn't those people we have traumatized ourselves be of at least a bit of concern?????? (haha there you go dave, outside the box shit again - NObody thinks like that bud!!!!!!!)

Nov 10 - the CBC news reader (haha ""news"") - Aung San Su "key", as in the thing you open the door with - how many fucking people paying ANY attention to what is going on in the world don't know by now that is 'chee'??? Good ol CBC. Kids at play. (just imagine - not just the 'reader', but the 'production team', all pretending to be adults and journalists. And failing badly. Oh Canada.

- more 'news' - some Quebec politician accidentally 'grabbed the breast' of a politician - and this is 'news' - these people are SO fucked up.

- fuck, and then they start whining about the Russian athletes doping accusations - and you can hear the petulant whining in his voice, trying to show 'official disapproval' - fuck, - why bother.

- and THEN!!! - some argument by the Legion about the Metis selling poppies. There's ALWAYS trivial shit to pretend is 'news', just ask the CBC - like shit coming out of a baby, mush mush mush.

- the Current - AM talking to some investigator about the Sinai air crash - 'they're talking to people in the airport - what does that suggest to you?' - fuck. suggests to me the CBC people are completely clueless. Oh wait, I may have said something like that before ...

Nov 9 - 'Tsunami of teens with autism' reaching adulthood in coming years - quite the comment on modern Cdn so-called 'journalism' that they completely mock anyone looking at this huge increase in autism, and connecting it with the equally huge increase in mandatory vaccinations over the last couple of decades - no, indeed, the CBC is a central propagandist for forced vaccinations etc etc. Reminds one of the early 911 pretend-investigations - everyone with a functioning brain in the world is thinking, 'Wow, that sure looks like controlled demolitions!!' - and the 'investigators' begin with 'Well, we know it was not controlled demolition, so we don't need to investigate anything like that.' - as always, the far more interesting, and important, phenomena is how many apparently intelligent citizens buy this shit with no questions.

Nov 8 - Hey!!!! The US election is (TA DA WAIT FOR it!!!! ONE YEAR AWAY!!!!! - WE NEED A REPORT!!!!! - fuck, CBC, specializing in irrelevancies. Gotta get away from this - what a fucking waste of time.

- the lady on Weekend Mornings - mush mush - not bright - played Band Played Waltzing Matilda, informed us it was for the 50,000 Australian soldiers who died in WWI - which is not true, and how many people, at least we older people the CBC is supposed to be for, don't know that? All about the Aussies at Gallipoli, and a very serious protest against war. (it would be my bet that we won't be hearing this much more on the CBC - they promote war after all, as long as that is what the Americans want - and with this lady being 'Ms nice mushy Cdn', nice children don't want to hear about nasty things like that anyway. Stan was perhaps the last 'real' person on the CBC - he won't be replaced, I would think. At least until we the good guys get control again, if ever.)

- Atlantic Morning - an interview with JP Cormier, who is a great musician, but like so many 'country' people, pretty 'conservative', and of course we can't let this go without some serious indoctrination reinforcement - he has a song about Afghanistan vets and PTSD etc - sad stories for sure, but serving to reinforce the propaganda about what good guys we are, the sacrifices we make - where are the songs about people coming home injured for no fucking good reason at all, we have no fucking business at all in Afghanistan or anywhere else that is not threatening us - in very serious fact, our bombings all over there, or the support of the US, is just making everything worse - yes, we should be trying to help people being oppressed by bad leaders, but it's more than obvious that what we have been doing the last 30 years is just making things worse - and the leaders know this, it's worse for the people in those countries, but it's good for Power and the armaments industry over in the US, and that's what counts ..

- fuck, just read the comments here (what Canada can do to help stabilize the mid east) - not to mention the article - the country is being taken over by barbarian nutcases.

