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Judge orders man blinded for acid attack
By KHALID TANVEER - Associated Press

MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) -- A judge has ruled that a Pakistani man convicted of attacking his 17-year- old fiancee with acid be blinded with acid himself, police said Friday.

Mohammed Sajid, 19, poured acid on the face of his fiancee Rabia Bibi on June 24 in Bahawalpur, a city in the eastern Pakistani province of Punjab. His two brothers were also convicted of taking part.

The woman lost both eyes and her face was burned in the attack, which police said followed a minor dispute between the couple.

Judge Afzal Sharif ruled Thursday at a court in Bahawalpur that Sajid and his brothers were guilty of the attack and be jailed for seven years, and that Sajid be blinded by acid, said Rana Riaz, a local police official.

The judge ordered that a doctor perform the punishment publicly at a sports stadium.

"This is an Islamic way of doing justice," the judge wrote in his verdict.

Police said the defendant was likely to appeal his conviction and the sentence.

Violence against women, including acid attacks, are common in Pakistan, particularly in rural and deeply conservative tribal regions.

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