Dave Patterson -CV
Dave Patterson CV
most recent update - June 2004

photo-dave-2003 Current Address:
Faculty of Natural Resources
Prince of Songkla University
Hat Yai, Songkhla 90112, Thailand
ph (66)-74-284271; email: pdavid@ratree.psu.ac.th


Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada March 22 1950
Marital Status: with partner



  • Public School: Hastings, Ont.; 1956-62
  • High School: Norwood DHS, Ontario; 1963-69; Gr. 13 diploma
  • Post-secondary: University of Prince Edward Island, 1981-85; B.Sc.(lst Cl.) Biology
  • Watershed Ecosystems M.Sc. Trent U., Peterboro, Ont. 1986 (1st yr. of 2 yr. Program; withdrew in good standing);

Courses, etc.

  • Royal Conservatory of Music -- 1956-62; Gr. 6 Piano, Gr. 2 Theory; Campbellford, Ont.
  • Writing for the Media - Loyalist College, Belleville, Ont. 1972-3; (Photography, Journalism, scriptwriting, etc.)
  • H&R Block Income Tax Course -- 1975, Peterboro, Ont.
  • Marine Biology Field Course -- 1982, Huntsman Marine Lab, St. Andrew's, N.B.


  • 2003-ongoing - Various special English courses to Resident doctors and others, Faculty of Medicine, PSU
  • 2001 - 2002 - English Consultant Graduate School, PSU
  • 1999-2003 - Teaching English Conversation, Department of Foreign Languages, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand
    • (Specifically:
    • Oct/99-Feb/03 - English Conversation 890-212
    • June/01-Feb/03 - Foundation English 890-101
    • July/01-Sept/01 - English for Nurses
    • Sept/00-Oct/00 - English for Faculty of Natural Resources students
    • Mar/00-Apr/00 - English for Librarians
  • Dec. 2000 - ongoing - English editor/Consultant, Faculty of Medicine, PSU
  • 1999 - 2001 - Teaching piano, Hat Yai Music School
  • 1999 (Sept-Oct) - Special Facilitator re preparation of Feasibility Study for Mangrove Rehabilitation project with Wetlands International, PSU, Hat Yai, Thailand
  • Dec. 1999 - ongoing - English editor/Consultant, Faculty of Natural Resources, PSU
  • 1998-ongoing - English Consultant, Faculty of Natural Resources, PSU - editing staff papers, letters, faculty brochures, etc.
  • 1997-9 CUSO - Southern Thailand, with SAAN (Southern Alternative Agriculture Network) and the Department of Agricultural Development, Faculty of Natural Resources, Prince of Songkla University, as liaison between them, English language facilitator and networker with SAAN, coordination with SAAN, developing and maintaining SAAN WWW page, research and publishing activities re sustainable agriculture, funding proposals, computer training with NGO workers, English language training with staff and students at FNR
  • 1996 CUSO - Southern Thailand, with SAAN, primarily assisting with organising international conference on the social-environmental impacts of monoculture farming - English language communications, publishing, liaison, etc.
  • 1994-5 CUSO - Bangkok, with TERRA (Towards Ecological Recovery and Regional Association), Information Coordinator, publishing magazine, etc.
  • 1993 Political organizer -- National Party of Canada; Candidate in 1993 Federal Election (National Party)
  • 1993 Red Cross Society of PEI (Coordinating implementation of Speakers Bureau)
  • 1992 YMCA, Charlottetown, PEI (rewriting research proposal looking for funding to establish entrepreneurial center in Charlottetown)
  • 1991 Editor/Publisher 'The Alternative Voice', weekly newspaper
  • 1990 Writing book under contract, 'The Mock Trial: The Woodrow Wheatley Story'
  • 1989 Fundy Farming Systems, Tracadie Bay, PEI (aquaculture technician, researcher)
  • 1988-9 Canada Council Grant to write book, Ecosystems of PEI
  • 1988-9 Evening Patriot, Ch'town, PEI (writing nature colurnn and book reviews)
  • 1988 Kinkora & Area Business Ass'n, PEI ( writing Trail Guide for Dunk River Nature Trail)
  • 1987 Bentax, Ch'town (Income Tax Preparation)
  • 1986 Culinary Institute, Ch'town, PEI (dishwasher)
  • 1985-6 Trent University, Peterboro, Ont. (Teaching Assistant; leading two seminar groups in weekly meetings discussing ecological issues; marking papers, etc.)
  • 1985 Dr. Ian MacQuarrie, UPEI, Charlottetown ( Plant survey of PEI -- setting up a grid system for PEI; choosing random squares to survey; identifying all vascular plants in area; writing computer program to handle data.)
  • 1984 Guardian-Patriot, Charlottetown, PEI (Weekend photographer, inc. darkroom)
  • 1984 Dr. Ian MacQuarrie, (As above; project during summer work term)
  • --From 1965-82 frequent work as musician, songwriter, performer, etc. - e.g. 1966-9 -- Wysemen (band); Hastings, Ont. 1970-1 -- Shire Gathering (band) Oakville, Ont. 1972-3 -- Jim & Dave (duo); Hastings, Ont. 1980 -- Bronte (band); Oakville, Ont. 1981-2 -- 'single' act; PEI -- also, from 1975 to 1994, doing income tax returns and offering tax-planning advice during tax season
  • 1979 M. Bonneau, General Contracting; Hastings, Ont. (house-framing and repair; shingling, basic electrical, etc.)
  • 1978-9 Cembal Publications, Marmora, Ont. (Editor, Hastings Star (weekly newspaper); reporting, photography, features, weekly production (darkroom, layout, etc.)
  • 1978 H&R Block, Ajax, Ont. (Office manager; prepare taxes, oversee staff, run office.)
  • 1977 H&R Block, Willowdale, Ont. ( Ass't. City Manager; set up offices, hire & oversee employees, supervise office functions, deal with customers & DNR, etc.)
  • 1976 H&R Block, Peterboro, Ont. (Income Tax preparation)
  • 1965-75 -- school, music, odd jobs, LIP, laborer, welfare, travel, confusion
  • 1965 Breathaupt Leather, Hastings, Ont. (laborer; tannery)