Nov 7 - 'news' - some lady RCMP officers suing the RCMP want federal help - one says 'I had no idea I could lose my life savings by going to court!!; - my my, quite an admission from someone who chose to make a living sending other people to court, many of whom were forced to throw away their life savings proving they were wrongfully charged, not to mention god knows how many wrongful convictions never questioned because the victims didn't even have enough money to try to fight. The "justice" system is obviously just a place for the rulers to keep the losers away from bothering them, the lady should have some help trying to find justice, but so should all the other people fucked around by power because they're too poor or innocent to try to challenge them.

- always interesting choice of things to 'push' on the news - the problems of a couple of ladies works for the femi-nazis high up in the CBC - but other ladies talking about other things - oh, , for instance ( the war crime of the US bombing a hospital, for instance, or some more talk about how the TPP is going to be pretty bad for all of us - well, the CBC doesn't really want to get into serious shit like that - haha not

katniss salute  - Nov 6 - fuck, 'news' - CBC whining that 'some women ministers are not full minsters!!!!!' - ok gang, let's gather around and see how petty we can be...

>> a mother whose son was killed in Syria is mourning her son - NEWS!!!! - not. fuck

Nov 5 - electoral reform meetings on PEI - Junior Reporter natalia goodwin reporting, chewing gum, completely disinterested in the topic - sounds like she's all of 16 years old, for the CBC. fucking pathetic.

- the 'issue' they choose to focus on - the stupid idea of some kind of enforced 'gender parity'. nobody talks about what that means - leaving out highly qualified men just to fill some number quota with women with big tits and hair and minimal brains (look at the stuff available in Harper's last cabinet - we want more of that for fuck's sake???? - no, the men were no better, it's altogether just a farcical discussion) - of course, when the system is just a big joke it doesn't matter much, but the principle is still there - quality should be what counts

- but it's obviously set up to do as little as possible to inconvenience the rulers - the single question they should all be making sure everybody hears and thinks about, before the talks even start, is - 'It is normal for a vote split of something like 55-45 on PEI - but the 55 gets 90% of the seats, and 45% of Islanders get 1-2-3 reps to 'represent' them, while the 55% get over 20. Is this suitable? Really? Electoral reform is designed to ensure that islanders get fairly represented in the Legislature - 55% of the voters get about 55% of the seats, 45% about 45% of the seats. Much, much more fair for everyone.' - and of course that would be a 'game changer' kind of question - and the fact that they NEVER talk about this (and equally never federally, in any major media), shows exactly what they are doing - a pretend electoral reform process, to go along with the pretend everything else that's important in our society.

- the Current - once again reinforcing the munchkin brainwashing - 'the refugee crisis caused by the war in Syria' - fuck, how can so many be so fucking stupid at the same time?

fuck I keep telling myself to be more polite, but these people are so fucking maddening

- listen to 'democracy' - 'the pipeline file, and Trudeau will have to make a decision soon' - not 'the government of Canada' or the Canadian people, or even the representatives of the people of Canada - no, Trudeau alone is deciding, nobody even pretends otherwise anymore - and as notably, apparently I'm the only person in the country commenting on this. That's 'democracy' in Canada.

- and of course the narrative is not ignored - we have a look at our nice new finance minister - 'significant pay cut, no bonuses, except the chane to get re-elected' - the Ministry of Truth is basically coming out of whatever small closet it has been working from - just right out in front, now, calling itself the CBC

Nov 4 - Spectacle!!!!! - minute by minute action of The Swearing In of Our New Royalty!!!!!! All you fucking peasants Need To See This!!!!! - etc etc. - and then of course on

- the Current - here's what we think the New Cabinet will mean - the young Trudeau has lots of promises to keep!!!! How will he do it??!!!! - spectacle and spectacle (and 'creating the narrative' of course, always - you people do NOT need to be wondering about this shit yourselves, you hear? You hear what you need to think on the CBC - remember that. NO fucking thinking for yourselves, you peasants - that could get WAY too fucking dangerous. We control the vertical, We control the horizontal, we control the Walls of the Box, and what you can or cannot think. And don't you fucking forget it. And reminding Cdns we are now in a 'new era' - you can Trust Your Government, and more importantly (hidden message, deeper truth) - We MEdia are going to REALLY REALLY REALLY TRULY!!!!!!!!!!! hold these guys to account on your behalf!!!!!!! A New and Better Canada - Great government!!! Great media!!!!! Everybody be Happy Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes cbc chant the munchkins.

