Dave in Thailand
PSU Agricultural Fair, August 13-22 2004

The "Ag Fair" ("Ngan-gaset" in Thai) is a pretty big deal at PSU - this is the 13th annual edition,and it gets bigger every year. Originally it was just the Faculty of Natural Resources, where I worked for the first three years I was here, hosting it on their grounds, but now the whole university has become involved, and classes pretty much stop, as there are many other activities at the same time - PSU Open Week, and a few days of Science Fair, a Stamp Exhibition, the Southern Book Fair, a new Weaving Exhibition this year, and probably other stuff as well - a fun week for all, with lots of traffic jams and people!

greeting to ag fair Greetings and Welcome to the
2004 PSU Agricultural Fair!

ann, dave arriving ag fair
greeting to ag fair

Lots of people here today - and every day - it's very popular
crowds at the ag fair crowds at the ag fair

Lots of handicrafts - beautiful stuff too! buying yam

...more handicrafts - very talented craftspersons
handicrafts Khun (Mr.) Chamnong and his baskets (left) - he has won many awards for his work...


Mr. Guitar (most Thais have a nickname) does very fine work ....
pets - fighting fish pets- birds

.... and critters ....
pets - fighting fish
pets- birds

.... plants are always popular

Some aware students made a display about the impending FTA agreement between Thailand and Australia - I told them they were doing the right thing - I think they were a bit surprised! plants

But in the end - it's about the food and socializing!
food food food

Fresh made while you wait - a million tastes, amazing variety!!

food food

food food

That's heck of a zuchini!....
...and the deep-fried grasshoppers look yummy! (unfortunately I was full already...))

lottery sellers larva

After the deep-fried bug larva (above), a lottery ticket is always a perplexing but popular choice...
game - fish pond --and some games for the kids, and another snack! snacks

food - bbq fish --and a delicious dinner at the end of the round! agfair dinner

Well - a very brief look at the yearly Agricultural Fair, and some of what it has to offer. I look forward to it every year, not just because it's a week off work, but because of the many new people we get to meet, and the beautiful new handicrafts to see every year - always something new and different - and the great food as well!