  • 1982 -- Huntsman Marine Lab Scholarship (top student in Marine Biology Field Course)
  • 1984 -- Harvey Moore Wildlife Scholarship ('promising' UPEI wildlife biology students, in memory of Harvey Moore, well-known PEI naturalist)
  • 1984 -- UPEI Alumni Scholarship (financially distressed senior UPEI students with good marks)
  • 1985 -- Honeywell Futurist Award (national essay competition sponsored by Honeywell Computer Co.)
  • 1985 - plant discovery -- Veronica arvensis, previously unrecorded on PEI (co-finder)
  • 1985-6 -- Ontario Graduate Scholarship (for Trent University)
  • 1986 -- Milton Acorn Work Poetry Contest ('Randy' -- honorable mention)
  • 1987 -- accepted for publication -- "Who Are You, Susan Hutton" (poem); in 'Families', journal of the Ontario Genealogical Society
  • 1987 -- published "Dave Patterson -- Collected Songs -- 1967-1987"
  • 1988 -- PEI Arts Council Grant (to write book on natural history of PEI)
  • 1988 -- Explorations Grant from Canada Council -- to write book "Ecosystems of PEI"
  • 1988 - brochure -- CCAMUSB (Citizen's Committee Against the Mandatory Use of Seat Belts)
  • 1988 -- booklet published -- "The Dunk River Greenbelt Trail" (through PEI Dep't. of Ed.; Conservation Strategy; & Kinkora & Area Business Ass'n.)
  • 1989 -- performed at Milton Acorn fundraiser
  • 1989 -- commentary on CBC Compass (re CCAMUSB)
  • 1989 -- on Jack MacAndrew's radio talk show (re CCAMUSB)
  • 1989 -- 3rd prize in Carl Sentner Short Story Contest ('Gone Fishin'')
  • 1989 -- fired from 'Birds & Stuff' nature column at Evening Patriot (too radical)
  • 1989-- short story ('Gone Fishin'') published in Islandside magazine
  • 1989 -- PEI Arts Council Grant (rewrite of nature book)
  • 1989 -- article on national debt accepted by 'Policy Options' magazine ('Corporations and the Debt')
  • 1989 -- first edition of children's book published ('Kelly Mows the Lawn')
  • 1989 -- second children's book accepted for publication ('Changel, Orion & Sirius')
  • 1990 -- Tracadie Bay Water Quality Report (for Fundy Farming Systems)
  • 1990 -- edited/co-wrote "MOCK TRIAL,: The Woodrow Wheatley Story'
  • 1991 -- established 'The Alternative Voice' weekly newspaper
  • 1991-- Canada Council -- grant during National Book Week to read to students of Unit 2 School Board, PEI
  • 1991 -- established 'Alternative Press Books'
  • 1991 - children's book completed: 'Aquila's World'
  • 1991 -- accepted for membership in CANSCAIP (Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators & Publishers)
  • 1992 -- selected to participate in 'Renewal of Canada Conference' in Calgary
  • 1992 -- adult novel: 'Serpent's Tale'
  • 1992 -- children's novel: 'Ernie Does Science'
  • 1992 -- accepted for membership in The Writer's Union of Canada (WUC)
  • 1992 -- read to the students of Bathurst and Newcastle, New Brunswick during National Book Festival Week, April 27-May 1