Nov 3 - Island Morning - 'news' - telling us how proud Islanders are to be 14th century servants of royalty, as some minor member of the 'royal family' visits and they all leap to their knees seeing who can lick hardest. Setting Green Island there was truly fantasy.

- the Current - 'Children and the refugee crisis' - get the hankies out, curse Assad - more blatant propaganda - why not a far, far more useful program on 'Why it was a really fucking stupid - not to mention criminal action - to go bombing all those countries in the mideast the last few generations' - haha just joking, naturally. Not on the CBC baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 2 - a primer on the making of Trudeau's cabinet - no pretending about anything, the CBC announcers are the Voice of God, or Big Brother from the Ministry of Truth as the case may be - they're not 'wondering' or 'speculating' like we normal people do - they are just laying down the facts as they're going to appear in the 'NWO history books' some day, the stuff we can talk about over a beer or whatever tonight as we go over the day's 'news' - the CBC has told us the options on the table for discussion, and we'll not consider anything else (i.e. no mention in the CBC primer about who's going to be the most important person in the new PMO, the Bay St 'political advisor', who'll tell them what they're going to do, etc.

- and some lady in some restaurant doesn't like her new work costume - now THERE'S the 'news' CBC people want to hear!! (gee, one of the customers said he could see my underwear!!' - fuck. as in, we are, really, fucked.) - oh wait another great story - somebody did a marathon backwards!!!!! WOW - is that on the Tube??? Facebook!!!! Oh must see (and the CLEVER remarked to follow!!!!!! _ - she was running backward, but the clock was going forward!!!!!!! OH!!!! off your chairs kiddies that's just too funny!!!!! They are so great at the CBC!!!!!!!

(huh??? well - today I have - Nothing to see here folks - good column from George Monbiot about the massive fires in Indonesia, the greatest manmade environmental disaster of at least this century - not a fucking whisper on the CBC. We're here to tell the kids about fun stuff!!! Or why we should hate Putin and Assad and other guys we don't like!!!)

- the Current - 'limited hangout' shit - Look!!! We really do 'hard hitting' reporting on Big Corps!! - story about some corporations giving money to Calgary U and expecting some stuff in return. Very, very low level 'corruption' (sort of, very deniable etc) - deconstruction stuff if you need ... (i.e. they say 'governments have cut funding so they have to do this' - as if that's just a god-given fact - but they need to ask **why** are govs cutting funding, and why are we allowing this with so little pushback, when it's such a fraud??? and etc etc etc - never, never let THEM set the 'bounds' of the story - that lets them con you. again. and again. and again and again and again - they've been doing it for a long time.)

- AM - 'if the BC gov is an ""out-lee-er"" (for outlier) ??

-- followed by a 'debate' about GMOs, but pretty obviously from the 'pro' side - the 'intro' based on a couple of fun-loving Current producers or staffers cutely singing in high soprano voices 'Who's afraid of the GMO, GMO, GMO?' science for munchkins. (AM - 'Should we be afraid of the little piggies?' - fuck. - quickly they tell us where they're coming from - stupid citizens afraid of things they don't understand - smart people are fine with GMO (haha - YOU're a 'smart citizen', right??? haha of COURSE you are - We smart people know the people doing GMOs are GOOD scientists, our friends, like, right??? etc etc (the clever intelligent scientist telling us how silly we are keeps prefacing his remarks with 'So..' - you know, like all intelligent CBC listeners do today ...)

Oct 31 - Cabinet nominees have 'background check' - okay, in Canada we are ALL potential terrorists, and EVERYONE will be checked. Ok, c'mon, everyone stand up who believes this is a 'democracy'. C'mon. I wanna do a background check and see who you're working for or whose been feeding you koolaid for breakfast - this is so obviously NOT a democracy. When your basic rule is 'Don't do anything wrong and the Authorities won't bother you!!' - you're a prole, not a free citizen.

