Dave in Thailand
Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, March 25-28 2009
Day 4 - Other places around the islands

I always like to see as much of wherever I am as possible, to make sure I'm not missing something good, and one thing I wanted to do was have a look around the 'small' island, to see what there was to see. So the next day that was at the top of the list. Here on the map I have added some labels of the main beaches - -Abdul's is on the 'Marine Park' beach, and yesterday we walked across to the Flora-Fauna beach.
satellite image of the Perhentians, with main beaches identified
Dave talking to cool boat driver
- so, after breakfast and an hour or so snorkelling, I went and found this guy waiting around the wharf up in front of Tuna Bay, negotiated with him to just drive us around the small island, maybe stopping a couple of times to have a look. He was a bit reluctant, I have found this with many transportation people in many places around here, they have sort of 'set' tours they do for set prices, and don't much like the idea of open-ended things, but we eventually negotiated a price, and he agreed to pick us up here, in front of Abdul's.. He was Mr Cool, with the glasses and goatee, but seemed like a decent enough sort underneath the cool ..
Ann and Dave getting ready for the boat trip
driver taking pic of Ann
picture of driver taking picture
Ann in boat
- and away we go ...

- well, we didn't get many pictures along the south of the island, or the bottom part of the west - one beach is much like another, really, from a few hundred yards out, and one jungly coastline - but not too long later we were approaching one of the well-known areas, Coral Bay, where there are many bungalow operations for travellers. (Coral Bay - not to be confused with the Coral View Resort, on the 'Paradise' beach near where we stayed the first night.) If you have sharp eyes, you can see two windmills on the top of the hill on the left side, where we will be going soon ...
Coral Bay
Here is the long jetty along the north side of the bay -
Coral Bay jetty
- and Ann on the jetty, with the south part of the beach behind. There was a lot of dark stuff under the water in this bay, potentially good coral, but we didn't get a chance to go for a look - high on the list for the next time.
Coral Bay jetty
- We did stop for a short snorkel from the shore of the second small bay north of Coral Bay, as recommended by our driver, but it turned out to be mostly a complete bust, a lot of white dead stuff, almost interesting - maybe he didn't know the area well or something. Others have said that there is good snorkelling in this place, but although it doesn't look big on the map, there is still a pretty big area from surface level, and it is easy to miss good stuff when snorkelling if you don't know the area - you can only see a few yards underwater, and cannot tell anything from surface level, and you could be within a few meters of fantastic stuff and not know it and swim right by. Anyway, we moved on after a bit, and soon were going around the northern end of the small island, and heading back south. And this was on our right -
looking south at windmill hill
- and moi thinking that I would like to get up there (the next few pics are from a later trip, as we did not get up to the windmills on this one, or stop at Long Beach - our driver was, as most of them are whether in boats, tuktuks or motorcycles, reluctant to do anything that had not been discussed in detail ahead of time - which is a bit difficult to do when you have no idea what you are going to see. They'd rather be sitting at home doing nothing, as most of them do most of the day, it seems. I better not start - anyway, we did get up there a few weeks later, when we made a kind of unexpected trip when my niece came over for a short visit, and wanted to see some of the best stuff around this part of the world, and I brought her to what I think is one of the best snorkelling places around, esp when the Andaman is mostly closed because of monsoon season in July)
Dave looking windmill hill
- and here's pic from the top -
Ann in front of the windmills
- and another, this one looking down towards the north - the first pic looking up here would have been off the shore at the top right there, and from here you can see what appears to be some potentially amazing coral out in from of the D'Lagoon Resort, high on the list for the next visit. The little hut at the bottom left is where the stairs start to climb up here - we actually took a longer route from Long Beach, along the top of the hills separating the two sides, coming in behind the windmills in the last picture -
D'Lagoon bay, with coral ...
- and here is Long Beach, as it is called - again, we came here on a later trip, but I'm putting all the pics here together. This would not be my first choice of places to stay in the Perhentians, as I prefer places where the snorkelling is good right offshore - but if you like beaches and sunbathing and swimmming etc, this would be very high on the list - beautiful white sand beach, and all the water out front is a beautiful swimming area, that wonderful warm water, and sand sand - if you look at the water, there is none of the dark color under the surface that indicates coral - it's just sand, sand and more sand ...
Long Beach
- after getting back from the walk up to the windmills, we headed back to the big island ...
Ann in boat
Dave in boat
- watch the sunset, with a cold beer, thinking about what we did that day, what was yet left to do or see (that's a big list) - not actually a sunset, often at the end of the day there seemed to be big storms over the mainland, lots of lightning and thunder, but we never got much on the islands
sunset over the sea.
- and then wander down to one of the nearby restaurants for the fish dinner, where you picked your own fish (and/or other stuff such as this fresh squid) - as enjoyed muchly by Kelsey ...
Ann and Dave picking supper ...
Kelsey enjoying her fish dinner ....
- a final pic - a bit of interesting wildlife - this guy showed up on our second trip, when we were staying a bit back from the beach at a place called The Reef - it's a Flying Lemur, and was quite interesting to watch ...
the flying lemur on the tree...
- and all too soon it's the final day, a final snorkel and then on to the boat for the trip back ... face a little redder after lots of sun, but with many good new experiences to be thinking about. And a determination to return - this is definitely a 'go back' place, and much remains to be explored under the sea.
boat tickets...
in the boat ....

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