  • University: 1981-85; several research papers in senior biology and political science; course in 'Research and the Life Sciences'; winning essay in 1985 Honeywell Futurist Essay competition; summer work for two years involving research in Plant Communities of PEI, plus writing major computer program to handle data.
  • Post-graduate: at Trent University during 1st year of Master's program in Watershed Ecosystems; extensive field and library research; major paper on 'Philosophy of Science'.
  • The 'Human Condition': beginning in a serious and more-or-less systematic way in 1985, and continuing to the present, I have been doing a great deal of reading and studying on human societies and philosophy, trying to get a grasp on the problems we face in our personal lives, our culture, and on our very planet. Plato to Hobbes; Maslow, Peck, Jung, Tolstoy, Hugo, Persig, etc. etc. It seems the answers to our various dilemmas have been known for millenia -- our failure is in implementing them.
  • Legal: many hundreds of hours in legal research 1983-1994 -- i.e. in 1983 I had a criminal misdemeanor charge dismissed in Provincial Court in PEI, then was forced to defend myself against a series of increasingly bizarre appeals by the Crown. In 1984-5 I sued CN Rail for stealing my car -- all the way to the Supreme Court of PEI where I was essentially told that CN could do as they pleased. In 1987 I fought the Unemployment Insurance Commission regarding a penalty they imposed -- it took 18 months to get the case finally to a Federal Court Judge, where I succeeded with my appeal and got my $200 from UIC. In 1989 I spent many hours at the law library again, this time preparing to fight the PEI seatbelt legislation. When I appeared in court, the Crown withdrew the charge. But not the law. In 1993 the PEI court decreed that anyone could use anyone else’s name on a book they liked, when I sued an individual for using my name on a book against my direct orders not to. There will be books about these things some day when I have time.
  • Genealogy: In 1987 I began to dig into my Family History -- this has involved extensive and varied research -- library, Public Archives in Ottawa, letters throughout Canada and overseas, graveyards, record-keeping, etc.
  • Ecosystems -- In 1988-9 I worked under a Canada Council grant, researching and writing a lengthy book on the 'Ecosystems of Prince Edward Island', spending rnany hours in field and library.
  • CCAMUSB -- During 1988 I became involved with the Citizen's Committee Against the Mandatory Use of Seat Belts, and began to do some research into seatbelt legislation, which involved a great deal of study of law, sociology, history, road traffic analysis, propaganda, paternalism, freedom, democracy, and many other aspects of our culture.
  • Fundy Aqua Farms -- during 1989 I worked on Tracadie Bay, PEI, for an aquaculture farming organisation; much of my work involved researching Tracadie Bay and shellfish growth and potential problems, finally preparing a lengthy report on Tracadie Bay.
  • PEI Legal Professions Act -- in March of 1990 I researched and prepared a brief and presented it to the PEI Legislative Commiittee on the proposed PEI Legal Professions Act.
  • Meech Hearings -- in May of 1990 I travelled to St. John's, Nfld. to present a brief to the Charest Committee on the Meech Lake Accord.
  • Renewal of Canada Conference: in January of 1992 I was selected to appear at the Calgary meeting of the Canadian Constitutional Debate, to discuss the Institutions of Canada; wrote paper on constitutional issues.
  • YMCA Grant Proposal: Oct.-Dec. 1992, refining and updating YMCA proposal to CEIC and ACOA for funding of $1,000,000 for the establishment of an Enterprise Centre. This Centre would provide an extensive entrepreneurial training program for aspiring businesspeople. Research involved becoming familiar with most recent publications on business start-ups, government funding practices, other YMCA Enterprise Centres, unemployment statistics, etc.
  • PEI Electoral Boundaries Act: Brief presented to PEI Electoral Boundaries and Election Act Commission; Nov. 1993, concerning the need for, and advantages of, Proportional Representation to choose our elected representatives. Although a considerable preponderance of submissions favored PR, the committee decided that PEI would in no way become the first jurisdiction in Canada to move forward.
  • 1996-9 - Considerable research in alternative agriculture and sustainable development through work with CUSO and SAAN, including lengthy background paper on Monocultures in 1996


  • complete flexibility in terms of working habits; able to deal with long hours and days (of meaningful activity), or lengthy periods of inactivity
  • creative approach to all things, including work
  • experienced traveller
  • communicate well with most types of people
  • calm personality, not prone to buckle under pressure
  • speak, read and write Thai language moderately well
  • HTML coder (not flashy, but competent - information distribution is the goal for me)
  • proficient in use of Pagemaker and other publishing programs


  • disinclined to be management scapegoat when bad decisions at the top prove ill-advised
  • not good at long hours of ‘make-work’ activity
  • not good at following stupid orders
  • etc

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