Cdn military to hire 'gender specialists' for operational advice overseas - dear general, the best way to deal with dead or seriously traumatized people is not to kill or traumatize them in the first place. haha - far above the pay grade of any military mind, I fear.

But seriously, folks, there are a lot of things we could do to greatly reduce the killed and traumatized civilian populations around the world - and seriously again, by far the most effective would be to simply stop killing and traumatizing them ourselves. If bad people are doing bad things in other countries, it is NOT, I would suggest, a good plan to go in and start killing and traumatizing more civilians ourselves. There are plans through which we could offer the oppressed people some assistance without adding to their grief - of course, when you have bad boys with bad toys who want to use those toys, and politicians who are aligned with the US and their geopolitical strategies, civilian casualties are not a high priority concern, and before we start suggesting things to the military types, we need to start electing politicians who would rather find solutions the country in question can live with than appeasing the US Military-Industrial Complex, as that is no doubt at all where a great deal of the incentive for ever more military operations come from - building very expensive bombs isn't a good investment if those bombs don't get used a lot to keep the cash registers jingling. No reusable bombs haha.

Max Keiser (829 ) at about 3 minutes, gives the best description ever of what is going on with modern 'finance' - "'s not just like knocking over a liquor store with a gun, it's about going to that liquor store through a labyrinth of derivatives and intermediaries and off-balance-sheet special vehicles and arbitrage of currencies through the blackest material ever invented, back to Wall St, over your mother's house to grandma's house we go, through a bridge onto thanksgiving, then collaterize that into a special purpose account sold through a futures contract to a Japanese pension fund who then resells it back to Goldman Sachs, who then reinterprets that as a particle within the realm of possibility that could have existed if there was in fact life on the backside of the moon - and they call this finance.

>> wow, some perfect CBC mushy lady taking over Weekend Morning - another 'old real guard' gone with Stan. CBC-bots for citizen-bots in the bot-pretend world. - some sweet-voiced thing from the Yukon of all places - Weekend Mornings with Stan was a very clearly Maritimes show, she apparently knows nothing about Maritimes music, even with Barron there to help her, he's been pretty mushy himself - Stan was the real guy, a 'rock 'n' roller' from the 60s, with the attitude - I guess for the CBC that era is being wiped clear, too much revolution etc - now the only 'attitude' they want is mush mush mush!!! (and she's a well-trained CBC girl, laugh every few seconds when you're talking to somebody - a weird thing really, but I guess it's part of the 'We're OK Canada's Great have funfunfun with the CBC!!!!' we don't take anything seriously like stupid kids, and etc. (fuck, I will guarantee that if Stan showed up at the CBC now, at any age before the last couple of years when he was going downhill, he'd never get a job - no mush in Stan, ever. Miss ya guy, seriously. )

"news" - an asteroid passed close to earth - and 'the scary part is..' - wow. a 'journalist' (haha not really) talking about a 'scary' thing. the New Professionalism at the CBC.

- you want to hear some ridiculous 'journalism' listen to Chris Hall 'interview' Kathryn Wynne on the House - as pretentious as you'd want to hear, pretending to be asking 'hard questions', looking like a pompous fool. (i,e, Wynne says 'we need to work with him' - Hall - 'what does that mean?' - just asking witless questions pretending they were 'digging' or something. All the pompous shit, 'we're watching the new PM, by golly, he made promises, if he doesn't keep them promises instantly he's going to be in trouble - he better be concerned that we intrepid CBC journos are watching him, by golly!!' - utter horseshit, and it really stinks and (aside from Wynne, who always speaks intelligently, and won't play Hall's games), the other 'interviewees' are playing the same stupid game... the whole CBC, just a joke anymore, a joke national broadcaster for a joke audience, a gang of munchkins believing whatever they are told on the witless CBC.

Sorry, I know I said I was going to try to be serious, but if you take farce seriously, you're just putting your own credibility in question ...

Not much time left Davy, get at it.

>> listen to the NDP lady adding to the 'narrative' - 'in the end, the voters overwhelmingly chose the Liberals' - well, not actually, lady, 40% is **not** overwhelming - again, the NDP once again showing they are NOT going to talk seriously about PR - she does mention it, but you can't say 'the Libs won an overwhelming majority' and pretend you are seriously promoting PR - she obviously should have been starting right today - the Libs got a majority of seats, and a minority of votes - the NDP should be negotiating right now about what we are going to do in Canada, not passively and helplessly sitting back and waiting to see what they will do, with no ability to oppose them, even though 60% of Cdns did NOT vote for a liberal majority.

Oct 30 - the Current - like the rest of the media, everyone all self-righteous about China rescinding its one-child policy - stupid China bashing, nothing more - apparently nobody in the corporate press wants to open a very, very important door - over-population is destroying our world, and nobody is trying to do anything about it - and when someone does, like China, we just attack them. But somebody needs to have the conversation - is it a 'human right' to breed like flies until the accumulated population causes a habitat crash, or do we need to start acting like intelligent beings and control our population? - but the CBC - 'it's absurd for the government to tell you how many children you can have..' - ??? Really? even if we can only feed a certain number of people? It's far more absurd to tell your people they have to get some fucking vaccination for a harmless disease, or wear a seatbelt because some people drive like idiots, or you can't drink unpasteurized milk, etc etc - the government tells Cdns so many unimportant things they must or must not do, but in something as important as thoughtless people breeding all of us out of a place to live - hey!!!! - stupidity in action. the CBC. - but a couple of 'guests', and some 'clips' of past conversations - all doing nothing more than shameless, open China-bashing, the people they talk to are just plain ignorant about China, good deconstruction stuff if you want any more. LOOK!!!! BVAAAAAADDDDDD CHINA!!! - good Canada we are so lucky we aren't government by them totalitarian monsters!!!!! - they have to do this, keeping people stupid and ignorant of so many things, to keep leading them around like sheep.

- Syria bashing also - 'we can talk about what to do in Syria, but that fucker has to go!!' - but what fucking right does the west, including Canada, to tell another country how they are going to be governed????? The arrogance is fucking incredible - just bullyism, nothing more. Lots of sanity out there, of course, you just don't hear it on the CBC - i.e. Politics Extension of US-led War on Syria.

Oct 29 - CBC (via BBC) pontificating on the announcement of the Chinese gov they will allow women to have 2 children now - the BBC guy suggesting this will help the economy (????) and also pompously telling us about the 'abuse of human rights' of a woman to decide what to do with her own fertility etc - but actually, China has been right about this - if you think you have a 'right' to (along with others exercising the same 'right') breed your community to the point of overpopulation and crash and death for all, I would suggest you need to rethink this notion, and grow the fuck up.

Ottawa Morning - the ladies in CBC Ottawa have found a new 'soulmate' and we all get to hear her great new album - sure nice to have friends at the CBC - or sure smart to write stuff they like, whatever ..

Oct 28 - Ottawa Morning - interview with some kid about Kunduz where the Americans shot up a hospital - the kid seems a bit of a setup - his mother was killed by the Taliban (he says), which,'yea it was unfortunate' - his dad didn't want him to come back home - 'Why not?' says Robyn in the innocent little voice? mm-hmm - and 'What emotions will you feel when you fly back to Afghanistan?' - right. Mom was killed a couple of weeks ago - but no prob, Robyn, I feel pretty good about it all you know? just like an unfortunate accident, you know? Happens to quite a few people these days, you know, Americans and their drones, you know? Fucking Russians creating instability in the mideast etc..' - getting carried away.

--not a word about Americans bombing a hospital - just 'a taliban shot my mom!!'

sure. it's really pretty blatant coverup and distraction - I guess the people at the CBC figure their audience is so completely under their control they can get away with this. ........ sadly, I don't really disagree with them. It is a very fucking lonely place here outside the box - in the sense of not too many people around, I'm pretty happy with no company most of the time, not 'lonely' in that sense - but it would be nice to have a few intelligent people around to talk with sometimes ...

"news" - Peter Armstrong selling a bunch of utter horseshit about 'economics' again - 'why should you care?' someone asks - and then proceeds to give you a bunch of really ripe capitalist pseudo-economics mushroom food.

- the Current, putting more nails in their already monstrously heavy coffin, lying and lying about Syria - a 'debate' about the future, with two people - Assad is a monster who has to go NOW, or the 'moderate' side, Assad is a monster, but we have to work with him just until things are under control, then we get rid of him - the idea he might be a legitimate ruler who the US and Canada has no fucking business deciding the future of his country is not even on the table, the fact the US, with Canadian support, has caused this whole thing, is of course not mentioned - just evil, considering the impact of all the US attacks and lies the last few years, the massive human impact all over the mideast - and the CBC lying to keep it all going, in the interests of the US hegemon. - just the really insane pretension that 'we' are 'the good guys', and Russia and Syria are, just be definition, 'bad guys',. is the complete reverse of reality - it really is like some bad cold war movie, except in reverse - amazing that so many Cdns seem to believe such utter contrary-to-observable-reality lies ...

>> Trudeau faces big decisions - interesting headline, you see things like it all the time - apparently nobody even wants to pretend the MPs have any say in what goes on, as in talking about some issue and voting on it - not now, the Libs have a (phony) majority, so the MPs from the other parties obviously have no serious say, and I guess it's just accepted that MPs from any party have no independence, they just do what 'the boss' tells them. That's our 'democracy'. Given the way they all accept this, we could just skip the long and boring elections, at least for local 'reps', and elect a King every few years - we wouldn't really notice any difference in the way we were governed, it seems. Trudeau, or Harper for the last few years, decides whatever, the king decides whatever - what's the difference? (your 'local representative' would probably improve - the King could just have 'helpers' in every riding to listen to whatever individual complaints, and get your passport and stuff, which is all the MPs do now, but of course a lot of them will only help riding people from their party, which means 60% of Cdns have 2nd class at best help in their ridings, with the current system ..)

NOT the CBC: Good interview with John Ralston Saul by Chris Hedges - two public intellectual giants talking about the kind of things we need to talk about who will never darken the airwaves of the new Feudalist CBC

Oct 27 - 'news' - the Tofino boat sinking - '... a rogue wave seemingly struck..' - right. the semi-literates at work again. -- again on Ottawa morning, more 'interviews' about our wonderful new prime minister - this is serious heavy duty indoctrination.

Oct 25 - Maritime Morning - Let's hear how great the TPP is folks!!! - semi-scripted 'interview' as usual - oh, sure, there's a couple of small things that might cause small problems for a few people, but they'll adjust, and by golly, overall many more will be much better off, and we'll all be better off LOVE IT!!!! - the CETA also - you simple folk don't need to know much, but it's great folks!!!

- "news" - 50 people running for president in Haiti. we need to know this, right? Do we know about the Cdn role in overturning the last truly democratic gov in Haiti and the chaos that they've been experiencing since? haha.

- boy, there is a BIG drive to get respectability back in politics, consolidating, I guess, the slight euphoria over Trudeau's election they have been pushing the last week - listen to Enright telling us what wonderful selfless hard-working people they all are. They make 170 thousand a year - but hey! Most of them could make far more in the private sector!! - sure. Part of - a central part of - the fantasyland Canada the CBC want us to believe in - and apparently most do. The massive propaganda campaign the last few months has been a great success. If anybody else in Canada understands this, they aren't writing about it anywhere I can find.

>> and then of course the long talk about the wonderful young Justin - a guy you just have to love - what could possibly be wrong in Canada with this wonderful young Arthur in the PM's seat???? YEA CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! etc etc - as I keep saying, the people running the country are very, very accomplished at what they do - manipulating the public to believe and do whatever is good for the rulers, believe whatever is necessary for them to carry on with the Agenda - the 5th Reich. Almost there, guys.

Oct 24 - Justin Trudeau 'is a good person', says Tima Kurdi, aunt of drowned Syrian boy - my my, the things the CBC things Canadians need to know ...

- almost as good - Justin Trudeau won't move in to 24 Sussex, says Margaret Trudeau - gossip gossip gossip - there's your CBC. And the cheapest and stupidest 'click bait' tricks of garbage websites - first line of the actual story includes the word '..won't **immediately** move..' - a significant ommission, one would think. But the kids at the CBC aren't all that literate, as they demonstrate regularly.

- the House - and like everyone has been doing, the idea of 'democracy' is instantly forgotten - Trudeau this, Trudeau that - HE is going to do what he wants!!! What will that be???? etc etc - as if he had no handlers of any sort, as if he actually made any decisions ....

- and they're all off to Paris in a few weeks for another 'climate conference' - fuck, I'm surprised nobody's getting a bit wise here - meeting after meeting after meeting, in lovely places all around the world, top accommodations, and not a sweet fucking thing ever getting done, beyond arranging their next nice little vacation. Fuck, put me in the PM's chair, and I'll sort this out in no time, with very little expenditure (in terms of meetings) - all the information is available all over the net, there are an endless number of experts, YOU (aka 'I') am 'the power' in Canada - figure what needs to be done, write the appropriate legislation, pass it, enforce it. fuck. of course, then no more lovely climate meetings in Paris or other exotic venues..... hmmmmmm - oh fuck don't worry about it, we have the G20, and a whole list of other lovely international meetings - I guess it's one of the main perks of the job - obviously actually running the country is done by the people with the money, and you have to look busy as a 'PM'. There, see - not that hard to understand international politics at all haha.

- fuck has Hall a brain left? Some lady want to be Con leader - Hall says - 'You have important qualifications, you say - time in opposition and bilingual. Why are those important qualities?' - ??????????????? fuck, you just laugh at how fucking stupid these people are sometimes - yet so pompous, deep serious voice like a serious player - I guess when you're like kids playing with dummies, you can pretend whatever you want, and obviously most Cdns qualify (very sadly) as dummies, believing whatever idiotic stories thge CBC tells them, so there's no challenge to them, no 'clever audience' to fool anymore - just tell em any old shit, and they'll believe it, no questions asked. (there's a message for YOU there somewhere davy ...)

Crafting a blueprint for transforming Liberal promises into real-life policy - once again, we hear of Trudeau's 'absolute majority'!! - the narrative being written before our eyes. In times to come nobody will ever be told Trudeau et al got 40% of the vote, as we never hear Mulroney got 45% of the vote in 1988 - no, history wants the munchkins to believe these elections resulted in 'resounding' majorities for the governments about to undertake unpopular policies, and that is what the history books will show. Be majorities, support for the governments. nice passive munchkins, not to contradict your Ministry of Truth with unpleasant facts.

- and MacLean's - How Trudeau's campaign landed him a whopping majority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 'whopping' 40% of the vote, actually - but that's not going to get the munchkins all excited and jumping up and down in a brainless frenzy, I guess.

Oct 24 - Ottawa morning - fuck, first question they learn in the new pretend 'journalism' school - some thing on a soccer team - 'How does it feel to win the championship?' - how do you feel, how do you feel - this is 'journalism'????????????? - going to quit soon, gotta get a real **news** thing going for adults I can stand to listen to in Canada. Yea, like the CBC was 50 years ago. (fuck, they're doing a big promo about '50 years of Ideas' - going to have to do something about that do - deadman walking thing, Ideas was Theoden-ized about 20 years back, we need Gandalf to get the evil out of its brain, the CBC's brain... c'est you dave, nobody else seems interested, most don't even see there's a problem, a big dead zombie speaking to a big herd of little zombies...)

>> "news" - the guy who killed the mounties last year in Moncton told the RCMP about some technique he knew of to turn ordinary rifles into automatics. Apparently nobody told the media or anyone - so why is the CBC telling us this now?

>> AND - wow, after the election, the CBC has some interesting news about the TPP!!!!! Isn't that interesting!! - before the election, WE DO NOT WANT TO GET INTO DETAILS!!!!! - now, well, let's pretend we're doing news here folks!!! - something the farmers are going to be talking about, so let's pretend we are doing journalism and telling people about it!!!!

- the Current - 'after Trudeau won a clear majority' - the entire 'establishment' is maintaining the fiction of 'majority'. Why be surprised? It's what they do - lie in the service of Power. It's what we have to STOP them doing. Soon.

>> first bit of the Current - talking about Trudeau's promise to 'stop bombing in Iraq' - good deconstruction stuff if anyone ever gets at it - even the 'leftie' is well in the box - Assad is bad and has to go, etc, and the rest of it is just the dogma and lies we've been hearing for the last year or two -

>> and the GOSSIP SPECIAL!!!!! some guy wrote a book etc - they start with the clip of so-called pretend reporters more correctly referred to as gossip columnists baying around their victim - but he admits smoking crack cocaine, and that's the 'OMG!!!' moment for the PCers and the CBC - but the REAL thing going on is what they can't realise - the main 'wow' moment was - a politician told the truth about something the PCers don't like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - imagine the courage, the determination to be honest - do we have any other politicians like this in the history of the world???? - maybe, but pretty few and far between - lie lie and lie is the general approach. But Ford tells the truth - and the slobbering brainless PC dogs are all over him. A very sad thing for Canada, this whole thing.

GM experts pretend to wonder what happened// - actually, we know exactly what happened - tweedledee went out and tweedledee came in. All planned years ago. Last election Ignatieff was painted like some kind of arrogant expat, not deserving of office, not ready for it, and Harper was presented as the great statesman. The gullible 'swing voters' who decide elections voted as it was suggested they should. This time the reverse, Trudeau was the 'golden boy' to replace the tired arrogant old bast**d nobody liked anymore, and the voters again did as it was suggested they ought to do. In a few years it will be another dum-dee shift, as has been going on for decades. The more things change, the more they remain the same.


Oct 22 - some last minute postmortems still - wow, it was a great campaign, we're all soul searching, the voters are always right, remember our Great Democracy (one year ago the Terrible Terrorist Attack on the Parliament Buildings We Survived, now we Honor Our Slain and Stand Together Against Terrorism!!!!! and etc (including some sobbing people - can't forget that!!)) - not a word from anyone about how the NDP was not quite as decimated as advertised, nor Trudeau's 'majority' wasn't really a 'majority', etc - nor the way the media managed the entire campaign (of course not - the whole point of the thing is to consolidate the narrative they created, not blow it out of the water - that's my job. Truly am I David - Goliath stands tall and apparently undefeatable. We'll see. One little viral something ....)

- then Ottawa Morning driving around with a cop - they're our friends, CBC listeners!!!!! Never you doubt it!@!! - as the trial in Toronto begins about the cop shooting the kid 9 times, 8 times after he was down and seriously wounded, then another cop tasered him as he was bleeding out, and they handcuffed him. I have no doubt there are 'good cops' out there, but there's also a lot of fucking animals who should be in cages, not 'protecting' - well, these fuckers are obviously not protecting 'we the people', they're there to 'protect' the rulers from us. And they have a few of thes 'nice sounding' guys like on Ottawa Morning wandering around doing PR, look how nice we are, you nice people just listen to us and do as you're told and we'll pretect you rah rah rah.

CBC - doing the work of the regime, with a smile. Munchkins - believing whatever shit the CBC tells them to believe. Don't look for much help there, Dave, for your new Green Island - the CBC will tell them to hate you, and hate you they will. No questions asked, we believe what the CBC tells us to believe.

- fuck they're just children doing stuff for children - some guy from the shooting last year 'still walks by the memorial every day and says 'Hi' to Nathan..' - fuck, blatant emotional manipulation, not a whit of fucking news.

Oct 20 - Just a couple of things that you certainly won't hear on the CBC, and it doesn't seem anyone in the Cdn so-called (or real for that matter, limited though it is, 'real') alt media:

a) it was